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Scotbilt Homes

PO Box 1189
Waycross, GA 31502
Phone: 912-490-7268
Fax: 912-490-7276

Scotbilt Homes Description:
"...ScotBilt Homes was built from the ground up in 2004 by Sam and Greg Scott. The plant is a 150,000 square foot State of the Art Manufacturing Facility. It's Management Team has over 360 years combined experience! The plant's carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and roofers have been in the business since the early 1980's ..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

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Company Background

How Long in Business2004
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects available
Builder NetworkOver 100 retailers
Location of FactoriesWaycross, GA
How to Buy a HomeAvailable only through a retailer

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood & Steel
Energy Efficiency R-30 Roof, R-13 Sidewall, R-19 Floor
Construction Timeframe4-6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of FloorplansAbout 10 floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$75 and $95
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDepends on final site
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationNot directly offered


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsDepends on location
Information PackageMinimal information available online

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewScotbilt Homes are manufactured mobile homes. They are very proud of their work and strive to address all of the concerns of home buyers. They claim to have built over 5800 homes which is an impressive amount. ScotBilt's management team has many many years of experience in the industry. They strive to build a quality product. Their modular offerings are similar to their mobile homes. They appear to be limited in handling any significant customization. After seeing their building specifications we are not really inspired. Based on our research we do not yet feel 100% comfortable with Scotbilt Homes. If you are nearby, go visit them and decide for yourself.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Scotbilt Homes

Aleta Smart from Central Florida
We bought a Legend 3/2 in 2006 Scotbilt. I love my home. It is well built. We have had no problems with it from 2006-2019. Thank you Scotbilt for a well built home. Aleta Smart

Deb from Ga
We have been in our Saywhat for 5 years and have had nothing but problems. To top it off the roof sprung a leak. It was poorly built, poorly repaired. From the bows in the floor, ceiling ripples, permanent marker in the counter tops, missing hose hook up, burnt out exterior outlet, improperly routed, mismatched cabinet doors, carpet not to walls, white patches on the lino, wall cracks, rust in window frames, doors that are misaligned, crisp under lino and carpet, 2x4 half over the dryer vent hole, loose electrical outlets... I could go on. Some was repaired pretty well others not even touched. Lawanda is only there to tell you no And save them warranty money. And today the roof leaks! How does a 5 year old home spring a leak? It's not damaged, shingles are intact... Vent hole? Leaking and all fire alarms going off due to the water.... Buyer beware!!!!

Jeanie C. from Okeechobee, Fl
I have a 2005 Scotbilt in South Florida. I am the second owner. Overall a good home. However, I do not see how a company can only warranty their construction for one year. I am face with roof problems and the company says their is nothing they can do. I am in contact with the dealer at this time. Maybe they will help. I don't understand how a 25yr shingled roof is no longer under warranty.


Eileen fee from Stuart fl
I bought a Scotbilt in 2009 and just bought a 2016. I was in real estate for 25 years. This is the only Builder that knows how to make it look like a house And not a trailer. 9 ft ceilings are a must Love scotbilt

Jessica Joyner from Branford, FL
After 9 months of shopping many dealers, my husband and I bought our Scotbilt home in 2009. We spent 18k on every possible upgrade possible and the price was still reasonable. After 4 years, I am happy with the quality of the workmanship. My only complaints are the interior trim is particle board and the carpet is "low quality". I feel Scotbilt missed the mark on this two items. We are considering moving and will consider purchasing another Scotbilt home.

Thomas M Wallace from 1284 ne 582 ave Old Town Fl 32680
Bought in 2008 Sandpiper problems i have at the present #1 cracks in ceilinc #2 leaks in roof and ceiling #3 bags of water in insulation under moble home #4 there is no wood on side panels of moble home #5 no water pressure in kitchen sink #6big hump in floor where mated together#7 tape in ceiling where mated together came loose #8 sharp edges on all counter tops through out the home #9 had Ac repaired 2 times and the 3rd is comming #10skin on cabinets comming off is there any help to be had ? Thomas M Wallace

