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Wick Building Systems

(Modular Division Closed)

405 Walter Rd
Mazomanie, WI 53560
Toll-Free: 800-356-9682
Fax: 608-795-2534
Website: Wick Building Systems Website

Wick Building Systems Description:
(Modular Division Closed)
"...Wick Building Systems voluntarily filed to reorganize under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This filing does not spell the end for Wick Buildings, and indeed is essential to our plans to continue in business...The offices and facilities of the John Wick Homes Division and the Modular and Manufactured Homes Division will close soon, as work is completed..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:
Not currently providing modular homes

Company Background

How Long in Business1960
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)None
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkBeing Reorganized
Location of FactoriesMarshfield, WI
How to Buy a HomeNot currently available

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Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewWick Building Systems has become an unfortunate victim of the harsh economic landscape. They have filed to reorganize under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and are no longer providing modular homes. Wick has a long reputation and we liked many things about this company. We wish them a speedy return to happier construction days.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Wick Building Systems

Keith Alan from wausau wi
I have owned 6 wick homes, both single and double wide over the past 30 years. Every one was great! Compared to other manufactured homes...especially single wides their build quality is amazing. 2 of the homes I bought new, and the experience was great! I was able to make changes to fit my needs better and the options were limitless. The double wide I ordered with a "linsey floor system" and put it on a basement. the floor system hade the house solid as a rock and the cool part is that all the plumbing and duct work was with in the floor system, and there was no metal frame in the basement, so I sheeted the ceiling in the basement with no effort and had a completely flat ceiling with NOTHING hanging down! awesome! The dealer I dealt with at the housing mart was in the mobile home business since the 60's and was the most knowledgeable and fun guy to talk to I ever met. He sold wick homes exclusively, Marshfield and Artcraft, and was a real fan of wick homes as well and was eager to point out why they were the best bang for the buck in the manufactured housing world. His service after the sale was remarkable. As a side note, I see a lot of people saying they can not find parts for their homes. I can highly recommend "The Parts Mart" in Mosinee Wi. They have an amazing inventory and can find the hard to find mobile home parts. Their number is 715-341-3498 and im sure they would be happy to ship parts for you. Hurry back, Wick! Id buy another home in a minute!

Jim LeMar from Rapid City
I sold wicke homes for 6 years. Great product.

Pam K Waters from Shellsburg, IA
Nothing is regular size. when something need replaced. Every window had leaked over the years into the outer walls that rotted. No help

Don Lynch from Merrill, MI
I was a Wick Home independent contractor for two years. They were excellent quality homes built of quality materials. Business failure was predestined by a number of poor management decisions.

Steven Reed from Adel, Iowa
Love our home! it was manufactured in 1995 and was set on our present property in 1998, We bought it in 2014. I am trying to find floor plans for our home and wiring and heating layouts we have the model and serial numbers was wondering if anyone could tell me where I might find this information?

ken mcCaffrey from Elmwood Wi
We bought our Wick modular home in 2005. The only problem was the plastic drawer rails broke, and the dealer fixed them .We love our Wick home and would buy another when available. Hope you return soon.

Caryn T. Sova from Adams, Wisconsin
Bought a 2300 square foot, double wide in 2001. It has three bedrooms (master has an en-suite, with double basin and whirlpool tub). Exceedingly well designed. Very comfortable. Very energy efficient. Quiet and sturdy. We found that for our lifestyle, the carpeting had to go and we replaced it with Pergo although the carpeting that came with the house was very nice. We have kids and lots of sand that finds its way into the house. We have hurricane tie-downs and when we were hit by 80 mph winds from a "down draft" two summers ago that leveled most of the standing timber around us, this house did not move a centimeter or even creak. I would never buy another brand or type of house. This was a real value. Hope you are back up-to-speed soon!

Dianne Campbell from madison, WI
We have lived in this track style home for over 25 years. We think it was one of the first for homes for service person in an airport area. it has no basement. For the first time this year we experinced water filling up the registers coming close to entering the main living area. We are curious if anyone has and idea of why this would happen. How was the duct work laid into the cement foundation? Where could this water have entered from and what kind of material would have been used for the duct work? All in all we have been pretty happy with the home.

Karen Christensen Saleh from Rockford, Iowa
My first (deceased) husband and I build our home 36 years ago. It was completed the day our daughter was born...12-15-1976! I am very happy with it. It has stood up to the test of time. Now it needs some updating but I have never been unhappy with it.

Dan Huss from Iowa
my Wick was built in 1978. Two story w/garage. I has been crack free and energy efficient. Every corner is square. Hope u are back in buisness soon. Would like to build a smaller retirement home that is modular.

Linda Osthus from Ottawa, IL.
We are living in our second Wick Home and were considering a third however was sad to hear they are no longer in business. We loved the whole process. I really hope you can reorganize and get back in business.

