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Pine Grove Homes

100 Hammersmith Drive
Pine Grove, PA 17963
Phone: 570-345-2676
Fax: 570-345-4400

Pine Grove Homes Description:
"...Skilled carpenters build each home in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility. Our quality-control team monitors the construction process from start to finish. Pine Grove designed and introduced the original Hearth Wall Kitchen, and has continued a legacy of innovative home designs. As a family organization for over 30 years, Pine Grove enjoys stable leadership, solid financial footing, and unparalleled experience...."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1982
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects available
Builder NetworkN/A
Location of FactoriesPine Grove, PA
How to Buy a HomeThrough authorized retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood & Steel
Energy EfficiencyExterior Walls: R-19 Fiberglass Insulation, Floors: R-19 (outrigger area) & R-27 (belly area) Floor Insulation, Roof: R-38 Ceiling Insulation
Construction Timeframe1-3 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of FloorplansOver 50 online floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$80-$110
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDepends on final site
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationNo


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
Guarantees10-Year RWC Structural Warranty
Delivery RangeNortheast
Number of Factory InspectionsDependent on final delivery location
Number of Building Site InspectionsPerformed by builder network
Information PackageOnline brochures and floorplans available on their website

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewPine Grove Homes specializes in manfuactured homes. We are obviously biased towards modular homes but Pine Grove does a good job with their manufactured homes. They offer some good value in their homes and many different energy efficient options. If you really want a custom designed two story modular home you should visit their sister company - Pleasant Valley Modular Homes. The Pleasant Valley Modular Homes division does a good job accommodating those seeking true modular homes. Our mystery shopper liked the large amount of information and online brochures found on their website.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Pine Grove Homes

Debra Patnaude from Colchester Vermont
Bought my mobile home December of 2017 the home was manufactured sep 16th 2014. it was brought to VT in spring of 2015 and set up. I am not the first owner the original owner only lived in for about 2 years before selling it to me. I called the people I bought it from 3 months after buying to ask them about a awful smell in one end. I did have a home inspection and did smell it a bit but thought it was just a dead mouse or something. But in the last 7 months it is still here and sometimes really bad. I've had furnace cleaned and they spray some deodorant in the duct work, no fix. I've brought in 3 different local trailer repair people in, still cant figure it out. 2 weeks ago the trailer park did a routine maintenance of pumping septic tanks and the smell exploded, park owners came over and were shocked at the smell they have been great trying to talk with pleasant valley homes to try to help me figure this out, no resolution from pleasant valley homes. I called them myself back in the spring they never returned my call I just called again and was told only 1 person there cause they have been flood again. Now I question do I have bad material in this trailer. I've been told they have been flooded numerous times and some years back were told to relocate or they would no longer be covered by the insurance company. So again I wonder if bad material was used or maybe a pipe under trailer not connected properly. I'm about ready to call in the police with canine dogs maybe there is a dead family in the belly of this trail. Sounds crazy but this smell is driving me crazy. Please anyone out there with a funky odor that never goes away in their new trailer. I'd appreciate any good suggestions and pray for me that Pleasant Valley Homes calls me and helps me resolve this smelly issue

Richard Cattrano from Eliot Maine
Bought my house 2 years ago and we loved it. The house is everything we could ask for. You ask why the 1 rating and I will tell you. We were told not to paint for the first year. The house needs to settle and possible nail holes will come out. We waiting the year and had our house painted with the top Benjamin Moore paint. After the paint job we noticed and really we did not notice it but the person I bought the house from noticed that the ceiling joints in my entire area that was painted was showing. Before that Pine Grove only primed the ceiling and walls so you can not see it. Once good paint is applied flaws do come out. The person who sold me my house along with Pine Grove agreed to paint my bedroom again. I waited 6 months and the bedroom was painted. Still you could see beam every 4 feet. Call Pine Grove with return call 2 weeks later. I had no problem with that. Happy they called st that time. Spoke with the owner Wayne who stated we did all that we are going to do in your house. I will not sent a crew back for your ceiling. It is not our problem. I then asked him We have to live with our ceiling beams the way they are and his response was YES. At that time I ended our conversation. He never offered to me anything. As I was told by other ge was done with my house and does not care for the little guy in the past. I love my house but was totally turned off by the OWNER WAYNE. That is why Rated 1

Roxie Saulsberry from United States
We lived in our home for 13 years now and I hate it. Everything is falling apart. This home is so cheaply made. We need just about everything replaced. I wish I could just take the whole house up and throw it away and get another one and start all over. I'm very disappointed. Wish the refrigerator space was wider. I have cracks in my ceiling in just about all the rooms and we had to close in the skylight because it leaked. I used to love it when we first moved in now I hate it because everything is falling apart. The carpet is all bunched up and the wall are so flimsy. Trimming around the door are coming off. Ughhhhh!

