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Mascot Homes


3809 Sunset Blvd.
West Columbia, SC 29169
Phone: 803-794-4725

Mascot Homes Description:
"...Mascot's modular homes seem indistinguishable from traditional homes and are compatible with any neighborhood architectural style, yet they offer so many more benefits to you..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Multi-Family modular homes
  • Commercial modular buildings

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1965
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsManufactured Housing Institute (MHI)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkAbout 30 dealers
Location of FactoriesWest Columbia, SC
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through dealers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood framing
Energy EfficiencyRoof: R-30 Rockwool Insulation, Exterior Walls: Filled with R-13 Fiberglass Insulation with Kraft Backed Vapor Barrier
Construction Timeframe3 to 7 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of Floorplans10 floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70-$100
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDependent on site
Avg. Placement CostsDependent on site
Site PreparationNo


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsDepends on location
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewMascot Homes is currently closed due to financial issues. If they open again you should make sure they are stable before considering them. They lack some of the features that the premium modular home manufacturers offer but Mascot Homes focus more on affordability. This is a good option for entry level modular home buyers to consider. They provide quality homes with all of the standard needs most home buyers look for.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Mascot Homes

Karl Pritchard from Edenton, NC
Home was purchased new in 1998. Well made. with the usual new home problems. The windows were budget two-pane, and frosted and mildewed between the panes. All windows had to be replaced, and Mascot paid a good share of the cost of better windows. The kitchen cabinets have some rough edges where a little sanding would have helped. The roof shingles made it for 20 years before they had to be replaced. A PEX fitting on the hot water heater was not crimped, so the heater had to be shut off. No plumber in the area at that time was familiar with PEX. Mascot paid for a local plumber to come out and jury-rig a temporary fix, so that there would be hot water. It's fixed right, now. That's about all the problems. The house is soundly built, with very good interior finishing. Amazingly, the contractor-level refrigerator and dishwasher are still going good after 23 years.

DjElliott from North Carolina
We bought our doublewide Mascot home about 40 years ago brand new; and it's still as durable and beautiful as the day it was bought. However we did replace the shingle roofing, as well as replace the heating/air system 2 years ago; but after all these years, that's normal wear and tear for a house this older. I love how quality built this doublewide home is, and would buy it again. I rate Mascot homes a 5 star

Pamela Stultz from Leesville, SC
My Mascot home is 8 years old. The improperly installed front porch leaks and has caused my kitchen floor to go soft in one spot. The drywall is nailed, even the ceiling, and falling. The carpet wasn't stretched while being laid. Multiple light switches that don't do anything. A side door light has never worked. I have had to have someone come in a service or replace every single appliance purchased in the home. Oh yeah, the electrical connection boxes under the house separated and 2 bedrooms had NO power. Add to that a $10000.00 back deck that was anchored so poorly that we were scared to walk on it.

margaret george from lexington,sc
I bought my mascot home 21 years ago. It has been great no major issues only minor ones that go with owning a home. My roof lasted 20 years. I had some outside work done on my porches & the contractor who did the work was very impressed with the home & quality of the home for its age. I did have to replace the HVAC unit after 13 years with a larger package unit.

Chris Larsen from Lexington
Our Mascot is 14 years old and has been an easy house to live in, and an even easier house to maintain. Quality 6 panel doors throughout. Well insulated. Crown moldings, even in the closets (which, by the way, are all walk-ins with lights.) Appliances have held up well. All in all, we are very pleased.

Ernie DeBruhl from Ridgeway,SC
We have had our Mascot home going on 16 years now and have loved it all 16. No major problems and very few minor problems.

Charles Teal from Tabor City North Carolina
We bought a mascot home 10 years ago and have had to replace the sliding door, the front door needs changing out, the air conditioning unit needs to be changed out, the duct work was done sorry, there are holes in it that was done when we first purchased the home, but didn't find out until we are having to replace hvac unit. The plumbing had to be replaced throughout the house, the water fixtures were the sorriest ones you can buy, the door bell hasn't worked sine the first six months, if I had it to do over again I wouldn't buy a mascot home.

