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Fall Creek Homes


53850 Fall Creek Way
Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone: 574-523-1444

Fall Creek Homes Description:
"...Fall Creek was established in 1998 with the goal of providing high quality innovative homes with the best floor plans in the industry. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Fall Creek quickly became the fastest growing manufactured housing company in the country.."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1995
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)150-200
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsHomebuilders Association of Fort Wayne, Indiana Homebuilders Association, National Association of Homebuilders, National Association of Realtors
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkN/A
Location of FactoriesElkhart, IN
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through network of home builders

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWooden home construction
Energy EfficiencyR-45 ceilings, Argon gas-filled Lo-E windows, All metal, insulated exterior doors and headers
Construction Timeframe6-8 weeks
Customization FlexibilityMinimal customization
Amount of FloorplansAbout 40 prepared floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$110-$145
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDepends on final site
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationHandled by builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityAvailable with some models
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
Guarantees10-year RWC warranty program
Delivery RangeMidwest
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by retailer
Information PackageAvailable online or by emailing

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewFall Creek Homes provided manufactured homes. Their homes appeared to have impressive floorplans but there were some questions about the quality. Some builders we interviewed did not speak highly of Fall Creek homes. Hopefully they were referring to isolated cases. It also did not help that our mystery shopper reported having trouble with their customer service. They might reopen but we would advise home buyers to proceed with caution until we feel more comfortable with Fall Creek Homes.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Fall Creek Homes

Green from Auburn Hills
I've had my Fall Creek manufactured home for 20 years (has it built in 1999) and I love it! I haven't had any major issues and the minor issues that I have had I feel are not outside the norm for any home owner. I replaced the water heater at 12 years and replace the roof at 18 years. Additionally, the pipes have never frozen (a complaint from some basic mobile home buyers) and. As a home owner I have always taken car to do routine maintenance and updates as well.

Green from Auburn Hills
I've had my Fall Creek manufactured home for 20 years (has it built in 1999) and I love it! I haven't had any major issues and the minor issues that I have had I feel are not outside the norm for any home owner. I replaced the water heater at 12 years and replace the roof at 18 years. Additionally, the pipes have never frozen (a complaint from some basic mobile home buyers) and. As a home owner I have always taken car to do routine maintenance and updates as well.

Susan Bethards from Missouri
Our home is a 2 story we bought in 2005. We love our home and have had only minor issues compareable to any home. We get many compliments and we're so pleased are looking for a similar home. Looks like we were very lucky. Only issues were low caliber crew that did our work dirt in septic and they were local. Beautiful design ,happy.

Dan from mn
We have had our home since 2000.Like it very much.Seems to be well insulated .The price we paid was very reasonable compared to other manufactured homes. Yes the appliances are not top of the line ,but we knew that was the reason the price was as low as it was.The only complaint we have is the roof leaked after 13 yrs. Will have to reroof soon.

keith seltzer from United States
I purchased a home 9yrs ago and we love it but the roof started leaking.We would like to know how you are going to fix it the house has 25 yr shingles on it so it should not be leaking.We also have 3 windows that you can not open because they will not stay open we really do hope you will take care of all these problems because we can not afford to thank you

Mary Beth from Cook Forest, PA
My husband and I purchased a Fall Creek Home about ten years ago. Due to poor construction and inexpensive appliances, etc. We have had to do the following: Replace both the sun lights and the roof, replace the dishwasher, and now we have to find a way to fix the closet door since the manufacturer no longer exists. I am sure the stove and water heater will also go soon.

Rene from Carrollton, MO
My husband and I bought a Fall Creek Home in 2000. We had some minor issues getting it set up at first, but I blame that on the service people who were in charge of that. Our main issue with our home is the shingles. They have curled and broke and nobody anywhere can tell me what kind of shingles they are. We would like to go back to the manufacturer of these shingles and see about getting them replaced. If anyone thinks they know what they might be, please let me know. Thanks so much!!

ron paulson from madison wi
my wife and i purchased the fall creek home baxk in 2004 all i can say this house sucks nobody knew what they were doing when building this house.water leaks door not fitting right very low quaily . i'm hope that nobody buy's from this company. they need to fix the problems on these homes come to madison wi and i will show you what is wrong with this house. stand behind your dam work!!!!!!!!!

Barbara from Erie PA
We purchased a Fallcreek home in 2002. My husband and I ended up in a huge mess with even getting the house properly set. We had so many complaints that the company ended up cutting us a check and we signed off saying we had so little faith in them properly fixing the problems that we would rather hire our own contractor. It was a terrible experience. My husband ended up replastering and sanding all the drywall. I don't even want to get started on the roof issues, the siding issues or anything else. The air conditioner that was installed wasn't even compatiable with the furnace! We are sick every month to be paying a mortgage on such a poorly made home.

clint allyn from green bay
I had installed fall creek homes for 5 years also as capital first realty took over the vast problems with these homes from side a & b not lining up to roofs that where up to 8 inches longer from the other side and im not talking about out a rack issues / just really poor construction and there service department could never send correct parts even when you sent them pictures well i guess a lack of not caring / i hope they have fixed there problems but other manufactures called them fall a part creek that said it all / beware dont buy/ .

