C174532-1 Cape Cod Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes C174532-1 Cape Cod Description
The house plan is suitable for a big family. The living room is very big which looks very beautiful and gives a good look to the house. The two bedrooms in the ground floor have attached bathroom and toilet which will be comfortable for the family members during night time. The bedrooms are placed in two sides of the living room, which looks good. The utilities room has two doors so that it can be easily accessed from the bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen is straight to the opening door, so it will be helpful for the person in kitchen to notice the person entering the house. The dining room is big enough to place the dining table. There are windows in all the rooms so that the ventilation will be very good. During hot summer, the windows can be kept open for nice breeze. There is another bed room in the first floor, which will be useful when guests come to home. Since the living room is big, it can also be used when many guests come to home which is an added advantage. The rooms are kept too spacious. There are only two bedrooms, so the space is more in the ground floor. The entire plan is nice.