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Patriot Homes


307 S. Main St.
Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone: 574-524-8600

Patriot Homes Description:
"...Solid construction, classic styling, and our dedication to providing outstanding service increases demand for our homes. That desirability is reflected in excellent resale value, as well as the fact that many of our homes are sold based on the recommendations of Patriot home owners to their friends and family..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes

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Company Background

How Long in Business1972
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 400
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsManufactured Housing Institute
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkOver 40
Location of FactoriesHamilton, AL; Middlebury, IN; Waco, TX
How to Buy a HomeThrough authorized builders only

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood frame construction
Energy EfficiencyFiberglass insulation
Construction Timeframe4-7 weeks
Customization FlexibilityCustomization is available
Amount of FloorplansOver 50 online floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$80-$110
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsThe location determines the cost.
Avg. Placement CostsDepends on location
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks can be supplied
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
Guarantees7-Year Warranty Program
Delivery RangeMidwest and Southeast
Number of Factory InspectionsDependent on final delivery location
Number of Building Site InspectionsPerformed by builder network
Information PackageInformation available online

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewPatriot Homes filed for bankruptcy protection in September 2008. They divided their focus between manufactured mobile homes and modular homes. They have been a long time player in prefabricated housing and operate a very large organization with many resources. This was a good option for entry level to mid range modular home buyers. We are not comfortable with their offerings for upper scale modular home buyers. Due to the financial troubles we do not feel comfortable recommending this company to anyone. Hopefully they will become more stable soon. Our mystery shopper reported alot of information on their website.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Patriot Homes

Terri from Ohio
We bought our manufactured in 2003 from Victorian Homes, a division of Patriot homes. We had it placed on a permanent basement foundation. 18 years later with proper maintenance it's still a great home. I have read all of these posts and have come to the conclusion that it is not the manufactured home company that caused the issues or problems mentioned above but of the contractors who put the homes on their foundations. We were in control in how our building funds were dispersed (in 3 different stages) Inspections were completed and passed before funds were paid out. We chose a contractor who took pride in his work and it showed when everything was completed and we moved in. Other than normal wear and tear from life and living with children and pets we have had ZERO issues with our home.

Lazy Tigerz from Mo
Mouse house. We could hear mice under tubs and shower. Was driving us crazy so took a saws all to the shower. Where the drain went through the floor, they had cut a HUGE hole and left it open. A 4" hole would have been normal. This was 14" across. Amazed that the shower base held. Filled the hole with hardware cloth wire and foam. Pulled up the tub and same thing. Monster hole for rats and snakes. Pulled up all sink bases, and ditto. Huge gaping holes for stupid plumbers that don't care about workmanship. Before you buy a mobile, pull up the floor of the sink base cabinets. Easy to do and you'll be able to see what they've done for plumbing.

Thomas Hitchingham from midland Mi
I bought a 2001, and I would put down a zero here if one was available, I would not recommend a patriot home to my worst enemy. the linoleum is junk and gets holes in it because they use staples in it, the carpet is junk, the windows are junk, and our roof is leaking when I took a look at it it doesn't have any wood down to the drip edge, there is a gap at least two inches where there is no wood under it! if I would have known what a total conn these so-called patriot homes were I never would have bought it, oh and better homes of mt pleasant , I don't know how they could have come up with that name being they didn't do anything they were supposed to do as far as setup, I was lied to by their salesman Gordon grant, who deliberately places jesus stuff around his office to apparently get you to trust him, and then sets you up with a bamk and tells you its a mortgage, when in fact it is an installment loan (read about predatory lending) of which you cannot refinance because its not a mortgage! im telling you what has this country come to , just remember before you even try to get a loan first get a good lawyer to go with you to advise you.

Laura from Houston
**** #1 problem is the ceiling A/C vents. From the beginning only half the vents had air coming out. We have no idea how to access the crawl space in a mobile home (with no attic like door) to see if there are leaks or if it was just put together wrong when they were setting it up. So I'm not sure who to blame on that. We may have to cut a holes in our ceiling to find the problem. *Also skylight was cracked when we bought it and then broke again by setup crew while trying to repair it. They never came back to fix and it there was a lot of leaking and water damage because of it. Now we can't find a replacement. *And of course 80% the kitchen drawers are broken. *A lot of switches and doors are backwards. Bathroom double doors in master bedroom were installed in reverse so you can only lock someone in, not out. *Bathroom fan switch is in the bedroom?!?! Poor workmanship is all I can say. 1999 Doublewide, Patriot Park Avenue Limited Any suggestions on the ceiling air ducts problem would be appreciated.

