R137131-1 Ranch Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes R137131-1 Ranch Description
A one level home plan offering warm and spacious living. One enters the delightful living room, which directly leads one to the well set kitchen cum dining room. The home has one large airy master bed room and two medium bedrooms. The well ventilated bed rooms are attached with a dressing area too. They open to a common walk which ensures the unity and necessary privacy of the family. The ample common comfort room and laundry ensure everyone's easy and comfortable entry, as they situate at the common walk area itself. The bath has generous space that it can hold a big bath tub, commode, and a large wash basin. The laundry can accommodate any type of washing machines and has enough room. The well organized part of the plan is a large kitchen cum dining room. It will attract the attention of everyone who enters the home. Enough space is provided for setting up a gas stove-top and cooking range in such away that it is at one's easy hands. The kitchen provides a well ventilated feel as it has a fine double paned window. It is sure that anyone love and enjoy having food and fun with the whole family in the sumptuous kitchen cum dining room, as it has enough room for a large dining table. The home has an easy entry to the cellar from the common passage and thus it is at easy reach for all. The kitchen window set just across the front door, opens one to the back scenery of the house. This wonderful design provides enough cross ventilation inside the house. It is so sure that this exquisite plan can offer anyone a contented family life.