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Heckaman Homes

2676 E. Market Street
Nappanee, IN 46550
Phone: 574-773-4167
Fax: 574-773-2546
email: [email protected]

Heckaman Homes Description:
"...The company produces two product lines with over 50 floor plans. The Custom series includes ranch, cape cod and two-story homes. Custom series homes offer the home buyer a wide array of optional features, color selections and modifications. The Freedom series, while offering fewer options and features, provides the buyer a home that is of an equally high quality, but is more affordable..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1969
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 400 (modular and mobile homes)
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 40 builders
Location of FactoriesNappanee, IN
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builder network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood frame construction
Energy EfficiencyR-30 Insulation in ceiling, R-19 fiberglass insulation in walls
Construction Timeframe2 to 6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of FloorplansOver 50 predesigned floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$75-$100
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDependent on site
Avg. Placement CostsDependent on design
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are possible
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery Range300 miles from factory
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageInformation available on their website. Customer representative was very helpful.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewHeckaman Homes targets the mid range modular home buyer. They are average modular homes that will blend in with most neighborhoods. They have been around a long time so they must be doing something right. The homes might not be the fanciest or biggest mansions but they do provide a reliable option for a fair price.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Heckaman Homes

Michael Brown from Carmel
Love them . Was a dealer for them

Kay Catalano from Autota, Indiana
My husband and I built our cape cod style Heckaman Home in 2005, and we basically love this house. Our only problem is our builder was GREAT, but he has since retired, and we have nobody to ask any questions about any problems that have come up

Roy from USA
Furnace that was installed is under sized for 2900 sq. ft

Joe Provost from Newport, Mi
We purchased our Heckaman Homes in 2017, it was delivered and set on the foundation in Dec 2017. April 2018 we were able to take possession of the home and we noticed several defects. Item#1 The upgraded walk-in shower in the master bath had a hole in the floor and a crack in the front wall. These were noted by black grease pencil marks done at the factory, we did not put them there. Heckaman was notified by our Builder/Contractor of the defects and said that these should have been corrected before it left the factory, they weren't. A rep Modern Miracle who represents Frontline who makes the shower unit, came out at a request of Heckaman Homes and looked at the problems and found several more cracks, she took photographs and said this unit should have never left the factory like that and should be replaced. Heckaman Homes has sent out 2 different repairmen, twice and both times they said they would just plug the hole with caulk, apply a sealer to the hole and cracks then buff it out, but no guarantee that it would not leak. We are still unable to use our shower. Item#2 The carpet in the livingroom has 2 crush creases that run the width of the carpet. Our Builder/Contractor had his flooring guy look at it and we were told by him it appeared to him that the carpet had gotten hung up during the weaving at the mill. He said it never should have been shipped or installed at the factory like that. The Heckaman Homes employees, both said "They Didn't Know" but if we had the carpet steam cleaned they, felt it would come out.. We permitted them to try. The guy showed up 4 weeks ago with a hand held steamer like you would use to clean bathroom grout, spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to operate and put it together and then steamed a 3 inch square area, brushed with his hand, and said I don't know. Item#3, the upgraded package we purchased included Anderson Windows. The day we took possession we notice that several of the windows would not unlatch, raise/lower with out difficulty and 5 of the windows would not unlatch at all to permit operation or the ability to swing inward to permit cleaning. Again, the 2 different Heckaman Homes repairmen attempted to address this issue, they sprayed silicon, remove insulation, trimmed the latches with a Stanley Knife but both times, both men said they didn't know how to repair the latches. I asked man who was out 4 weeks ago to contact an Anderson Window rep to trouble shoot the problem but again I got "I Don't Know" maybe. Our Builder/Contractor sent his repairman out to see if he could help and he said he felt the windows were defective, plus he found condensation-air leaks on 7 windows, including the 5 troublesome windows. It pretty obvious that Heckaman Homes in Napanee Ind has "No Quality Control" at their business and that they don't care once the product leaves the factory. Anyone who is contemplating purchasing a product from these people should think twice and look else where. I guess my next step is "Court"

Jim and Nancy Stallter from Elkhart, Indiana
Our Home was built in 1999.. Very good quality. I would buy one again... Final product depdnds a lot on the BUILDING CONTRACTOR ...If you have an inferior Building Contractor the outcome can be a big mess... Some contractors hire subcontractors that are not good..Talk to previous customers of the contractor.Heckaman is an excellent product .. some of their building contractors are not....

Chris Tunstall from Ohio
Don't stand by their product

Carol Bratcher from Nappanee
I attended the open house to better view the quality of construction and ask some questions. I was asked where my "other half" was when I walked in to register! After the factory tour and viewing the models, I inquired whether there was a two-story model available to see. One salesperson then inquired of me "how's your checkbook?" I have to agree with others when they say how Heckaman is condescending to their potential customers searching for their home! P. S. Heckaman offered me four books, one featuring two-story models at the end of the day, so why was my question met with such disdain?

jay from canada
Good luck getting your home within 6 months of the date they give you!Also once you pay good luck getting anyone including the president of the "company" to call you back! Never again and I will let the world know how brutal they are!

Pam Emley from Roanoke/Huntington In
We bought our Heckaman Home in 1992. We sold it to our youngest daughter and her husband in 2012. It was a wonderful home to raise our 3 children in and now our daughter and her husband are raising their 2 children in it. Over the years we made changes to it but it is still a good solid home. We had the National. My husband and I are now considering putting up the small Cape Cod called the Retreat. We are happy with Heckaman Homes.

