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Horton Homes


101 Industrial Blvd.
Eatonton, GA 31024
Phone: 706-485-8506

Horton Homes Description:
"...Horton Homes, located in Eatonton, Georgia, is the leading producer of HUD code manufactured homes and modular homes at a single facility in the nation. Manufacturing three homes a week from an abandoned chicken house in 1970, Horton Homes has grown to a 100 acre facility, with a manufacturing capacity of 100 floors a day..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Commercial modular buildings

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1970
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 500 (mobile homes)
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 100 retailers
Location of FactoriesEatonton, GA
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction steel base
Energy EfficiencyR-11 Kraft back fiberglass insulation
Construction Timeframe3 to 5 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of Floorplans5 online floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60-$90
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDependent on site
Avg. Placement CostsDependent on design
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewHorton Homes focused on manufactured mobile homes. They have closed. They built a few models of modular homes but their quality was closer to mobile homes than it was to traditional stick-built homes. We were not fans of Horton modular homes. They did a good job with mobile homes but their modular offering was just average when compared with other manufacturers. If you are looking for a high-end modular mansion, you will likely be happier elsewhere.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Horton Homes

Thomas Hollis from Tennessee
I bought this in 1990 NEW and immediately had plumbing issues which finally will be resolved this month. Complete repiping!!! This manufacturer accepted zero responsibility for using inferior materials. Buy from someone else. Cost is over $3,500. 00

Annie Johnson from 73 ST.Paul Rd.Garfield GA.30425
I brought a 1998 Horton modular home and they delivered it to my property and set it up there were several problems I call the seller to inform him as what was going on the stated tha I needed to get someone to take of it and I had to pay for it on my own Then I went to used my restroom after sitting down on it I fell straight thru to the ground the whole toliete was on the ground and they just didn't care but charge me a lots of money for a modular home that I didn't a chance to enjoy.

Debra A Valentine from mcdonough
i moved to my home in 2000 and lived there 3 years then rented it for 20 years my renters loved the home not saying they took care of it. i would buy another one in a heart beat.

Fred Farckle from TN
2008 model, on roof black paper, not tar paper. Shingles did not last 10 years. No drip edge, rotted composite board. Exterior trim painted cardboard. None of the sheetrock has corner bead, every corner shows cracks. I'm amazed with how much cardboard it is built with. Interior trim cardboard. Cardboard sheathing under siding. Nice to ok house just needs lots of replacement.

Donna from Lithonia Ga
Horton homes is as sorry as they come. They were suppose to put a MODULAR home on our property & instead slipped in a double wide. They had to move it out & tore down some very old trees & destroyed our property. We had to end up selling our property to get out of debt to the County. NEVER would I even tell anyone about the sorry business

Donna Moore from Jackson County , ga
We bought our 1990 in 1997 double wide from a couple who smoked. So we have since replaced every surface and mechanical. The plumbing was redone by shell oil since it was under recall. Like every home built maintanace is required. We removed the builder grade lighting and taped the sheet rock textured the walls and painted. We added real wood elements. Changed the plumbing and added a metal roof. The bottom line on shingles is you can spend a fortune and still nevet do as eell as a metal roof. But even they will need new screws after 20 yrs. If I had one thing to say I wish that i had installed a better roof ventilation system wje they built the interior ceiling vents are a real pain to deal with. Otherwise its home sweet home for 22yrs.

E Chambers from Carthage NC
We bought a Horton Simmit in1996 or 1997. the problem we have had is very minimal. Some of the carpet was replaces seven to ten years ago, in what they called the Greatroom, as well as the kitchen, and bathrooms. We just replaced the carpet in the master bedroom, painted it, and it looks great. We've some storms that were quite bad, but home ,for the most part has held up pretty well. Other than a few shingles blowing off the roof, replace it maybe close to ten years.Dislikes are some minors things could have been done better, but all in all our home is still our Home.

Patricia Crunkleton from Tiger, Ga. 30576
I bought a Horton Doublewide Home in 2003. It has been good except for the shingle on the roof that are disintegrating. I have leaks. A roofer told me that the shingles had been recalled 10 years ago. I would like the name of the manufacturer of the shingles. I am retired and a new roof is very out of my budget! Thank you

Jacquelyn Kim Alexander from Sanford, NV
I have had many of the problems people put up here. I just found out after three hurricanes that it had cardboard on the roof, I mean why? The roof was done wrong altogether, didn't attach underlayment to the OSB, then used one shingle nail to hold the shingle and it all together. I had bad leaks where i ended up getting black mold. It didn't have the overhang so water would run off they talk about. They used these really crappy boards under the roof which rotted, they used cardboard type something up there I am going to replace with PVC. I also have rotted siding with insulation coming out. They didn't put something behind the siding to protect it between the bedroom insulation and siding. I mean it's literally pouring rain into this one bedroom. I have had electrical problems the entire time so I think they were done wrong. This is my life savings. I bought it used so I don't know who did actual construction. we have a horrible time with contractor fraud in NC as it is, worst in U.S. so getting somebody to repair it right is another thing. I had a leak from the water heater even before I moved in here so I took it out to put a tankless one in. The floors are crap and got wet from the crappy improperly done roof. I'm putting Black Jack on the roof after replacing rotted OSB. Then going to insulate it with foam, then metal. Then replace the rotted boards with PVC. But the siding is another story. All of this was done. I bought it after 1-yr warranty. I don't know if there was an inspection but they don't get on the roof anyway. They just "look" at it. My Mom said this was a great manufacturer. It isn't in myh case. I'm mad. It isn't that I didn't maintain it. i've had floors replaced. I have ripped out the crappy carpet to put in laminate flooring. It has a big bulge in the living room I somehow missed. I was so desperate to get away from my stepfather's temper tantrums I bought it in a hurry. I wish I hadn't. I've got all my money sunk into this place. I've removed tree limbs too close to the house but I live in a forest and humidity so going to be mold. But not like I've seen. Yes, doors hung wrong. Sheetrock crappy, it's crumbling and no insulation behind. Didn't know. I have to do alot of repairs myself because of contractor fraud and they don't know what they are doing either. I've had leaks from the pipes that I've paid to be repaired. I know the plumbers did the job wrong. I know Horton out of business now but they've got a new company. I'm finding a construction attorney. It isn't up to code even 20 yrs ago.