Karol Kay Kibler from Monon, Indiana
Love our home had bought it in 1993, Put new metal roof in 2003. Now We need to chance to master bathroom garden tub to just a shower. now I need the water line information. Does any one know where to get help?

Erin from Sparta, mi
I love my Patriot home other than now, no one seems to want to buy it. Ours has a full daylight basement, finished. We have 5 br/ 2 baths. We've totally redone the whole thing. New kitchen, and baths. Ours sits on 12/12 acres and we have outdoor riding arena, etc.. We've re dry walled the entire house, put central air and gas heat.. Moved the heater that was in the "linen closet" to the 30x40 garage, so now that is heated, and I now have a linen closet, we've never had a problem with the roof and this is the original on the home and the home was built in 1997. We have a few windows with blown seals,,but all in all, very happy with it. Now if someone would just come by it as Hubster left yesterday for Florida...and we need to sell now! 160k

William Davis from Findlay, Ohioo
We bought a 1982 patriot used about 20 years ago, we have had nothing but problems with the expand leaking, insurance would not cover it. Also had to replace the floor at the main entrance, they use cheap flooring when wet it crumbles, the door frames rotted, this all took place about a few years ago, the ceiling tiles around the edge of the ceiling are water stained, I think this company doesn't care what type of material they use as long as they can make a buck. I did get about 20 years out of the furnace, but replaced with a better brand.

Carol Miller from Robinson, IL
We bought our home in 2003 from Thomas Homes in Terra Haute, IN. Was not notified of the polybutylene plumming in our home. We started having to replace normal wear things like the bathtub facuet, only to find out we would have to cut a hole in the wall to replace it. Had a hard time finding a replacement hot water heater that would fit in the place provided. When they installed the air conditioner, they forgot to hook up the drain and it caused our floor to get wet by the furnace which in return caused the floor to sink. We where to they would fix it and then they went bankrupt. We are stuck with a messed up floor. The doors leak because the frames are not the same size as the doors. Replacement parts are hard to find. No shut off valves to anything, except under the home. We did not get what we paid for!!!! If I had to do it over again I would have had a home built for the price we paid for our modular.

stephen hopgood from Morganfield Ky.
We bought are home in 2002 we have not had alot of problems most are small we are replaceing 3 doors@put a new metal roof on it because of a bad wind storm.

Jim from rural Leavenworth county KS
I bought a Crystal Valley home in '99, back then I guess they were building them much better than later on. No big complaints, 12 years later still have the same roof, and it's a 5/12 pitch which has a hip in the roof because it was too tall to pull otherwise. Windows are contractor grade which I have replace 5 due to leaking between the panes, replaced with high end windows. All and all pretty pleased.

Hazel Roberts from Kokomo, In.
Our Patriot home in Arcadia,l Mi. was great! I wish I could have one exactly like it in our place in Florida. We went to a Patriot Home dealer North of Ft. Myers but the ones they showed us had to be from a different Patriot Home Builder. They were nothing like the one we loved on Michigan. We would even give you more than 5 stars.


george ware from martinsville, indiana
in my opinion, patriot homes makes a top quality home... i was an employee there for over 10 years. and all our homes left the lot in top condition... transfering the homes, and setting up the homes. creates alot of damage.. but the contractors, that are hired to set up the homes are not employee's of patriot... patriot simply supplies them the materials, to do any repairs. but takes no responsibility for the quality of work , done by them...

Shelly Ward from Lisbon NY
My home was built 12/3/2003 and delivered soon after. It was a mild winter that year with no problem getting the manufactured home on site. Should have known at the time of ordering that the home would not come with the changes made to the plans. The home spilt apart within 2 years of placing the house. The sales people that put the house in were no longer in existance by the spring. I have had nothing but problems with poor quality workmanship. There are stains in my ceilings from poor workmanship in putting the roof on. The shingles all buckled, causing leaks. The carpet buckled....and so on.

