R115232-1 Ranch Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes R115232-1 Ranch Description
This spacious three bedroom, two bathroom ranch home offers a large master bedroom with a bathroom attached, as well as two smaller bedrooms. The master bedroom is approximately 12' by 16' and has a walk-in closet that is approximately 10' wide and 2' deep. There is a full bathroom attached to the master bedroom that is also accessible through the pantry. The two smaller bedrooms are roughly 12' by 12' with the second bathroom sharing an entry area with these two bedrooms. Both bedrooms have closets available to them. The entry way to the apartment is a 12' by 16' living area, large enough to serve as both an entry way and an excellent family room. Attached to the living room is a 12' by 12' dining area which could also be used to expand the living room if desired. The kitchen is 12' by 8' and contains a double sink, a stove, and a refrigerator, as well as a large walk-in pantry. This house would be excellent for a small family or perhaps a couple. The second and third bedrooms are well sized to server as either children's bedrooms, guest rooms, or offices for at-home professionals. All of the living spaces are well laid out and offer a great deal of space for the owner to play with and modify as they see fit. This spaciousness takes what might normally seem like a small home into a wide-open, livable home with plenty of space to suit the needs of a variety of potential home owners.