Gary day from Berwick me
Just little up date on our pine grove home Not one year yet factory has been out adjusted all cabinet doors and drawers Replaced counter top now new one is loose. Shower is moving on floor there fix is to drill holes in floor fill wit foam They tell you to file complaint with maine housing all the time knowing the housing board will let them fix your home to journeyman standard which is very sloppy Knowing that it is not what you looked at on their display Just beware of what you are promised. By the dealer and them. We have plenty of pictures and proof.

Dennie from Dover pa
Bought a pine grove manufactured home about seven months ago.structurely it seems to be better than others I had looked for months.Now that I've lived in it for six months I'm very disappointed in the quality of workmanship.wall between dining room and kitchen is approximately I inch out of plumb.there are screw pops throughout the drywall. I had to use two and a half tubes of painters caulk to fill gaps prior to painting.the ceilings are very wavy due to excess drywall compound on seams to prevent cracking. It didn't work although their repairmen did do a good job fixing the cracks. The counter tops are already beginning to delaminate. There is about a two inch spot in the kitchen floor that sank possibly due to flaw in underlayment. The quality of cabinetry is not what I expected. All of the boards on the porch warped. I'm not impressed with their upgraded carpet. The carpet bunched up at the point where two halves are joined and loose at a lot of other spots in the home. Nothing under carpet and pad over joining seam. Had to trim and shim doors. All fixtures in home are low quality. I'm sure I've overlooked some things. This may be common throughout the manufactured housing industry but I expected better quality for the price. I've listened to numerous complaints about pine grove homes in the community I live in. I must give it a plus for the energy efficiency but the finish work is very poor in my opinion. My neighbor says she just accepts the flaws as being a manufactured home but I can't accept this type of quality for the cost. I hope this review helps someone else to look closely for flaws before buying. I would not buy another one

Gary day from Berwick maine
The worst thing we ever did was spend our hard earned money on was a home from pine grove The tour we took was a down right bunch of bull owner gave your said we pride our selfs on quality not happening. My wife was set on one of their hearth wall kitchens. Huge waste of money it arrived nothing like the ones on display. Cracks huge gaps where units meet against the wall. We have had to go to home depoit twice to get hardwear to repair them back splash all cracked. The huge shower we special ordered was not attached to the walls and upper lip all broken no way to fasten it to wall. Front door touches case on bottom and sticks out at the top doesn't seal. The list just goes on. They always say it's warrantied And come out and try to repair it long enough to get past warranty date. If home looks that bad after 4 months it's going to be a junk pile in two years. The owners sure do talk a good talk on their little open house tour but don't belive a word they say it's joke. We got email from them admitting that our home had a quality control issues and that was it. Not one owner would call to check with us. They fix it quick for time being got the money and he'll with the customer. We bought our home threw ralps home in walderbourgh me. Thank god for forest up there trying to get this stuff fixed. I would recommend to any one looking just buy a 65000. Oo home local you get the same as if you pay 130000.00 no differance you can buy two. The days

Gary day from Berwick maine
I take back every thing I said about pine grove qui laity and customer care . We just got our new ranch from them after three years of research. Remember ( beauty is only skin deep and it shows in our home. Cabinets and drawers all put in and drilled wrong thier fix is a washer for shims. The counters are all messed up broken face on double oven cabinet. Wood work trim looks like a second grader did it for them. When talking to Jeff Zimmerman. And sending pictures his reply was we r sorry pictures tell a thousand words and in this case they sure did we should have never let it leave factory like that. That was month a go not one rep or person from factory even came to look at how bad this home was. We took the tour and I now feel that was a huge smoke screen. I have plenty of pictures to show any one who is interested. I would not re commend them to any one at all we have to wait to its convienient for them to come and fix it. The difference between what we got for a home and the other homes we looked at is 50000.00 that's all I can say Ralph's home who we went threw are very out standing people and they are trying to do every thing they can to make this the home we were supposed to get. They are great people. Just beware pine grove makes the sale your on your own unless u got a good guy you bought from like Ralph's. We are not upset with them at all But I would not and will not recommend Jeff Zimmerman. Or the owner who gave the tour to any one better of paying less and get what u paid for not more and get junk.