Alma R. Carlisle from batesville ms.38606
i like the size the construction except the vents in the livingroom floor the water pipes in the floor ( they keep leaking and messing my insulation up ) the interior doors and the lenolium in thew kitchen and the appliances in the kitchen. my home is 9 years old i have replaced the hot water tank the dish washer the lenolium in the kitchen fixed four water conections under the kitchen and need to glue or replace the interior doors because they are coming un glued.i think i have been ripped off. we bought our home in grenada ms. by the way there is only me and my husband that live in this home.

Gerry Lilly from Niles, Mich
I have a 1999 Patriot home which I have always very much enjoyed. My roof has began to leak in several places. When I contacted a licensed roofer and he informed me that when the roof tiles were installed that they were tacked down on the trace line as they should be , but someone had put roof nails randomly all over the roof and mainly in the center of the tiles. That is why my roof is leaking after only being 10 years old. I am a single parent and can't come up with the $4000.00 needed to repair this and my insurance will not cover shoddy work. My home was manufactured in Elkhart,In and I would not ever recomend theses homes to anyone.
Gerry Lilly

Nicole Wirth from Wisconsin
If I could give negative stars I would. This house has been a nightmare from day one! We went with the Patriot because of the longer warrenties and we thought the construction was one of the best. Boy were we DUMB!!! Where to start? The house sags eberywhere, the roof leaks like a sieve, and the windows fell apart! That was just the first few months. Also when the house was brought from the factory it was being ocupied by BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS! My husband nearly lost his arm from a bite. Remember those warrenties. Ha! We were told that there was nothing that could be done because the place we bought the house from went belly up! I have devoted much of my time to speading the word so other people will never buy from this company again.

mandi from erie pa
Our house was built in 2002. We haven't had too many problems at all. Just basic home owner type things... screen doors, a few new appliances. But these things are to be expected over time. And we always get compliments on how beautiful our home is. So far so good :)

joe from michigan
I have 2000 patriot purchased new in 1999. from day one untill today ive had majoy roof leaks mold is now in the ceiling. The roof shingles were installed wrong nails out side the the over lapped shingle .. I made the compnay that sold me the home repair it . I should have had them replace the whole roof but they told me the fatory would warranty it for as long as the roof shingle were under warranty. After two years with the same issue thay told me i was out of warranty and on my own... The home is warm and cool in the summer its just the workmanship that is bad. I had to replace half the drywall when it was new because the colors didnt match and there were stress cracks everwhere. Floor creaks laaking pipes furnace issues three hotwater tanks and on and on ...

charles from kentucky
I got my my home in 2001 new and it was my evry first home.Well let me tell you this my back door when shut has a one inch crack in the bottem i have called them to please come and fix it until the one warrantey ran out well it is 10 years later and the crack is still there in the winter time ice forms inside the door i have to use duck tape to try to keep the cold air out.the plaster in the kitchen and both bathroom fell within 1 month and i did have the fan on when taking a bath the trim on the walls fell off the tolits wax gaskets had to be replaced the carpet is reall cheap and there is alot more that is wrong with this peace of maybe this is just the home i got but i will never buy one Patriot Homes ever again.P.S if i could give a lower review than one star i would.

Andy Dreher from indiana
Well were do i start,i bought this home in 2001 in nov,and by dec-jan we noticed water spots on are celings about 2-3 foot down from the center of the celing,we called out a servive tech and he even said that souldent do that and wrote up a repair work ticket,so later on the boss and his side kick came out to inspect and said you need to keep the snow off ur roof?how many baths do you take?do u have a fish tank?and do with water usage in the home,this issue got to the point that the regonial mngr came and took pics,and nothing got fixed,but i did get a legal notice if i wanted to go on with the issue,the floors sqweek all over the carpet has pulled and torn ,the windows leak inside the glass,u can see the trusses in the home in the celing,the plumbing is very poorly installed and as incoveient for repairs,all the valves leak and shut offs, my furnace was installed without a box over the a coil for filtaration.evry thing is made to fit modulars, so if u want to go and by a new door u going to have alot work because nothing is common with normal built homes, size wise,my floos are alwasys cold because patriot homes said i cannot shut my vents in the winter because it will draw moisture or somthing? my roof has been inspected recently and it is sagging from the moisture in attic space,so here im stuck with the hell of a lemon home,i wish i never bought one and dont recommend no one eles to,save ur money and build a home,and the one star is really negitive 100 stars.and also i had a 2-7 or a 5-9 warrenty one of the years was for stuctural well u see how honarble that is,i have a 30 year mortage on this and all i want is it fixed and be able to pay for somthing that ill be proud of!!!