joe spataro from Lincolnton, GA
Wow!!!!! and we thought we had problems. Well, i do have one different thing to say, lawanda has worked with us and been extremely helpful and nice. i believe that she has been doing all in good faith of what her parameters are. we bought our heritage 2010 model in october of 2009. they made it and delivered it the end of dec. the design is great, love it, the workmanship sucks, just absolutely sucks. i can not help but wonder if the ceo sees these comments from everyone? we have basically the same problems. the drywall, what a joke! we are constantly re-seaming areas that we did not know did not have tape and then re-drywalling them. we have so so many cracks that it is just a nightmare. the fireplace has a crack in the back of it but we were assured that it would not cause a fire. the cabinets have delaminated and are coming apart just the same as the others have mentioned. the upgraded jacuzzi tub is a definite second. we can see the swirls and twirls and ups and downs all over it. the windows will not stay open. the upgraded vinyl, upgrade my butt! it is coming up and the colour is coming off the tile in many many many places. the answer we got was it was my cats. well, if it was my cats wouldn't it be throughout everywhere they are instead of just where we stand and walk in the kitchen or place our feet on the floor where we sit in the other rooms?! and horrors of all, the baseboard. i did not know we were not allowed to mop the floors because any of the water from the mop would swell the baseboard and show water marks. this is the most unsightly 2 year old house that we have ever seen. The airconditioning only works on one side of the house. oh, we can feel it slightly blow but only a little. one side of the house, where the thermometer control is will read 78 and the other side of the house inside thermometer will read 86. yep, all those darkening shades in the world won't stop that kind of heat. While i type this and read others, i realize that we are not as unlucky as i thought however, potential buyers PAY ATTENTION TO US-------DO NOT BUY A SCOTBILT, FLEETWOOD IS GOOD, HORTON SEEMS OKAY! Don't be fooled by the designs, they are great designs! The quality control is beyond poor! the materials appear to be seconds and the cheapest they can use is what you will get!

Pete from Live Oak Florida
I had my modular home built to wind zone 3, with 6-12 roof 30 year shingles double pain windows solid wood cabinets and hardy siding. We moved into the house 2 years ago, and yes we have had some sheet rock cracks and a few minor problems, But i have also had two stick built homes with the same issues. The home is easy to heat and cool we place the house on a hill in and old corn field no trees close to the house. The house meets my expectations and more even after two years of service, if i every need another home on this side of heaven i will buy another moduler. Good luck with your new home.

Pete from Live Oak
We have been in our home now for two years, ours is a on frame modular. We upgraded the home to a 3 because of the Florida weather. The home has the hardy board siding 2x6 walls double glass windows and 9 ceilings throughout. We did upgrade the kitchen to the real wood cabinets, our house is 2250sf, and the light bill runs on average 160 a month keep in mind that we have two kids at home so we use a little more power. I look at a lot of homes before buying this home, for the money it was the best built home in my area. The framing in the home is very good no press wood in the floors all 2x8 floor joist, all drywall walls. One item that I wish that we had done was upgrade the ac to a higher seer. The management at the factory were good, the set up contractor done us a great job. The only problem that I have seen with the company is the service people, but the factor people made them do the job over. If I ever have to have another home It will be another modular and probably will be a scotbuilt. Thanks

Richard from Spring hill Fl
Hello Mr. Wolfe from Gibsonton Florida I see you have the very same problems as I do poor Construction of their homes. I will send you pictures of my home and I hope you do the same for me. Mr. Wolfe all I ever wanted was my new home that is falling apart the day it came unto my property was to be fixed. They sent a service man that did shoddy work he ground my floors and put new tile down and yes it looked great the first day but then when it settled to form to the floor you see a grove where he ground the floors My cabinets are falling apart. Mr. Wolf I hope to hear from you and I would like you and everyone else join me in my suit against Scotbilt. As for anyone else all I can say is "BUYER BE WARE" I will gladly send you pictures of ALL my problems well over 300 pictures of doors windows cracks bowed walls nails in floors I will not stop my fight until they fix or take this home.
I've lived in my old 28X56 from 1981 until Dec 2008 So I do know Mobile homes. And also I can say is mine is a poor excuse of a mobile home. And I regret the day I bought this so called Quality Built home where they (Don't USE a Level or a Square!) I personally can't tell you not to buy their home but I will gladly send you pictures to show you what I got from the day it arrived on my land. I will even send you an E-mail from Mr. Shea Jones VP of Scotbilt telling me my new home would be my CASTLE. Well Mr. Shea Jones VP it isn't it is a disgrace Hoping to hear from you soon Mr. Wolfe

