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Solitaire Homes

7605 Nickles Road
Duncan, OK 73533
Phone: 580-252-6060
Fax: 580-252-6072

Solitaire Homes Description:
"...Step into Solitaire and discover the inside story of America's premium manufactured home. From the foundation to the roof, a Solitaire home is built to surpass industry standards and exceed expectations. We sell only what we build because that's the only way we can make certain we're providing a quality home..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

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Company Background

How Long in Business1965
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff, draftsmen are available.
Builder NetworkAbout 30 retailers
Location of FactoriesTexas
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builders

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood home construction
Energy EfficiencyRoof R-30 insulation
Construction Timeframe3-5 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of FloorplansAbout 20 floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70-$100
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDepends on final site
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne-year warranty
Delivery RangeTexas Gulf Coast Area
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsDepends on location
Information PackageBlack and white floorplans along with a small brochure on their building specifications

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewSolitaire Homes are manufactured mobile homes that are built to high specifications. They are definitely above average manufactured homes, for example they utilize 2x6 construction. Solitaire Homes is a very good option if you are looking for a manufactured home. If you are looking for a multi story custom modular home then you should consider someone else. Otherwise this is a good affordable provider.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Solitaire Homes

MARY ANN BRISTOW from Lake Tenkiller, in Oklahoma
We love our Solitaire. We have been here since 2006 and are very happy with our home. My only wish is that I'd bought the upgraded one with the better cabinets and windows.

Stacy Schott from Silverton TX
My husband and I bought a custom home from Harris Custom homes in Amarillo TX. We bought a 2017 double-wide last January and had it moved to our property. After 8 months we still have multiple problems. The workmanship on the cabinets is shoddy . The wood is splintered around each screw and the stain is poorly done. There were fingerprints in the stain, the trim work is painted sloppily and there is paint splattered on the trim and doors in multiple places. we have lumps of debris under our carpet in the living room that are painful if you step on them. Our dining room floor is peeling up AGAIN!!!! It was repaired once but continues to peel up all over. The solitaire company sent a man who put some glue on a few places but did not fix the problem . when it rains out of the west water pours in our front door . we were told 3 months ago buy Harris Homes (seller) that that would be repaired asap but they needed to order a door. NEVER HAPPENED! Door still leaks. Our master bath French doors have never closed properly because the door frame was built improperly. we have spoken with the seller and the Solitaire company. They blame each other and no one makes good on our purchase. It is very frustrating to spend 150,000.00 for a home and then get the run around. I have photos to share that you should see before you buy one of these homes.

Linda Sharlow from Del Rio Texas
We bought a 2015 singlewide home for our Ranch property. The floor plan is great with two spacious bedrooms and baths. The set up was poorly done, the follow up was poor. Despite over 200 cracks in the walls, no water shut offs at toilets or sinks, cheap fixtures, poorly hung noisy doors, creaks throughout the floors, and the list goes on.....we enjoy the home. We had a 1999 Solitaire at another Ranch property. It was so much better constructed and still has none of the problems of the 2015 model. Would not buy another solitaire. No help from solitaire or dealer.

CM & CS Sanford from Enid, OK
Reasons why we are very satisfied with our Solitaire Mobile Home on 8.75 Acres that has saved us a mint on property taxes while Solitaire quality on our concrete slab with concrete block skirting coated with concrete with reinforcing fibers exceeds many stick built homes!

