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Ritz-Craft Homes

15 Industrial Park Road
Mifflinburg, PA 17844
Phone: 570-966-1053
Toll-Free: 800-326-9836

Ritz-Craft Homes Description:
"...You hear it all the time - purchasing a new home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We believe that building a new home is an even greater proposition. The question is - how do you know that your expectations will be met and your home will have all the quality and amenities you need and deserve? Ritz-Craft would like to make that easy for you. We offer hundreds of floor plans and countless interior and exterior options for your home, all provided by a network of independent builders throughout 26 states and into Ontario, Canada. We welcome you to explore all that Ritz-Craft has to offer..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Commercial modular buildings

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1954
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 100
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNational Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Modular Building Systems Association (MBSA), Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA), Building Systems Councils (BSC)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
In-house, full service Engineering Department and in-house Interior Designer.
Builder NetworkApprox. 300 builders
Location of FactoriesMifflinburg, PA (3 plants); Hamlet, NC; Jonesville, MI
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through an approved network of home builders.

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star and LEED certified packages available; R-30 or R-38 roof, R-19 or R-21 wall insulation
Construction TimeframeTwo to three months
Customization FlexibilityFloor plans & all interior options can be customized
Amount of FloorplansOver 400 available floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square FootN/A
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDepends on final site
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationHandled by builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityPorches are plan specific. Garages and decks are site-built.
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeIt is possible to add modules to existing homes.
Guarantees1 Year limited warranty, 10 year structural warranty
Delivery Range500 miles from each plant
Number of Factory InspectionsDaily inspections by employee and supervisor at each station, along with a third party inspector ensuring quality and code compliance.
Number of Building Site InspectionsUp to 3 inspections depending on the local inspector
Information PackageAvailable via online form

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewRitz-Craft has over 60 years experience in manufactured homes and are currently one of the leading providers of quality modular homes. These modular homes are high quality homes that will look good in any neighborhood. They are definitely a superior provider of modular homes. The demand for their homes has fueled the company to become one of the biggest players in the industry with one of the biggest numbers of employees. They cater to the middle to upscale home buyers and have the ability to build a true mansion using modular technology. Their website is well designed and contains a large amount of information including online floor plans and many pictures as well as a video.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Ritz-Craft Homes

Stacy from Michigan
So many of these issues sound so familiar! We have been in our home for 13 moths now. Our biggest concerns are with our 100+ nail pops on the walls and coming up in the floor. Also leaking windows and front door. The prime job that came with the house was terrible. I swear they sprayed it on with a fire hose. I would have rather they not done it at all. We are expecting yet another visit from RitzCraft and our builder today. Our builder has been a nightmare!

Kim Whittier from Michigan
After deciding to go with a modular home and doing our research, we decided to go with a Ritz Craft home. Visited the Jonesville, MI factory before and during our 2-story home's construction. Were impressed with the quality. We also liked knowing structure was not being exposed to weather during the build. We also were very happy with our builders, Thomas Homes from Belding, MI. After setting our home at the end of May 2010, they went above and beyond to finish our home before the July 1, 2010 deadline which would allow us to take advantage of the federal tax deduction at the time.
It is now April 2019 so our home is nearly 9 years old. What have been the pros and cons of our Ritz Craft home?
Because our new home location was somewhat secluded and an hour away from where we lived, we were glad that it could be enclosed quickly to keep out "the curious." Thomas Builders, again, were great to work with. But, unfortunately, they no longer work with Ritz-Craft. Hmm.
One bathroom countertop had some slight bubbling that we didn't notice right away. Not too big a deal. The bigger problems have included: some windows that don't close completely without using brute force; ceiling cracks running the center length of the house that didn't show up until the house was a couple years old; screw popping/ceiling cracks running crosswise through one end of the house where 2nd floor sits on first floor because it is is about 12' shorter than our 1st floor; drywall corners in the central hallway on both floors that have sagged/cracked--the tape underneath has been stretched; some small cracks have also shown up in drywall joints under a couple of windows; wide white baseboard/door trim which does not withstand much contact with moisture, so mopping/carpet shampooing has caused much swelling and cracking, in kitchen and bathroom areas especially. No choice but to replace the ugly trim in those areas. The attic space was not well insulated, but we have added more and house has been noticeably more energy efficient this winter. Where the 1st and 2nd floors (and the basement stairs) meet in central hallway is off just enough (maybe 1/4") that we've not painted that area and probably won't until my husband retires and has time to take on dealing with that drywall issue, as well as all the other ceiling issues. The smoke detectors have also had some issues.
As much as I loved the wide white baseboard look, it really has been a disappointment. Several of the windows, which I love being able to clean them from the inside, continue to annoy us whenever we have to close/latch them. The siding and roof have not given us any problems so far. Electrical, plumbing have been mostly OK. Carpet/vinyl have been fine. Happy with kitchen counters; cabinetry has been great.
Would we work with Thomas Builders again? Yes, though they no longer work with Ritz-Craft. Would we choose Ritz-Craft again? I think we'd only be able to give a very highly-qualifed "yes." I'm not sure we'd choose a 2-story home again because of the major drywall issues that has caused.

