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Homes of Merit

(Division of Champion Homes)

PO Box 2097
Lake City, FL 32056
Phone: 386-755-3073
Fax: 386-752-9560
Website: Homes of Merit Website

Homes of Merit Description:
(Division of Champion Homes)
"...One of the things that enables us to build the best home values anywhere is the fact that design and building Homes of Merit is what we focus on. We don't sell Homes of Merit. You can come to our world headquarters in Lake City , Florida , schedule a CEC factory tour and watch us build Homes of Merit..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1974
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 500 (modular and mobile homes)
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 100 retailers
Location of FactoriesLake City, FL
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builder network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction steel base
Energy EfficiencyRoof R-30, Sidewalls R-19, Floors R-11, Low e Windows
Construction Timeframe2 to 6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityMany customization options
Amount of FloorplansOver 35 predesigned online modular floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60-$90
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDependent on site
Avg. Placement CostsDependent on design
Site PreparationNo


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne year full warranty plus seven years of limited warranty coverage.
Delivery RangeGulf Coast Area
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsN/A
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewHomes of Merit is a very good provider of mobile homes at affordable prices. If you are looking for a modular home you may want to visit them. They have a wide variety of homes for a wide variety of price points. We are not totally comfortable with Homes of Merit because of this wide variety. Your happiness will depend on what specifications your builder submits to their factory. You should make sure your local builder chooses the higher end specifications. Choosing the lower specifications can lower your price but you will not be as happy as the new owner of a higher quality modular homes that they also build.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Homes of Merit

Brenda from South Carolina
Our home was purchased 1998. If you see my home, it does nit look like a house over 20 years old. We have made some modifications, but that expected. We live our home & if we were to purchase again, it would be none other than a Homes of Merit

Steve from Florida
I bought a used 1990 Homes of Merit in 2000. It has been a good home with very few problems. I could sell it for double what I paid for it, since it is still in great condition. If I ever sell it, I will look at another one made by them !!

Lorraine from Lecanto, fl
Personally I think they stink. Even the people we purchased from were rude and short with us. Should have walked before purchasing. Bought in 1998. Center of home separating, can't open the windows,house is downhill some, the built-in radio/cassette player never worked right, have replaced vinyl flooring in kitchen,the doors, baseboards & cabinets that are supposed to be wood are covered with brown paper to make them look like wood is peeling off. The list goes on. Need new skirting, etc. If I had it to do again I would build a house.

Diane from Black Creek, GA
I bought a 2002 28x80 Homes of Merit. Never had a leek and everything still works in it. I had the thicker padding put in under the carpet and my I steam clean my carpet on a regular basis and it still looks new. Love my home. Now I am moving and want to buy another to put on my new property.

Richard L Massengale from SC
I bought my "Bay Manor" Homes of Merit in 1999. I just installed a Standing Seam Metal roof,(First Time Replaced) had no leaks but some hail damage. No issues except had to replace water heater after about 10 years.Found it was bad when water started running under wall in Laundry room due to rusted out hole in water heater(City Water).Replaced 12 seer Coleman heat pump in 2015.Was still working but just became Very In effecient. Replaced with a Trane 18 SEER unit. Just wish it had more sound proof type walls in the Master bedroom outer wall,Seems to be lacking something. Not sure why.Otherwise, I'm retired and plan to live out my life here on my 5 acres of land in my "Home Of Merit Bay Manor " home.

bill holder from bartow, florida
We bought a HOM home in the 90's and never had any problems. Sold it in 2000. Ordered this home in Sept 2017, moved in in Nov. PROBLEMS. Couldn't pass inspection as the panel box was a disaster. Someone came and corrected that mess. Held us up for a week on moving in. The faucets throughout the house are cheap and leak. The shower in master bath is discolored. I was told to call mfg as Champion had not been able to contact them. One of the FEW kitchen drawers fell apart in Feb or Mar. I fixed it as best I could. Now one of the other drawers will not open. There is nothing holding it as best as I can tell. Cant get the drawer over it out to try and fix it. Wondering now what's next. Not the same workmanship there used to be. Wish we had built a house.