Don & Vickie Fitzpatrick from Washington, OK.
We looked at other brands, just to show my wife how cheap and flimsy all of the others are built. She liked the Solitare from the get go. Very happy with the DW-360 we bought in late 2005. House is well built and is very hard to hear anything going on outside. Storms come and go and inside one hardly hears them. We have had others that have a site built home tell us "it doesn't look like a trailer house on the inside" when they first visit. I tell them, "It is not a trailer. Trailers carry livestock or stuff. We live in a home that was built and brought in from somewhere else." They can not believe the interior is, as some have said "looks nicer than my house". I did all of the dirt work in preparing for the delivery/setup upon arrival. Our home was built in Deming, N.M. and brought in from there. The drivers told us ," They wished all customers thought about what needed to be done in order to get on site safely and deliver the homes. Especially for the double wide units." I had already trenched and put in all of the water lines, including the stub coming out of the ground to be tied into the house. As well as for other water locations on our property. I plotted out the four corners of the final house location with "T" post. The drivers then only had to make the long swing turn around, drive between the "T" post with each half and disconnect from the trucks. They did not have to try and wiggle into a tight spot. Or to try and back into the correct location. The crews had three feet between each half to lay everything out for the mating of the two sections. We had only a couple of problems after the setup. One was a broken water supply line ring on the toilet in the master bath. It busted and blew apart during the second night we were in our new home. I could not believe no water cut off valves were installed during the building process anywhere in the house. Guess having the "main" water shut off in the laundry room mounted into the "marriage wall" is all that Solitaire figures is needed. I ripped up the carpet and padding and wet vacuumed the water up. Set up a big fan and let it dry out the plywood flooring until a Solitaire repair guy came out to fix it. Also, had him do some "spot painting" that was not completed by the set up crew. Well, it is now 20 Mar. 2016 and we are still very happy with our home. Carpet in all rooms has begun to relax and get large wrinkles in it from age. Our plan will be to remove all of it and replace with tiles, or flooring. Many times we have thought we should have gotten a four bed room unit instead. Just in case we needed more room. You get what you pay for. And we know we invested correctly in buying our Solitaire. I know that any other brand would have not lasted as well. Our youngest son and his girlfriend are planning on getting hitched. She likes our home very much. They plan on starting out in a mobile home first and maybe build later. Yesterday they went to OKC and looked at some single wide (AC-380) Solitaires. This one has always been his home. And now he is looking at starting his family out in a Solitaire also. To me that says a lot about how he feels about the one he grew up in. Semper Fi. OUT!!!!! Don Fitzpatrick.

Denage from Las Cruces, NM
We have had nothing but problems from day one. We decided on a floor plan we liked and wanted to custom order the home. We put out money down and were told the home would not go into production for six months. We had sold our home, so my family lived with my mother, anticipating being at the beginning of the next production run. About the time the production was to start we started calling the dealership asking about a projected date. We got the runaround only to find out that they had let the production run go and end without ordering our home. This was all known by them and now, we realize it was an underhanded way to force us into buying the lot model. It was the floor plan/model we wanted but lacked many of the things we wanted (cabinet colors, tub type, fireplace type, flooring choice). We had to have a home, so we agreed to purchase the lot model. One we moved in we began to make our list of "things to fix". We were told to wait until about month 10 to call it in and they would come out and fix everything at once. The came out and fixed about 60% of the small stuff. The told us that the carpet problems (huge humps due to poor installation-not being pulled tight enough and horrible seams that were getting worse by the day) were nothing they could fix, and the horrible job that was done on the ceiling plaster at the joint would have to be fixed by their subcontractor. Since that time we had a HVAC unit go out and had to have the second on repaired. We had two companies come out and in writing have let Solitaire know that the first unit is inoperable due to a manufacturers defect and will have to be replaced. Since the papers were sent to them approximately 1 year and 2 weeks after they unit was set, no one will make good on the unusable hunk of junk. Now, we can put over 2K out for another new unit. We have called and called and gone in asking for someone to please come out and fix out ceiling. We have textured ceilings and we have a 4 foot wide strip of flat ceiling in the living room where the sides are joined. We kept getting the run around and empty promises of following up on it. At this point we have been in the house 18 months. Early on, a rep out of OK even came out and saw the ceiling, took pictures and said he would forward the information on to someone to get it fixed. We have had no one attempt to resolve the issue so we contacted the head of corporate customer service who as told us it is basically our problem and they will do nothing to fix it. this point we have spent 150K on a new home that we can now pay out of our pocket to fix carpet issues, plaster issues, and replace an HVAC unit. We have found many details in the home which are nothing more than shoddy craftsmanship and cut corners to same money. They use substandard contractors to set up the come and do repairs, lie to customers about follow through and they warrantees they spout off about are a bunch of bunk. I am not asking for them to do high dollar repairs or anything that was no promised to us to begin with. However, once they have your money in hand...forget it, they are done with customer service. I have lived in the same area of southern NM all of my life and know a large number of people. Believe me when I say I will let everyone I know how shoddy Solitaire Homes customer service is and how I suggest they look for any other home on the market.

Karen Farrell from Cheyenne, Ok.
Why is it so hard to get your company to fix a crackedgranite counter top, I sent the name of someone in about 2 to 3 weeks ago in to the Woodward Office but I have not heard nothing back. They did send out a nice woker to paint my home and he has been working hard on it, but I have not heard back from the Woodward Office. Who do I need get hold of to get all done before the year is over. I do know some other people here in Cheyenne, said not all was done to their Solitaire Homes and it has been two years and it will never be done now, for them. I just ?????Solitaire Company.

leslie biddlecombe from marshall texas
Love my home. But I have no access panels to me bathtub in my front bathroom and none to my shower in the second. One no shut off valves to my toilets why wouldn't they be installed when it was built?