Marcia Fisher from Thomaston GA
My Horton home is 20 years old. I bought it 18 years ago and have not had any major problems. I have the original rugs and curtains. I would like to replace them but can't afford it. I replaced the roof at about 15 years. I have no complaints and have been happy with my home.

Roger from Florida
I recently was hit by Hurricane Irma and to my surprise I found numerous things that I would have never known had the storm not pulled the shingles off. Which was funny because the FEMA built trailer next to mine lost no shingles. But back to my story while up replacing the roof I found 15 sheathings being to be replaced because Horton doesn't think it's important to put a drip edge down, secondly the fascia board is 2X4 1/2 who makes boards that size, third who glues their ceiling drywall to the 2X2 truss? This shoddy cover up work makes it impossible to remodel after a storm. Once I rebuild it the correct way I'm gonna sell it and never by Horton again

Ricky from Lewis
Well iloved the home, but as others have wrote they have leak problems that is a factory fault. I noticed my leaks 3 years from purchase. You would not believe how some some shit head cobbled the shingles together at the eaves to get enough hang over. Slid a two inch piece under the first shingle to let it hang over more. Very crooked studs throughout not a grade lumber. I can see daylight above the cabinets I took pictures of the shingle work done. If need be the daylight still comes through for the knuckle head employ who wrote above its not a manufacturing fault. Well bud come check the daylight your self. Cost of home definitely not worth the quality you should get. Very poor craftsman ship from the factory. Sales rep had nothing to do with how they received it, LEAKING!!! Light coming thru, and crooked studs Would never recommend Horton to no one.

Melodie Parker Claxton from Elon
I love my Horton Home. I have lived in it for 33 years. Can you tell the the square footage for 1984 Summitt Horton Home.

Patricia J Minor from Milledgeville, Georgia
I purchased my Summit 3 + 3 in 1986, my 30 year anniversary is why I write this review--I purchased it with the intentions of staying in it only a few years as I knew it was only going to last 5 to six years, so my finance was for 12 years, I'd guessed I'd build a home after this one fell apart--On moving in the first thing I noticed was the sturdiness of the floors--no squeaking or cracking. 12 inch elves prevent rain water from running down the sides, so I've never had any problems with sidings--they are all the originals and still intact, After I'd had the house for approximately 9 years, had an accident with some water on the great room floor--had a swimming pool and the water was low--tried to put water in the pool with a water hose from the kitchen sink--left it running while I went to work--came home water was all over the floor instead of in the pool outside the window. Of course I had to have a floor rebuilt because of the types of boards used on the floor. My husband said these floors are better built than those of a house--materials used to build a house floor is not what was used to build this floor. With these thoughts in mind we took up all carpet and put in hardwood floors with lamination in the kitchen and bathrooms. I give this review in celebration of my home--I don't think building another home would have been any better than this one--I certainly saved money seeing that I was completed with payments in 12 years and has enjoyed my home mortgage free for the last 18 years. And the new house plans could not afford the space I'm provided in this house especially since a 63x8 porch was added as well as in the process of adding 2 more bedrooms and another bath.

Renee patterson from Wadmalaw is sc
I purchase my home in 2005 that was bad move my roof always leaking they did not put the roof on right and my floor were not level right

Fred Farckle from TN
2nd owner of a 2002 Horton double wide with bonus room with fireplace. Shingles were shot and 7/16 osb rotted all around the edge. Did not know a 10 year warranty shingle was sold. Roofing company fixed roof. Home is nice


william bailey from 1833 bullard ford road hartsville 29550
Homes average until 2009 or 2010. Living room window started leaking damaging wall in side. About 2012 hot heater water line busted ruining floor at the back. I had to cut floor to fix water line. 2013 master bath room had a rain at the back corner. I all most for got the other bath toilet seal started leaking and flood bath room. I fix it this was around 2010. I just sold home and lost money. Never no more horton homes for me William Bailey

Laura from Mississippi
Horton Sucks!!!!!!! And I don't even like that word. Nothing but problems with the roof. The roof has to be replaced because the shingles are crumbling.

R Hucks from Aynor,SC
My husband and I bought a 2001 Horton used from a private party in 2007 at a very good deal and we have never been sorry. We walked through the home before we bought it and knew before hand that we would have to make a few repairs. I love my home. We replaced carpets with laminate flooring, painted wall, and replaced moulding throughout. Yes, we did find things that could have been manufactured better, but nothing to really cry about. Our siding is masonite or hardee board and I painted the whole house after we bought it because the old color faded.. When someone comes to visit they have to knock on the door because we don't hear them pull up the drive. This is not our first mobile home but it is the best. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa D from North Carolina
I have been trying to get my doors (front & back) replaced, my siding is 2 different colors, I have foot prints on the other siding, I have been calling them for 2 years now and in the past month calling daily, I have contacted the BBB for the second time now, would not refer my dog to them! If any one knows how I can get my doors replaced please let me know! I am tired of all my heat going outside.

Ronnie Ervin from newport nc
I have a 2001 summit Horton doublewide paid extra for thermapane vinyl windows having problem with windows deterioraiting between the glass looking like paper between the glass need to replace all windows

I purchased my Horton single wide in 2000. The home has Masonite siding and brought to the attention of the salesman the well known problem with the siding rotting. He assured me the problem had been solved and I didn,t double check. WHAT a mistake. Within 5 years rotten spots started and now the siding has turned to mush. Now have to replace all the siding. My advice is not to take their word on anything. If you insist on purchasing any Horton home have a paid building inspector do a complete inspection and DO NOT accept the home until that is complete. Do not do as I did and have regrets and super expensive repairs.

