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Southern Energy Homes

(Consolidated into Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)

18025 County Road 41
Addison, AL 35540
Phone: 256-747-1544
Fax: 256-747-7586

Southern Energy Homes Description:
(Consolidated into Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)
"...Southern Energy (SE) was founded in 1982 by only a select few investors including Wendell Batchelor, Clinton Holdbrooks, Johnny Long, Keith Brown, & Toby Hamby. The first SE home was sold to Coffey-Clifton in Bryant, Arkansas. In the late 80's, Southern Energy grew into a publicly traded company and then began growing the company into several different divisions including: Lifestyle, Hospitality, Homes, SE Texas, & SE North Carolina. SE was eventually acquired by Clayton Homes and still builds homes today under the Energy Homes & Southern Estates brands at the SEhomes of Addison facility...."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1982
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 500
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff, draftsmen are available.
Builder NetworkOver 50 dealers
Location of FactoriesAlabama
How to Buy a HomeAvailable only through a retailer

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood & Steel
Energy EfficiencyR 11-11-33 Insulation
Construction Timeframe4-6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of Floorplans5 available online floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$65-$95
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDepends on final site
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsDepends on location
Information PackageInformation available online

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewSouthern Energy Homes are average manufactured homes. We obviously prefer modular homes for many reasons but if you are looking for a manufactured home this is an option. Their building specifications are respectable when compared with other manufactured home providers but tend to be below modular home builders. Their energy efficiency could be improved upon but then again these homes are not intended for cold climates. Our mystery shopper was a bit frustrated with their anemic website. This is an affordable option for entry level manufactured home buyers in the Southeast.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Southern Energy Homes

Tracy L King from Sharon, TN
cheaply made! had trouble getting it set up then have had to call them back numerous to "repair" sheet rock, cabinets, etc. door bell has not worked since it was installed and can not get anyone to come out and fix it!!!! have tried contacting them by email and by phone on several occasions over the last year and a half and I have to bully them to get them to respond to anything!!! husband is ready to contact a lawyer and be done with it! do not recommend to anyone to buy a clayton home period!!!!! in fact I had a shelf to fall off of the wall in the master bath closet yesterday!!!!! guess I will fix it myself since no one wants to respond to calls or emails!!!

michele n/a ardolina-skeggs from Georgia
Reading some of the reviews was heart breaking.We have been living in our SE triple wide for almost 20 yrs.-- no complaints here. Our home is about 2,800 sq.ft., and it's solid. We made changes to our floor plan (we were told we were the 9th buyers of this home) after the company saw our plan they started selling it--no we did see any $$$ for our ideas. As a builders daughter I had been reading plans my Father drafted since the age of 10--saying that I hated wasted space. My Dad's death was untimely or he would have built our home. Over the years we've made a few updates--but nothing else. I would put our home up to a site built home any day--from a builders daughter believe what I say. We got all the upgrades we could, and our salesman Paul Sprague worked closely with us. We hated to see Carefree Homes in Athens, Ga. close. On my last note.. even now folks come in our home and say WOW this is beautiful. My neighbors children are looking for a quality manufactured home and can't find one. The $91,000 we paid for our home was so worth it. Good luck to all. Regards, Paul & Michele Skeggs from Homer, Ga.

Timothy Edwards from Barnwell,South Carolina
Ordered in 1992. 8 floor upgrade , extra insulation , cash on delivery $25.000.00 3 br 2 bath. Cheap! Cold air entered around every corner of electric receptacles. In 2006 I remodeled the exterior aluminum sheeting I removed. 18 foot not insulated on front side 16foot on rear. Reinsulated, covered with 7/16 osb tyvek wrap all new low e double hung windows. New front and rear doors. Vinyl siding . Should have torn it down and built my own. POS is best I can say. 4 interior walls 2 ceiling hoist. Y'all suck.

Alan Kelver from Greensboro Georgia
I custom ordered my Southern Energy home in May of 1995. It was delivered and set up in November that year. Spent a lot of money with upgrades such as 2 x 8 floor joists and 3/4" tongue and groove plywood floors. Blown in extra insulation in the ceiling. I have had no problems other than normal home owner maintenance. Replace the carpet with hardwood floors when the carpet wore out. Did our kitchen and bathrooms in tile a few years ago. From many of the remarks here it looks like something may have changed from 20+ years ago.

