Brockway Cape Cod Floorplan by Excel Modular Homes

Excel Modular Homes Brockway Cape Cod Description
The Brockway Cape Cod Floorplan is a two-story plan that features a well designed first floor and an unfinished second floor that allows expansion. The two bedrooms and one bathroom is more than enough for a small family; though the second floor does allow for more bedrooms and bathrooms to be placed. The second floor could also easily accommodate a game room, media room, and even a play room. Imagine turning the second floor into a social area for families and guests alike. The possibilities are truly endless and can be adapted to the needs of any family. As for the remainder areas, the close proximity of the kitchen, living, and dining rooms allow for quick and efficient flow between these rooms. At the same time, the positioning of the rooms provides a close cozy environment that any family will enjoy. Also, notice that these rooms are connected by open areas, not doors. The lack of a wall between the kitchen and the dining rooms helps to increase the size of both areas. Similarly, the living room will also appear larger because there are no doors to block the view. Not only useful for increasing the size of a room, one also no longer needs to delicately balance plates of food while trying to negotiate a closed door. The kitchen also includes a large amount of counter space, with the island adding a great touch to the overall appearance of the area. Finally, the garage is quite large for a one car, allowing for lots of storage room on the sides. With direct access to the backyard, one can take things directly from the car to the back without having to walk through the house.