Janet Mayer from Nisswa, MN
Although we have loved our home for now almost 13 years. Over the past 5 years we have noticed several things "falling apart": Skylight in the main bathroom seems to leak or the ceiling fan isn't doing its job because mold is growing, paint is peeling all the way down the cut-out, and the wood trim is molding. Bedroom doorway to the bathroom leaks in heavy rain - right down the seam.

Storm doors - possibly all doors - are not standard. Replaced one storm door 6 years ago because the inside glass on the Wick installed storm doors kept falling out and no parts could be found. Had to re-frame the doorway to fit a "standard" storm door. Front storm needs replacing - where do we get parts? Side door is crooked, possibly from settling, but the jam was never level top to bottom, just less noticeable.

Overall, I still love my home and do not wish to entertain the idea of moving. I just want PARTS.

jerry jones from upton wy 82730
i am a wick owner i have a beautiful home [rolohome] and i have only one complaint,i cant buy the kitchen drawer slide supports. they are made of plastic and have had six of them break out and the drawer falls down. i have been to the dealer to get new ones but i am told they are anavailable. any help would be great. this house is so awesome i have not had any problems of any kind other than the drawer slides. its a shame that there will be no more of these high quality homes made,they are the very best!any help in this matter would be a very big help to me thank you. jerry jones

peter wintersdorf from IL
Our Marshfield was first built in 1970 it was a great summer home until the winter of 2007 whenthe heavy snow brought down the roof 19" inside we bought our second Marshfield home 3 bedroom 2 bath a super fantastic home once again hope you come back into business.

dale burns from mn.
if i could give you a zero i would we owned our home for several years nothing but trouble from day one the north bed room leaks air like a flat tire they came out and looked and said it was fine bulshit it still leaks like a sieve this place is 10 years old and is falling a part needs new furnace stove is crap roof needs replacing shingles you put on are nothing but cheap crap. I wish we would of bought a SCHULTZ home I know i should not have second gussed sorry I bought your crap

Debra Schroeder from Missouri
We have had a wick home for 7yrs and still love it have had no trouble with it. The service as been great and everything was taken care of as promised.

Janelle Kralik from Orient, IA
We have owned our Wick home ten years this September. We have had trouble with it off & on over that time. Within the past five years we have had to replace the stove, same part kept breaking. After the third time we decided it would be cheaper to just get a new stove, $400. Then the refrigerator broke; replaced it, another $550. This past November the dishwasher went and again we had to replace at the cost of $600. Then there was the toilet tank that had cracked one day & flooded the main bathroom, hallway, & utility room while we were gone. For the past three years we have had to have the air conditioning unit filled as we have a leak but not sure where. This year it went completely. Called repair man. Never heard of the type of air we have. Checked inside as conditioner is connected to furnace. Coil needed is 20 in. All other systems have 25. Can't find a coil. If we are unable to find a coil then we will have to replace the whole thing which will cost us about $5,ooo.oo. I realize that things don't last forever & I knew we would have to replace things in time but was hoping it was longer then five - ten years. Now business where we bought house from is no longer is business & when I tried to call Wick I received the message the number was no longer connected. Not very pleased with company, and wouldn't recommend them to others.

wayne lund from forest lake mn
I've have owned to Marshfiled homes, the first a single wide that we owned for eight years and the second a sectional we have placed on a basement on five acres of land. This house we have owned for 17 years. The factory service we received when the house was new was fantastic, the attention to details in the structure of the house very impressive for its price point. The level of trim would be considered sub par by many, but then again you get what you pay for. The best part is even today it appraises for more than 100k then I have into the place.

PJ Little from Illinois
I did not know Wick existed until I bought a used unit several years ago. It was the best manufactured home I ever lived in. This unit had a central hall, L- shaped kitchen and tons of extra storage. It withstood 80mph straight line winds that followed a tornado. We stayed in it through the storm. There was no roof rumble, no damage except some screens, and it was not moved out of position as it was tied down properly.

We were in a mobile home park at the time. The damange to other homes in the park that were not tied down properly, and to homes of lesser quality was extensive. A few were so badly damaged they had to be replaced.

If I could find the same floorplan I would by it in a minute. It was that good. Unfortunately that floorplan has been out of productions for too long. Please bring it back, Wick! Unlike other plans from other companies, the unit I bought did not have one inch of wasted space - which is highly unusual in manufactured homes.

We sold the home with land to a young couple. They sold it to a retired couple. The last time I drove by, the house was still in good condition and being lived in. I never had mold or elecrical problems with this home either. Some would say i was lucky. I was. I bought Wick.

Rose Marie LaBarbera from Neillsville, WI
Modular Today did give a comprehensive view of Wick Building Systems, Inc., but I would like to point out that Wick builds more Modular Homes than Mobile Homes or Sectional Homes AKA Double-Wides. Their modular home is built on an all-wood floor joist system and they do allow customization; they will even build a plan that you provide. Their homes are "Energy Star Homes", a designation by Focus on Energy. Unfortunately, their manufacturing facility does not accomodate "mystery shopping", best to hit one of their dealers to see some Model Homes on Display.

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