Cathy from Victoria Tx
Looking for a retirement home, my husband and I researched builders until we decided the quality of Solitaire was above none... Being a retirement home, we were on a strict budget. I had looked at the 2013 HD 384. It was actually perfect, but we did look at the DW 360. We were sold on this one because we wanted to downsize from our 1690 sf home. I dealt with Kevin Sullivan who insisted on showing me other more expensive homes. The Legend 4 was gorgeous but I wasn't sure if it was affordable. I put down $5000 and was told if I put down an additional $19,000 my application would go from the bottom of the stack, to the top. Next thing I know, Kevin is telling me that the front section of my new Legend 4 is going to production the next day... I was so disturbed that I called my husband. We still don't know if we can afford this home... Pardon the expression, but my husband told me they must be bull shitting me because no one would build a custom home without knowing if the customer could afford it... Next thing I know the home is built and on the Victoria lot. I still have no idea what the payments will be. I wanted out of the deal because I felt I was being hustled. Kevin told me I would lose my money, which was everything I had saved for retirement. Long story told short. Home was delivered... I can't afford it... The rest of our lives are ruined because we can never pay for this... AND.... Since August of 2014 I am still trying to get all the initial issues construction wise dealt with... I am being dismissed and patronized by the entire staff at the Victoria Texas Location. I feel that I was literally robbed of every dime I had saved for a retirement home. We will be lucky to be able to afford it for the next 6 months. Still need to have that crew come out and repair the things on the list I turned in back in September of 2014.... I guess they get their money and leave the elderly flapping in the wind.......

melissa from texas
bought a nice expensive double wide in 2013, had numerous issues, called to get the promised maintenance and got the run around. had to call numerous times, things were half done, or not done at all. was told that corporate would not ok that repair or this repair. after a year they washed their hands of us and the one major issue we had finally blew up, the toilet that would not flush finally blew up all in the under neath of the insulation of the master bathroom. it was bad from day one and the "experience maintenance" man just kept saying we needed to hold the handle down longer. corporate says it's been a year, but we never got it fixed the first time. i would never recommend ANYONE buying from this company. sales people, corporate, CEO, no one will handle this situation and looks like we'll litigate to get it done.

Amber from Ardmore
I also shopped at the ardmore location put down $500 earnest money to hold the home & was told that if I changed my mind, as long as they did not do any work I would get that money back. Well, I changed my mind & called to get my earnest money back and was told "honey, it's in the contract that you would not get your earnest money back!" Plus I was lied to numerous times by the people working there. I wonder what corporate would say if I filed a sexual harrassment charge for their saleman taking off his wedding band while he was showing me the homes and talking about touching my butt also, I bet I would probably get that money back real quick! I just might do that, anyway don't trust the creeps in ardmore location!

jim uckley from ardmore, ok
2 stars was nearly one but since i was able to sell this mexican made POS and buy a Clayton for half as much which i live twice as happy in, im gonna cut you guys a brak. you should try that with your customers. Jake is the worst thing for Solitaire since Palm Harbor. Beware of Ardmore.

Dean Luttrell from hammon ok
woke up to first big rain 9/6/14. had roof fixed by solitaire homes 10 times. roof design flaw . bought home after 3/8/10 after hammon tornado. we lost everything. hope solitaire comes and fixes it right this time?

Halley from Lane OK
We bought a refurbished 1999 4br/21/2bath solitaire in July 2013 from the Kingston lot. The dining room and back bathroom were carpeted (who puts carpet in a bathroom or dining room where it will just get stained up) at the time the sales lady told us we could call after set up and they would tell us where they got the tile in the kitchen, laundry, and other 2 bathrooms. Well here it is July 2014 and no luck in finding matching tile. I really don't want to have to pull up all my existing tile. I don't mind ordering the tile from a dealership or distributor, I would just like to know the manufacturer and color to order. I believe the nafco is the maker but no idea on the color. Love our house it is very sound and sturdy just wish they wouldn't have lied about helping us find the tile.

Terry B. from Dallas
I was shocked when I learned that my new single wide Solitaire was made in Mexico! Nobody told me this when I was paying 30% more than all the other single wides out there. People, do your home work and ask questions before you purchase anything from this company, like, "Where are the homes built? Mexico????

