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Penn Lyon Homes Corp.


101 Airport Road
Selinsgrove, PA 17870
Toll-Free: 800-788-4754
Fax: 570-374-6053

Penn Lyon Homes Corp. Description:
"...At Penn Lyon, our respected industry professionals have built a reputation for uncompromising customer service from valuable project assistance to custom engineered designs that fit each customer's needs. Penn Lyon was the first to offer custom designs, computerized sales system, and factory installation..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Commercial modular buildings

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1981
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)350
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsModular Building Systems Association (MBSA), Building Systems Council (BSC), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB, Modular Building Institute (MBI), Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), National Modular Housing Council (NMHC), Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
16 Engineering Draftsman
Builder Network100 builders
Location of Factories195 Airport Road Selinsgrove, PA
How to Buy a HomeOnly available through independent builders and general contractors

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood, brick, steel and metal
Energy EfficiencyStandard Specifications include R19 Wall, R30 Floor but we can build to clients needs including SIP panels. Yes, we are Energy Star approved and working on our LEED certification. Our modular homes are by nature built with green building ideals.
Construction TimeframeOur scope of work is completed in 4-6 weeks from time of order. It takes only a week to construct the modules in our factory when production begins.
Customization FlexibilityTotal customization is the key to our company. We highlight our offerings in a 1500 square foot design center adjacent to our model home.
Amount of Floorplans65


Avg. Cost per Square FootIt depends on the specifications.
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsThe location determines the cost.
Avg. Placement CostsDesign of the product drives the placement cost.
Site PreparationIn our commercial projects division we offer turn key services.


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks can be supplied
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeIt is possible to expand existing homes.
GuaranteesThey provide variety of warranties with the homes.
Delivery RangeInternationally, but prefer NE and Mid-Atlantic Regions
Number of Factory InspectionsEach home is inspected to meet codes no less than twelve times throughout the factory construction process.
Number of Building Site InspectionsManaged by independent builder
Information PackageYes. Company profile and product literature.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewPenn Lyon is closed. Which is a shame since Penn Lyon has been one of the leaders for modular homes in the Northeast United States. Hopefully they will reopen soon. They offer custom designed modular homes that looked good in any neighborhood. They offer quality models that are suitable for low to upscale home buyers. They have regularly been recognized as a leader in the industry. They have significant experience in delivering above average modular homes. To protect their reputation they also make sure their builders adhere to their quality standards. Their website is full of information including online floorplans and they quickly respond to inquires.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Penn Lyon Homes Corp.

Lou Worboys from Cambridge, New York
Inferior designers and where to fit a kitchen on laps...the front wall by front door was bowed out so they sent a couple guys who removed siding and shaved down 2x4's, rain came into house around front door...different colored carpet in closets from bedroom carpet...slices in vinyl floors along tub and thresholds, laminate center beam was missing when delivered and set crew had to scramble to go find one in store...a big disappointment in home and construction company from Granville that it was ordered through and who set it up! After 5 years, the argon gas has all leaked out of both sliding glass doors and are cloudy to look thru...need to be replaced! ugh!

Sandra Mull from Bethany Beach,DE.
We are very happy with our Penn Lyon home. Just today(9-08-11), after 10 years, we had siding repair work done and found out ,due to our dismay,that there is no TyveK insulation on the end area of our home. The co. is closed so there will be no resolution unless we have all the siding removed and then replace it after having insulation put on and pay for it on our own. Not likely to do that!

Susan Robertson from Hamilton, NJ 08620
Hi - I have a PL Modular Home. I did not however like the set crew you recommended. Did a screw up job. I put up a second home made by another manufacturer and used a guy by the name of Norwood. He was amazing. What a difference the right set up crew makes.

Ray Kavarsky from Berlin CT
If you are building a house and have chosen to go modular you have made the right decision. It is the builder that most people have trouble with not the factory. Remember the builder is trying to maximize his profits. Penn Lyons recently built a 25,000 sq ft 3 story office building for me. Did we have issues, yes, but nothing that as a team we could not solve. Unlike the car industry people not robots build these homes. I'm sorry to here that they are having problems. Would I ever use Penn Lyons again, in a heartbeat. I wish them well. RRK

Terry from PA

donna roberto from glen rock nj
We are so diaaappointed with our penn lyon home and the builder Atruim. Things go wrong every day. they do not stand behind their product. The home is tow years old and cabinet doors are broken falling off and the roof leaks. The customer service department strings you along and lies and never returns phone calls. STAY AWAY. Wish we did.

