C115521-1 Cape Cod Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes C115521-1 Cape Cod Description
This floor plan is perfect for those who want to have a cozy, comfortable living in a rather roomy home. This house is a total of 1155 square feet with two stories, making it quit the acceptable size for a rural or suburban environment. There are two bedrooms, one a master bedroom that is spacious at 12x12 dimensions, with the other being a smaller guest or children's room. The living room is available upon entry through the front door of the house, leading into a large dining room. There are a set of stairs from the living room that lead up to the top level of the house, which comes into two large rooms that can be used for any purpose. To one side of the dining room, centrally located is the one available bath for the house, with both bathtub and shower. Across from the dining room is the kitchen, which features a breakfast nook in the corner; a wonderful, unique feature to have in a home. The kitchen itself is designed so that appliances go on one end and counters on the other. Overall, this housing plan accommodates the needs of a small family while maintaining a unique charm all to its own.