Ginny j from Bechtelsville PA
Been here a year now, needed to move to a 55 plus community. Seems to holding up but cheaply made for price of home. Was hoping by buying new not to have to worry about things. Good luck trying to communicate with Ritzcraft.

Linda M Fruecht from PA
nothing but problems toilet in master fell through it wasn't installed properly so it leaked and rotted the floor. Furnace has had many repairs next step replacement Microwave and oven are 1 unit microwave doesn't work oven self clean doesn't work cost alot to replace unit. Many plumbing issues last time cost $1.000 to fix. Garbage disposal blew a seal had to be replaced, Asked for 5 foot shower instead of tub put in 3 foot, kitchen faucet broke off from base. ON and on never again1

Big D from western pa
I was a dealer for 3 different manufacturers and then I became a dealer/builder for Ritz Craft. Ritz Craft is by far the best ever!!!! The amount of issues were so few, they provided me with materials to fix, but if I shared that my crew was not as proficient in an area, or we were to busy to quickly provide service...they took care of it 100% of the time. This is a superior company, owned by superior quality family. I am starting a subdivision, and once again, I will only build Ritz Craft mods

A B Hayes from Asheville N. C.
Home is very nice. Very few problems. The only thing is that the house was delivered over 5 weeks ago and the two 60 foot trailers it was delivered on are still in our front yard. Even after several calls to the factory to have them picked up. Not good.

The over all quality is good, solid 2x6 exterior walls. Had an issue with Ritz-Craft not reading contract and missing some change orders and up-grades but factory sent people to fix with no issues. Local contractor/installer was very good. The only issue I had was the quality of the fixtures. There are your typical "builders" grade. Had to replace shower door, a few switches and the counter top edges are already popping off. I understand they have to save money somewhere to offer their reasonable price so I was expecting it.

Donnie from USA
My house is a Ritz-Craft and it is the best house I have ever seen. I love my house and the builder was super nice and easy to work with. I wish I would have built a Ritz Craft House first.

kelly zundel from United States
We have lived in our Ritzcraft home almost three years. It was the worst decision we ever made. The seller blames the builder and the builder blames the seller. Not only do the cracks keep appearing but the walls are ugly, poorly done. Our painter said he could make it brighter but not any better. Nails are popping all over this house still. we had issues with the shower, the roof the front door on the bottom has something spilled across it and wont come off, the back doors were installed wrong so there is a gap. closet door hung wrong. doors wont stay shut unless you slam them. slice was made in the bathroom tile. poor construction. They use jack of all trades to repair. Our trim doesnt match and has holes all through certain ones. had to have floor replaced three times. dish washer broke in less than year, Fridge has someone elses name on the inside, was not accepted by them so they out it in our home, light never worked in the stove. The list goes on and on. Ritzcraft doesnt care, the seller is extremely rude from Longs home sales. There were young children working and pounding nails in our home. it has been a nightmare. They need to step up and fix things the right way. The customers is what makes a business.

barry l christman from pa.
3 years in home nothing but things going wrong with home. Furnace repaired 2 times before and not working now so it needs repair again. Molding over cabinets not fastened and installed cooked. Different kind of shutter installed that doesn't match others. A letter was written to Ritz Craft describing all the money we had to put out of pocket to make repairs to home that should have been done initially. We asked for partial refund for the money we paid out but received nothing. It is not hard to understand why we are not happy with the quality of the home. We were to get a energy effective home and none of the appliances are energy effective. I could keep going about the disappointment we are feeling since we paid a good amount for a home that leaves a lot to be desired.