Richard Bryson from Yscloskey, La.
Purchased home 2009, roof leaked, windows lost seal fogged up, floors creaking and sagging, doors leak and poorly installed, interior trim cheap particle dust (board), insulation improperly installed and sagging, bathtub inserts and plumbing fixtures low quality and improperly installed. Homes of Merit sold out to Champion to avoid liability for shoddy work and low quality materials.

Everett Hastings from Cocoa
I bought my 2006 Home of merritt in Oct 2011 and found it to be a great home and have a little complaint, this home was rented to several ladies over the first five years and I got the original title, I had a hot water compression clamp blow off the hot water discharge lineand spray the walls in my back bed room ,if they had used screw type clamps this would never had happened, but I have 2/6 walls and a very tight house and it will be 12 years old next year and has the same roof and higher quality fixtures than most brands and my floors and carpet look like new still, and it got no damage the last two hurricanes.

Mike and Donna from Dade city Florida
Purchased home in 1996 after looking at almost every manufacturer. The one thing that stood out was the construction. At that time nobody was building a home as strong as this one. 2x6 exterior walls , 2x8 floor all on 16 Center. Along with the first three roof rafters that are doubled on the Gable end of the house. The house has done very well by us, we just had our first roof reshingled. I don't know about now but homes a merit run a pretty straight tape back in 1996. Strong home I am pretty sure it will continue to serve us well and be here for many years to come. Thanks

Joe from avon park fl
Bought a 2002 Homes of Merit. The home has been wonderful , we dont know if the previous owner did the many upgrades but it has been done with quality. No issues with roof , really happy with te home.

Edward Griffin from Middleburg fl
Great home only problem the overhead air duct

Diane from Ellabell, GA
I have been in my Homes of Merit since 2001 and have never had any problems. The carpet still even looks new. The only thing is the cheap linoleum that was put in the kitchen needs replacing. Now that all the kids are gone we do need to down size from the 28x80 to something a lot smaller.

john clark from Palmetto FL
I have a 1998 model with a "Falcon Integrated Sound System model SWR 9900A" which finally crapped out. Can find no info online. Do you have a replacement new or used? Trying to avoid tearing out the wall and redoing everything. Otherwise no problems. Are you still in Bartow or just Lake City? Phone number I can call - this is the only way I could find to contact you.

ericka from plant city, fl
Our homes of merit was purchased new in 2005. When it was purchased there was an extra fee that was paid to have solid floors put in throughout the home instead of particle board..what a scam. They're all particle board. We are on our second round of replacing the floor in the kitchen due to water leaks and the floors in both bathrooms need to be replaced. Our backdoor was damaged and we had to replace it but are unable to get it in square to fit properly since suprise suprise none of the walls are square. The roof didn't hold up either and we had to install a metal roof on our own. The kitchen has NO vent or fan for the stove/oven at all. Everytime the power goes out (which happens frequently in the rural area we live) the breaker trips for the ac and we have had to have the unit repaired multiple times. I'm praying that when we start our total remodel this month that we don't find any more serious issues. We are expecting our 4th child and dealing with this joke of a home is the last thing we need.

Jesse and Debbie Morris from Cocoa, FL 32926
We ordered our custom-built home from Mobile World in Cocoa in May of 2009. Everyone we dealt with was courteous and professional and service was very good. We got our home and moved in the second week of July. We were present for all the site inspections, re: plumbing, electrical, etc., and it passed each inspection first time around. We were with the building inspector for the final walk through to get our Certificate of Occupancy. Passed again. It's now July of 2015 and have no problems with our home. We added a lot of upgrades at the time of purchase but it was worth it. We still love our home.

dominick from Sebring Fl.
I had a roof leak in the kitchen ceiling and hopefully repaired it. Would like the name of paint used to match exsisting so I don't have to paint kitchen, dining and living rooms ceilings. Hopefully I can just match it.

margaret L ROBINSON from jesup,ga
I bought my home in 1996 and have never received a title. paid cash for it

Peggy from Barefoot bay
I purchased my home of merit last year. It was built in the 1980's. It was fully inspected upon purchase. I find this home to be solid and sound as did my inspector. besides a couple of small repairs on the metal roof it has never had any problems for a house if this age. Many people have commented how solid and well built it is. I myself am familiar with construction and am impressed with the quality . I'm very happy so far with the house . It has sustained a hurricane with almost no damage. Any home needs some repair such as insulation replacement as these don't last forever. I cannot complain about this house !!!!