Gail Smith from Aberdeen MS
Anyone having trouble with hot water heater not heating correctly in southern energy home. We have a triple wide and need in it for 5 years. Have put in 4 new hot water heaters in the past 6 mo this and still no hot water. Contacted SE today and of course no one has any idea what may be wrong

Tina Cole from Oklahoma
Awful, awful, awful!!! Absolutely no stars! I will never recommend this manufacturer! Terrible and hateful customer service. Took forever to get someone out here to fix anything and then most of the time they had weren't prepared to fix all that they were suppose to and I had to reschedule for each job to be completed. There was a hole left in the roof from being manufactured that was just covered with shingles ?? didn't even apologize, just said it happens sometimes. wow really?? I still have a leak they refuse to fix. What a pathetic business. Trim around doors are not nailed down, nothing to nail them to, there is a gap between wall and door frame. Front door you can see daylight around frame from inside, they never did put in a new door like they said they would, How energy efficient is that? I could go on and on, but I'll just say DON'T BUY FROM THIS MANUFACTURER.

Linda West from Moulton AL
We've been in our home for 11 years. As former masons doing brick and block work and knowing a bit about construction,we knew what we were getting. My husband became disabled and money was going to be tighter. In 11 years there are very few issues with our home. The major issue is doorknobs. Other than that the house is in about as good a shape as when new. Yes the carpet is worn but I expected that. A lower cost home is made from lower cost materials. It will not last as long as a brick and mortar home. I have been surprised that we haven't had to do more repairs. Then again we do take care of our home and check for regular maintenance like any home. All the appliances still work well and ceiling fan runs continually. Know what you are getting. Rough handling, rambunctious children,a lack of maintenance ability,and over expectations are not a good match for you with a mobile home. We're satisfied with what we got.

Patricia Brown from Texas
no stars! so much trouble! bad walls, bad cabinets, bad marriage-ceiling not finished. deliverers put home too far forward on the concrete and I couldn't get to the front door because of a creek. It was supposed to be 5 feet further back. Would not put it back. sellers would not send someone out to fix it, so they were to put in stairs and ramp, but only put stairs right to the creek, not a ramp from the end of the house to the door, and put the stairs in wrong direction. Not really SE's fault, but dealership is awful too. cabinet doors are paper laminate, and if you clean your cabinet doors and fronts, they just come off. Must be a problem with ac vents, rooms are opposite side of house from master don't stay cool or warm. Crappy workmanship. Just crappy.

Caroline from Alabama
If I could give negative stars, I would. We custom built our home in 2012 and it is literally falling apart. The materials are poorly made. And because we financed our land with it, we're stuck. For the amount that we paid and all of the upgrades we added, this house should've lasted much much longer!!!

It is sad the way they just throw these homes together. For what you pay for these homes, looks like they could at least take some time to build them right. Had issues right after we got the house in Dec 2000. Still more problems even after the 1st year. I even called the plant that built my home,about the dinning room floor giving in one certain spot. They ask what kind of foundation I had,how many vents,height @ each end. Got all info they wanted but never heard back from anyone.

Robert Ruffin from Laurel, Mississippi
We bought our home in 2007, and since then we have had to replace the Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Stove Computer, Two Celling fans, Kitchen Sink Pluming Fixtures, and now the roof has root all along the edge of the entire roof on both sides ..... we bought this home to accommodate our large family, but now the burden of trying to replace all the stuff is too much.... wish that we would not have gotten this place. Bad thing we bought from our neighbors company. No respect for the customer.

Richard & Angelia Martin from Arkansas
There was not a option for no stars to please dont misunderstand that anything about my review is good. The retailer they go thru Clayton Homes is horrible , very shady. SE Energy says you can have a customized home but they dont mean it . You can not even look at samples to choose what you want. We were given a price and we had already secured financing and we were treated like so disrespectful, rude, no communication. They treat you like your buying a moble home with little options but advertise a customized modular home. When looking at website, which is the only way I could get information BTW , they do not even show AC listed which was never mentioned nor was transportation cost etc.. It was all suppose to be in price we were given. We were purchasing a 185k house but were treated like were buying shampoo at walmart. Candy at Clayton Homes was the worst experience for customer service I have ever, ever had. I was trying to buy what I thought would be my dream home and she made my dream a freaking nightmare. Judging by the reviews though I would say I dodged a bullet. Everything is just so sketchy like its all a secret which means they are not telling you everything. I knew more about the website than the retailer. Please do not go thru these people spend what you think might be extra money and do a site built home. I truly believe by the time everything came out we would have spent the same sepsite the quote given. She even gave a quote without even allowing us to choose options. I am was so upset by this whole experience I am truly not even ready to start getting a house period.