Kirsten from Wisconsin
Our house "looks good" but has been nothing but a nightmare from the start. Wiring was wrong from the factory- kept blowing fuses in the kitchen, it took our electrician an entire day to figure out what was wrong. Holes wrongly drilled into the drawers in the cabinets in the kitchen and left there when the house arrived. They didn't cut out areas specified for our cooktop or double ovens so the counter and cabinets had to be modified on site and cost us more money. I have to put plastic on our windows because the wind blows through them. Plygem put chimney blocks in, but still an issue. Ritz craft refuses to address the faulty windows or the missing insulation from around the windows. An energy audit showed insulation problems IN THE WALLS with thermal imaging. we paid for "upgraded" insulation. Ritz Craft stated they would not be addressing any insulation issues. They neglected to put wind blocks in the attic so our extra insulation blew all over, and we have to pay more money to have the insulation re blown. The heating ducts were not correct from the factory and the contractors could not hook everything up on time. There were gaps in the flooring in the kitchen by the wall because the corner of the wall was not square- Ritz Craft's service men had to make my wall square, and that's not the only wall that isn't square. I have had to have my kitchen countertop replaced 3 times due to the undermount sink not being sealed at the factory, and the bullnose being cheaply glued on to the counter instead of one piece. The bathroom countertops have the same issue with the bullnose, and Ritz Craft finally did a "buy out" and I will have all of my countertops replaced by a third party. My house is just over a year old. The trim around the window warped and fell off. The front door had to be replaced 2 times because it leaked and still does. We are having what they are calling "excessive cracking" in the corners of the walls and above some windows. "not covered by warranty" We have been in our house now for 14 months and I have seen Ritz Craft Service at least 8 times, I know them by name and a lot about them because they've been here so much. We bought a 2 story house trailer that isn't going to last 10 years, which is sad because this was supposed to be our "forever home" Don't make the same mistake we did.

Roxann B from Williamstown, NJ
Too much aggravation with warranty work which takes away from a decently built home. Poorly hung doors I had to fix on my own. Ordered Cherry Paprika cabinets and they don't match well. Stain is poor on one kitchen drawer and large scratch on one cabinet door. Replacements sent by Ritz Craft were ten shades off. I also noticed bare stained wood areas on the tops and bottoms of some doors -- there is no finish. Heat was poorly distributed between front and back of home. Poor response from Ritz Craft. Called local heating company for help. Aluminum sill on side door was badly pitted on delivery. Ritz Craft's response was to use metal polish that did not work. Window frame is dented in master bedroom (another damaged item I will have to live with). Too many damaged items installed in my new home. Top of stove was badly dented upon initial walk-through and replaced by Whirlpool under warranty. Warranty work takes too long and they are always in a rush. Don't make settlement on any home until you are satisfied. Get a professional inspection before settlement.

Gerry M. from Conklin NY
We built a 2 story home in 1994, The house was a solid house well built It was a center hall 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath we did change quite a bit when ordering it had a main floor master bedroom which we didn't want put in double French doors off entry and had a dining room instead. Only complaint windows we had 69 inch high windows did not hold up well lost their glass seals about 6 years after moving in, other than that GREAT HOUSE!

B. Newt from MI
I'm a licenced builder in Michigan in business 22 yrs. & am remodeling a ritz-craft I bought as an investment.

This building has NO insulation around the doors & windows (what's under the drywall?), the wiring is a mess, the plumbing leaks, there's large amounts of caulk and drywall mud hiding things,ceramic tile falling off etc... It's generally very poorly built, "SPLASH & DASH" is a good term.

BUYER BEWARE it will come back to haunt you. Spend a little more & get better quality & a lot less frustration & future expense. You will be glad you did.