Allan & Melanie from Homosassa, FL
Once again, we have another couple roof leaks. I think it's time to call HUD and the FL Building Code department. It would appear that the underlayment under our shingles is paper, not 15# felt that is required by Florida building code. This house is a piece of doo-doo. A/C unit was replaced a couple months ago. Walls are crooked, doors are crooked. Electrical is questionable until we verify with an electrician. We keep tripping the circuit breaker with kitchen appliances. UGH, will NEVER by a manufactured home again.

Kathy Goodrich from Mims,Florida
Here i am again with another complant .The roof on my 1999 Homes of Merit is leaking the wood is rooting all along the front side of home .Going to have to replace the roof .And the floor in the kitchen is rooted out already there isn't any water on it so it shouldn't be rooting .It seems they are using cheap materals on these homes

Romona Clausen from bronson florida
my home is a 1995.ive always enjoyed my home and homes of merit has always come through on any problems I've had. im hoping you see my complaint today and respond. I had a ac company come out and give me an estimate on a new ac.the ac always freezes up and now it wont shut off. I realize the ac is not homes of merit and that's not my complaint is one side of my home never got good air flow now I know why,. the ac company put a camera in my ducts one duct is totally blocked has metel in it that wasn't cut open so no air goes through at all. The morning room they said is not hooked to any duct work at all there isn't even duct work in that room, never got air flow from that vent. And he said there is an open space under the furnace that should have been sealed off. well with all this being found out almost 18 years wondering if homes of merit will come through this is you guys mess ive been cooling under my house and half the air has been backing up and freezing my ac up.i cant even imagine how much money this has cost me over 18 years. I feel now I should be compensated at least come fix the duct work.i cant believe this mess under my home.dont homes of merit inspect there work or something?before the home is sold. I should not have to pay someone to fix this half ass job on the duct work.

sherri ghirelli from bunnell fl
We purchased a HOM thru A&W in 2004.Both companies treated us horriably.There were so nmany things wrong to list them all.Nails coming thru kitchen floor, they had to take up twice, carpet all wrinkled still,wrong cabinets,paint peeling,ect.ect.I had to write Tallahasse, Fl. transportation,THEY made them fix some of the things, or they wouldn't even come out. We now have had to fix AC unit, the roof was leaking bad, where the roofers had even put the shingles on backwards!!But, of course they didn't back that one up either . CHECK YOUR WARRENTIES !!! They really get you on those, you just go back and forth, til you still end up paying for it.All the wood around our front door has rotted, we have to replace, we have bugs coming in the window sills.Like I said to much to mention.It's only 7 yrs. old, we have 23 years to pay on it,the way we're replacing at this rate,its definately not worth it.We want to sell,but we can't.We loved the home on the lot, but thats not what you get.We heard HOM bilt like ahome, they were suppose to be one of the best.NOw, when I called to ask about our roof, they said theyre out of buisness.I can definately see why,once they get their money, they didn'y back anything up.We got all the upgrades also,it still was very shabby work.Its a shame we put our lifes savings we work so hard for and HOM gets away with it.We know we have to fix things in a home, but not this soon, because of their shoddy work.Its not right the way they treat you and get away with it. What we thought was our dream home turned out to be our worse nitemere.

joseph castor from jacksonville, fl
Bought this piece of crap in2001 and it was to be built so I could use the rooms because Im a paraplegic two of my bedrooms I cant even enter because the doors are to small all doors were to be 3ft. and are not I tryed for a full year to get them to fix the doors to no avail and the home was built for easy access for me which was not done and they never tryed to fix anything the worst construction job I have ever seen and I myself have built homes for 37 years before i became paralized just wanted people to know the type on work they do........