Shea Miller from Leesburg, Ms
Don't buy from them they will not fix anything at all! Our floors have indication through out the home and we got it New and it sucks! And that is not the half of it!

Cliff from Amarillo Tx
Please do your homework before you buy a mobile home. We paid about 81k signing papers in late Dec of 2014. Got our tax papers from the county in May of 2015. The value was only 51K. Plus seeing all of the complaints on the Mfg Company and the Selling company. I should have done some footwork instead of being lied to. I had to give it 1 Star as there was nothing lower. We ordered our home through Oakwood Homes in Amarillo. Biggest mistake of our lives. It was set and we moved in mid Jan of 2015. Starting in February we began with loud popping noises in the flooring. The local dealer looked and said it was a factory problem. They showed up and said what needed to be done and left. Next group that showed up had different plans. Fixed one spot, patched the others from underneath (still makes noise in others) and in the meantime, he gouged the flooring with the refrigerator and dented and marred it and chipped the counter top. And left. I complained to the local dealer and they got the factory back out. They repaired one more popping place in the flooring, were able to get the large dent out of the linoleum out, but could not get the scratch out. Said that was all he could do. In the meantime, front and back doors are not the size ordered. The factory says they measure differently than "normal" people do. Was supposed to be a 34" door, but measures 32". Come to find out, they include the facing in their measurements. So I am stuck with a smaller door too. And on top of a smaller door, they have "fixed" them 3 times. You can see daylight from the doorknob down to the threshold on the front and back. Instead of putting more sealer, they take a hammer and try to bend the door shut. Can't say much for the factory repairmen either. I paid extra for sheet-rock, mud/tape and texture on walls and ceiling. Walls look great. Ceilings look as if they put one layer of mud, then gobbed the texture on to cover the joint. Very poor job. No one will fix it. Throughout the house, it is built with substandard materials and thrown together. Now when I try to get them out to fix the popping floor they claim it's due from settling of the house. Really. It's the same problem that was addressed 1 month after we moved in. But the say they will not come back and make repairs. Funny thing, I had to have the house re-leveled 2 months after we moved in and the guy that did it said there was no way the house could have settled that much in 2 months. He said this leveling job should last at least 4 to 5 years. I feel we were lied to by the seller and now no one wants to stand up to their responsibility. And all I hear of is nightmares if you take them to court. They will milk you dry. Best thing is word of mouth. Ruin their reputation and tell any and all not to buy from the crooked people.