Norm Urban from Live Oak, Florida
Look back, I gave my opinion two years ago when the homes were brand new. Today, two years later I will still say it, it is a fantastic product. No problems, everything works, fit & finish still looks like new. Visitors can't believe it isn't a "Stick built" custom home. Low E windows, great insulation, the electric costs are less than my old 1350 sq.ft. block house. Would I recommend Scotbilt Heritage series homes, you bet. The dealer is important, and Wholesale Homes of Florida is great. I will repeat, if you can find a better home, especially for the price, buy it! But you won't find it, trust me.

martin mclendon from blackshear
I am a former employee who left on good terms. I totally agree with the comments about the shoddy workmanship and attitude. It was an ongoing joke in the plant between those of us who had construction experience and the idiots they hired off the streets just to fill a position. As far as service work, they hire "Handymen" instead of qualified service people. Good Luck

Dolores Lambert from Gaston, SC
My husband and I purchased our home about 3 years ago. I went over every floor plan. I picked out the one I liked the best and still love it. We have 2 or 3 little problems but nothing major. I would like to make a couple of suggestions though. There should be 2 light switches in the utility room, 1 by the backdoor as you go out or in and 1 at the inside of the door as you go in from the hallway. The same should apply to the living room light switch, 1 by the front door and 1 by the wall as you go into the hall. I have always lived in a site built home, but I love this home. I am in a wheelchair and I have plenty of room. Thanks Scotbuilt. Dolores Lambert

Victoria from Cairo, Ga
I love my Scotbuilt home! It is so beautiful and spacious! It has three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! We are in the military and have to sell asap. If anyone is interested in buying a Scotbuilt home, please email me at and I will give you pictures and any details you many need. Thanks.

Mellissa H. from Ellijay Georgia
My Husband and I bought a ScotBilt home in May of 2009. When it came to our property it did not look like the model on the lot. They fixed that. Then I was told that all the cracks and such would be repaired by the service man when the house was put together. (Heritage 32X70). The "service" man they sent to me was very unqualified. He was friendly but unable to do simple caulking, painting...etc. When I called the dealers about all the cracks in the ceilings and walls I was referred to the builder who then told me that once their "service" man leaves that it is no longer their problem! I guess that one year warranty does not apply. I called the state and they sent an inspector out. It is procedure that the dealer, manufacturer and the set up people are there as well. The gentlemen from Scotbuilt were rude. ScotBilt wanted to make the dealer or the set up guy responsible for all the problems so they requested a formal inspection from the state again. He came today. There is no structure problem only poor quality products and craftsmanship and today they sent Lawanda to my home and I pointed out all the problems. One of my biggest complaints is that there is only primer on the sheetrock. They NEVER sanded it! And there is NO second coat, not to mention all the trash in the walls plus all my caulking has come apart with big gaps and it looks like my cabinets are going to fall off the wall any minute so we will see if they follow through. The comments posted here do not give me hope but we will see. If I have to take this matter to court I will. I wish all of you good luck in getting your grievances repaired.

Darlean Duncan from New Orleans, La.
I purchased a scott bilt modular through a dealer. Have yet to have a walk through with someone from the company. I have been in the house for a year now. When I inquired about the time frame for a walk through, I never received a response back. The contractor/dealer sent in a request for things that were missing from the home before I moved in, and later the contractor/dealer said I had the final inspection/walk through. Don't get me wrong, the house is very nice, it just needed some things done (lights don't work, light switch that's hot, but does not operate anything, interior was not painted, no doorbell just to name a few. The least they (Scott Bilt) could have done was answer my email.

Wendy Benton from
we have recently purchased a scotbuilt home. We did our first inspection on Friday. I was so impressed. The salesman walked through the house and pointed out things that we should put on our "fix this" report. We'll see what happens when they get our home setup. So far I love the service and the employees we have encountered, but my house is still on their lot. I saw things that were add that we don't like at all let's see if I get a hard time to get it fixed. Will update when the time comes to Praise or preach on how the service has turnout.