sherri ghirelli from bunnell fl
I would never recommend homes of merit to anyone.we have nothing but trouble, since the first day. cubboards all wrong,nails poking tru vinyl floors,the marriage line wasnt even together,a big gap tru the floor where the two sides come together,cracks in ceilings,walls,paint peeling,carpet wrinkled tru house.they weren't even going to fix any of this until i wrote Tallahassee roads & transpotation.they did help, made them fix a few things.hom were very rude, one man even cursed us over the is now 7 yrs. the roof is leaking, all the wood around door is rotted.make sure to read what warrentys really cover, they said roof was covered for 20 yrs.ha!only the shingles and only if it is defected. but, homes of m erit will do nothing.beautiful home, sicking its already falling apart at 7yrs & we have 23 yrs to pay it off,there wont be nothing left in 10, if were lucky.bad quality, bad attitudes.we wish we could sell it, but we cant for what its worth and what we owe so much for working your butt off to have a beautiful home, its only to keep it from falling down.if you have dreams of a new beautiful home, do not do buisness with these people,it will only turn into your worse nitemere.

Jeremy L. from Yulee, Fl
We have an '03 that I've progressively been remodeling over the past year. It goes without saying that the fit, finish, and quality of cabinets, fixtures, and walls is shoddy at best. This didn't trouble me so much when we bought the property because I knew it would be replaced in the end. However, recently as I was gutting my master bath, I found the drain waste vent for the shower didn't connect to the rest of the vent system. It was just a pipe from the roof to the sole plate of the wall! I guess their roofing isn't crappy enough, they had to engineer a direct water leak to the floor of the house. Additional items are: Poor insulating around pipes, wires, and frame connections.
Shingles continuously coming off ridge vent.
No vapor wrap under exterior siding.
Kinked water supply lines.
Unsecured sections of sheet rock.
Poor plumbing roof in, and excessive unsealed penetrations through sub-floor.
Awful carpet installation.
Jambs and window framing out of plumb and square.

The only good thing is the floor framing and exterior wall framing. Those were done mostly right. For a "precision, factory built" home ,HOM is an absolute joke. These shoe boxes would never pass a real inspection, and would probably be condemned by any building official with half a brain. It's a great hobby house for anyone who wants to see the wrong way to build a structure.

Cynthia Johnson from Jacksonville FL
Purchased our Modular home in 2007, have already had to replace the AC unit, we had ceramic tile put in the home and the contractor left, the tiles are all busted up, the company would do nothing about it.. The shingles on our roof are coming off, our microwave dont work and we have cracks in our sheetrock, the carpet is not tight and you constantly trip over it!! Worst mistake we EVER made..

Sandy Zimmerman from KISSIMMEE, FL 34746
We purchased a Homes of Merit from the orginal owner, the kitchen cabinnets look like a 5 year old installed them, there are screw holes showing, there are screws on the outside when they should have been on the inside, plus they are the cheapest cabinnets I have ever seen. The master Bath the garden tub is the size of a hot tub that 6 people could fit in without the jets, a bear to clean and a eye sore. The shower is really to small for one person. Everything is top of the line CHEAP!!!!! Homes of Merit would never be my choice again.

Michael Cole from Hudson Fl.
Have purchased a 2000 FP1565-45 as a retirement home. We are managers of a 55+ community and have purchased several in the past so were aware of the quality that comes with the home. If at all possible could use a copy of the floor plan for redoing the insides. Have looked in our past records and did not purchase a home of this size. Thank you in advance. PS not retired as yet

georgia porter from bell fl
I bought 1996 Homes of merit.Have had nothing but good to say about it. son lived in it 3 yrs and i have lived in it since then. I redid the inside when I moved in because they kept a dog. It is still in excellent comdition. still has original roof, have had only very minor repairs. I have enjoyed it very much. Maybe the older models have better workmanship.

Eva from cocoa, Fla
We purchased our Homes of Merit in 2001 and we are satisfied with our purchase the vinyl flooring has held up very well and still looks brand new,When we purchased the home we were told to make a list of things we found wrong and they would come and fix them and they did just what they said would do came and fixed all the things we found.We have gone through many hurricanes the only thing that happened my chimney was sucked off,all my roof shingles stayed on and had no leaks.Only thing I am looking for now is nice underpenning know where I can find that? I would buy another Homes of Merit.