John Lease from Martinsburg, WV
My wife and I visited the factory in 2000 and she fell in love with a 3 section home being built at that time. We then purchased a 3 section home customized to our needs in 2001. We have been very pleased with the home and the only problem with it is the storm door for the kitchen entrance which is out of square and the door does not shut properly. We replaced the carpet in the living room/dining room and family room with hardwood flooring in 2005 due to pet stains from our 14 year old Schnauzer who has since past away. Then my wife passed away in 2008. After 13 years I am now ready to replace the carpet in the master bedroom. Other than normal maintenance this home has been trouble free

Ruthanne D. from Toms River, NJ
Bought my house new in 2003. In May 2014 diverter valve in shower blew, ruined bathroom and laundry floors but what's to ruin, they are particle board, had to break through laundry to fix the valve. Plumber said valve was cheap piece of crap surprised it lasted this long. Saturday plumber's bill was BIG! Last week, ceiling in my living room fell in and pretty much ruined my furniture,according to roof people, plywood was crushed on edges. There are also dips in 3 other spots that insurance, Foremost who doesn't cover leaks, didn't spot were found,bottom line roof has been leaking for years and only a miracle it didn't crash down until now. Thank God no one was sitting on couch or they would have been seriously injured by rushing water, chunks of wall board and yucky insulation ,sounded like a bomb went off. I have done a lot of work in this house to make it a home and now I am sorry because Lord only knows what will happen next. I wrote to President of Pine Grove 2 weeks ago, no reply. I bought it, I am regrettably stuck with it. Yeah, I live in Northeast but if you are selling a product in this area, you should know the weather conditions and build something to withstand it or don't sell in this market. Oh, yeah my siding was sliding around and one piece was flying in the breeze after 1 year and the weather had been great. I bought a new house so I wouldn't have to deal with someone else's problem and to have peace of mind,now I am ready to go out of my mind. Buying this place was worst decision I ever made.

Josh from Shoemakersville, Pa.
Home quality seems good. However trying to get anything warrantied from them after the sale is a joke. Our kitchen cabinets are scratched up from install/delivery, and while they are going to warranty them, its been over 5 weeks of a wait and they still wont give us a date they will actually be replaced. We have had to wait since March(over 6 weeks)for someone just to come out and look at them, and several other warranty items. While the gentleman who came to look at these problems from Pine Grove homes was very professional, there customer service turn around time is beyond pathetic. Our roof also blew off 5 times from the point when it was installed until we moved in, including once while we lived in the home. This is absolutely unacceptable. Luckily our builder put the roof on each time at no charge to us. Needless to say while the inside is on par for a modular home I can not recommend them to anyone. Looking back I would have never gone through all this again. Our builder, Stoney brook homes in Shoemakersville pa was 6 months behind in getting us into the house. I wont even get into all the headaches we have from them. Needsless to say it turned my family off to ever going with either of these companies again. On a side note as others reviews have stated, the repair men literally fly by night, one of them I literally kicked out of my home because the work he was doing was so poor ( got paint all over our furniture, walls, carpet, and kitchen appliances, And I mean ALL OVER!!! ) Hope this helps some of you avoid a bad experience!

tom clark from carteret new jersey
carpet is bunching up all over the place skylight leaked had it replaced guys came and brought any asphalt roofing color they had it does not match all the little pebbles are coming off the roofing the quality of there fix it guys is awful any 70 year old man could have done the job better they are just in a rush to get to the next repair no care at all do you think they would ware some thing on there dirty feet no just get the carpet all dirty unbelievable but what does it matter any way we arte just trailer trash totally upset

gary day from berwick maine
My wife and i ahver been looking for two years now and have deciced on a pine grove home. We did a plant tour and it is unreal the care that goes into these homes. The people in the center are very helpefull and never onced tried to push us or sell us any upgrades what so ever. They listened to our need and what we wanted and showed us just that not every thing under the sun so you were all confused and purchased what theyup sell. I have listened and read all kinds of on line reviews Pine grove and pleasent valley are not salesman they are there to help us the working man and women and put us in a home we want not what they want to sell and make money on. There is a lot to be said about a company like this and the way their homes are built.. Our thanks go out to the complete crew at pine grove and pleasent valley home exspecialy Jeff zimmerman who help us . Thank you ever so much for your honesty and advice The Days Sharlene and Gary From maine

Robert from Egg Harbor, NJ
Happened to read the review I wrote a few months back and saw I had mistakenly given 3 stars as a rating. This should have been a 5 star review.I still love my home and continue to be impressed with the how little it takes to heat or cool. With 12 inch "I" beams and 2 x 6 walls the insulation is great! Be sure to check out their web site and compare the specs. to other homes before you buy. I only did this after the purchase but was I glad to see I had made a lucky choice!