Roger Sarka from Hudson
My home is a 2008 and the roof needs replaced already. When it was delivered and set up everything was done satisfactory. It has been a good home over all. Only 7 years for shingles is bad.

rebecca durham from eatonton ga
i have been trying to grt a hold of the company for my floors are coming apart my kitchen cabinets are falling apart the company told me they would have somone would get a hold of me and as of today 1 year later no one has called me yet the home where they concet it together ie spliting apart ,i wish to god i never bought it there was a man named r.v he was the boss and he is a crook just like the company i lost my home to a fire and these people took advange of me my kitchen floor isall wave . my nams is rebecca durham

Christine lei from Warner Robins Ga
I bought a nice mobile home from Horton Homes and they done me wrong is so many ways. The floor is unlevel in the hall, so many blatant paint mistakes (walls and ceiling throughout). They set my new home on my septic tank lines, and did not hook the line up to the tank itself. They put in a new line, but was not to the main part of the tank. Therefore within months of living in my new home, I had septic tank problems for two whole years (VERY EXPENSIVE). Horton Homes denied any responsibility. The septic tank lines Horton Homes installed was improperly done. Horton Homes said everything was up to code. WHAT CODE I ASK? - HOW WAS THIER CODE SYSTEM MADE UP? Onconee Homes should be put out of business. The staff was fake and they make lots of money off of people by doing inaccuracy work. These problems have costed me so much $ I did not have. I SUGGEST NO ONE BUY FROM -ONCONEE HORTON HOMES OF WARNER ROBINS GA (any Horton Homes location)! Their are multitude of problems in my home and outside of my home. The big problem is they put my home on NO-concrete foundation. I was unable to be on my property-location during instalation. And this caused them to take advantage of a buyer. They will pay for what they did to me. It has been six long years and I am still fixing HORTON HOMES mishaps. I will END this by saying BEWARE OF - ONCONEE HORTON HOMES COMPANY-RUN!!!!!

mike parleir from asheboro

Cynthia Fulkerson from Livia, KY
We purchased a Horton Home after looking at different dealers for years and years. We finally decided on a Horton Home. We have lived in it for 15 years and LOVE it. We never had one minutes worth of trouble out of our dealer.

mike smith from covington ga
Purchased my horton home 2008 5 years later roof leaks called horton they wont do anything out of warranty with in 1st year stucco fell off block the heat and air doesnt work right never has they checked it said was ok you freeze in winter burn up in the summer molding falls off the walls the floors pop cabinets falling apart celings cracking back to the roof i had a roofer come out he said from the factory they drove the nails at and angle so when you walk on it the nail heads come through the shingles .

Ronald barnes from Tifton. Ga
We got this dw in 2011,our roof has leaked and all they do is patch and put us November 2013 ,the ceiling in our living room ceiling has started chipping and shows a place where the factory patched a hole and is falling, I called the factory only to find out they only cover their problems for one year . Just great isn't it. I could write a list of mistakes , but it won't help , just make sure when you buy to check it out real good that first year.

Constance Stoner from United States
I have read all of your reviews and find that Horton Homes is not responsible for most of your anger. It is the dealer you purchased the home from, who's responsibility is to deliver and setup your home (or contractor). Don't kill the messenger!! I purchased a Horton Home from Sanders Manufactured Housing in Pensacola, FL some years ago. It was a wonderful home and Jeff Sanders was professional and, in my opinion, honest. I did have warranty work and since my home had been used as a model home, it had lots of tiny things that needed to be done. Jeff contacted Horton in Eatonton, GA and they sent a rep down the next week. He stayed here for a couple of days, brought everything with him to complete the repairs and stayed in a local hotel until he finished. Never had a problem. My ex still lives there. I am purchasing my first brand spanking new from the factory, just the way I want it, Horton Home. I can't wait to see it in a few weeks. 2014, here I come! If you don't hear from me again on this forum, I am perfectly satisfied and enjoying my new home. As with all things though, don't blame Horton for things they cannot fix or help with. Check your frustration and direct it to the proper place......Ciao~

Judy Akins from Monticello,Ga
I purchased a 2002 Horton Home this summer on some land and I love this home, the only problem I have found is the front door has a wide open area at bottom and will have to be corrected before winter. IO still love this home. Thought you would like to get some positive review.

Stephen from Brooklet
I bought this Horton home in 2007, in 2013 the roof has started leaking because the drip ease was installed in correct form the factory witch is a factory defect. Horton is refusing to do anything about it. Ive called and their rude warranty department is no help. He says that they will not fix it and to call a lawyer, so I did. It would be cheaper for them to fix it then pay for court and still have to fix it. This is a factory defect that by law has to be fixed on Horton's part. Don't waste your time and money with Horton because they are not worth your money.

Michael Mitchell from Harvest ,AL
I gave my mother the money for her new 16x76 Horton single wide mobile home from DAVIS HOMES LOCATED IN MCMINNVILLE TN. The home was delivered June 12 and we have had nothing but problems with the front and back door sealing, heat pump and insulation issues. They even stole the axle components after we told them they couldn't take them. This is one sorry, pathetic company. Be forewarned not to buy from them. We are going to have to sue these people to get justice. It's Dec 12 as of this posting and we are still using a cloth to make a seal to prevent rain and wind from coming in the house.

T. Brown from Bolivia, NC
The home was originally purchased by my Grandmother who knows nothing about construction and measurements because I believe if she had she would have left it on the lot. When my family and I took over the mortgage we decided to remodel because after only a few years things were falling apart. The kitchen cabinets were hung crooked, the floors and walls are not straight, the floors creak and squeak when you walk on them (my barely 50 lb child sounds like an elephant coming across the living room floor), and the doors are hung at an angle. After we began remodeling we found numerous issues such as sheetrock that was cut improperly, doorframes that had pieces of flat trim slid in place to hold the fram together, a gap between the floor where the two sides are joined (had the brick foundation checked and it is not the problem), walls that are bowed out making hanging cabinets a pain, insulation that is virtually non existant, and siding that is not secured correctly. Among the siding issues, after a minor thunderstorm a small piece of siding came off the side and you could see straight through into the home. The fireplace leaks during any rain, light, medium, heavy, and hurricane. The master bedroom closet leaks also, we found a gap in the roof material that should not be there. Were they drinking when they were putting the roof on? Overall, the quality of the home is not worth the cost of the home and had I known this I would have told my Grandma to leave the damn thing on the lot. Oh yeah, your customer service stinks still waiting for a call back. I give you -100 stars.

Heidi Caverly from Keystone Hts, FL
I purchased a Horton Home double wide mobile home from a mobile home center in Ocala, FL in 1997. Being a first time home owner, I was at first thrilled. That did not last long. I have had constant problems. My water heater was leaking from the beginning but since it was in the wall we did not realize it for a while. To make a long story short, here us a list if my problems to date. I have soft walks throughout the entire home. My floor is caving in around master shower. Plastic plumbing has cracked and leaked in kitchen and master bath. I have had mold on my ceilings in living room, kitchen and master bedroom and master bath. Closet door will not close properly because frame has become warped. Leaking roofs to the point of raining in the house. I am now in the process of seeking legal help to sue Horton Homes. This house was put together very poorly. I gave them 1 star only because it was the lowest option.