McManaway from Reynolds Station, KY
DO NOT PURCHASE A SOUTHERN ENERGY HOME!!!!! We purchased our home @Aug 2013. Southern energy came twice to do repairs and once because I spoke to Tara and the second was because we had to get the stated of Kentucky involved. At first they was wonderful and then it went down hill!!!! Not only did we have problems with Southern Energy, but we had terrible problems with the people we purchased our home from. Freedom Homes in Owensboro KY. Needless to say everyone we dealt with there no longer work there because of all the shady crap they did. Thankfully this was our second mobile home so we knew what to look for. But here's the problem with southern energy, Tara seemed to disappear out of the picture and every time I would call I would speak with Monica. Once state got involved they sent a guy out and of all the things they fixed on the list the state inspectors gave them was they finally straightened out a lop side stand up shower in my kids bathroom, as for the rest. NOTHING!! State "KY" stated they would have to continue our warranty until the state would sign off. Well Southern energy refused to come and work on our home because the home wasn't probably set up. After they decided to start working on it again and they fixed the shower which got busted, they did not bring everything with them and we was told they would be back to finish everything else. Well in December of 2014, Monica informed me over the phone that they wasn't going to fix anything else and if we had a problem with it the we could speak to there attorney. Sad thing of it is, I really don't think anyone over her is aware that she did this. Some people can be so evil and doesn't take I consideration of those they are hurting. My home is NEW, have not lived in it for two years yet and I have had water leaks the would have water coming out of my electrical outlets and light fixtures. I have had two ceiling fans to short out ON THE SAME DAY!! This happened with in a thirty minute time period in the third addition which what my kids rooms. what was done about it NOTHING!! I FEEL LIKE MY HOME IS ONE HUGE FIRE HAZARD. The house is freezing cold during the winter, we will have frozen ice on the inside of our windows, the windows mold year AROUND, THE GOES ON. To tell you the truth EVERYDAY we are scared to death of what will come home too. Every time I try calling southern energy I try to ask for BO in service and I have even asked to speak with the owner. Well needless to say I get no one. Now I don't get an answer, it's like they blocked my number. THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR WORK OR THEIR HOMES!!!! And I can only PRAY that one day I can reach out to someone to fix my home.... That's all I want is for my home to be fixed. I hate that the Robertson's family are plastering their name all over Southern Energy Homes. And if I could speak to them I would tell them if they want to pray for anyone when they set at the table before there meals as a family. I would ask for them to pray for Southern Energy that they will find goodness in there hearts to stand behind their work and NOT RIP PEOPLE OFF!!! And pray for SOME of those who work there, they need to find goodness in themselves as well. But most of all pray for those who are suffering after going through so much heartache after purchasing a Southern energy home. I have spent countless night crying and praying for a way to get this problem fixed. As for a rating on how many stars I would give southern energy. Well 1 was the lowest that I could go.... They don't offer anything lower.

Steven Stodola from McComb, MS
My wife and I had purchased the Callahan model home. We made a few minor changes to the floor plan and what not. Upon delivery to Clayton Homes in McComb we realized that the counter tops were not the ones we had picked out. The house was sent out to our land for set up where they had (2) guys to do the "Trim Out" (Keep in mind this is a triple wide). We were told that it would only take 7 days for it to be ready to move in... WELL it took about 3 months almost 4. Bo was the Service Manager at the time and was really help full and understanding of our frustrations. Since then Bo has moved on and there is a new lady by the name of Shann who has taken over his position. There were a lot of unfinished issues that we were verbally told we had a year to get fixed because of the time frame it took to get the house move in ready. So before our year was up I called to have the issues fixed and they refused. Told me I only had a 90 day warranty on cosmetic stuff, I told them it took almost 4 month to get moved in and their contractor was aware of the issues. They still refused to fix it. Now a little over a year of living in the house we have a wall that leaks when I pressure wash the porch. Shann was aware of this and told me she would send someone out to fix it well after two months of waiting no one has showed up and she just told me that the home is out of warranty and they will fix it. So now I am screwed and will have to come out of pocket to fix it myself. My overall opinion of SE Homes is stay clear. They are friendly to the point of the sale and after that the service sucks and big time now that Shann is the service manager. She claims she had no notes of my problems with the trim out crew and didn't know anything with the existing conditions.. I call BS!!

timothy and kitty culberson from alexander city alabama
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM CLAYTON HOMES PERIOD!!!!! We just bought a southern energy home from clayton homes of Anniston Alabama 2 months ago and have had nothing but a problem from the day it was set up on our land!!!Dealership didn't do the pad correctly and refuse to fix it correctly so we have rain water coming right toward the home plus they put septic tank in on a slope right in front of the home and now there are big ruts in the dirt on top of it..they damaged the home by putting it together crooked wwhich is visible inside the home and no one wants to take responsibility to fix it. floors are popping up because of it had a leak from hall bathtub running into next bedroom cracked ceilings cracked busted walls some even with puty all over them which no of the damage was there when we bought the home walls are paper thin cabinets are already peeling after only 2 months of use mind you its just june of 2015 just got in april of this year and no matter how much we call and complain no one wants to fix anything! regret this 90,000 home purchase