Patricia Priest-Newman from 2300 E. Main, Lot #91 West Bay Berry St., Niles, MI. 49120
I seem to have the same complaints as everyone else. I bought this used Fall Creek home in 2009. Had to replace faucets in kitchen and bathroom, had to replace microwave, one gas unit doesn't work on stove, had to replace water heater, and most of all, I HAVE 3 LEAKS SO FAR IN THE ROOF AND WAS ADVISED TO REPLACE IT. I'M AFRAID OF MOLD.

Deb Bower from Lock Haven, PA
Purchased the home in 2003 as a camp and are living in it now. The "25 year architectural shingles" have leaked now in three different places. Finish work could be better but you get what you pay for. Flooring is mushy in spots. Windows do not operate properly. Will have to hire a contractor to fix all issues. RUN!

Dale Stelter from New Galilee PA
I got a new home in 2000. Then I find out the seller change the Manufacture date. Its a 1999 The seller is out of busness now. The roof leaks. It has 25 year roofing on it. I dont know how to get it fix.

Debra Ford from bourbannais il
I love my Fall Creek home. This home is very energy efficient. I have owned this home about 3 months. No major problemd. The master bedroom is very spacious. The bathroom is also wonderful.

paul schoenfelder from Fort Pierre, SD
we bought our new fall creek home in May 1999 and the first month of owning the home we had a gas leak in 2 of the 4 burners repairman said the parts would cost more than a new unit. we converted over to electric,, a couple months later the Dishwasher quit, it was reparable but wasnt worth repairing, got a new one . just this yr we bought all new house wrap and vinal siding, when we removed the old siding we could see in under some of the living room windows and the draft was very cold in the winter,and not a bead of calking anywhere, did they run out or what. the door bell wasnt even hooked up and the screen door had a broked hinge. may i need to continue..

Barbara from Illinois
I've had my Fall Creek home for about 4 years now and love it. I have not had any major problems on the home.

Ben Buchholz from Fosston mn
We purchased a Fall Creek Home in 2005 and I am suicidal every month when I have to send a mortgage payment for a house that is sub standard to say the least. I guessed their might be a problem when craning it onto my basement two floor joists fell out of it. It is very short on insulation and the overall fit and finish is that of high school shop class work. They couldn't cut nice joints for my trim and baseboards so they stuffed the cracks with puddy that has fallen out. Paint on the carpet. The sheetrocking was aweful you could see about half the screw heads, used very cheap paint I could go on for hours. The so called factory repair reps were as unprofessional as I have seen. They swept their roofing nails off the roof onto our deck and left them. Lastly the house was delivered with mice inside from the factory-kinda a nice little bonus I guess. I would rather live in a doghouse than deal with company ever again

Michael Mosley from Lawrenceburg, Indiana
We've owned a Fall Creek home for 4 years now and have experienced similar problems as "many" others I've read about. I really feel that the quality of craftmanship,or lack there of is the main issue. They are solid homes, but could be really nice homes for little additional money. We gutted everything in it and started from scratch. Which is a shame since it is only about 5 years old. You really do get what you pay for. Also, I wish they were more picky in regards to thier sales reps. Ours was horrible! From beginning to end, the worst. They have nasty attitudes and act as if they really could care less about you or your potential new home. We did all the work! If I had it to do all over, I would go with All American Homes. In fact, we are in the market for a new home and I will not be looking for that type of home anymore.

Meloni & William Rasmussen from Crookston, MN
We purchased a home from Fall Creek in October 2004. The home was delivered in January 2005, just as they were filing bankruptcy for the 3rd time in five years. We have had nothing but problems with the home. If we could give the company 0 stars we would in a heartbeat. The home has inadequate insulation which has lead to mold and water damage to the first floor of the home. The roof leaks on the first floor (it is a cape style with a half story on top). The cupboard doors are all falling off, the knobs on the faucets have all fallen off, the siding is coming off and the windows and doors are not properly sealed. A representative from Fall Creek admitted to there being manufacturer issues with the home in May of 2006 and assured us they would be out in a couple of weeks to fix the problems. We are still waiting. We know of 2 other families who purchased the same model home and are having the same problems. I would run from this company as fast as I could.

Laura Swink from Hiram, OH
I've had a Fall Creek home now for 6 years and I've not had any major home problems. Some of the quality could be a little better, but we've been remodeling the home and we have had no problems making renovations. I enjoy the unique floor plan that I have in the home - it is unlike anything else where I live. It's sad that they have gotten such a bad rap, hopefully they will work to improve on it.

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