Wren Jordan from Houston,Tx.77065
I LOVED your homes!!!! However NO ONE was interested in helping us. At that time we traveled across the state of Ga. to purchase one. I loved them!!! Now we live in Houston,Tx. Are you people(SALES PEOPLE) still building?If so please let me know!!! Very disappointed, Mrs. Robert Jordan

Paul Johnson from wauchula, fl
well they dont have a 0 star rating so i put 1 star however they really deserve a 0. we purchased our Horton Mobile Home which is a 27x72 with 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms. all the floors in the home squeak and creek when you walk on them, the floor in the masterbathroom is spongey and seems to be getting worse everyday, the floor in the master closet is sagging between the floor joists,or lack of floor joist, haven't taken time to cut out closet floor to see what is going on. you can feel every seem of the floor through the thin carpet that is installed. like many other complaints the trim work inside is less desirable, they used many small pieces of wall board to fill in to keep from using big pieces which make the home more presentable. I had to replace the roof because it started leaking and after inspecting the roof, i found several places where the roofing nails were coming through the shingles. at this point i would not recommend anyone to buy a Horton Mobile Home and if there was anyway to get out of this thing I would do it today. Its awful to think that this is the first home that i purchased and will have to pay for it for 30 years and the home will not be left standing without doing many major repairs to keep it standing.

Carol Miller from Emerald Isle NC
We love our Horton Home we ordered from Eagle Homes of LaGrange. It came in just like I ordered. The home is a beautiful 27x48 KWP2, Windzone 3 Exposure D, which is what is required down here at Emerald Isle. We have not had any probleys with our home & it is solid as a rock. Our electric bill is so econmical due to the great insulation that they us at the factory, better than any stick built home would be. We have just sold our home & are planning to order us up a new Modular from Horton as soon as we close. We look forward to doing business with them again & can't wait to pick out our new home. Horton is truely the MOST Home for the lease amount of money Guaranteed... Thank You!!!! Carol Miller

Ann Hall from Garden City GA
we bought a new Horton Home 10 months ago, we still have not had the sliding glass door or exterior laundry room door fixed, we were told when the home was delivered that both were faulty and would be swapped out, 10 months later nothing, our A/C dose not work corectly, we were informed by a Horton Rep that our home should never have left the factory, they keep calling saying a day that some one will be out then the day before they cancel, so now enough is enough tomorrow one last phone call then maybe it'll be handed over to an atorney to get the faults fixed

Dan from S.C.
I purchased a used Horton Home, already placed on a foundation. I have owned about 12 homes in my life time. The finish workmanship is less than desired. Hey just to let them know, trim is to be level, tiles are to be places in line (wall tiles) and siding is not to be cut short. I can go on and on about the finish work. I would fire your quality control crew.

Trisha Hampton from Macon, GA
I bought a new 2003 "Boss" Horton home. I thought I really got a great deal-I was wrong. Within the first two years the flooring in the kitchen/dining room was coming away from the walls. After another year, the floor started curling up around the metal strips going into the hallway and the living room. I really thought that the flooring would last at least 8-10 years (I was told this flooring was the top of the line.) I called Sinclair and was told that there was nothing they could do about it because it was over a year. I've had to replace my front door/storm door because the door actually turned purple. The skylight in the bathroom began leaking so I had to pay a roofer to fix it. The shelving unit in the closets breaks during normal storage of clothes. If I had known that I was going to have this much trouble with this home, I would have went a different direction and built a home. I was very dissatisfied with the service given and the quality of the home. I would not recommend this home/company to anyone, in fact, I have made sure that my friends, neighbors, etc. have known about my experience so maybe they will be able to warn someone else and save them the aggrevation.

Jackie Barnes from Danville Ga
Im writing a separate review because i want to give credit where credit is due. I bought from A&P Mobile homes in e-Dublin Ga. They are good people and do a great job of setting one up and doing what they say they will do.

Jackie Barnes from Danville Ga
I bought a 98 Horton MH 3 years ago, from A&P mobile Homes in E- Dublin Ga. They are Great people they do what they say they will do.My problem is not with A&P, as for Horton MH i was told that Horton was one of the best MH Builders around, If that is true, i am sure glad i didn't buy another brand because the Quality of workmanship is the worst i've ever seen in any house. I haven't had any major problems but all the finish work is cheap and shoddy!

PD Miller from Jonesborough, TN United States
We bought our double wide Summit in Johnson City, TN in 1998. I asked for 2x6's in the construction of the house, got 2x4's. I asked for 2 extra cabinets over the 'bar' type counter in the kitchen, they "forgot" to install them. I told them to KEEP their shoddy appliances and got my own upgraded from Sear's. The roll of carpet they used all along the 1/2 side of the house had 8" bad lines in it from sitting on a dirty warehouse floor and it won't come out by my cleaning and vacuuming. I found leak stains in the small bathroom and had no idea where the leak was, so I got on the roof and put black sealant around every protuberance up there. It appears to have stopped. Now, we need the house re-leveled and find that there is no local Horton Homes anywhere in E TN anymore. The closest one is in N. Georgia, and from the stories I read on here, there is no point in calling Horton about doing any maintenance for me!! I hate to have a "handy man" do my leveling because he may or may not know what he is doing.

Jody Phillips from Soperton, GA
We bought our Boss model manufactured home in Feb. 2011. We ordered a 5/12 pitch roof and only got a 4/12 pitch roof. We discovered this when we started measuring to put on a front porch. After numerous calls to the dealer, Sinclair-Oconee Homes we got nowhere. Tried to get the $2700 back we paid for this upgraded roof but they won't budge. Also paid extra for the upgraded plumbing faucets in kitchen and both bathrooms. We got the right ones on the sinks but the showers were wrong. When I asked for correct ones we were told they don't carry them anymore. (They took my money, and now won't refund us any portion of it.) In addition we asked for can lights in the kitchen instead of the industrial style boxed tube fixtures that it comes with. I told them I live in a house, not a garage, and I paid extra for that. You would think 'someone' would center them in the kitchen and then center the two over the kitchen island........nah....why do that when you can just spread them out anywhere. Lucky for me my husband is an electrician and he re-did all of them and Horton had to have their plasterer come back out and patch up all the holes. Overall we are happy with our purchase, so far, but it hasn't been a year yet. Whatever minor problems we have had they have fixed but they won't budge on those two above. Still considering legal action to just get my money back that I paid for the roof since I can't get a new roof without getting a new house.
I think it is a great home - but a little more TLC on their part is definitely in order.