Sam Caruso from Slidell, La
Overall very good build quality after 3 years. We had cracks and some recurred, but they were expected, minor and our builder repaired them all twice in the first two years. Local builder has been outstanding. RitzCraft ran out on us the day the house arrived. All they wanted was payment in full within 72 hours, despite a state law requiring a 10% hold back for 10 weeks so the builders could fix any issues. RitzCraft customer service is awful. We also had the poorly wired dishwasher issue and it nearly burned down the house in the first few months. All that being said, we love the house almost entirely because our local builders trimmed it out and serviced us so well.

Angela from USA
I will never again purchase a modular home since owning a Ritz-Craft home! Upon purchasing brand new freshly built home in Oct 2010 our lives have been nothing but hell! 1 year limited warranty??? Since 2nd day of owning and residing at our "new" home we have contacted Ritz-Craft directly via phone n email as well as our contractor yet its been 18 months and we are not even unpacked most our belongings! Our ceilings and walls are cracking down literally. We have spent so much money on inspectors and provided reports after report yet still nothing! I cant allow my son to play in the house even cause not one window is tempured glass, with being a tri-level home every window is in violation being well more than 18" off the ground. This is not even close to all of the homes defects. 4 inspectors have now informed us the cost to fix our house due to the terrilbe craftsmanship, materials and poor engineering would be over the price of which we even paid for this home! Our state needs a lemonlaw on home sales as well as Ritz-Craft put out of business!!!

jonh toomey from williamstown n.j
I was having trouble with the dish washer the problem was the wire connection at the box in the washer.the wireing was black to do shorts and bare.more care should be taken when your electrian wires them.

John Smith from Eastern PA
I was in to visit some friends of mine because I am interested in buying a modular home. They just moved in so I thought I would check it out. Well, fisrt thing I noticed was their floors. Beautiful color scheme, BUT, the floors throughout their whole house are wavey, uneven, bulging, buckling, and any other adjective you wish to use. I understand their builder is slow in getting things taken care of. Might you be able to help? I almost fell because my foot "grabbed" in a place where the floor is about 1/2" uneven. As of right now, I will not purchase a modular home from Ritz-Craft. are you shooting for 100% customer satisfaction? You should screen builders more carefully.

john toomey from williamstown n.j.
the windows are sub par. why would anyone make windows that dont move and cant be washed from inside the house. and why dont you shingle the ridge nent.

Travis from Gratz, PA
I have a 1978 Ritz Craft Deluxe Mobile Home with front Den.

I am looking to replace my windows, (only thing I hate about the 33 year old trailer). Wondering if there was some type of specs manual out there with my window sizes or if I have to measure them all? Any one know. Please email me with any ideas.

Sandy Anderson from Salem, Ia
We purchased a Ritz Craft home a little over a year ago. I have had nothing but problems with the company after the sale. My kitchen floor creeks, and has a ridge in it where the subfloor has pulled loose. I had to have the island counter top replaced because water spilled on it, sat over night, got in a seam and caused it to swell. I had to threaten to get an attorney to get any work to be performed. In my opinion I would not purchase a Ritz Craft Home.

Pat from Claverack,NY
I have owned a Ritz Craft home for 6 years now and find it to be a great house, we upgraded our windows and door when placing our order and have had no problem with anything at all but the siding it seems to have faded out in about 3 years, needs to be replaced but otherwise a well build home!

greg from ct
I have a Ritz Craft home. There are many great things about the home. On the down side the after sale support is not existent. The walls and ceilings are cracking in many places.

Tommy Pardew from Aberdeen Maryland
I have been building homes for a long time and have set many modular homes. My opinion is that the quality of Ritz-Craft homes far exceed the competition. Ritz-Craft is by far the smart choice when selecting a new home.

Jamie Hanford from MIfflinburg, PA
I am the Marketing Coordinator for Ritz-Craft. We continuously evaluate our product and try to improve it in all areas. One area we recently improved was our windows, changing from 7D to MW Windows. Thank you for your feedback. We love to hear from our customers and take all comments into consideration for future improvements.

john f. mcmahon from romulus ny14541
we have ritz ccraft home, and threr are many good pointsabout the .however the windows are sub par every one of these windows leak.

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