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Laurel Creek Homes


1635 South 43rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Toll-Free: 877-369-4602

Laurel Creek Homes Description:
"...A manufactured home by Laurel Creek is a luxury home designed to meet your everyday living needs and exceed your expectations. We understand that certain amenities, such as a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and a large refrigerator, are essential to running your household on a daily basis. You'll be happy to know that these are considered standard features in all our homes..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business2005
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 500
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsANSI, RMHA, RPTIA, CMHI, MHIA, ICC, RVDA, and CCLOA
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Two architects on contract, seven full time engineers on staff for customizing
Builder NetworkAbout 10 home builders
Location of FactoriesPhoenix, Arizona
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builder network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsSteel floor system
Energy EfficiencyR-19 in 6" walls are standard on modular plans
Construction Timeframe2 to 6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityVery flexible in engineering and offer many custom alternatives
Amount of Floorplans20 predesigned floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70-$90 (HUD homes are less)
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDependent on site
Avg. Placement CostsDependent on site
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityMany plans have built in decks and porches along with one car garages,
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
Guarantees10 year structural warranty
Delivery RangeWestern USA
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsDepends on location
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewLaurel Creek Homes ceased operations in 2009. They may reopen their modular factory. Even if they do restart offering modular homes we would not feel comfortable with Laurel Creek Homes until they rebuild confidence and trust for their company. It is unfortunate because this company had several industry veterans from the manufactured housing industry with some good fresh ideas and home designs. Laurel Creek may not have as many predesigned floorplans as others but the ones they did have looked good.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Laurel Creek Homes

WILLIAM HOWER from California
My 2007 was one of the great ones to be built. It is a great Loft park model. They screwed up by spraying stucco on the sides of there trailers. It was never done before for a reason to heavy and can't take being moved. The thin coating cracked and allowed water into the walls. Mold grew in the walls and ruined the unit. 2007 was the first year they sprayed the Stucco siding and the law suits put them out of business. Every trailer with the Stucco spray coat failed and leaked. Don't buy one if it has a Stucco spray siding.

Lisa from Big Bear Lake, California
We bought our loft park model in 2006 and all the warranty work was done as promised though it often took a while. The home is really lovely and 13+ years later we don't regret the purchase. I wish there was a place to upload a photo.

Jane from Kern County, CA
We love it and have had no problems

jose from phoenix from phoenix
trabaje para laurel creek desde su comienzo en los negocios y tambien para cavco rv y claiton homes solo quiero decirles que los problemas de laurel creek siempre fueron administrativos por que en las tres companias siempre mi equipo de trabajo fue el mejor

Jim Crisp from Phoenix, AZ
My home was placed on foundation blocks and the cement was not mix correctly. After the first rain, the blocks started to deteriorate, and literally crumbled. Now the walls inside the home are cracking due to the unstable structure. After calling for two year with promises, it has NEVER been fixed. I guess, I'm on my own if I want it fixed.

teena from buckeye az
must have had the last home off the 43rd ave lot. love the home no problems-sales rep was great. my puppy chewed on the corner of my kitchen cabinet door and I went to factory to see if I could get new one to match and lo and behold it was an empty lot. Would have been nice to at least have received a notice they were closing and to whom to address warrenty issue with if I needed.

Dee from Arizona
I am a Dealer for Manufactured and Modular Homes. I sold a number of homes, and Laurel Creek was a favorite. My clients loved their homes, the set up men and T & T contractors always said good things about their quality in construction. I'll say this, when you drive down a street with a variety of Manufactured/Modular Homes, you can always pick out the Laurel Creek Home. The eye for detail they had was obvious. I was always treated well by their staff and their response time to do a walk thru and make minor repairs was swift. I was sad to see them go. But I know a lot of other business that could not make it through this recession, no shame in that. If they opened their doors tomorrow, I would be more then happy, and proud to sell their products. I love their homes, quality, staff, and response time. I agree, a couple of employees, that do not know how to follow directions,and do not take pride in their work, can hurt a company. Anyone can hire a "bad apple", but they would not keep them, for sure. They have always been a "5 Star" company in my eyes.

John Corgnati from Snohomish Wa
Love the house, never attempted any warranty work reembursement just figured we would fix any of the little things that went wrong during shipment. Not much to fix:)

Kim McCord from Gilbert Arizona
I am a contractor here in the valley and every one of the claims listed above is right on track with the company. They are a poor excuse for a company!!! I have a judgement in my favor for $6,000 for invoices never paid by them, they did not even show up for court to defend themselves.

Julia Bergman from California
We love the unit BUT the lack of response from Accounting for a reimbursement of approved expenses for things that broke during transport drove us crazy. It took ten months to get reimbursed, after I tracked down a company executive and threatened him with the Phoenix BBB and the Arizona Attorney General.

Kourtney from Northern Az
I think we all need to contact the BBB. This company is HORRIBLE!!!!! We also have a home from them and have been waiting for almost 2 years for warranty work to be done. They never call you back or do anything for you, they take your money, leave a crappy product and never look back.

Scott from Oregon
As a dealer for LCH I can only say stay away from them if they reopen. They leave warranty work undone and did not have the decency to tell their dealers they were tanking. We have two units they never stood behind.

Gerry Hansen from washington
They talk a good game but fail to walk the walk. It is fine to offer a 10 year warranty with no backup. We are waiting for over two years.

Bud Hausman from California
They do not stand behind their product. They refuse to do the warranty work then when the dealer pays to have it done they wont pay for that either. this company works at standards below 1 star but we dont have that choice.

Jason Popplewell from phx
Laurel Creek Homes doesn't pay their contractors. They like to have their work done in a timely manner, but don't count on a check until your electricity is shut off and they come take your truck! Be careful with this one

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