Jody Phillips

Myra Anderson from Asheville,NC
We bought a Horton Home in Asheville NC in 1997. We have had problems, but nothing like we have had in the past couple of years. We have had leaks and our master bedroom floor is collapsing and bucking. When we took the molding off the wall at the window to see what was going on and pulled back small panel below window in fell apart. Wallpaper only thing holding it up. There was one little piece of insulation and then the siding on the outside. That's all there is to our walls. I have a feeling that I am not going to be able to get anywhere with a complaint. It just really stinks that you pay for something and you get crap.

EDDIE from Loganville,GA.
Bought a 1995 RC model doublewide new.Sinclair Oconee Homes is a sorry company and the people don't care about the product or you. My home is in great shape because of my repair skills.Horton manufacturing has the worst quality in the industry.That company is a disgrace,I found very little about the home that was done satisfactorily at the plant or after set-up.I have owned other brands that were much better and warranty was handled better.Don't expect Horton Homes to help you much,just enough to keep you from sueing them.Sounds like the same bunch of knuckleheads running show at Sinclair-Oconee and at the factory,names on these postings are familiar at Horton etc.

s.finley from easley sc
we purchased our home in aug. 2008 had hard time getting it in due to alot of rain finaly got it set late sept. only thing I am not happy about is roof line has a slight hump was told was supposed to be this way that all doublewides are like this.I have never saw another house with this problem . other than that no leaks or any other problems maybe oneday I can get it straighten out maybe by horton??????????? all I can say is with everthing the way it is i really love my house!!!!!!!!!

Vannie Murphy from Hubert, NC
In 2009 I bought a triple wide from Eagel Homes Inc. I moved in August of 2009. In just 2 years I have had the roof patched with roof cement because the roof leaked after the plastic was removed and not sealed properly, the ouside balk wall was warped, The shingles on the roof are not installed correctly. The roof is uneven and the floor is uneven where the sections are joined together. In May of 2011 the Air Conditioning coils started freezing up and an A/C repair company charged me $270 to service the unit with freon. InAugust 2011 I had to call the A/C repair company angain because the distribution box under the A/C had dropped down and was dumping the Air Conditioned air under the home. Another $475 bill. I will never, ever recommend a Horton Home to anyone and I deffinetly recommed that no one buys one. The installation work is very unprofessional.

April Thomas from NC
They tell you what they want you to hear til they get your money. Then they have all they need which is your name on the dotted line. Then you are just pushed to the back burner til they can make time for you. I don't think I really knew how many people were in our shoes. if you want a good home not slapped together by a minimin wage40 hour a week worker then you better not go to Horton Homes

Faye Dillard from Blue Ridge, ga
We Purchased our Home Nov 2001. We Have a beautiful 41x68 Home. We had trouble with the stippling falling off the ceiling after 10 years, but we feel that it is our responsibility to keep the home up, just like a stick frame house. Every kind of home must be have loving and tender care. We love our home. Thank you Horton Homes

Dawn Blackwell from Gaffney sc
We bought our Horton Mobile home in 2009.. Since we have had the home it has been nothing but trouble.. We have called several times & gotten no where.. I am very unsatisfied with the home.. It seems that everytime i call Horton Homes In GA they always say i will call you back & i never here from them..

ALBERT FLOWERS from crestview, fl
I recently was approved to get a Manufactured Home from Sanders in Pensacola, Fl. I choose a Horton Home 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. It is Beautiful, and I was given a tour by Jeff Sanders. I find when the Owner took the time to show me around, this meant a lot to me. Thank you Horton Homes for developing a pretty design just for me. AL FLOWERS

Diana Miller from Acworth, GA.
We purchased our home in 1997, on the way to our lot the drivers side swipped another tracker trailor, my back door would not open, we had a huge scrape down the back of our brand new home. when they finally put the 2 pieces of the home together, we had a 2x4 sticking the roof at the end of our home. We had probably 3 different crews come out to fix all of the problems you have with a walk thru, and what we got from them was to be told that our house would not be standing in 10-15 yrs, we had a water leak, that no one could find, well guess what, my laundry room and hall floor have now fallen in. The outside of my house is now rotting off, Thanks Horton.

richard from shallotte, nc
i purchached my home in dec of 1999. it has studs in it with 1/2 inch bows. in the excitement of having a new home, lots of things went unnoticed untill long after i moved in. somethings i did notice, but were livable and they would of had to move the home completely off the property again. it was suppose to of had cathedral cielings through out, but only the living and dining area came like that. they have falsified building inspections. the tarp or material the use as a barrier under the floors to hold the insulation up and in does not do it. the insulation falls loose from between the floor joist during transportation, but it takes cutting it open to see if it's up to code . and i noticed just the other day while pulling some siding off to do some work, there was no tyveck or felt on the exterior wall, vynel siding was attached to bare plywood (osb). i am about to contact the attorney generals office of my state about how does horton get away with these flaws. toilets were stoped with debree from their finish work which i repaired myself, the dishwasher was leaking before the first year was over. there is lumps all under the carpet, i suppose to be dried sheetrock mud from the cielings that weren't scraped up. there's something wrong with the way it's wired also, to even use a vacume, every light in the home dims, my electrical company said it weren't suppose to. i've been waiting for close to 12 years now for one screen that didn't come in setup or was lost in transportation, but i reported it, you seen as much of that screen as me. it's a far shot from the homes they advertise them to be, i'd advise that you do a thorough inspection on after set up, for bowed studs, have the county inspecter in your area to check to see if the floor insulation is still in place and pull some siding loose here and there to make sure the home is properly wrapped as it should be. check the the amps pulled, by ususing a vacume. if you have constant dimming lights, there is a problem there as well. no telling how they have wires rigged in the cielings that visual inspection can't see due to the cielings are finished. the county inspectors just take for granted all is alright because horton has had them preinspected before sales., in which that inspector probably goes down the assembly line and just sticks his stamp of approvel. there is also a place just above my cabinets i can see directly outside into the boxing

susanwhaley from albertson,nc
I purchased my Horton Home in 2000 and I have had no problems with the home at all. The problems were with the people who actually assembled it. They didn't know what they were doing and did not and do not care because they don't have to live in it.I was glad I had friends that helped me work out the little repairs I had. I am now looking to buy another one but I will be asking about the experience of the staff "BEFORE" I even buy. My home is very sturdy and I still enjoy it today ten years down the road as when I first bought it. I give Horton Homes ten stars. Thank you
Susan C. Whaley

