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Decorating for Small Spaces

More and more people are living in smaller homes, whether it's a choice driven by economics, an environmental choice or simply the way the chips fall. Small homes have some downfalls but there are a lot of benefits to living a simpler life in a smaller space. Many of the downfalls simply have to do with decoration problems and storage solutions, so if you can overcome these downfalls you may end up with a living solution that is good for your psyche, your wallet and reduces your environmental footprint on the world.

Taking control of your space and stuff is the best way to make your life fit into a small space. Don't become overwhelmed by the concept but rather break it down step by step and use these tips to get the most out of your space.

Organize Your Stuff

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A careful analysis of all the stuff you've collected throughout the years is key as you'll want to get rid of things that just don't really have a function or any sentimental value. Those things that you think you might need in the future are probably never going to be used, and it's doubtful you'll ever fit in the clothes you've outgrown, even if you lose weight the styles will be outdated. Be prudent and remove everything you don't need. Then deal with the stuff you have left, give it a home and learn to always put it back in its place rather than letting clutter accumulate.

Use Light

A dark space seems smaller and more enclosed, but a light space seems open and gives the illusion of additional space. Stay away from overhead lighting as they only illuminate the center of a room and leave the corners dark so they almost recede into nothingness. Look for table and floor standing lamps that will give corners some light and take advantage of that space.

Light Colors

Along a similar line, light colors give an illusion of space which is highly desirable. Try to keep your decorating scheme full of light colors and then use one piece or one accent wall in a dark color to trick the eye and add visual interest. Painting an accent wall a dark color in a small space is a bold move but one that really pumps up the excitement in the room and makes the space so interesting that its size becomes irrelevant. Also, if you keep your color scheme monochromatic (except for the accent piece or wall) you'll create a harmony that is huge.

Avoid Pattern

Much like clutter, where little pieces of stuff all over detract and emphasize the small space, patterns do exactly the same thing. Very tiny patterns can be acceptable as they blend together and appear harmonious, but large and bold patterns are too distracting and keep the eye bouncing around and in a small space that's difficult to deal with. Again, a monochromatic solid color scheme is best as it puts the eye and mind at rest.

Keep an Open Space

Along the lines of removing your clutter and adding storage to your home, you need to open the space of your home with an easy to manage traffic pattern that encourages movement through the house without stumbling points or banged shins. If your guests have a place to sit with enough room to move their feet and arms it doesn't matter if it's a small room or a huge one. In fact a smaller room can seem much more inviting and cozy in this situation.

Don't Think Miniature

Too many people approach decorating a livin space as though it were a dollhouse and they look for scaled down furniture. This only draws attention to your small space. Rather than focusing on the tiny aspects, go big and incorporate some huge elements. Look for an oversized couch, the biggest screen television set you can comfortably see in your living room, a coffee table that is a big statement, a large piece of artwork, but only pick one big element, not all of them. By adding something with size you confuse the eye, make that piece the focal point and distract from the downsides of the room.

The key to living in a small space is adjusting to only having what you need and what you love and then giving each of those items a home. Keep your space free of actual and visual clutter. A harmonious feeling throughout the home will establish a feeling of cohesiveness which is comforting and cozy which are two elements that a small space is good and nurturing. And never think of yourself as being limited by your space, get as creative as you can to come up with new and innovative solutions.

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