Dennis Rose from Cassopolis Mi.
I have had my patriot home for 10 years. Other than the normal there have been no problems. My home was built and I moved in in less than8 weeks. I bought it from a factory ran display site. So much has to do with the dealers, not just the factory same as independent builders. Construction is great, better insulated than most homes and easy to remodel your self.

Christine Simpson from US
We have a "Crystal Valley" home. Carpeting buckled a lot. We have had no problems with the plumbing except the water heater gets blown out by the wind. Walls cracked a little but our set up that was done by a Green Bay company was good. The biggest annoying problem is that the drawer slide holders have all broken. If I can find a metal holder for the drawers to solve my problem, then the house will be pretty solid.

chuck perino from ohio
I had a fairly good repore with patriot, they came and fixed what the incompetent contractor didnt. I had been in construction 25yrs and seen it all, untill this mess. all the products used was inferior junk windows,roofing, siding all had to be replaced. now it is an ok home. I had to fire the contractor because he wouldnt show up. I hired him back because he cried. Then I fired him again the next day, took all the money out of the construction fund and finished the home myself. they say modular building is cheaper, But it really isnt, not after the headaches,time & energy wasted tracking down people that dont know much @ building anything. would not do it again because I can build faster , better & cheaper with better quallity products.

Jerry Williams from Pataskala, Oh
Not worth a darn. I think the contractor I bought my modular from got this out of their back lot after it sat for 10 years. Just had a roofing estimate, $7412 to replace a 13 year old roof warranteed for 25 to th original buyer,AKA the contractor.
8 years of little stupid things, but this beats it. I got a big shafting for sure. Took him 2 years to finish it once it was placed on the basement, so it sat in the weather for at least 3 with no heat. Neighbors say the basement was 1/2 full of water for 6 months because he was too cheap to get the electic hooked up. My question is, did Patriot sell any "as is" or damaged homes at auction or reduced price? If so, it was not disclosed to me and I will nail the contractor for fraud and $81,000.00 in interest I've paid so far.

robert from carlyle il
I have had my home 10 years and it is well insulated and well built. Skylights are the only low mark I will give as they have reqired repair after only 5 years. my set up company also gets low marks as I had to stay on them to get it done right.

Gary from williamsfield, IL
Should be a zero. Many poor manufacturing and installation issues discovered during process of selling house. Contract cancelled after house inspection due to major manufacture and installation issues (roof bad, plumbing drain lines draining directly into crawlspace under house, cracks in many walls in house, etc).What is the legal recourse to recover the lost $$ from this piece of crap?

Melody from Wallace, Mi
0 Stars! HORRIBLE local and corporate service! Plumbling problems (cracked pipes and no air vents for drainage), structural problems (walls/doors/windows crooked), roof problems (leaks), windows dont open, drywall under installed carpeting--had to tear it up, Crown moulding falling/seperating, LOTS of cracks in drywall, overall HORRIBLE experience! Local dealer was a JOKE, had to constantly HOUND him and his crew of ONE man to get this place finished/setup! Took over 90 days to finish setup job! Our home is a crystal valley, spent over $120K and would NEVER recommend this to ANYONE!

Ross from Missouri
We have one of their modualars and it has been a great home. We got it in 2006. Are energy bills as less than others with a home almost half the size.

Kim from Louisiana
If i could give a negative star, I would give 100 negatives. We went with patriot because of the longer warranty and the structure of the home seemed better than other manufacturers. Our home is 3 yrs old, roof leaks, windows wont open all the way, door leaks and exterior paint on door is peeling off already. By far the worst home for the money spent. Bankrupt, WHT, had we known we would have purchased from someone else because the warranty is voided now.

Jennie Sedore from New York
I have not had any problems with my Patriot home. My only problem is that I do not have a Compliance Certificate, which I need now, as I am having the home appraised. Appraently, it was removed by the dealer, or someone. The dealer is not longer in business. Anyway, I love my home.

