Taunton Two Story Floorplan by All American Homes

All American Homes Taunton Two Story Description
If any customer wants to purchase the Taunton Two Storied building shown in this floor plan, he can easily study the preliminary features of the house. The key feature of the building is a great hall of 21ft 9inch x 13ft. 1inch including a big kitchen & dining on the ground floor. There are two twin sized bed rooms & a king sized bedroom with baths & w.c. on the first floor. From these features the purchasers can decide whether they like this layout or would like to customize it. The great hall can be converted into the children's play area for the young couple homeowners & it also maybe converted into family & friends meeting place in the evening. One bed room is on the same side of the master bed room. It is a unique feature of the floor plan. The relatively contiguous location of the two rooms in the floor plan may be an alternative for a particular group of homeowners. The family with little children & retired couple requires more space. They can utilize the extra space of the room.