Robert from Egg Harbor, NJ
Bought my 16 x 68 single wide 16 months ago! Love it! Well built energy star home. Super efficient, super insulated. Nice appliances ie. side by side fridge with water and ice through the door, full size brand name washer and dryer, self clean range with three racks, etc. Beautiful maple cabinets throughout. Home comes with a 25 year warranty shingled roof. 10 year structual home warranty. What more can I say but I love my home! Thanks Pine Grove and I wish you the best in helping others in their search of a truly quality manufactured home.

Mike from Maine
Crappy molding,cheap doors,hole in the kitchen floor,bad roofing job,have to replace the drywall on one wall and the rest has to be redone even after their people "fixed the problem" and the list goes on. Their repair men do fly by night work,Just get it done. Good luck...

Roxie Saulsberry from Lower Burrell
We purchased our home in 2003. Our skylight leaks in the kitchen when we had that bad winter there was water pouring into our kitchen through the microwave. We need our storm door replaced and the bathroom sink is all puckered from the water. Our carpet is puckering as well and needs replaced.

Clinton Small from Topsham, ME 04086
Our 2010 16 X 68 mobile home is very comfortable/ Ceiling in te kitchen has cracked in two different places. Other room ceiings have cracked. Carpet is bunching up throughout the home. We do love the open concept expecially the oak kitchen as my wife loves to cook.

Florence Alpert from Candor, NY
Totally Dislike. Year 3 of ownership of 24 X 52 double wide, replaced sky lights, mitigated the roof damaged for improper install, replaced both bath room ceilings.No warrenty on anything after one year from purchase date; time line does not start at the time of receiving a Cert.of Occupancy. Yr 4, replaced furnace, a ridge cap on roof. Yr 10, had to replace toilets, both seals broken,( we are of normal 150 lb weight) Need to replace one floor and replace floor covering both floors. Yr 12 replaced roof shingles. Home is still in need of replacing 11 windows have broken air seals and have year round moisture inside and 5 of them can no longer be raised up to open. Company would not come on site to when requested to inspect roof or windows.

Tom Dee from Denver, NY
We are in our 25th year living in our Pine Grove double-wide home which is situated on private land in the Catskill Mountains.
Three years ago we replaced the original roof which entailed having to also replace all the egde wood panels, front and back, due to water damage. Problem turned out to be not in the manufacturer, but the on-site installers who failed to properly install roof cap venting. Major ice dams caused the failure.
Furnace is original, still working as is all plumbing pipes and electric wiring. We have replaced faucets and master bath counter top and sink, elextrical outlets that simply failed from years of use.
A couple of years after moving in we began removing all wall battens and screwed and taped panels. All ceilings were replaced with sheetrock (gypsum board) about five years after we moved in which was our choice. This past winter we refinished all the oak cabinets in both baths and kitchen.
Our main reason for purchasing this home was due to the basic structural quality which was lacking in most all other manufacturered homes on the market at that time. It has survived well the brunt of our brutal Catskill Mountain winters. Snowfalls of 18-24" are common here. Our main issues were with the local mobile home dealer from whom we purchased the home. Despite their best efforts to ruin the home, even to the point of leaving the ends of the house exposed for an entire winter before installing the siding, it has held up well. ABout nine years ago we attached a two car garage and converted the smallest of the three bedrooms into a 11'X20' den. We are currently looking to replace the original garden tub in the master bath as it has been cracked for a number of years and getting worse. In retrospect, if an upgrade to a better material than ABS plastic is beening offered on this product I strongly suggest taking it. Color fading has been very apparent in the bathroom appliances and for the most part all color match has failed many, many years ago.
The exterior of the house was wrapped in Fomcore, but I think that even a 1/4" OSB type board would have worked better in the long run.
All windows and doors were replaced about fifteen years ago as they were of the then typical mobile home style.
I haven't seen a new Pine Grove home so I can only go by our own personally experience. If they have kept up with the market and are continuing to build quality into their homes I would recommend them highly.

Sharon L. White from Eliot ME
I have lived in my pinegrove home (model #1962) for 2 years. My major complaint is the beading between the kitchen counter and the backsplash. It continually cracks. I would like to upgrade my front door but in the online brochure you give descriptions but no pictures. Is there a brochure that shows my options?

William Gurney from Lewes, Delaware
First I would like to say that we love our home which we have now occupied for four years. We talked my sister-in-law and her husband to buy a Pine Grove Home and they bought one exactly like ours. I do have a serious complaint, we purchased upgraded vinyl flooring in the kitchen, the floor is turning yellow at the ends, it appears the glue is coming through the vinyl. My sister-in-law is having the same problem in the exact same location. I would very much appreciate if someone could contact us in regards to the flooring. Thank you.

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