H M from Oklahoma
Our story is much like everyone else so I wont go into details. However, I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with the plumbing in the home. We have been in our home for almost 5 years and the cold water lines have never had much pressure. We attributted it to the fact that we have well water and it has alot of lime, however, we were in our last home on the same peice of land for nearly 15 years and didn't have nearly the problem we currently do. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to do?

Tim from Michigan
I own a '99 Crystal Valley, one of the first all-drywall homes. My service from Patriot/CV was good, issues taken care of in a timely manner. The home is now 11 years old and has only suffered from typical wear and tear over the years, an occasional floor squeak. Crystal Valley was Patriot's best brand, the base models of the "Columbus" or "Lincoln Park" series were never very good.

Daniel from Ardmore,TN
We had outgrown our previous home and needed to find something fairly fast. We ended up with a home from "The Home Connection" in Florence, Alabama which WAS run by David James. We bought one of the show models off the lot. I have to say the house looked impressive but ever since the deal was done it has been pure hell. The house has been fairly good with insulation issues but otherwise it isn't worth 10 cents.

I am sitting here listening to the roof leak right on my table. I noticed another leak around the fireplace with an insert that never worked. The service from the dealer has been worse than anything I have even heared about. They never hooked up our lines from the master bath so guess what.... They said they sent someone out who claimed to not see any problems. He actually never came up here. We had to pay someone else to fix it. We have scads of cracks in the walls. In the numerous calls I have made NOTHING has ever been fixed. Upon making a call this morning I was informed by DAVID JAMES himself the he is no longer in business and he was told that Patriot was bankrupt. What a damn good way to find out. I hope I am not forced to go after individuals involved to get anything done. Let's see what happens.

Walter Kayden from Potterville MI
Thomas homes in Perry Michigan, the home was new when we bought it. It has been a nightmare the entire time. We have had many leaks in the roof and had to replace the roof already. The windows leak, we need a new back door because it has fallen apart.

Patricia Kirkpatrick from Terrell, TX
We have owned a Patriot Home for 10 years and are not at all happy to find the roof falling in due to Patriot neglecting to install roofing paper over the roof and under the shingles. We had had problems with leaking 5 years ago and supposedly they said it was fixed. NOT so.The roof is caving in from years of being wet.

Regina Foster from Grand Rapids, MI
We have a Crystal Valley home we bought used a 1988 it has been a great home for the past 5 years. Other than repairing a Manufactured home requires some skill, I think it is a well built home

debbie/ralph vanmeter from indiana
we got a home form then and its juck we have had back ups to big ho.s in the floo they are so bad that you never want to bye a home form then email me ill let you see the home we got its bad and we pay like 97.0000 for it love to sue then for 40.000 just to fixt it

victor carnegie from Monterey Ind
Hi everyone I agree with you all about these issues with Patriot built homes.I bought my house new in 1996 its a 1997 model it was my first home I owned and until now I have to replace my roof which is insured by home owners insurrance, i still have the same carpet after 14 years .I guess everyone skylights leaks,just like car dealers you have good ones and bad ones. I feel your pain and for the people who paid for the house and never recieved it the lord will reward you in another way just wait.Some Patriot builders took pride in there work and the others just did'nt , Good company gone bad.

Ben Geiger from Swartz Creek,mi
I have haD NO LEAKS no troubles no pain/ This house has keept me cool in summer and warm in winter.

Steve Slaughter from Star City, AR 71667
I don't know which company I am more ticked off with the Dealer that sold me or the company that made the home. While we were patiently waiting for Patroit to come finish the job of setup. They went under and no one bother to tell us. I happen to be in the town were we bought it (Monticello, AR) and stopped by to find out why Patroit has not come and finished the job. They ask me were you not notified of the bankruptcy. I said no. then it was to late to submit a claim. I did send the company a email and no one bother to right back. So if the service on their Modular homesis going to be like their manfuctured homes it sucks

Cheryl Hobbs from Missouri
We bought a 1998 Victorian model in 1999, brand new off the lot. We have had the typical things go wrong that would go wrong in a regular home (not manufactured or modular). One thing we have had terrible problems with though is the skylights. The ones that were installed were the plastic ones. I would never recommend these. One of them leaked badly. Good thing for us that it was over the bathtub, because that's where all the water went to. We had to replace the faucets because they were leaking. Our carpet has buckled in a couple of rooms. Some of our countertops have pulled away from the walls. We just put a new roof on (shingles)this past week. The old one had been on for 11 years so we feel fortunate it lasted that long. But back to the skylights -- now that we had to put a new roof on, when taking the skylights up, both were badly cracked. When trying to find some replacement ones, we ran into problems. You either can't find them in that size or the ones you do find you have to special order, are glass and they are very pricey. Even though I've mentioned the problems, I have felt like it has been a good home for us. You can't expect everything to be perfect!

