Ashwood Ranch Floorplan by Apex Modular Homes

Apex Modular Homes Ashwood Ranch Description
According to Ashwood Ranch's floor plan, shown above, comes with a built-up area of around 1800 sq ft. Some of its advantages include, split-up porch hangover is ideal for those who own many vehicles. Guests can use either bedrooms like, #2 and 3, during short stay. In fact, bedroom #1 comes with attached bathrooms for individual privacy. Based on this plan, living room with extended dining room helps host to entertain guests better along with closer proximity to kitchen for faster food serving. Moreover, bedrooms #2 and 3 comes with enclosed closets, ideal for children's use. Nevertheless, walk-in closet's location closer to bedroom #1 helps parents, keep all their materials, clothes etc, intact under complete privacy. Under this plan, both bedrooms #1 and 3 comes with built-in tubs to assure relaxed shower for entire family. Ideal location of kitchen, next to living room alerts those in kitchen to have a look on incoming guests without exposure. Besides, this plan layout assures proper air circulation throughout house, due to built-in dual window types on bedrooms, dining room etc, with exception of bedroom #1, comes with two single windows types. However, living room comes with built-up single window types, besides dual types. Moreover, this plan's other features includes location of front door closer to walls of bedroom #2, assures minimal intrusion to its occupants and guests, assure privacy to its occupants, and avoid accidental openings to unknown strangers. Finally, complete coverage of available porch area with overhangs avoid direct sunrays into house, prevent heat build-up during summer and snow built-up, for reduced power consumption, and avoid unnecessary outdoor cleaning during winter season make it an ideal plan to buy/construct and maintain for families at an affordable cost.