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Pinnacle Building Systems Corp

CLOSED (Division of Pleasant Street Homes, LLC)

1103 Maple Street
Bristol , IN 46507
Toll-Free: 888-663-4897
Fax: 574-984-0205

Pinnacle Building Systems Corp Description:
CLOSED (Division of Pleasant Street Homes, LLC)
"...We welcome and specialize in unique projects such as lake cottages, accessible homes, custom designed multi-family units, and medium sized commercial projects...."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Multi-Family modular homes
  • Commercial modular buildings

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1964
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)100-200
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNational Association of Home Builders (NAHB),
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkOver 20
Location of FactoriesMiddlebury, IN
How to Buy a HomeThrough authorized builders only

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood frame construction
Energy EfficiencyR-30 fiberglass batt in ceiling, R-19 fiberglass batt in sidewalls, Floor insulation is builder option at site
Construction Timeframe6-12 weeks
Customization FlexibilityFull customization is available
Amount of FloorplansOver 100 online floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$90-$120
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDepends on final site
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are provided
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne-year limited warranty
Delivery RangeMidwest
Number of Factory InspectionsDependent on final delivery location
Number of Building Site InspectionsPerformed by builder network
Information PackageOnline brochures and floorplans available on their website

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewPinnacle Building Systems was an above average provider of custom modular homes. Unfortunately the latest information we have on this company is that it is being reorganized and is not currently in business. We hope to see them reopen one day. If you have updated information please let us know. They were not a high volume producer which helped enable them to focus on each home. Their photo gallery showed examples of their appealing homes. If you are looking for a more personal approach then Pinnacle homes was a good match for you. Our mystery shopper reported that there was alot of useful information online and that their customer service was very friendly.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Pinnacle Building Systems Corp

Ralph Climie from Yale, Michigan
We purchased a 2450 square foot custom modular ranch home constructed by Pinnacle from Long's Homes in Marlette, Michigan in 2006. The home was located on Long's lot as a model. We watched the home being constructed in 2004 on their lot and fell in love with it. It remained as a model until 2006 when we purchased it. Long's took the home apart, moved it to our property, and re-built it. We love it and had very few problems. One being all of the shower valves are arranged for top water inlets and the water lines are located below in the floor structure. Instead of running water up over and down into the valve, the (Pinnacle) installer rotated the valve upside down and piped it up. This of course crossed the water connections (now hot is on right and cold is on left). No big deal, I simply re-piped them. The only other issue is the living/dining room is 32 ft front to back and 16 ft wide. There is a main beam running perpendicular to the room with 12" ceiling joists running into the beam. After 4 years, the joists flexed to the point where the ceiling cracked. I put an expansion joint in the ceiling drywall and have not had any problems since. I understand Pinnacle was bought by IBS then by HiTech Building Systems and understand the quality has fallen somewhat. I have no complaints with our home, and would purchase another if constructed with the same quality as the original company.

Todd White from Southwest MI
We love our 1850 sq ft Ranch Style Pinnacle Home! It has now been 11 years with no regrets.

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