Norm Urban from Live Oak, Florida
We bought two 32x80 Heritage models this past year, one for me, one for my daughters family. Prior to buying I took a tour of the plant, walked the floor, saw how they were built. No utility lumber, they were using #2, better than most site built custom homes. Materials were all above average in quality, workers were doing a craftsman type of construction. As a retired city official who has experience with both HUD, IBC and Fl. codes, I feel these homes exceed the code. I'd put my home up against any house built in the state, dollar for dollar, If you can find a better house, buy it, and that includes Palm Harbor and site built homes. I have honestly been questioned by strangers as to who the builder is, they think it is a site built home. Even the county appraiser didn't believe it was a manufactured home. 6/12 roof pitch, stone fireplaces, tape & texture, rounded corners, 9 ft. ceilings, walk in showers, 2x6 sidewalls, a quality home throughout. When I had a few minor problems after moving in, it only took a phone call to get it fixed. Not a thing we're not satisfied with. Scotbilt handled problems far better than most site builders would.
Very satisfied with our Scotbilt homes. Remember to also make sure your dealer is good, check him out first, it matters.

Terra Bell from Macon GA
I purchase a sandpiper home on my land Junes of 08. I have had so many problems where I tell my husband we should let them have this house and find another one. We have had them to come out and fix our roof. Our floors make noise and they just tell us it is just the shift in the ground. I know darn well every time it rains the floor does not need to make noise. We have family that lives in a manufactured home and has not had any problems for years. It has been a year and we have too many problems. Around our door seals they are cracked. We have gaps between the walls and the carpet. They tell us it is just the way it is made. I wish we would have considered another home before we bought this one. Our house is made of straw. I would not recommend anyone to purchase these homes.

George from Titusville Florida
I have been looking online I saw a scotbuilt home I knocked on their door and talked to the owners they loved it. They bought it in 2004 never had an issue. I am buying one now!

J Milesomaco from Florida
Bought a ScotBilt home and paid a premium for upgraded cabinets. ScotBilt damaged cabinets and were to replace them. Then decided to stain over them, which did not match the factory stain. Then decided to cancel their contract with the factory and purchase oversees stating then they wouldn't replace our cabinets. This was all done under warranty. ScotBilt service - rip off. She's the service "supervisor" and she'll lie to your face.

Christopher Enlow from Orange Park, Florida
Palm Harbor Homes is the top builder in the industry, just look at their website. This company has been the construction standard for years, Scotbuilt simply doesn't stack up.
They offer standard features like ceramic tile flooring and wood is available, Their building practices exceed a site built home, even their mobile homes are built to exceed the site built product.
2X6 walls and 2x10 flooring, they won't build an on frame modular.
I saw one on Neptune Beach in Jacksonville that sold for 900K on the land !!!
The house was only 230K, how is that for instant equity !!
If you are seriously in the market to build and have property, do yourself a favor, you'll be glad you did.

patty dutcher from ocala fl 32736
the salesperson I have was very friendly and thought and listen to what we need and want in the trailer. Rob French was the salesperson name and was very good he didn't push us in any way in any our decision it was nice place to buy a trailer I would tell everyone to go there, it was very friendly place.

Kevin Corbett from Live Oak, Fl.
I'm a REALTOR in North Fl. My dad started working with Mobile Homes in the 60's and I was raised up in it as well. I'm now 37 and I not seen a better product for the money yet. I have worked with most all builders over the past 14 years and I feel Scotbilt offers the most for the money. I'm very happy with them.

Huey Reed from Florida
My wife and I currently live in a Nobility which has had several problems over the years. Currently we have been looking to trade, and have decided on Scotbilt. After looking at just about every possible choice in Central Florida, the only thing close to a Scotbilt in quality is Palm Harbor at twice the cost. Tongue and groove floor decking, upgraded carpeting, upgraded cabinetry, huge closets, very unique floor plans and 9 foot ceilings throughout. Although we will be purchasing a manufactured home and not a modular, for the price Scotbilt is the clear choice. Even the dealers which we have spoken with (4 in all), have said since they have been selling Mobile and Modular homes they prefer to sale Scotbilt for quality and service after the sale.

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