Curtis and Debbie Driggers from Trenton, Florida
We purchased our home in 2002..within 2 yrs..the wall in one of the bedrooms started seperating in the corner for the stripping..from the livingroom the stipping started to come was not attached to a board inside the wall,cause there is nothing there in the wall. For $90,000 you would think you were getting top quality..Will never own another Homes of Merit,it is as bad as a Fleetwood..

Beth and Doug from Okeechobee Fl.
We bought our home of merit in 2006, it's a 1999 model,the only issues I've encountered were warped window sills and the siding was T1 11 and we had to replace them, But overall it has with stood all of the hurricanes with no damages and my roof which is the original roof is still in tack.There is always going to be problems with a modular home, they depreciate, all mobile homes warp around the window sills after so many years,besides the few problems I feel safe and I love my home, I don't plan on living here forever, but for now it's a good home.

dennis j kae from venice fl 34285
I purchased a home in 2009 Homes of merit.200- silver panther SP1994series. I moved in June 29,2009 I love the Home but now I have cracks in some of the walls and ceiling, I certified mail to dealer greg gregory of community solution and Jason Merritt Inc. I have not heard any thing from them,It doesn't give Homes of Merit a good name please advise what else I can do. thank you dennis J kae Iam in Ct now.

Janet & Ben from Orlando
My husband & I bought our HOM new in 2000 from AJ's in Lakeland. We wish they were still in business so our friends could buy from them right now. HOM built a great home to our specs, changing walls, etc. AJ's service was wonderful & the installation was good. It's been 10 years all ready & we have had no problems & still love our home. (we toured the plant & the model display in Bartow, Fl) They are no longer there. J&B

Ron & Dee from Florahome, FL
We bought a triple wide Homes of Merit (HOM), with the purchase of MANY upgrades thru A&W Mobile Homes Sales, Inc., Palakta, FL in 2005. One of the MANY issues - Have warranty on roof (at least in writing), and have had leaky roof fixed twice in last 5 years and that cost $100 with each service visit! Now its leaking again (in same place that was supposed to have been fixed before). Spoke with HOM, they say service call has to go thru A&W. Well A&W says they have to run it thru HOM and telling us HOM will contact us within 2 days of each of our calls. This has been going on for at least 2 weeks and only evident our calls thru A&W are now going un-answered and un-returned. With that said, and from the MANY past problems to the current issues, starting to re-think our approach to this, like maybe seeking advice from lawyer. Bottom Line - Sorry, but if we could turn the clock back (had it to do over), we would NEVER have bought a Homes of Merit.

Allan & Melanie from Homosassa, FL
We have a 2004 Homes of Merit. In six years we have discovered the roof is bad. After calling three roofers, we've been told the dormers were installed incorrectly and we now have rotted decking and shingles are cut in valleys along with popping nails. This is the straw that broke the camel's back. Warped siding, crooked walls, and many more problems.

TommyMcdonald from Tampa
I purchased a New 32x80 modular in 1999. The day they installed it we found that the water system was backwards and the toilets filled with hot water. The hot water on all the faucets was on the right instead of the left!Come on ..You only need to know three things to be a plumber.. Hot on the left, cold on the right and shit wont flow uphill! the underside insulation had to be cut to correct this and was half assed taped up as a repair.

Within 5 years the roof began to leak due to the substandard shingles and the paper underneath was just that! PAPER..Not tar paper!.It is brown paper like a grocery bag. It has no insulation or moisture repelling properties at all! We found that the roof trusses are 2x2 not 2x4. I definately will not stay in this cracker box if a severe Tropical storm hits or a hurrican comes anywhere near us.. Im sure it wont be here when we get back!I cant believe that the things that I have found in this home are up to state codes!

The water heater sprung a leak and we found that they did not install a drip pan and there was no shut off valve for the water heater. The water had to be shut off to the whole house to deal with the problem. Why would you not install a $5.00 drip pan in a mobile home? One leak and the florr is compromised.