Donna Ratliff from Fort Payne, AL
I bought my home in 2007 and was built in Addison, AL. I gave 3 stars because the builder in Addison should be MADE to FIX any major problems that arise for at least 10 years! Hell, autos have better warranties than these homes. I have to agree with the CHEAP cardboard moldings are plumbing fixtures. The crew from Addison weren't very good at finishing up the set up. My Biggest Problem is that the builder made a mistake and hooked hot water to toilet. They came out and switched the water pipes but in doing it they cut the plastic covering insulation under my home and NO ONE mentioned any underlayment to keep moisture OUT! That is a Law now from what I have learned recently. I plan to look into if I have any legal help with this. Because They taped up the plastic under the home, Moister and dampness has caused some mold in the master bath that has spread to half the home. I kept taping it but found it wouldn't stay closed. I had complained in the beginning and all they did was keep taping it. The home was only lived in for 3 years and is nearly brand new except for the moisture issues. I just returned to reside permanently last month. The home sitting empty should not cause harm at all because it was looked after but not entered into while I was away. Now that I am having to fix this and have learned about the law of this nature. I feel that Addison should be held responsible for the plastic issue under my home at the very least since I was not INFORMED when I bought the home. I paid for a permanent concrete foundation and block underpin around the bottom of the house. So,.. I would have happily paid extra for this very important step to adding plastic to setting up the home up on my land. All in all, Addison should have replaced the plastic or sealed it up permanently after repairing the pipe issues. Lazy and liars the crew were. This home could be wonderful straight from the plant with better contractors working for Southern Energy. The floor plan is great! Just wish the fixing wasn't at my costs because to me, these under pin insulation problems should be covered under a warranty!!Manufactured home should last for a long time since they are built on steel frames. The state needs to look into this inspection problems. After all,.. A Name like Southern Energy should energy efficient and water/moisture proof!

liz menge from shreveport la

Bren from Mart Texas
I'm back to give Energy a good reprimand! Shame on you for producing such a shameful product. The designs in the Tripe wide are beautiful on- line and in your brochure's, the end results sent to the homes site are not up to good building standards. We have lived in this hone since 2012, and everyday I walk thru if, I seem to fine another dumb, goofy, stupid, incompentant, construction flaw. Good griff, maybe your company needs to do a complete overhaul out in the plant area. These homes have such potential to be offered to the public "IF" they are constructed with passion and pride. I've had plenty of your so called repair people out to this home, only one seemed to be qualified to fix the problems we had. Your problem is the experience of the people you hire to construct your homes. We are placing another home on our second parcel of land next door. Since we purchased the High Sierra from Southern Energy, we have searched locally, Modular home companies, and I wish, I wish, we would have purchased our first Texas home from one of the local companies. it is shameful what is happening to your product. Reading all the complaints here, if I were you, I would call it quits, maybe go into building Pig Pens! Well, hope the pigs will be happy. I have kept a running file of pictures and documents on the failures of this Energy home. The only one at the Southern Energy Comany worth their salt are the folks who design the plans. PERIOD!

Jennifer Adams from Millersville, MO
This is the worst home we have ever lived in. We bought our home in 2013 and have had problems from the day it was brought to our land. The windows leak air. The doors leak air. Air leaks around the light switches. All the roof vents leak air back into the home (especially over the stove). We had a water leak in the bathroom around the shower faucet. We called the manufacturer and sent someone out to fix it, but by the time they got here we already had black mold forming on the walls. They fixed the leak but now the black mold has returned. We have water leaks between the insulation and floor underneath the home from the drain pipes. All sinks leaked underneath into the cabinets because the fittings were not tight. When we first got the home the stone wall under the bar still had cement all over it. The house in general was dirty when it was placed on our land. The manufacturer told us we only had a year warranty on the home. We are two years into having the home and are still finding problems with the way it was poorly built. I recommend that no one ever buys a home from this company.

David Seiz from Lima, illinois
I bought the home in 2003? Have issues out of furnace blower? it has been replaced 3 times at my expense? Roof shingles started blowing off 2 years after getting? i have been replacing them at my expense? supposed to been a 20 year roof? now the spackling on the ceiling is peeling off in every room? have mold on the walls probably from the leaky roof? has yellow looking streaks in the gypsum board at random places at random times looks like it could be glue bleed thru? have had issues with plumbing not right in master bath? counter tops peeling up from cabinets? cheap interior doors and door knobs