Charles Endsley from Oklahoma City, OK
We bought a doublewide solitaire, new from the factory, man what a big disappointment. The floors make a lot of noise when you walk on them. The windows are crap, leaks air around them and turned yellow between the panes. The water facits are plastic, are not long lasting and leaked all the time. Most of the windows were unfinished inside, with trim left off and the electrical plugs fall out of the walls. The water lines were not approved and are put together by "Southern Engineering". I've had to redo them a number of times to keep them from freezing and leaking. Some of the walls don't have insulation, during winter time you can feel the cold and summertime the heat through walls. Quality is not in their book, buyer beware! If I could take the one star away, I gladly would! The service after the sale was non existing, the service people were not friendly at all not wanting to fix anything right. It had cracks in the walls after they put the two trailers together and they just filled them in with white putty. Good job guys. OKC, OK

Jonathon Tucker from Ardmore, Oklahoma
Back in July of 2013 my wife and I went to Ardmore's dealership in Oklahoma to look at a few homes because we were getting married that October. I mentioned to the manager there that we were looking ahead of time so that we could have our home by the time we were married. The manager then told me that they actually had a plot of land a little less than an acre through foreclosure for sale! Knowing we planned on being moved in by October she bundled a packaged deal with land and a home. We are first time buyers and I had a 670 credit score but lacked history of a credit line because I had never bought anything before. Long story short they denied the loan there but we decided to get the land still. Keep in mind this was in July. Here it is February of 2014 and I'm still waiting to close on this less than an acre plot. I'm beyond frustrated with this company. Every time I've called and been promised a call back, I would wait up to two weeks sometimes with no response only get some excuse when I called them again. On top of this waiting 8 months for less than an acre of land the manager of Ardmore's dealership refused to even split bringing the abstract up to date so needless to say everything has been at my line goes on and on. Definitely not the experience I was hoping for as a first time buyer. Very disappointed in every aspect of the word!

Traci Allen from Ninnekah
We bought our home may 2010. The setup crew brought their family out to our place (we still lived there in our old home) and camped out kids and all. The bedroom seams and repairs was painted with the wrong color and I have cracks all around the molding and down one whole side of the wall in the bedroom. The carpet seam is coming apart in the living room and the windows (two of them) have broken. The worst part about this home is that we had a roof leak the first winter and the creepy service guy came out and said the shingles were not on properly around the vent and he fixed it. Well we have been in a drought and now that we just had four days of rain this weekend, 4/1/13-4/4/13, the orignal leak is dripping and now we have a hugh buble in the paint in the bedroom where it is leaking there and my daughters room on the other end of the house. Each of the leaks is where a vent is placed. I now have a roofer coming out tonight to see what is wrong and if it can be fixed at my expense. If it is improper workmanship then I will attemt to get reimbursed with a lawyer if necessary. We also had a faucet in the bathroom tub which we only used a few times because it leaked and was told they would not fix it because it was normal wear and tear. This was within the 1 year warranty. We lived in a metal single wide for 15 years before buying this house and never had any of t hese problems and it was the cheepest build there was at the time.

carolyn from Joplin mo
I have to replace almost every window in my home because they are clouding up the gas seal has broken and theyre not cheap to replace. Very bad customer service

Sherri S. from Oklahoma
I love the floor plan in my home and generally am happy with with the carpeting, floors, cabinets, etc. However, I was extremely dissatisfied with the installation, service and follow-up. The contractors who did all the on-site work to set up the home seemed largely unprofessional and only did the bare minimum in their work. For example, the A/C ducting - a large flexible conduit - was laid on the ground under the home. There were a lot of "we can't do anything about that" and "we'll have to come back later" - which never happened. We now have several windows that leak, one cracked on it's own, and we've had a roof leak. I have not been successful finding a reputable contractor to fix these problems. Also the manufacturer for the skylight in our home was almost impossible to contact to find a replacement. In my opinion, Solitaire makes a good home but has completely absolved itself from all responsibility and/or liability for properly setting up the home or for helping owners make repairs or find replacement parts for the home. It is a shame that a good product is degraded by sidestepping service to its customers.

tom from Norman
We have been in our home for 19 years this month. It has been an excellent purchase. There have been minor issues over the years, but nothing major. We have friends that have sight built homes that have had more problems than we have had over the years.