john hansen from maine
Pennlyon as of the first of the year started selling homes in maine. I visited their models in oxford and they were beautiful. I looked them up on the internet and was surprised at all the scandalous news about them. After seeing what the home looked like I decided to investigate some of these claims. I started with a plant tour. I traveled to pennlyon and they literally rolled out the red carpet. They paid for a night at their local Inn and bought us dinner. The next day I toured the plant and saw the product they were building first hand. I was so surprised at the knowledge of my salesman. Most salesman I've talked to through other company had more than questionable knowledge. I am the son of a carpenter and not to "tute my own horn" I know a few things. I quized him like the best prosecuting attorney in all the land and I was impressed. Turns out he's the son of man who's worked in the industry for over 38 years. I grilled him about the "bad sites" as well. He disputed, but not in a disrespectful way. A sign of a true professional. As I left their I found myself determined to dispute these "bad sites" myself. As it turns out on the "goin green site" they set crew decided to set a house in the rain. Thats all I needed to here. My home was delivered in may and we love it. There was some service involved as I expected and it was taken care of in a timely manner. But what seperates Pennlyon from the rest?? A plumbing issue turned up on thursday. My inspection was on monday. I called my builder and he called Pennlyon to arrange an emergency service so I could have it done before my inspection. Service informed my builder that they could not make it there for the weekend. So I called the Pennlyon saleman who sold the builder my home and let him in on the situation. After investigateing my claim with service himself that man loaded a truck and drove to maine that night! Let me say this again, "DROVE TO MAINE THAT NIGHT!" and fixed the problem himself. How many other salesman do you know with those kind of skills? How many other companys do you know who have that much dedication to customer service. I can tell you-not many. So in short my house set beautifully. My service was performed in a timely manner, and the New Sales Representative for New England for PennLyon homes is superman! Do you reserch. Take the time and shop when buying because there are so many things to take into consideration. Do I believe the company has had problems in the past? Yes! But do I believe that those problems are common everyday occurences? NO. Thank you Pennlyon Homes

Shawn Ryan from Delaware
As a contractor, we decided to try Penn Lyon in 2008. The design team did an ok job, but were not thorough. I had to do many repairs/replacements inside and out. Even the finished drywall needed 3rd coat finishing when we payed for finished work. We finished the second floor and many studs weren't level with very little consistent quality. Repairs/materials were never reimburesed ($600). Communications were very slow and not productive. We would highly not recommend Penn lyonn.

Erik from Mays Landing, NJ
As the owner of a modular company, I am truly disappointed I did not get to write the first review. I would like to thank them for a horrific experenience in building a modular home with this company; especially Jim C., project manager, and Mike K., my sales representive. The only saving grace for the company I can say is Shelby E. (service dept). She is the only reason they get one star.
I have a major repair (all the sheathing on the exterior of house is buckling). I contact Jim regarding this. Five weeks later, Jim sends a contacting crew from central PA. A 2 day repair turns into two weeks. Now, Jim does not want to send down PFS (third party engineer) to certify the work has been done correctly for the local building department. He wants me to pay $700 for a new inspection for a factory defect. Only after a discussion (being nice about what happened) with the local code official, did Jim reluctantly take action. Now to Mike K.. He needs a lesson in being a sales person in actually providing his builders with the proper supplies to do their job. I get a builders kit with 1/2 of the samples I need to show prospective clients. He sets me up with Pennlyon Erectors to set the house. They charge me 5400 dollars and pay the set crew 4300. They did not tell me they were keeping a 1000 dollars of my money. Thanks for ripping me off. I get a sorry from them and a promise we will make it up to you in the delivery of the next house you take from us.
There are a lot of good modular builders selling pennlyon homes. Don't fault them for this modular company's lack of customer service and not honoring their product. My opinion... AVOID PENNLYON!

ERVIN from
i worked there,and by far penn lyon has the top built,safest,the owner personally inspects every home.I also worked at other builders,no way shape or form do they come close, to penn lyons quality,or the way there built,most of the time the problem is with the set up crew,ERVIN

John Klama from 10608 noggles rd. manchester mi.
I purchased one of there homes. very very soddy construction. None of the wall studs are on 16 inches centers. The outer walls the studs are 4ft. apart causing the wall to buckle inwards between the studs.That in turn is causing the siding to open up on the ends.The windows are installed crooked.The soffit weaves up and down.The spacers between the floor joists do not touch causing the floor to squeak. The floor joists should have hanger joists there is none. The roof at the eves the corners are cut at an angle. I recommed no one buy their homes. Penn Lyon builds soddy homes.I'm not a building inspecter but I believe there breaking building codes.

Stephanie Fedynyshyn from Massachusetts
We used Penn Lyon in the construction of a custom home. There design team did not translate our plans very well and it took numerous changes.Things still had to be altered after we took delivery of the modules. Their customer service department is very slow to act on any defects or replacement parts. Not a very good experience at all.

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