Robyn W. from Grady, AL
We ordered a custom house to match the one at the dealership. We only made a few small changes to the model home. The house did not take long to build, but when we went to inspect it at the sealer lot--it was not the right house. They messed up the type of shelving, installed the wrong carpet, left out a partition wall in the laundry/utility, added cabinets and left out a closet in the utility room. The paint colors were nice but the paint job looked like it was done by a 2nd grader. There is caulking on the light fixtures, one ceiling fan is broken after 3 uses, the drywall job is shoddy at best. The faucets are extremely cheap-the handle of the tub snapped off when I was turning the water off. The shower has tile but was not sealed, the window in the bathroom is not set correctly and won't close, the front door leaks, the smoke alarms go off randomly, but not when there is actual smoke. The A/C unit was not installed correctly (not SE's fault really, but they never had it fixed), the kitchen sink leaked underneath due to crappy plumbing work, there was no hardware on the 2nd bedroom closet door, the air vents in the ceiling are crooked, the kitchen counter was not sealed at the seams and now has water damaged from being cleaned, the carpet they installed was not what we asked for and looks like it is 15 years old after 2 years. The ventilation fan in the master bath is not balanced and sounds like an old Buick. I love the house but it has a ton of issues that SE said they'd fix and never did. I don't think I'd purchase another home from them if I was in the market for a manufactured home.

dana greeson from oklahoma city, ok
I bought a southern energy home in September of 2013 since then it has been a constant battle to get anything fixed. Fixed!! Why fixed because the home is made with paper products instead of wood, lowest quality windows you can find, a front storm door that they know breaks but they buy it anyway. We finally just bought a door out of our money to replace it. The windows on one side either wont open or fall apart. We have been waiting for those to be replaced. Our shower doesn't even have matching fixtures and the finish is coming off already. Our shower wall is cracked. The trim throughout the home is horrible with nails sticking out, because the trim is cheap and not wood, the so called stain which a layover is peeling off and the trim doesn't even match the corners there are gaps everywhere. The decorative trim over the stove and fireplace are crooked. This company does not care about quality workmanship I recommend a Solitaire Home and will not recommend this company to anyone ever. In fact I have turned 2 families away from Southern Energy already. This is the worse customer service I have ever received and I am tired of the lies!

Kay Watson from Haughton Louisiana
I just bought my home 4-13 I have had to fight to get any thing fixed, and had to buy the supplies that it took to fix my house. I told them my two back doors leaked company sais I was lying then I found the mold around them. I did not pay for cardboard but that is sure what I got in this house, I have a kitchen faucet leak they tried to fix it with silicon I got so mad I went and bought another one as the factory men said they are not allowed to change that one out and make it right now my sink base is screwed up I was told that you have to live with it. so much for the warranties or stand behind what they make. I would not tell any one to buy a southern energy home due to shoddy workmen ship I could go on with other things that are wrong with my house it would just take to long. Its a shame what you pay for a nice house or what you believe is a nice home and you get CRAP that the company doesn't want to make right. If I had known I would have to redo the inside of my house after getting set up I would of gotten empty so I could put quality material in it and it sure would not have been cardboard

Dorothy Foret from Louisiana
We purchased our tripile wide death trap in 2000 since this we have had problem after problem with the home now we have rain pouring in our ceilings, we hired a roofer to come fix roof to stop the leaks only I find out that the shingles are laid straight on the ply wood no tir paper at all anywhere.. We have walls that are so soft you can't touch them all through out the house and we have MOLD in here, which I'm told is a hazard to all our health.. What can I do about this problem beside hire a lawyer and make someone replace my mold infested house!!! I tried calling the dealer and the manufactor but of corse that's a big run a round! I say don't buy a home from anyone that advertises the proof is on the roof.. Be dealership we purchased this crap from advertised this quote!! ( the proof is on the roof) well the only proof on his roof is that its half ass built!! No tir paper means this home cant pass inspection and I'm being told is illegal in the state of louisiana to not have tir paper!! Guess the courts will decide this outcome since nobody seems to want to take responsibly!! This is my rating 0 star!!

Mike from memphis tn
Not energy efficiant at all cost more than 1/2 the house note for utilities-duct work is falling apart(holes in it at vents those are the ones I can see, probably moe that I cant see)

pam from Brookhaven
sheet rock repair after delivery is bad workman ship. everyone and see each place. The paint is terrible, water base, you can not wash hand prints off you must repaint. service is bad. I like my home but the headacks is not worth it.

Harry from Brookhaven
Just got my new home and SD built the house there way not the way I order the doors. Well be in a wheel chair soon and need 36 inch doors. The main door I will used is 25 inchs. Not happy with tis at all.

