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RBA Homes

(Builder for Signature Building Systems)

252 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: 732-747-3800
Fax: 732-747-4887
email: [email protected]

RBA Homes Description:
(Builder for Signature Building Systems)
"...RBA Homes, New Jersey's leading custom modular home builder has built hundreds of homes using modular technology throughout Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean counties. "We believe that modular construction can provide a quality built product at an affordable price, in less time than a traditionally built home." However, the Company can also offer the option to build a custom home using traditional on-site framing, which can provide more flexibility ..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1996
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)13-15
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Designers Available
Builder NetworkN/A
Location of FactoriesPennsylvania
How to Buy a HomeDirect

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction
Energy EfficiencyEnergy star certified
Construction Timeframe2-3 months
Customization FlexibilityFull customization
Amount of FloorplansOver 15 plans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$85-$120
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries
Avg. Placement CostsVaries
Site PreparationProvided


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are both available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
Guarantees10 year new homeowner warranty
Delivery RangeCentral New Jersey
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsUpon completion
Information PackageOur mystery shopper enjoyed their helpful website and received a nice package from them containing floorplans, specifications and other informative articles.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewRBA Homes is an unusual modular home builder since it is run by an accountant turned builder. We have not yet personally interacted with RBA Homes but the research we did on them makes us feel comfortable with their homes. Their building specifications are closer to the higher end of modular home construction. We rated their modular home manufacturer Signature Building Systems highly and we will also rate RBA Homes highly based on their high building specifications and their attractive finished homes photo gallery.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

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