Jacquita Beddo from Northern New Mexico
After reading a book by a guy that had worked in manufactured home business for 20 years I had a short list of home builders to look at. The best bang for the buck on that list was Solitaire by a land slide. I had made a file on each manufacturer that we would consider and was toting those files with us as we looked. Once we signed a purchase agreement the sales man actually asked if he could have a copy of my files so I just gave them to him. We bought our home in 2001, and have lived in it ever since. We bought it in Albuquerque and for the most part were very happy with everything although I could of written a novel about how nasty the guy was that was in charge of putting in the AC unit. Ten years later and I could still get mad about the way he treated us. The drywall guys too were quite another story they showed up to start their day around 4 in the afternoon because of a big drunk they had all pulled the night before. All that said though they did a wonderful job and the home has been great. They came out for their one year visit fixing little things and touching up paint, We have just had no trouble with the build. Oh there was a washer of some sort of a seal left out of one the toilet tanks and a bit of trim that wasn't stained in a spot stuff like that, that we fixed, but nothing that was a real problem. Just normal oversights that people who live in a home will come across. I still love my home more than 10 years later and would recommend a Solitaire to anyone.

Peggy R from Wilburton, OK
I looked for over a year before deciding on Solitiare and visited the Tulsa store on 3 occasions, each time a new salesperson, the one I had talked to no longer working there. I thought I liked the directness of the salesperson and assumed that she was being straight-up with me, so I decided on a home, went to my bank & I sent in my $1000 to hold the home in September 2011 and when I received my paperwork in the mail, the model number was listed as 2009 instead of 2010 & there was other things typed into the contract that was not told to me prior to sending in my hold check. It took them almost 30 days to fax me a copy of the correct purchase agreement; with me calling multiple times to ask what the problem was. I questioned my decision to purchase from this company then & wish that I would have re-considered at that time. I finally got my home delivered in late November, after 2 leaks (which the repairman did come fix) got moved in by mid-December but I am still waiting for them to come repair/fix several things. This repair has been scheduled twice but both times they have called & re-scheduled & then the last time told me they would call me back with another appointment, I'm still waiting for the 3rd appointment. When you purchase a new home, you expect things to be new & done correctly so it's so disappointing that Solitaire is taking so long to correct these issues. I have had family & friends ask me if I would recommend Solitaire and at this point, I cannot recommend this location. I've had problems from day 1 and they just do not follow-up and take care of business. I didn't argue or try to lower the price of the home, I wasn't out to get the lowest deal, I wanted the salesperson to be able to make money, myself to be able to afford the home & be comfortable with the price I paid. I wasn't told about a lot of extra costs associated, assumed some things was included that was not & when I questioned the saleslady, she was defensive & informed me that these things were extra. I called other mobile home stores & feel like she was not honest with me. At this point, I honestly regret buying this house. My kitchen/laundry room floors have wood showing through, I have asked every person that came in to work setting the house up and it's never that persons job. The repairman has been there twice to fix water leaks so he knows how many cracks are on the walls/ceiling & knows that my shower doors are missing parts, has seen a lot of what needs to be corrected but I can't get anyone to come fix these things. If you are thinking that you can purchase a home & get into it quickly, this isn't the dealership for you! You should consider your other options for owning a home.........unless you are satisfied with paying for a new home, with many flaws & the company not honoring what they say they will do. Thank you.

Roger Braziel from Sherman, TX
I bought the hom about 5 yrs ago and the windows broke in the sliding part after about a year. I have tired to repair the windoows but to no avail. Home is good but customer service is bad, can't get any help with windows

Mark K from Southwest New Mexico
I have lived in our Solitaire for 4 years now and have not experienced problems with it outside of the normal wear and tear. Fixed some drawer hardware, a small leak under the tub and a storm window. We cashed out of a previous home and bought the small R370 singlewide and set it up on a permanant foundation with rock skirting. Like most people here, I shopped in 4 major cities in NM and AZ with several MH manufacturers. Solitaire was by far the best value for the money, especially for the lower end models. I have seen many other singlewides from other builders and wondered why anyone would purchase their inferior product (vinyl wallboard, flimsy door jambs, plastic light fixtures, please...) for more money. Even Solitaire's higher end Imperial Series was superior in value compared to the better known higher end builder such as Karsten or Schult. While I understand some of the comments made from others that are not happy with Solitaire, I would remind them that if they had bought another brand (which would likely have certain problems too), they would be more unhappy since they would pay far more for their home initially. Yes, the finished craftmanship of the details are not always the best in the industry, but the structural soundness is one of the best and the most important factor to me!

Jim Southard from Atoka, OK
WE just recently bought a home from the Ardmore, OK dealer. Right from the start we have had nothing but problems. First we were told when we paid cash in full for the home that it would be set up the same day it was delivered. Well on delivery day we were told that the set up crew was tied up and and we would have to wait a couple of days for them to set up. When that came Solitaire called and stated the crew was still tied up and we would have to wait until next the week.