Chris Eubanks from greenwood sc
We bought this house from the original owner. There were cosmetics that we accepted such as the crappy sheet rock corners and poor molding job since the owners significantly reduced the price. I have since found many short comings in the siding and roofing. We have had to replace the HVAC unit and will soon be re-roofing as the rubber boots on the vents are deteriorated and the add-on porch was not properly roofed to the house. This house is only 13 years old and there is no reason for this. Several windows have started giving problems and the plumbing is shoddy. I have added ceiling fans to most rooms and have found sloppy wiring. The bathroom vent fan were not connected to the roof outlets.
I am not a contractor but I have done renovation and remodeling work. My 10 year old nephew does better work than this. Rest assured, if this company re-opens, they will never see any business from me again.

Susan Kennerly from Santee, SC
My Mascot home is now 12 years old. I am very satisfied with the appearance and quality construction of the home. Any warranty issues were promptly taken care of by Mascot's curteous and professional staff.

Dick Proctor from Mebane, NC
We've been in our home over 12 yrs, initially there we a few problems I think every home has sick built included. It has been an impressive home, warm and cozie.

samuel herr from holly hill
i bought my mascot home in 2000 i love the home but the cabnets all had a plastic coating on them and it has come loose they said they would fix them but i have yet to hear from them after they get there money you are on your own.

Kris Hage from Lexington, SC
We bought a Mascot home 11 years ago. Our house needs half of the windows,the sliding glass door and the singles replaced. We had to replace the air handle that was supplied with the house. The outside wall is seperating from a bathroom wall. You can see the side of the house bowing out where the separation is occurring. We have had to fix numerous cracks in the corners because of the house settling. Don't use a semi gloss paint on any of the walls, because it will show the crappy job that Mascot did on the sheet rock finishing. When our home arrived from the factory we didn't have the same cabinets in the bathrooms that were in the model home. We had even ask to make sure we would get the same cabinets. We had to buy an insert to get the draws we need. Overall the construction of the house is good. I like how solid the floors are with the I beams under the floor joices. We purchase extra insulation in the ceiling and was able to get the "good cents" rating from Mid Carolina Electric which saves us 6 cents per kilowatt hour on the electric bill.

John R. Murphy from Pawleys Island,sc
I have had a mascot home for 10 years and every time I turn around something has to be fixed, from windows,doors floors and the biggest problem was the HVAC duck work, looks like a blind man installed it had splits and holes in it from day 1! Never missed a house payment but will never buy another one with out some kind of warrenty longer then 1 year

Susan Thompson from Pinopolis, SC USA
We've lived in our Mascot for just over 8 years now, and I love it every bit as much today as when I moved into it. My gosh! What a quality home! I bought it after my late husband passed away and I wanted to move back to SC from NC to be closer to family. I wanted to live "out" but was on a budget and a site built home was just out of the question. One of the contractors my mom's boss worked with said he couldn't touch the quality for price of a Mascot with a stick! I saved thousands by going with my Mascot vs trying to site build a house, and I feel like I got a much better built house in the process. Everything was quality. Any issues I did have (caulk on the carpets, off center bathroom sinks), they went above and beyond to make me happy. I hope that they get their business moving again soon, 'cause while I don't foresee a hurricane ever taking my house down, I sure would be sad to not be able to go to Donnie for another home! He ROCKED! (*"*)

Constance French from Sauratown Mtn, NC
We bought a new Mascot customized to our specifications. It came with a 20 yr warranty on the roof shingles, but the they already need replacement, 10 yrs later. We were to have a gas self-cleaning stove, but a much cheaper version was in the home, which needed $300 repairs within 3 yrs from major defect in gas burner. Otherwise it has been a good home, though lacking 3-way light switches available in the model home we saw and which we were led to believe were standard in the design model #441 Windsor, but which details were suddenly "itemized" because we customized other details--such as not getting a kitchen island & no utility room sink, asking for rafter supports so we could later safely add ceiling fans in the bedrooms. The model had double-hung windows, but our home came without them.

Roger Hedrick from Candler, NC
We bought a Mascot that was already set on the property where it is located here in Candler. We like the quality built into the house. More three way switches would have made it more convient to turn some lights on and off. For instance the livingroom, utility room, and kitchen. Other than that we love the house.

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