Bren from Mart Texas
So happy I found this site to vent! We moved into this piece of crap which is one of Southern Energy's suppose to be high end modular MFG homes, May 2nd, 2012. They are a piece of fabricated crap. Inside French doors, one is higher than the other, and big gap between doors, dry wall cracks every where, roof leaked, Front door with side lites, never has shut properly, and the other three exterior door have big gaps around the door, one we cannot use yet as the moron who installed it did not line up the tongue of door with the hardware on the door frame. The caulking for the exterior around doors and windows oozes out and is black. We purchased the cement siding, they barley got paint on it. This cement siding sucks up the paint and they spray it on, numnuts! Needs a good sealer first then paint it, DAH! We had columns put in foyer, they did, and installed them upside down. We got their fix it guy to set them right. The guy at their plant argued with me they were correct. Wonder what he lives in? Everyone who walked in the front door asked before the columns were corrected, why are they upside down. The cabinet boxes do not match the cabinet frames, doors and drawers. We ordered the cream cabinets, and the boxes they are attached to are laminated in a lite green. We ordered the extra wide molding and base boards. Crapy workmanship here. Pieced together, especially at corners, some not MITERED. We got that fixed. We are purchasing another modular large home to set on our 15 acres next door, and it will not be a Southern Energy Home. I will not recommend this company to anyone. They have a great looking brochure, which is air brushed by the way, and a unprofessional product in the modular, so called, they throw together. We have visited our new company, love their quality, love that they will work with our desires. We are still repairing all of the mistakes on the High Sierra model we picked. Fortunately, we can afford it, I feel bad for folks stuck with problems they cannot afford.

Sharon Howell from Jackson Tn.
My husband and I purchased a southern energy home five years ago. We had a lot of problems with the carpet as well. Ended up replacing it, but we had to sign a release that they wouldn't have to fix anything else. The $980000.00 home was left up to us. It was a little over a year old. Since that time we had two facuet break. One in my hand, and the other one broke while we were gone out of town four days. Water everywhere. Due to a defected facuet. We are trying to get it fixed back like it was.cannot fine the same kind of stuff that was in it. Color sinks, colored whirlpool tub, ect. I have a call into Miss Tara maybe she can help .

Tony from
I have read all the females and understand a couple of problems. But some or most that are spoke of here is more dealer than builder. The person who had the carpet refine twice by there own poeple should complained to the for carpet buckling. One other thing I have a problem with is the one with a leaky back door first the set up crew doesn't have the right amount of support under it. Second did I hear you right that the sheet rock was secured to well. Some folks have to pass the blame. But please put blame where it allies.

We purchased this home 28X70' in 1984 while still on active duty. We bought it through a dealer in New Aubney Mississippi. This home was built and on my lot in millin gton, Tn in 18 days,through the dealer's instance. We had the home moved to Clarksville Tn in 1988. We have put two roofs on the home, new siding, new windows. We had a plywood floor instead of OSB, masinate siding and double pane windows, and 2X6 outer wall studs when the order for the home was place to the factory, in Alabama. We have been very pleased with this home and plan to die in this home.

Charles from Covington, La
I chose 1 star because it gave no option for NO stars. I have been in my house for approximately six months and where my local dealer has been responsive, SE Homes only attempt to contact me was a "Welcome" letter with a branded pot holder and flashlight. After recieving this, I called and told them of my MANY problems and suggested that instead of sending out garbage promotional items, they would be much better served by buying rulers & levels for those who assemble these glorified out houses. I do not think it deserves to be referred to as a house, not with all the Poop that has come with it. I HATE this house, it is the single worst decision I have EVER made. If you read this ... RUN !!! Run FAST !!! This company sucks to put it kindly.