Avoid Homes of DEMERIT....Theres got to be a better builder out there than this! If you buy dont morgage longer than 15 years becouse after that youll need home improvement loans to rebuild it to make it right!

Martin Davis from Middleburg, Fl.
I purchased a home in 2000, always been pretty satisfied until I recently discovered rotten wood at the bottom of a window on back of house. not sure how long this has been leaking. the wood on the outside,osb,two feet of the bottom of stud and floor damage and sheetrock on the inside. the bottom plate is gone,3 feet. it really is just a mess and totally unnessasary. to find out there is not even house wrap except some cheap paper around window is suprising and really cheaply done. I`ve had this for 10 years now so I guess a warranty is gone.I`m very suprised other corners of windows aren`t the same way. I think rethinking a house wrap and tape around windows would benefit future consumers. If you feel any responsibility for this damage feel free to contact me. Martin Davis - 904-424-9922

carol drost from barefoot bay,fl 32976
we had a jacobsen home for 8 yrs. bought it in 1988. it was made of pressed wood and had to repace the roo in 6 years. we sold and moved into a smaller homes of merit. it is made with solid plywood and went throught hurricane jeannne and frances. have nothing bad to say about them. we loves ours. it is a 1984. our cousin drove tracker trailer and delivered then all over. he said the homes of merit was the strongest for the money. we agree.

June B. Tiffany from FL
Would never buy another. Bought new 2003. Two many things to mention. Roof just started leaking.

EDWARD SCANLON JR from ft lauderdale,fl
I purchased a new home in 2006 i donot know the contract person is but my roof is leaking and the oven stop working about a year ago not very happy so please have some one contact me

Garry from largo fl
Having ordered a ANSI parkmodel in April 2009 and delivered in August 2009.We had a list of things we needed to have finished and adjusted which were done or as we thought in a timeley manner except for the hot water tank access door.Finding the hot water a little cool we opened the access door and to my suprize the door was not chadged.Having contacted Merit homes Bud Davies on 2ocassions on my last time speaking to him APR 5 2010 at 330pm with a call back from him he informed that a 15 inch hot water access door is acceptable to service a 18 inch roundt tank under Ansi standerds.and is going to do nothing to correct the problem. PLEASE NOTE HOMES OF MERIT FILED CHAPTER 11 NOVEMBER 18 2009 SO BEWARE BEFORE BUYING A HOMES OF MERIT

Jane Goodson from Quincy, FL
We purchased our home in 2001. In rooms with tile (kitchen, laundry room, and bath) have yellow stains coming through and discoloring the floors terribly. How you know of any produce that may help me.

David and Susan Cogburn from Astor, Fl.
We moved to Florida a little over a year ago. We bought 5 acres with an old mobile home on it. We covered all the manufactured housing dealers in our area. We bought a Homes of Merit home. We went to the Lake City plant and met with Marty who conducted our tour. We liked the way the homes were built. Marty and later on Chris from C&G homes in Chiefland were great. They answered all our questions. We purchased our home and were so exceited the day it was delivered. Marty informed us that we would be turned over to service department for future purposes. We were told that a "Bud" would be working with us. It has been three months and we still have never heard from "Bud". Is he a Myth? So now we work with Doug, who never returns our calls. We were told when we bought a Homes of Merit home the service would be great. They said the company was working toward eliminating the need for service calls since they were building such a good home. We have had issues since our home was delivered and three months later we still have on going problems and a lack of communication with the service department in Lake City. We would like to caution anyone buying a Homes of Merit manufactured home to consider the service after the purchase. We still think that we purchased a good home, but they dropped the ball on service-after-the-fact. You won't get anything done!!! David and Susan Cogburn

alice from lake city
I would never refer anyone to homes of merit we paid 150,000 cash for our mod they put a wall in that was not on our floor plan we made them take it out,we have only had it for 1 year and the middle seam where they put it together has a crack from the ceiling to the floor at both ends of the house the crown molding is splitting apart,there are cracks in the walls in most rooms and they say they are not responsable for any of it. there was tons of other problems they did fix some of them. I feel pretty stupid when people see the cracks in the walls I hate to think what the future holds for my home is it going to split in half?