Dee Rhode from Cottageville SC
No Stars. We bought our home in September 2006 from Walterboro Housing. We paid over $5000.00 extra to have front and back porches built by the dealers contractors. they were never finished, but that turned out to be the least of our problems. We had numerous techs (one that stole money and prescription medicene from us) from the local dealer out to work on our home and then finally they started sending the techs from the factory to work on our home. We had entire walls that had to be removed and rebuilt because the were crooked. The same wall was torn completely out down to the stubs TWICE and it is STILL crooked. We have had the flooring replaced by the factory TWICE and it is still not correct. There are tears in the vinyl flooring in my utility room and when they laid the vinyl down they did not match the pattern at the seams so it looks like crap. None of the sockets in the home were sealed or caulked so the walls around the sockets on the exterior walls all molded and turned to mush, after 6 months of complaining about that we finally got the factory tech back out and replaced the wall board around one socket and put caulk around the sockets in the living room and kitchen but none of the other rooms. We have all the standard complaints also the crown molding looks like crap we have sections of crown molding that are less than 6 inches long...what kind of since does that make. Our ceiling is cracked across the entire width of the house we have nails coming up through our carpet, our bathroom floor is ROTTEN and we have strips of molding on our walls that do not even reach the floor. We intentionally purchased a Horton Home because we thought they were the best and higher quality than other manufactured homes, boy were we wrong!!! Horton will NEVER get any more of our money. We have told every one that will listen our story so that they do not make the same mistake we did. We will NOT be repeat customers.

Sharon Cornett from Dayton,Tn
I purchased my home in 1999.I was suppose to get upgraded appliances with my home which I didnt get.They set my home up and at first they connected a air unit that would not be large enough to cool had to make them remove and put larger unit.The trim inside the home was awful it was falling down in dinning and living area had numerous staples in it with putty covering staples that didnt match.Carpet had staples that were showing next to walls.They tracked red clay mud in on all the carpets.My floors in the kitchen dinningroom and master bedroom would crack and creek and sink when you would walk on them.This was around the area where the vents were located in the floor.My vinyl in the kitchen had several areas that were messed up on the vinyl.It is 2010 now and in my kitchen at the end of my kitchen cabinets that sit on the floor my floor is sinking.My husband went under the floor split the plastic and what has happened is the metal trunk line for the heat and air was not insulated and the condensation has got on the floor and made the floor wet and the floor is now sagging.My husband has been doing heat and air for 20 years and he said the duct should have been insulated.Ive noticed theres been a lot of complaints on the floors on these homes I say all of these floors will probably start falling in.Ive sent a complaint to the state and what they are telling the State of Tenn. is that I have not done routine maintence.Did everyone know your suppose to do routine maintence its in your handbook.All new to me.Called other mobile dealers they laughed about it.Horton said suppose to adjust your peirs under your home is that not stupid.I say to anyone please do not buy one of these homes your throwing your money away.

Ann M Landry from South Carolina
I have read the reviews for Horton Homes . This is very scary as I am about to sign for an older model (1991) Summit and from what I have seen in this home , has been positive . The floors I walked on didn't creek , there were no water stains that I could see from windows , doors or bathrooms . The roof shingles looked in good cond. These people that are selling it have kept up with the home since their purchase . I don't know all the history of this home but after your horror stories I hope I am an exception to them .This is my first home and I'm going to retire in a couple of years looks like I'd better put some money away for repairs as they come along as in any home that ages . wish me luck ... Ann in Enoree , SC.

John Durden from Sandersville, GA
1. Leaking Roof-to begin with the fact that it was pointed while still on the manufactures lot out by myself and my husband to Ike Bledsoe that there was no overhang on either end of the home. He stated that it would be fixed on delivery and setup. Shingles were placed under the existing shingles and cut very uneven , however this did not fix the problem . We notified the dealer, they sent some of their crew to work on it. After numerous attempts from 2007 until present approximately 8 to 10 times the problem still exist. We now have a hole in the ceiling of the master bath and there has been water present underneath the master bath attempts made to locate where the water was coming from resulted in removing the insulation underneath while cutting through the felt 3 pieces of wood 1x6x1 fell out.
2. Exhaust fan in utility room- After showing the inspector for Sinclair Oconee Homes Willie Reeves that the fan was not working he stated that it was it just ran very quiet. Not feeling comfortable with his answer our son a certified electrician came and looked at it finding that the wires had never been connected leaving raw wires exposed.
3. Air Conditioning Unit- improperly installed for that type of unit. Having the unit serviced this summer we were told that the unit should not be set up touching the house , this constricts the air flow causing unit o work harder.
4.Floor squeaking - In the kitchen and den area it was adjusted but soon began squeaking again. When I filed a complaint concerning this I was told Just don't walk in those areas anymore.

We have shown photos to the manager Elaine Vickery at the home office of Sinclair Oconee Homes and she stated that this home should have never been released from the manufactures lot and that she would meet with all involved and get this problem taken care of which never happened due to the fact they want to keep patching. Elaine even went so far as to tell me that you know you have to do home maintenance yourself >> yes I know this Elaine but it is not our responsibility to maintain a defect from the factory.
We even tried to contact the owner of SOH Mr. Everett Kilgore leaving messages on his voicemail and with the receptionist but he never returned our calls.
No one should have to put up with such and I sure don't need the stress from this I have survived 3 strokes and stress is not a good thing.

randolph gerald from mullins sc
we have just phurchased a horton home in april and we had so much rain in may and june and there is a leak in one of the rooms.water coming down the walls and threw the light fixture.the room has a smell the ceiling turning yellow.a brand new home.having problems with someone coming out to fix it and its going on two months nobody come out yet.this is a 2010 the room is gonna rot and we are not gonna poay for the house.horton homes are no good.

cindy arrington from warner robins ga
The guys @ sinclair homes of warner robins have earned a star for their cordial manorism,real nice salesmen puts the sales ability in men.Horton corp. of Eatonton does tend to "cry wuff".They say they will make changes,they say they will make changes for a cost.They then say they will make no changes.Time is money and I have lost the 10% government tax cudo while working with the nice salesmen who are working with eatonton georgia to find a floor plan they would work with.Now a price hike is on the agenda.They say,"Buy a lot model with all the appliances,it is much larger than you want and costs more too.Don't worry,you won't have a problem resaling it if you find its not right for you if you sign your life away for a great big ugly fixer upper 'cause someone ordered a color cotastrophy and we just must make a sale to pay our bills,wuff'wuff! NO SALE TODAY!