The set up crew finally showed up to do the set up and one of the window screens was missing and the spray wash was cracked and leaked water. Solitaire Ardmore came by in about a week and replaced the spray wash on the kitchen sink and attempted to make a screen for the window but it is to small and bent. While we were building the front deck the builder noticed that water was dripping out from under the house and after close inspection it was determined that there was a leak under the kitchen sink. Solitaire came and fixed that and discovered another leak under the one bathroom sink. They fixed that leak and then I discovered that the toilet in the master bath was cracked and had to have them come back to repair that. Now the master bathroom has two more leaks which appears to coming from under the toilet and shower. Now I must get in contact again with them to them come again to fix these leaks. I would not suggest a Solitaire trailer to anybody. They are not what they claim to be.

willard moreau from bellevue tx.
solitaire would change the clips on the water lines they are made of tin not brass they break off on you get water leaks after 5 years or so they need to make that good an change them to brass fitting not happy with my solitaire.

Al Hubbard from Amarillo,Texas
We bought our 973 Solitare in 2001. We went to several competitors factories as well as the Solitare factory at Duncan ,Okla. We saved Soltare for last. There wasn't anything even close to the high quality and workmanship on their homes. We saw some of the cometition and they looked somewhat fancy compared to the Solitare, but when I looked closer I found "eye candy". They appealed to the eye but were cheaply made and would never last long. I wanted this to be the last home we would ever buy.I am very pleased with our utility bills as we went with the Platnum package all electric home, 2128 square feet. We were notified our home had no back bathroom roof air vent for the sewer venting. The factory made an appointment and installed the roof vent in 3 hours and did a turn key job. We couldn't even tell they had done anything. After 2 months the factory called and made an appointment to inspect our home and see if the installation was up to their standards. They found a few minor things and asked if we saw anything else we felt wasn't up to our expectations. We gave him a list. A week later the Amarillo factory service representitive David, came out and fixed everything. We were extremely satisfied. All of the people at the lot in Amarillo were professional and told us the truth to all our questions.After almost 10 years in this home, its as nice as it was when we bought it. We were impressed at the almost 1 inch thick plywood and smartpanel siding,2x6 walls,gridded floor and ceiling, the ash cabinets thru out the home. This home is over 35,000 pounds on each half. This indicates a very well built home.Hats off to Pete and his crew in Duncan.They truely have a great value home at a reasonable price. I would definately buy another Solitare home and recommend others to do the same. I would recommend anyone considering buying a manufactured home to pick your home , go to the factory to see how theyre built and then go to a Solitare factory and compare.You won't be dissapointed!

Donny R. from Oklahoma
Just recently purchased a legend 3 home from Solitaire. This has been a very pleasant experience. We ordered our home new, just the way we wanted it from the Solitaire dealership in OKC. Mike and Michelle were very helpful and forthcoming and made this large purchase a very easy and stress free process. They were always very helpful and there to answer any questions we had. Was a little skeptical when the house showed up and there were only 3 people sent to set it up, but the people who were sent were extremely hard working and very good at what they did. The house turned out just the way we hoped it would and we are very excited to spend the rest of our lives in it. The constuction of these homes is second to none. Do your homework, if you compare it to the other manufacturers out there Solitare will come out on top. After reading some of the other posts here, I would recommend that if you want your house to be like a new one, order a new one from the factory, and listen carefully when you are signing your contracts. Many of the complaints I have read some of the complaints on here re: decks, (which do not come supplied by Solitaire by the way) used ac units, (thats what comes with a used home, etc. Most of the complaints on here are from what it sounds like people who did not understand their contracts. Some sounded legit, but our experience with this company was very pleasant and we would gladly do business with them again, they were true to their word and followed through on the promises made to us.

Oliver Skimbo from Wilburton Ok,
My home was set up in December, 2000. It was a real chore to get the home set as the road had not been completed and a D6 Dozer had to be used to place it. This caused the drywall to crack above the sliding back door. The OKC office fixed it. The paint didn't match entirely, but it was not an issue. I have lived in the home off and on, along with my brother. In ten years we have had no major problems. As of last year some of the joist have become visible in certain lighting. This year a view pieces of crown molding have begun to separate. The worst event was the dryer vent tube wore out, causing the insulation to become soaked with condensation. Easy fix. The AC has sprung a freon leak 2 summers ago, that I have not been able to find. The jacuzzi tub motor also went out 4 years ago, along with the dish washer last year. Overall, I am very satisfied with Solitaire. My only recommendations is to have a full concrete slab poured and to have all the bookshelf's shipped unattached. I look forward to my next 10 years in my home!