Ken Labuda from Elgin, Ill.
We recently bought one of their homes. It must have been the last or one of the last homes they built beofre going under. This is what I call Motel Construction - junk. They went out of bussiness before I could doing anything about. The house went out of warranty just like that. I would never recommend this company to tie my shoes.

Al from SW Missouri
I must be one of the lucky ones. I purchased a Victorian Home from Patriot in 2003. The purchase and set up went well. I have no complaints about the construction of the home. In fact it seems to be very well built. My only complaint is the so called "Factory Trained" service technician that installed an add-on sky light couldn't seem to get it to stop leaking or fix the ceiling right after it leaked. The sales/service manager was very kind and finally hired someone to make it right. No complaints since.

J K from Ohio
By far one of the worst homes you can buy. Bought 2006 when I retired from the military. Delivered late due to the frame being damaged but would not explain what was wrong. Plumbing was hooked up backwards (hot to cold, cold to hot) and was not completed. When water was turned on there was an open 1 inch line to nowhere and flooded basement. Had to fix several leaks in the CPVC lines myself over the last 3 years. Shingles put on poorly. All electric home and not enough breakers in the panel. (Was told that was standard panel.) Ceiling in kitchen began to have gaps after 2 years, and counter tops pulled 3/4 inch from the walls. Bathroom stucco began to fall from ceilings. At one time this was a good company, but was told from their own department that they had a big turn over in 2006 because they did not pay enough to the workers and hire people with little experience to save money. (The good workers that used to do the plumbing, construction ect had went to another plant. If they want to sell me another one, I'll buy if its 1/10 the dealer price and fix it myself to be a quality home. If your going to buy one, buy it at their bankrupcy sale and get it for pennies on the dollar and it would be worth it then, otherwise stay clear of this company. They didn't have a 0 star rating, so I had to give it a 1 star.

I agree with most of this panel. The house when it arrives is built like a TANK, however the service of Patriot stinks like no other. I would rank Patriot when it arrived a 9, but after contacting so-called customer service 5-6 times, I finally had to file a complaint with the Better Buisiness Bureua. I actually had to contact Mac Carr in charge of repairs, AT HIS HOME. He would not return my calls, and when I called him at home he sounded scared! Like I said, I would rate the home when it got here a 9, but after the terrible service, I can't do anything but rate them a 1. By the way, my wife and I bought one of their most expensive homes, a triple wide valued @ $95,000.

texasteph from great state of Texas
apparently a crooked dealer. i concur. well built with cheap materials, and the worst follow up and service network in the history of mankind, my opinion.

CHIQUEBA from United States
0 stars. Patriot shut our plant in Hamilton, Alabama with a 30 minute notice. No vacation pay, severance pay, etc.

Stacey from Arkansas
my father signed my contract to purchase a 2008 Patriot model which took 12 weeks for setup with no special requests and already sitting on a lot in Batesville. Since it has arrived we have had our roof leak and our walls ruined fron the water. We have our tubs leaking all over the bathrooms. The kitchen counter is warped, 3 of the 6 main windows in the house are broken and we have made a formal complaint that is 6 pages long of all the issues. Why is it that now I have no warrenty, when we have paid so much for this house to arrive with a piece of mind and no damage. We also have requested they come get this home and refund our money or replace it or pay the thing off with the bank. I feel like I have been cheated, yet the Bankruptcy court finds it acceptable for us to suffer....This company sucks and I hate my 1st home.

Kelly Smith from Boon, Michigan
We bought our manufactured home from Grand Traverse Homes in Traverse City, Michigan in 2003. It is a Crystal Valley home. I have absolutely no complaints about our house. It stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The one thing that I will say, however, is that the crown moulding is coming apart from the ceiling and the ceiling paint (stucco) over the master bathroom shower has bubbled and is beginning to peel off in large sections. These things are minor details to me. As far as some of the other buyers' opinions go, it sounds like the subcontractors that were hired to "finish" the job were the ones to blame. The actual construction of the homes is fantastic. I have recommended these homes and will continue to recommend them to all of my friends, family, and anyone that asks. Thanks, Patriot Homes, for making our first house a place to call home!

