C096021-2 Cape Cod Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes C096021-2 Cape Cod Description
This Hallmark Cape Cod floor plan is a 2 bedroom 1 bath charmer with 960 square feet. Perfect for singles, couples just starting out, or folks planning to retire, there is no wasted space in this creatively designed home. The front door opens to the generous-sized living room and dining room. Stairs off the entrance led upstairs to the large attic storage area, and there is a coat closet by the front door as well. The living room is large and has two windows, adding to the spacious feel of the room. The dining room looks through to the kitchen, where there is ample counter space. Off the kitchen is the bath, with bathtub/shower combination. The two bedrooms are at the end of the hall, and the slightly larger bedroom on the front side of the house can be used as the master bedroom. Double windows are also located here for maximum natural light. The smaller bedroom can easily function as an office or workout area. Three dormers accent the front of this home and create a spacious image. The easily accessed attic allows for off-season storage with little hassle. The smaller square footage is easily heated and cooled, with no unused space that wastes money.