Ken Anderson from Blair, OK
So many problems with this thing. Warped floor joists, humps in the floor, crown molding seems to have shrunk leaving large cracks at the joints (ugly joints to start with) and carpet???? Had large loose humps in the carpet even after they came out and worked with a couple of times. The carpet men and service people just tried to get in and out as quickly as possible. Had to pay someone to stretch the carpet and they said there were places like around doorways that couldn't be stretched because it was never done right to start with. One serviceman called little Tom really tried to correct some problems. Another told me "What do you expect it's just a trailer house?" I have complained to the service manager and he transferred me to the lot manager which got loud and VERY rude. I bought the doublewide from the Okla. city lot. As for as structurally sound, I suppose it is. As for as attention to detail, definitely not!! A neighbor bought an Oakwood and inside it makes this thing look sick!! This is a 2008 model built in Deming, New Mexico. Don't know if all the units are built like this nor do I know if all dealers operate the same as OKC. If they do, they couldn't sell me another at half price!

Mike Bartlett from Mannford Oklahoma
Would like for everyone to know that after some time that they did take care of the roof leak so far and I really cant complain even though my previous post was in a little bit of an outrage you can all understand my concern. I would not buy any other brand of mobile home period...... THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP SOLITAIRE :)

J. Sommers from Oklahoma
We purchased a home in the spring of 2010 and we are still happy with our purchase. Upon visiting a couple of other manufactured home lots we chose Solitaire because of the quality of the home. The salesman was knowledgeable and very up front in answering our questions regarding the construction of the home. After reading many of the comments left on this board it seems that those who chose to write a novel about their dissatisfaction are "Out to get even". Being business owners ourselves we understand that one can not believe everything that is said or written. With this being said, we would advise anyone looking to purchase a home to do their homework, have a set of questions ready, and compare homes. Solitaire will win in the end. We are very satified customers.

Clyde Sanford et ux from Enid, OK
Our family enjoys living, loving and playing in our Solitaire mobile home and in our Boston Whaler boat.
Solitaire mobile homes are the Cadillac of the industry like Boston Whaler boats, are the Cadillac of their industry: both are functionally stable, safe and secure... and beautiful, etc.
[For example: A 13'4" Boston Whaler boats can be cut into three pieces, one man standing on each piece and the 40 HP motor attached and there is no water in the boat and it take 1,600 pounds to swamp it, and it still does not sink because it has 3 times the insulation than is required! Boston Whaler boats are tough like the Solitaire mobile homes are functionally tough, safe and efficient, secure, and beautiful, etc.]
And in this economy we really appreciate the fact that the property tax on Solitaire mobile homes is a bargain compared to the property tax on comparable site built homes!
We have raised twins who are completing their masters degree with no debt and a little money in their credit union and banks, because they are academic achievers and we were able to help them a little now and then by living in a Solitaire mobile home and they earned a lot of grants and worked part-time or volunteered to work without pay when they could at non-profits.
Too many other mobile homes are in such sad condition that they are disintegrating (becoming reduced to components, fragments, or particles = trailer trash) so quickly that they have to be taken apart and separated from the frame and salvaged when Solitaire mobile homes continue to fully function almost like new.
We will either buy a new Solitaire mobile home or remodel the 1986 double wide 1,500+ sq. ft. Solitaire Mobile Home we purchased in 2001 and anchored the Solitaire mobile home to the anchors in the $12,000 30' x 80' concrete foundation we built in 2001 and slab on 8.75 acres we purchased for $20,000 about 27 years ago, performed maintenance, repairs and replacements of essential parts of the (recalled) plumbing (to the tough Pex (the common name for cross-linked high-density polyethylene that does not leak when properly installed) pipe/tubing and fittings), electrical and upgraded to a 10 seer HVAC systems, and replaced the front door and added a storm door.
Since Solitaire mobile homes are so well built, we have the option of keeping the 1986 Solitaire mobile home and replacing the shingles with an insulated metal roof, replace all the storm windows (with insulated windows), replace the back door and add a storm door, cover the outside walls with breathable wrap and thick insulation and block, brick and/or 50% concrete 50 year warranty siding and will upgrade to an 18 seer to 26 seer rated HVAC system this year and/or next year, all of which will be very costly and buying a new larger Solitaire mobile home that will fit on our 30" x 80" concrete slab... may be a better alternative! Regardless of which we choose, we will continue to enjoy the tough, safe, efficient, secure, etc Solitaire quality and beauty, etc.

