Modular Commercial Building Information

Explaining Modular Commercial Use

Many people confuse modular offices with temporary buildings. This is because most people see the temporary offices at construction work sites or large concerts. However modular offices have evolved into much more. Modular offices are customized permanent buildings that can be built in record time with significant cost savings.

Since they can be permanent structures the modular offices can be leased or sold. The cost for these modular commercial buildings is generally lower than their traditionally built counterparts. Also the cost is dependent of what features you include in the modular commercial space like restrooms or full bathrooms, kitchens and cafeterias or locker rooms. When you buy a modular commercial building you can customize it to fit your needs exactly

These buildings are customizable in many different ways. Besides being able to have a fully customized interior you can also customize the exterior of these modular buildings. You can choose from a wide selection of colors for the paint or siding. You can also choose to have the exterior to be wooden siding, exposed brick and much more. This helps modular buildings blend into their surroundings and this is why people generally do not even realize they are in a modular office space. This is commonly used for schools that need to add on extra classroom space. By matching the existing exterior of the school, the modular classroom space can be added to appear as a seamless extension.

Modulars are generally treated as permanent buildings or long-term buildings. If necessary they can be unbuilt and moved unlike traditional commercial space. This rare capability of being able to easily move modular commercial space makes it easier to be granted local zoning approval.

In addition there are cost savings with modular office space and other modular commercial buildings. That is because they are constructed in factories using assembly line efficiency. This reduces the building cost. It also reduces the building time so you can start using the modular space faster and thus possibly reduce the amount of time you may need to pay your bank loan. Also it reduces the disruption to your current facility since most modular buildings and modular classrooms only require one day for on-site assembly of the factory built modules.

Modular commercial space is an affordable solution for any company, school or organization that needs to expand their space. It saves money, reduces construction time and blends seamlessly in with existing building that is why this industry has experienced double digit growth the last five years.

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