kathryn goodrich from mims,florida
i lost my home in the 1998 firestorm and had to replace my home had to take out loan as insurance did't pay nothing .we bought a 1999 homes of merrit and over the years we have found out the walls have no instalation in them.the first month floor in the kitchen was worped and i stripped on it breaking leg and ankle .the paneling bows all over the windows in living room won't open unless you pry them open .and the agent we went thur ran off as soon as we payed them and with out them homes of merrit would fix the problems so no i would say i would tell any one to buy one .i think the homes of merrit in bartow took advantage of us and just threwing these thing together and if there wrong oh well .thanks for listening kathy g

Roland from Florida
We just bought a 1984 doublewide, 24' x 59' long. We bought it sight unseen (except for digital photos) and have found everything to be in excellent condition, in fact, far better than we dared hope. Can't speak for newer models but we are exceedingly happy with ours.

Mark Goodless from Okeechobee, Florida

Tommy McDonald from Tampa Florida
I purchased a New 32x80 modular in 1999. The day they installed it we found that the water system was backwards and the toilets filled with hot water. The hot water on all the faucets was on the right instead of the left!Come on ..You only need to know three things to be a plumber.. Hot on the left, cold on the right and shit wont flow uphill! the underside insulation had to be cut to correct this and was half assed taped up as a repair.

Within 5 years the roof began to leak due to the substandard shingles and the paper underneath was just that! PAPER..Not tar paper!.It is brown paper like a grocery bag. It has no insulation or moisture repelling properties at all! We found that the roof trusses are 2x2 not 2x4. I definately will not stay in this cracker box if a severe Tropical storm hits or a hurrican comes anywhere near us.. Im sure it wont be here when we get back!I cant believe that the things that I have found in this home are up to state codes!

The water heater sprung a leak and we found that they did not install a drip pan and there was no shut off valve for the water heater. The water had to be shut off to the whole house to deal with the problem. Why would you not install a $5.00 drip pan in a mobile home? One leak and the florr is compromised.

Avoid Homes of DEMERIT....Theres got to be a better builder out there than this! If you buy dont morgage longer than 15 years becouse after that youll need home improvement loans to rebuild it to make it right!


norm from south west florida
bought new modular in 2004.It is the worst home i have ever seen.The floors sag.The roof sags also.All plumbing has leaked.Most electrical boxes have failed light switches and plugs have failed lose wire connections and wire nuts falling off.almost all double pain windows have lost there seal and are fogging up.sinks and toilets have leaked at one time or another.I had to pay a contractor to sure up the floor with lots of block and lumber$2,000.oo worth.The floors are so bad i have to be carefull when i walk by my wall unit.So it wont fall over.Doors and door frames are warped.See my story on rip off i could say better folks but i cant.Just be very careful of homes of merit.PLEASE

dwight from jacksonville florida
We have a forest manor 2305 SF home with a lot of upgrades. We have nothing but nice things said about our home most people cant believe its a manufactured home when they get inside. It is heavy and solid with 2X6 exterior on 16" centers and all 2x4 interior on 16" centers. All the doors are large and 6 panel like residential sytle homes, it has drywall throughout most of the home and a beautiful kitchen where everyone hangs out during our parties. The only thing I would get if I had to do it over would be double pain windows. After the original walk through we have had no problems and we have been in for 3 years. If your going to buy any manufactured home opt for the upgrades especially in the contruction end cosmetics can always be upgraded contruction cant. We have been very happy with our choice and for the money I did not see anything that could compare including Jacoben which we almost bought until we got done with the add ons it was $30,000 more then the HOM

Moray from Crescent City
We just found out that our roof truss was made from 2X2 wood,not 2x4 as we thought was Florida this legal??? There have been numerous problems which have been fixed but the warranty is is almost over and I just had part of the siding fall off the house and hit me, it was not nailed at all!!! We are sitting here wondering if this thing will hold up past the loan??
Other than the good service they have provided we are not very trusting of the quality.

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