R137131-2 Ranch Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes R137131-2 Ranch Description
This spacious floor plan offers 1364 square feet of living space. The plan offers house with three bedroom, one bathroom, one great room attached to the kitchen. As you approach the entrance the foyer leads you to the great room. This great room has the dimension of 13'5"x26'6". This great room can be divided into two rooms using curtains and can be used as both, a drawing room and a dining room attached to the kitchen. The kitchen is a country kitchen fitted with a stone platform, a sink and a dishwasher. The kitchen carries ample space for carrying out the cooking and cleaning activities. Bedroom number one, which has the dimensions of 10'0"x12'11" shares a common way with the kitchen to a gallery. The gallery has two doors, one of which leads to the bathroom and the other to the bedroom number two. The bathroom is fitted with a toilet, a bathtub and a sink. The bedroom number two has a dimension of 13'8"x12'11". This is the largest bedroom of the house. This bedroom has two windows. The third bedroom is on the left of the bathroom. It has dimension of 8'0"x12'11". This is the smallest of the three bedrooms in the house. The three bedroom architecture provides a sense of privacy. Each room has at least one window which allow the sun light to enter the house.