Sue Hawkins McClure from Cumby Texas
Another HUGE ZERO STARS!!! Patriot's Dealer, Pat Kennedy of Sheraton Homes in Greenville Texas, colluded with Wells Fargo Loan officer, John Jackson, to defraud my husband and me of our $150,000 "construction loan" money. Yep, they took the money but never ordered our house. I appealed to Patriot Homes attorney, Steve Like, and to Sam Weidner, repeatedly, for help and feed back. Neither ever even bothered to respond much less help my husband and me. Kennedy is now out of business. We sued Kennedy, her employee Kerry Sheehan, Wells Fargo, and Patriot Homes, in July 2007. We got judgment against Kennedy and Sheehan. Patriot Homes appears to have declared bankruptcy, in part, to avoid our lawsuit. This is a HORRIBLE company who supports and assists their crooked dealers rather than taking care of the people who fill their coffers, people like my husband and me. My only sorrow at their bankruptcy is that they still owe us $$$$$$$$$$$$$ which at this point I fear we will never see. However, criminal charges are still pending and we are considering other civil solutions. NEVER NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM ANYONE WHO REPRESENTS PATRIOT HOMES. The people are vipers.

Eric Rhodus from Denham Springs, La.
I bought a Patriot in late 2004. The home itself is fair construction for a manufactured home. The home arrived at the dealer, with one whole sides flooring done in ceramic tile, instead of just the kitchen. The rest of my experience has been like Tracie from Texas. The seller/set-up contractor's (Rollin Homes) people were disastrous. Mine was ordered with taped and floated sheet-rock walls. When it arrived at the dealer, there wasn't a crack in a single wall. By the time the installation gorillas finished, there were "shattered" walls. The interior finishers were horrible. The "factory" sent people five times. Three to repair broken counter tops. And the tops are horrible. A 3yr old could do better. The home was "set-up" the week after Christmas, 2004. My wife and I finally gave up and moved in around the end of April, 2005! By the way, you can get a lawyer, but all you can do is go to Federal Interstate Commerce Commission Arbitration! You can't sue them!!!! Read your fine print. The dealer "whammied" me with that little document the day the home arrived! It was not mentioned before, for obvious reasons. My only choices were to sign the agreement or forfeit my $10,000 down payment! Patriot's web-site doesn't work any longer. I hope they went belly-up!

Amy from undisclosed
We bought a Crytal Valley in 2000 and have had orange/brown spots appear on the carpet and on the ceilings. I know of 1 other person that bought a Crytal Valley in 2000 that is having the same issues and I am looking for more people.

teresa riggs from hutsonville, Il
I have very unhappy with our home and service, the roof has leaked since we got it in which we have replaced it ourselves, replaced doors and next is windows and duct board is falling apart and all floors are weak .

Tracie Wetzel from Texas
We chose Patriot because of the quality...However, when the house was set up on our place and the contractor "touch-ups" began....the nightmare began! Everytime the workers came in the house they screwed something up! They have textured and painted the marriage seam 4 times now, done sloppy paint work, spilled paint on the carpet (it is unacceptable-but can't seem to get the owner or contractor to give me a straight answer about replacing it), they put a hole in the shower floor with a ladder when painting,and so on. Of course the contractor wants to say his guys didn't mess things up! My next step will be to contact corporate office and the BBB! Hopefully we won't have to hire a lawyer. The house was delivered and set up 9 weeks ago and we are still not moved in. (2-6-08)

Deborah Gabel from Biloxi, MS
000 Stars--We have ask to be given the money back and get the house off the property.My 81 year old mother paid cash for a home from Morgan Hunter Homes (John Carricate) through Prudential Real Estate, which is Admiration Builders and Patriot Homes. The house has been sitting on the property for 8 months and still cannot live in it. The foundation is no good and it has 3 broken floor joist. The house is located at 1546 Collins Street, Biloxi MS. for anyone who would like to look at the type of work this company is doing.

Bill Smith from Mississippi
By far the highest construction quality that I have seen in a manufactured home. Highly recommend.

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