Elaine Cannon from Johnson City, TN
I have had my 16X66' mobile home for 4 1/2 years. Carpet has been re-stretched twice at my expense. Siding ripples and some of it comes off in windstorms and I have to put it back together. Ceilings throughout the whole unit cracked and had to be repaired (they did a fair job) but when you turn on the lights at night, you can see the repaired ceilings (every four feet.) Now the roof shingles are sticking up on the edges of every 'square' after pretty bad winds in April this year. If it was just wind damage, the shingles themselves would be turned up here and there, but the shingles sticking up are in rows on the edges of the 'squares.' We thought they would lay down in the heat of summer. They did not. Factory says I only have a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on the roof! Unheard of. In the beginning I discovered my cabinets in the kitchen and utility room were not finished underneath. Dealer fixed them and did a good job. Now I have a huge crack in the ceiling over my bed in the master bedroom and my carpets are so rumpled I stumble over them. They were never stretched just laid down and attached on the edges. The home itself is really cold in the winter and I feel cold air coming out of the electric outlets in places. Now the dealer won't even call me back to give me addresses, etc. of the factory to give to an attorney. I am 75 yrs. old and not in good shape and cannot afford repairs at my expense. Stove eyes work part of the time and refridgerator has stopped making ice twice now. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap....and I paid a lot more for this home than I should have.

Demetra Corcino from Brundidge, Al
I purchased a home for my mom about 5-6 years ago. We've had issues since the day the company pulled the home onto my property. The septic tank, the setup (bathrooms door wont stay open; which says the home isn't level), carpets installed HORRIBLY (ripped up and installed hardwood and ceramic in bath) , doors falling off hinges. Just a mess! Company we purchased home from....closed. They sucked wind too!!! Had to threaten jobs to get septic tank repaired. I thought of a purchase for myself. Figured it was just poor business here, but after the comments here.....I am running away from that idea. Eeeashh!!!!

B. Smith from Crown Point,La.
I purchased my home in 2012. I have a triple wide home which I custom ordered. I had no problems working with the design team and the home was made exactly the way my husband and I ordered it. The materials used was of high quality .I received my home before the date it was promised. Every question I had when I was designing my home was answered promptly. I looked at all types of homes for 2 years before deciding to buy a Southern Energy Home. The men who put my home together did an excellent job. I am extremely satisfied with my home and would highly recommend SE Homes to any one who is looking for a new home. been living in it for over 1 year. I am extremely satisfied with the

Heather Baker from House Springs, MO
We have had our home for 5 years now. After it was delivered, a very nice guy came out and finished the inside set-up. The only problem we have had was one panel of siding broke but they sent someone out and replaced and have not had a problem since. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the floors are starting to creak but we have not had any trouble as the previous comments.

angie ratliff from buna, texas
Very cheaply put together. Back door frame never has worrked correct, rain comes in. I have put all kinds of foam around the door and that helped some but the frame is not installed properly so the deadbolt wont lock. Rain caused us to have to replace wallpanel. Removing the wallpanal was a nightmare. I have never seen so much glue. Siding has been rippled from day one. The dealer said it was from moving it and that it would go away but it never did. I would NEVER recommend a souther home. It is so poorly built there is no way it will last until my children are grown.

melis cole from kansas
these home are so..... cheaply made and every thing has went wrong with it or has had to be replaced. and yes the company does nothing!!!! we also need a title to our home which we have never received and they won't give it to us we can't sell our house if we wanted to cuz we don't have a title and in our state we have to have one...THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SO you don't keep up on the up keep the how will fall apart around you. all my sinks leak electric outlets spark, several lights won't work (electrical). the worst purchase we ever made....


Randy D from Clarksville,tn
Had my triple wide for 5yrs. My carpet has bucklus. I,m going to replace it soon with laminate floor after is screw down the sub floors that make noise. Had my roof replaced last year, found some missing roof joist plus i look in the roof vent and did not see R28 insulaton it was at the 11 inch mark. I don,t understand that. Told the manufactor about the roof they sent a tech out but he would,nt do anything. What a joke for a 20yr roof factory warr. They came out one time to fix any problems i had. There customer service is terrible. Had to call over a 100 times to talk to a live person. I would not advise anyone to buy one or buy from clayton homes of Clarksville, TN what a joke. They do not back there factory warr at all. By the way i fixed my roof myself. I do like the house but the service calls are a joke. Do not buy one if you can. I wish I bought a Deer Valley.

Glenda Adams from Fredericktown,Mo
I like the home for the most part but now everything seems to be falling apart. Over the New years with house full company my closet in the bed room fell all the shevling.Now I notice the carpet is got bucklus in them my 4 yr trip bust head had to have stiches .No one check back with you on calls n repairs

James King from Greenville, MS
I like my home but the service is terrible. I've had my home for over 7 mo's,and still no service to speak of. The inspection and service of the homes need to be improved.

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