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Building a Modular Garage

We all can use some extra storage space. Where are you going to find that space? Modular garages are the answer. They are prefabricated units that are actually cheaper than building your own unit.

Just because these units are prebuilt do not think that modular garages are simple projects. Building a prefab garage may not be a month long construction job but it is still considerable sized job. To deal with such a significant project you should make sure you plan and properly prepare for it. You will need to decide what type of modular garage you want. Then you will need to prepare the building site before it arrives. Once it arrives you will need to perform some finishing work. This is generally some minimal work that can be finished within a weekend.

Modular Wood Garage
Most homeowners will opt for a modular garages constructed of wood because they are much cheaper. A wood garage will be more than sufficient if you are looking to store a few tools or a car. Wooden modular garages also will not require zoning variance but will still require a building permit the same as a steel building. You should check with your local authorities to find out what documentation you will need. Wood modular garages can be built apart from the home or designed to be attached to your home. Don't worry the wooden modular garages can be designed to match your home color and style.

Steel Modular Garage
If you are looking for some serious garage space then you should consider modular steel garages. They can provide very wide open spaces like an aircraft hangar. Also a steel modular garage will be able stronger than your typical wooden garage. Steel modular garages are mostly used by industrial companies. These steel storage buildings can be multi story and have plumbing and ventilation designed into them to meet any local building codes. You should check with your local zoning codes to find out if a steel structure is allowed and if there are any restrictions on the height of the garage or anything else .

Preparing Building Site
The prefabricated garage can arrive fully assembled or in pieces as a modular building kit. Before it arrives you will need to have the ground leveled and compacted. This can be done by renting some equipment and spending a few days sweating. Your other option is to hiring a contractor with a bulldozer. A bulldozer will only take a few hours to prepare the ground for your new garage. Once the ground is level and compacted it will be time to create the foundation. Most modular garages will require a concrete foundation. Once the foundation is prepared you can then have the modular garage set on the foundation or start unpacking and assembling the building kit.

Placing the Garage
With the foundation properly prepared the modular garage can then take form. If you have opted for the unit to be arrive fully assembled now is the time the crane will lift and place the modular garage onto its permanent foundation. it is important to make sure the crane has enough clearance to pick up, move over and place the unit. If you have opted for a building kit now is the time you will be playing with the biggest lego set you have ever played with. The more people available to help you the better it will be. Some building kits say they can be assembled by two people but unless you are Bob Vila you should try to have at least four people to help piece together the building kit. This process generally only takes a full day or two. Once it is completed you may need to make some final touches (depending on which modular garage model you choose).

Once you are enjoying your modular garage you should make sure to take care of your investment. It will require some maintenance. This maintenance can range from making sure the steel is fully painted and not exposed corrosion to making sure the drainage is clear to lead rain water away from your wooden support beams. With proper maintenance a modular garage should last as long as your home or until you decide you need a bigger garage.

From start to finish it may take two weekends for you to have a new garage to enjoy. The first weekend spent of preparing the building site and the second weekend actually erecting the modular unit. Modular garages are an economical and quick way to add to your property value. Good luck!

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