Independence Ranch Floorplan by Excel Modular Homes

Excel Modular Homes Independence Ranch Description
This floor plan features a beautiful 1 story 3-bedroom ranch home with a garage and a covered porch. The garage is large enough to fit a car into and the covered porch could fit a few outside chairs on it. The kitchen/dining area has access to the garage and fits a sink, an oven, and a stove in without sacrificing space. The one bathroom is in a centralized location so it is easily accessible from all areas of the house. The living room is a perfect size for a 3 bedroom household with access from the front door and kitchen. The living room has a central fireplace which will keep this house warm in the winter. The kitchen is in an ideal spot because it is the central hub to everything else in the house. From the kitchen you can get to the bathroom, bedrooms, living room, garage and the basement. The washer and dryer are centrally located between all three bedrooms placing them in the perfect spot to do laundry. The master bedroom features a large closet area accompanied by a view of the backyard. Each bedroom has a window in it which allows light into every room. This home floor plan is perfect for anyone who wants a quaint livable setup for their house.