Mary Jones from Sparta, GA
I bought my Horton home in 2004.I love my home.I have nevr had a major problem with it.I only had one problem with the air conditioning unit and they came out and fixed it right away.My master bedroom is huge and so is my bathroom,kitchen ,family room and dining room.I would recommend horton homes to anyone.They ae really beautiful himes

Jennifer Honeysuckle from milledgeville
I bought my home at Sinclair-Oconee of Milledgeville in 2005.We love it!!!Our master closet is huge.We had a few service issues and they fixed them right away.

kim dennison from sinclair occonee~dublin
Well let me start, I have a 2005 modular actually bougt it in 2006, I had problems all over from the leaking underneath the house, none of the doors lined up, cracks in the door frames, wind whipping through the walls, and outlets. never caulked anything in the house,the vents for the air conditioner are smashed underneath the house, so no neat or air to half of one side of our house, the floors creeks in some rooms really bad. cant use fireplace as we will all burn up, as they put the wrong size chimney up. The seams on our rugs are coming up where they glued them together .Our roof was caving in. Loved the way they sent the same man out each time who had no credentials for anything he did...he was just the handy man and we were his first at anything he did. Horton home itself can be a nice home, just as long as the same monkeys dont put your together like they did mine. I would buy a modular home but not from them, since I have complained to BBB and they called and some receptionist with a attitude just about called me a liar and said no help from them. SOmething needs to be done with these crooked people!

sonja wyatt from dublin, ga
I built a Horton Home in 1995. The floors in the house is no good at all. When you call for repairs on the house, you have to go through so much static. Then, I went to the manufactor in Millivillie to talk to the head people. The customer service had such a nasty attitude. Telling me that I have had my house along time that the house going to have some problems. When I purchase my home, the saleman was telling me that I had a top quality home. That they home rate in the top three. That all the floor was pressure room floor, that fiberglass bathtubs last longer then plastic tub. The air condition unit was to small for the size of house a purchase. I advise ANYBODY before you buy a Horton Home for Dublin all the way to Millivillie PLEASE DON'T waste your money for a frame. NOTHING IS TRUE want the saleman tell you. I wish many time I check before purchase my house. IF you know anybody thinking about purchase a home from them, please tell them to read all the about comment, cause they are true.

kenneth harrison from snow hill,n.c.
I purchased a Horton manafacured home in 2001. i have it on stilts at the pamlico river in n.c.. it is a zone TWO(built for a rough area). I have had alot of problems with keeping shingles on the roof and now i am replacing theentire roof. Also, i have replaced siding on left end end right end. ipulled up to the home and it looked like flags were flying on both ends, but it was there siding.
On the inside it had the poorist workmanship i had seen and im a 67 year old man. now i have to paint inside all over because of the miscolor. if you by one beware. i am retired and now have to sit around and look at this.

Ashley Mills from Milledgeville, GA
When it came to purchasing our home, it was a toss up between site building or a modular home. The Horton won hands down because of price and quality. Instead of taking 6 mo to build a home, we were living in our modular within 2 mo. There was a couple of service issues that were handled promptly. We are completely happy and we bought from Sinclair-Oconee Homes in Milledgeville, GA

Michael B from McIntyre, GA
I purchased a Horton Home in 1989 and we have never had any trouble with it. It is a great home.

Judy Meadows from Foley, AL
I bought my single wide mobile home Oct 2006 from Sanders Housing, Pensacola, FL. I am a 70 year old widow and was hoping this was going to be my last purchase and was hoping to live in it the rest of my life. I paid over $50,000 for this home. I paid to have upgraded appliances, solid wood cabinets, higher ceilings, extra insulation and many other extras. I could have purchased a much lower price mobile home but I researched and thought a Horton Home was a great well built home but boy was I fooled. I had to replace my condensing unit to a price of over $900 after 2 1/2 years. I have always been care to check ceilings and windows after wind and rain to be sure that I did not have a leak anywhere. In August 2009 I found a mold spot on the front door near the botton. The seller (Sanders of Pensacola, FL) sent someone out to check it and take pictures. He could not find where the water was coming in. Horton suggested it was water splashing up. Horton has the limited warranty was only for 1 year, and they would not do anything except replace the door. I found the problem myself by feeling around and found where the Vinyl Siding was cut short and was not put on flush up to the door. The water was been coming in there, and OH BOY is there a lot of damage. The door has been replaced but the problem still exists, so I guess the new door will have to be replaced later and the water damage just keep getting worse. The problem is a "Hidden Defect from the manufacturer". I have tried contacting customer service and only get voicemail and no calls back. So much for Customer "No Service" as Clark Howard radio show host out of Atlanta says. My problem is I cannot afford to pay for the repairs, so the only thing I can do is stop making payments and let Sanders have this well built Horton Home back. Please, no one should purchase a Horton Home.
If I could I would give Horton Homes much less than 1 star.
Judy Meadows
Foley, AL

CHRIS HALL from Jacksonville, FL
I have been in the housing business over 10 years. I also now own my own manufactured home dealership. I built site built homes and have sold Clayton, Skyline, Oakwood, Fleetwood, Nobility, Destiny and others. Horton is the best built home I have ever sold! If you are willing to install your own ceiling fan and not finance it for 30 years, this is the home. Anyone can do bells and whistles. It takes someone special to build a home like this. Many of the comments I would relate to the dealer they purchased the home from. You may have problems soemtimes but a good dealer and proper reporting will cure alot. They handle most service calls in less than 48 hours. They do every attempt to please every customer. Every customer that has purchased a Horton home has been more than pleased.
They offer all walls on 16" center. not just the outside. Floors are on 16" not 24" like most. A GREAT home!

