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About Modular Homes Today

Modular Today ( was started back in 2003 to provide home buyers a comprehensive guide to the modular construction industry. Our goal is to help home buyers learn about modular homes and buildings including the benefits and short comings of this construction method. Also we strive to create a free marketplace for online home buyers to be introduced with the manufacturers and builders of modular homes and offices.

From our offices we seek out all build the best directory of modular home manufacturers and modular builders in North America. Our editorial team acts as a mystery shopper regularly visiting the websites modular builders, requesting information kits and pricing to provide the home buyers that visit Modular Today with a detailed review of the modular home manufacturers. Our editorial reviews are unbiased and can not be bought. We also accept submissions from our readers pending editorial review. If you would like to share your experience please use our contact form.

We hope that Modular Today has given home buyers access to the modular home information they need to make the important purchasing decision, including detailed floor plans and more. To send us feedback please use this contact form.