Emily P. from Oklahoma City
The structural quality of Solitaire Homes surpasses that of any others we looked at (and we looked at just about everything over a 2-year time period). We knew when we purchased our home in 2001 that the carpet was low-quality & that we would probably need to replace it after a few years (we've been living here for about 8 yrs now, and it's in "okay" condition). Like others have mentioned, several of our windows have clouded over (that started about 2 yrs after purchase), and Solitaire just sent us some new glass panes to replace the defective ones with. However, they're not easy to install, and most of them are still sitting in the boxes in which they were shipped. I'm very happy with the majority of things in the home. After considering the money we'd have to spend on a site-built home (and still have 2200 sq ft), replacing the windows & carpet over time still makes it well worth the money we saved on our Solitaire home.

We put up our own brick "skirting" and decks, so I have not comments about Solitaire's quality of work in that area.

My husband and I looked very carefully at all the brands of homes we could find in the northeast TX area. No one came even close to the quality of home as a Solitaire. We love the solid construction of the 2X6 walls and excellent framing in the flooring. The T&T on the walls made it wonderful to paint, and the solid wood cabinets have given us no problems,and no plastic sinks in the bathrooms! This is by far the best mobile home on the market and I would highly recommend this home to others.

Hurb from Santa fe, NM
It's a singlewide, but all in all it's been a great home. I've had zero problems with this home. The quality of the home is as good as the stick built I sold in Abq. The only complaint; the carpet is stretched throughout the home. But what do you expect for that price, I'm willing to change things out over time. I looked at a similar Clayton home, they wanted almost 50K (compared to 38K for Solitaire) for it; no T&T, no A/C; but they put the skirting for you. I've upgraded a few things, but all that's cosmetic.

Claudia from Guthrie, OK
We bought a new home (the platinum model 8632)from Solitaire in '05 and have been extremely pleased with the house. The salesman was the best: helpful, patient, answered all our questions. The set up team did an extellent job, as did the delivery team. There were some minor sheetrock issues, and the men sent out to address this came out as soon as we notified them and did a fantastic job. We are very glad we made the decision to purchase this wonderful Solitaire home.

Charles Saviers from Lake Eufaula, OK
We purchased Model 973 in December, 1992. It was delivered in February 1993. Orginally dealing with the sales lot was difficult, but once we got past the salesmen and delivery people, we have loved our home. It is over 2200 square feet and can accomodate family Christmas dinner with 12-15 people easily. It is well built, comfortable and paid for! We especially enjoy the fireplace and accompaning book shelves. If I had to do over again, we would go back with Solitaire. We have had no window clouding over as described by others. Our windows must have come from another source. Our back deck looks out over a big arm of beautiful Lake Eufaula and it has been a wonderful home for us.

cliff baker from schulter, ok
Bought new solitaire home and when home was moved on lot the movers (solitaire contractors) brought the home in they ignored the prepared route for the home to be brought over and proceeded to pull it across a deep ditch adjacent to our lots. This threw unneccessary strain on the entire unit causing the siding to crack in several places. They connected the two halfs of the home and for repair of siding simply placed caulking in the cracks and painted over it. The inside sheetrock was cracked and they again simply placed plaster over the cracks leaving discolored streaks in the ceiling and walls where the cracks were. The plumbing has caused problems from the onset. Whenever the washing machine empties its water the waste water bubbles up in the kitchen sink. We have found other models of solitaire homes that are experincing the same problem. No solution has ever been presented to us for this problem. HELP

Donald lashley from pilot point Texas
Me and my wife had solitaire to build our home to accomidate my wife mother our home is the biggest your company builds we are very satisfied first thing in buying a new home is you get what you pay for dont skimp on cheep things like windows and doors and flooring very happy cust-

traci g. from floresville tx
6months after having the home the windows clouded up you cant see out of the windows 25-30windows, found out the company is out of bisiness, now to sell my home i will have to put in windows. and how come solitaire doesnt give skirting i mean i paid 80,0000 cash for this house

amanda morgan from eldorado mobile homes
I was very satisfied with my home, it was exactly what I wanted. only thing was getting them to fix some problems as I had a flat ceiling installed and the mud didnt match the other part of the ceiling, other than that it was very well built, It even withstood a tornado that wiped out everything around the home except the home itself, Lord only knows what kept it there. I have recently sold my home and am now looking for another one. As for the home itself it is very well quality. The service from the dealer is another story but thats not solitaires fault. Thats Eldorado mobile homes fault. Do not fault the company for the sellers faults.. All and all a great home. I miss it

Chris F. from Arizona
After shopping numerous dealers and brands including, Cavco, Palm Harbor, Schult, Fleetwood, Champion and a couple others, we bought a Solitaire from American Home Center because of the quality and have been extremely happy with everything.

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