Barb Phillips from Kalamazoo, MI
Our Cape Cod home was delivered in 2008. The upstairs attic wasn't finished and now, July 2013, we are seeing dripping water coming between the dormer and adjoining rafters. Our builder examined the roof in October 2013 and found 6 locations where CertainTeed shingles had delaminated. Heckaman seems determined not to address these leaks.

Robin from Kankakee County Ilinois
We love our Woodbridge. It was built in 1995 and it is in great shape. We have done remodeling and upgrades over the years and have always been pleased with the quality of the home. If you are considering building one of these homes the most important thing is finding the right on site builder. Hire a local contractor that has an excesllent track record of building modular. The complaints listed here seem to all stem from poor workmanship at the home site. I hope you have as good luck with your home as we have with ours. I highly recommend this company.

Eric Heinz from Saline, Michigan
Dated: Nov. 21st, 2011. Our home in now 10 years old and has been fairly good. We did have some minor problems in the begin but overlooked them (no tyvek/wrap on house, backing of cabinet cover with spare sheets leaving seem lines, upstairs floor boards not installed correctly... T/G board not used to start upstairs floor and nailed together with 2-bi underneath causing squeaks in those areas of the bed rooms). The biggest problem I'm having now is that the dormers were not installed correctly and I'm getting water leaks.with water damage. This is my biggest disappointment with Heckaman homes. I have two men review the issue with minor support and no efforts to cover the water damage caused by the faulty installation which goes back to the original build. I would highly recommend that you inspect the quality of the installation as the final on-site assembly is pretty shady in my opinion. In regards to the original build, I would give them 4 to 5 stars. In regards to the final install and inspection I would give them 1 to 2 stars. Be very carefully that you have a qualified person inspect the details before you make the final hand-off.

peg from sister lakes, mi
Our cape cod style summer home, delivered in 1997 is still in great condition. Our gen contractor added dormers on site and we finished the second floor ourselves, saving a lot of money. Andersen windows are great, siding and roofing still look new. Insulated very well - we rarely need to use the ac. Overall, we were very satisfied with the home and the price.

Holly L-B from MI
We have been in our home for 2 years now. It is a modified Gloucester. The home is very well built and we have had no problems at all. Our builder was great and worked with us very well. We deleted most of the finishes in the home so we could do our own upgrades to save money. We deleted all cabinetry, most light fixtures, and all floor coverings. We put hardwood, slate, and porcelin tile throughout, customized our fireplace with natural slate tile, and finished the entire upstairs ourselves. We enlarged the home, and have a 16' opening between the living room and dining room, and a bumpout on the front of the house to break up the face of the house. Everyone who sees our house loves it. Photos of what can be done with a modular home are here:

Rob & Lisa Mouatt from Howell, MI
Our home was set in May of 2000 and since this our 10th aniversary, I thought I would write to tell you that We love our Heckeman home now just as much as the day it was set on the foundation. It has weathered well and looks fantastic still. Thanks from some happy home owner. By the way we have awesome photos we would love to share. Rob & Lisa Mouatt

ralph wilks from niles, michigan
I would like someone to contact us. We bought a Warwick home from you in 2004. We had Chuck Arver, a wonderful contractor/representative, handle all the details. We have made some improvements since the house was set and would like to share some ideas. These ideas could be incorporated in your future options to customers. Since we were so pleased with everything, we thought that you might want to hear what we did.

thanks, ralph and anita wilks

William Lindsay from Defiance, Ohio
We are generally happy with our Nantucket, Heckaman home. Our biggest issue is with a myriad of drywall screw pops. Our house was built in 2006 and we are still getting them.

Something that would have been nice, is for anyone from Heckaman, contacting us to see how we liked our house.

Perhaps the main issue with the organization is the builder. Ours, was New Horizon Homes. Several problems arose from their ineptness. Number one, he failed to fill the order form out properly and the floor covering was not correct. We were not given the opportunity to review or sign the order before it was submitted. This was redone at our expense. He wanted additional monies for overtime for the crane operator because the time to set the house was excessive. He said this was due to inproper site preparation, even though it was done exactly to his specification. I would never ever do business with him again. Repeated letters to Heckaman concerning our issues with one of their certified repersentatives, fell on deaf ears. They never even had the courtesy to reply. I find the Heckaman organization to be aloof and uncaring about their customers.

I would suggest that Heckaman provide optional upgrades to their homes; granite, hardwood, etc.

Mary Lin from Dowagiac, MI
Dave Zuel of Highlight Homes was my builder. I have nothing but great things to say about them. The home is lovely, semi-custom, and every detail was covered. The walls are straight, the finishes are acceptable and I have ONLY ONE ITEM that I was unhappy with and that was probably half my fault for not noticing it on the plans. My builder was always accessible and 4 years later, he still returns my calls whenever I have a question. I think the home quality is above average, but the builder was SUPERIOR!

Juan V. David, PhB, MUP from Palms, MI
From the Frame out we have issues with the manufacture of our home. Wood grade 3 quality was found throughout construction. There were gaps of close to an inch between wood seams in everything from rafters to basement beams. Walls were not straight and drywall was cracked and bulged and not finished appropriately. Charges for additional items were exorbitant and fees for items deleted were skimpy or not taken off. Cabinets were of the lowest quality and installed incorrectly. Repairs we very poorly done and the General Contractor would not accept responsibilty. We would never advise anyone to deal with this company.

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