allen Mason from Dublin, Ga.
I bought this 28 X56 home new in 1981. I paid the dealer $500.00 extra to use 3/4" pressure treated plywood for the floor.I had carpet over the floor so I did not know that I had particle board till the flooring started to expand due to leaks from the windows, doors.This was about 1988 that I found this out. Now lets go back to when I first bought this piece of trash. I purchased it in 1991 for $23,500 cash. Boy was that a mistake, the kitchen cabnets were nothing but a would frame with particle board stabled to the wall and the doors were more than 1" out of alinement all of them. You open the door you saw the wall.Moulding in the bathrooms were not on correctly. Since the roof had no overhang the masinite siding fell apart. It took forever to get anyone to come fix all the problems we had and we live in Wilkes county, Ga. when we first bought it which was a bout 50 miles from where it was stuck to gether. Never pay cash for anything cause no one will come fix anything.. When the redneck came and looked at the kitchen cabnets he told me if I wanted better cabnets I should have gotten a stick built house I been in it now for 28 years and have completely rebuilt it,

Heather from West union sc
I was really disappointed in the home and service our family received. So much was wrong with the home we ordered, and after months of talking noone could or should I say would fix all the problems. I expected alot more than what we received and the home was in terrible condition. The home was suppose to have been brand new and special ordered but not only was it ordered wrong the condition it was in was not acceptable. After looking at it and walking through it I thought they had sent us a used home. There's no way I could say everything that was wrong with it god that would take two or three hours. but here's a few the ceilings, carpet, living room walls had to be repalced two or three times, all the kitchen walls had to be replaced and this was just the begining. I did talk with several people from horton and still did not get things fixed. Finally after almost six months a man named WAYNE called and said horton was not going to put anymore money into this home for us to get an attorney or whatever we wanted to do. Well the dealer came back out and got the home because we were not going to pay a penny for this crap. Stan Diaz was one of the main people we talked with and he did nothing. I will be telling people about this and recommending they use another manufacturer. I wish the lady would call back for us to do our survey, I missed her call. As far as customer service goes if sucks. I don't even think they deserve one star but that's all they offer

David Carruth from White Plains, Ga.
I must say that the "hype" that is given to you when you talk to someone about purchasing one of these modular homes is GREAT! The reality is that it is all HYPE. The service is awful, their workers are awful, and having issues resolved is next to nothing! Our home is 3 years old and there are several problems that they did not correct. We purchased the Home Owners Warranty and when we needed to fill a claim we were told they only pay if the home "falls apart on its own"! So that was money down the drain. When you try to contact Customer Service, you only get voice mail, and we all know that our calls will not be returned. To anyone who ask me about these homes, I say you MUST stay away!









Angela Roberts from North Carolina
I ordered my Horton Boss home about March 2008. We looked everywhere and I've got to tell you, the floor plans left alot to be desired. The kitchens were too small, the bathrooms were cramped and they had little or no storage space. We were just out killing time one afternoon and went to a modular dealer where we live. As soon as we walked in we both said " this is it" We love our new home. My problem is getting the salesman to come out to look at the propblems we have found so we can get the issues taken care of. I have shower doors that weren't put in properly, a leaking shower, molding that was nailed but the nail holes were never fixed. It's easy stuff to fix but since this hoe is covered for the first 5 years under a plan I feel like someone needs ot get off thier butts and make me a happier home owner. We made ours into a 2 bedroom home. The 3rd bedroom is a home office. We just took that closet and extended it into bedroom 2. I love my home but I do have issues I'd like resolved and soon.

Carolyn Sturgill from Mt Juliet, Tn
I have been looking at homes for over a year and haven't found anything that compares to the Boss, all it needs is a den. Just wish we had a dealer in Va. Very close to Kingsport,Tn. I would like to put a home on my property there. The people in Gallaton have been very helpful. They say you could ship me one. But I know the right kind of set up and instulation would mean a lot. I hear you have some new models on the way. Do you think you will have a dealer in the East Tn area, There sure is a lot of business in Them There Hills.

gerald laraway from green cove springs fl 32040
i have a 2004 horton summit model, in the heat of the afternoon on the nw side of the house,the single pane glass in the double patio door and the storm door have exploded into a million peaces, this seems to happen between 1500-1800 any one esle having this problem, all other glass is double pane

Diane Nelson from Ocala, FL
I purchase a Two story Cape Cod Modular Horton Home. I disagree with this review. I looked at many modular homes and found that Horton offered a very solid home and it was the most home I could get for the price. Most Modular two story homes are priced 50,000- 70,000 higher then Horton. Yes they may not have as many bells and whistles but these homes have more solid features. I was not worried about having the glass see through cabinets or the fancy Hutches in my home.
I purchase my home with the upgraded Oak cabinets and they are solid wood and I can not see how they could ever peel, like Mrs Price stated. I know that in lower priced homes they had std cabinets and they were not a solid wood. Maybe that is what Mrs Price had. I would give Horton 10+ stars if I could along with the dealer P.C. Home Center.

Also what things I found wrong in my home was properly repaired my Horton service.

Helen Price from Kathleen, GA
I purchase a home from St Clair Onconee in Warner Robins,GA. Was not going to except it because of the workmanship and other problems I saw, cabinet door dont close and shut properly.Shabby workmanship. But I was promised it would be fixed by Mike Carr and His female assistant. I had to repeatly call to get to come out for one day. Nothing was totally fixed only half ****. It will be 3 yrs old 25th November. The cabinet are pealing, the trim above the kitchen cabinet is coming apart.Alle the faucet (sinks and stools) have leaked since the first 6 months. The strips on the wall are breaking in to. Trim on the walls is coming off. The French Doors on the back have leaked since day one. They said it was because of no gutters. Why do the windows and other doors not leak then. DUD You would think it was 20 yrs okd. The carpet they had to replace is coming apart. Horton Home use to be the Top of The Line. Today Hortom Home Rates in my book at the bottom. Would I recommend one to a friend, family or person on the street. NO. I was lied to people you have hired to sell your Homes. 90% of the problems in this home goes back to the plant it was made. Workmanship there, they need to fire the person responsible for checking these homes before the leave the plant and passing them. I should have never believed the people and returned this home.A mistake I have to suffer from. But I promise you I will not recommend Horton Homes to anyone from the treatment I have received. Dont tell me I should have contacted you. They told me no not too they would take care of the problems. They took care of them ok, they swept them under the rug.Rating for Horton Homes. Minus (-) 10 Stars.

Thank You
Mary H Price

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