Cottonwood Ranch Floorplan by Apex Modular Homes

Apex Modular Homes Cottonwood Ranch Description
This floor plan maximizes the sense of open space by providing a large open area for the living room that continues on into the dining room. Entering the home from the front door, one is greeted by the large open living area and dining room. Because of this the focus is on entertaining and family life, with the heart of the home right where it belongs. The kitchen is conveniently located next to the dining room for easy meal preparation and entertaining, and also has access to the garage so that garbage and utilities can be easily kept out of sight. The kitchen is designed with convenience in mind, with the sink and stove farthest from the dining room entry in order to keep an easy flow of movement while preparing meals. This floor plan has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bath is located across from a spacious walk-in closet which allows the resident to get dressed conveniently without having to leave the bathing area. The bedroom is accessed from the main hall, which also provides access to two smaller bedrooms and the second bathroom. With this design the bathroom shared by the smaller guest bedrooms is also easy to access from the living room. This floor plan makes the most out of space for easy organization of family life and entertaining.