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Hart Housing Group


1025 Waterford Street
Wakarusa, IN 46573

Hart Housing Group Description:
"...Hart Housing uses quality structural components and amenities while providing exceptional value for the consumer for a safe and sound investment. We pride ourselves in offering a full line of floor plans to meet the needs of today's family living and life styles..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1998
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)100-150
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder Network15 home builders
Location of FactoriesWakarusa, IN
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builder network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood and Steel
Energy EfficiencyR-19 Fiberglass wall batt insulation, R-33 cellulose roof insulation
Construction Timeframe2 to 6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of Floorplans36 floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$55-$80
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsDependent on site
Avg. Placement CostsDependent on design
Site PreparationNo


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are possible
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeGreat Lake area
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsDepends on location
Information PackageEventually two glossy brochures (56 & 32 pages) arrived via mail. These brochures contained pictures and floorplans.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewHart Housing makes above average manufactured mobile homes. Their modular offering unfortunately appears to just be a glorified mobile home. The customization options are very limited and our mystery shopper reported having trouble receiving home buyers information from them. If you have a smaller budget this might be a good option. We do not feel very comfortable with their modular homes. Hopefully they will improve over time.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Hart Housing Group

Ronnie from Kansas
its a house trailer with the same quality you will find in all. You can take and rebuild it after 5-10 yrs.. or let it fall to the ground. we have lived in one for the past 20 years (2002) and if you are not a carpenter, plumber, heating and air repairman or know nothing about rebuilding trailers then best to buy a House..Stick built house.. everyone is right on with their thoughts on the home..but its a "House Trailer" Comes with a trailer hitch and for what its worth it does have a decent Better than a mobile home frame and floor joist,,2X6 setting on a steel frame..that now and then you have to tighten the lag bolts into the joist to keep down the noise from walking on them.. this one i have is a Sweetheart model and it is (for what it is) efficient on heat and air..but you got to keep up on the units , maintenance is the KEY! take care of will take care of you.. I have made lots of "real home" improvements over time and remodeling the interior now as I type..if your thinking of buying one of these type of homes it without finished walls and most of all ceilings..add your sheet rock screws and and paint (or Plaster although i wouldn't plaster or popcorn any ceiling) Just buy a bare bones without carpet, finished walls & paint.. matter fact it without the siding if you can.. this way you get what you pay for, and in the end get what you want! my advice to all of you is Buy a real House or Build it yourself..contract loan or construction loan is the best way. otherwise i would much rather have my old 12X60 single 1963 American house trailer now..I built additions on it..and had as much floor space as this one..stronger and more solid and it only cost us us $300.00 a mo. to live...since i bought this we spend $3000.00 a month just to live...lmao. so if your in a single old house trailer thinking about buying a new double wide or "Manufactured Home" ..Dont..just rebuild and add on 20X20 ft rooms on the single and have more living space and money to live however you want. Just make sure that the grandfather clause is on the property or the county will run you which they will sooner or later anyway. the only reason they haven't run us out is that our home appraised at over $250,000.00 now and they love the tax money we pay them (and other) for living here..I bought with cash, but pay as much as if i were making payments on a loan just to cover tax and insurance..lmao.. out in the country.. it can be yours today..give me a shout..lets make a It is what you make of it..its a nice home if you keep it nice..sit on your can and you will be living out in a can or is life. 58 K back in 2002..price the materials to build today..hahahahahaha. oh..and it does have a full basement below..with bathroom, game cave. roll your motorcycle , cars etc in and keep em shined and up for the next cruise. good luck on the "Manufactured Homes" idea if you go that way..i would get a single house trailer and live it out..least you could move it where ever you want to be next year..right? PS..I think Hart is done or out of business..but they are all the trailers. they use the cheapest materials available so they make a profit...its all business.. you wont ever hear from them again after your cash leaves your hand..that is the guarantee .. build your own.

collette crowder from Indiana
We purchased our home 8 years ago. the org. buyer had it built. Very pleased with this Manufactured Home. The only Issues we have is when replacing the org. items having a hard time finding something that will work or fit in the same place. We have a Columbia Ridge model 22011BLE. 2280 Sq. Feet/ Love the walk in closets in the bedrooms. dry wall through out the house. On the windows have had to replace the glass due to them fogging up. So did not have to replace windows. Now looking for a island kitchen vent, which we could not so having one made. No information as to where the org. vent was made.

David Fuller from Cass County, Missouri
We have enjoyed our home since 2000. Model 4024 has been good for us. Had shingles replace several years ago after hail storm. Found balance replacement for windows at : Used 28.5" Series 850 Crossbow Balance with 1.25" shoe and have replaced several. I consider it maintenance. The furnace was our big battle. I was told it was oversized for the home and it would shutdown in the winter. We ended up replacing it completely.

Kelly from Indiana
Horribly built! Patio door leaks and is rotten, windows all leak and it's impossible to find replacements. Air ducts are junk and come apart under home. I strongly believe one side of our house has no insulation at all! Very cheaply made home! Notorious for rotting around doors and windows. DO NOT BUY!

Laurie Bingaman from Petoskey, Michigan
Bought a home manufactured by this group back in 2001. As mentioned before, hard to find replacement windows and doors. Also got rid-off with no wrap before siding applied and they said they did it. The company I bought the home through has/had closed and have had no help. We live in a very cold climate. Luckily, the fireplace works. Very shitty faucets for kitchen and bathrooms. Cheap flooring and interior walls. Should have done more research but back then it wasn't as easy to "Google" some company.

Terry Frost from Salem, MO
We purchased a Hart previously owned manufactured home 10 years ago. We had problems immediately trying to find replacement parts for the windows, doors, lights and other things. I contacted Hart Homes looking for help in locating manufacturers of the various parts because as it turns out almost everything was an odd size. Hart was of no help. After several calls it became clear that they do not want to be bothered by owners of their homes. After ten years I am still trying to find storm doors or parts for a sagging door. I tried contacting Hart again but they do not respond. I hoped they might have improved customer service but they did not respond. All in all I am not unhappy with the home but I am very unhappy with Hart.

Don Cash from Novi, MI
Nothing but problems from day one. Leaks galore. Floors squeak. Poor quality and like pulling teeth from a horse to get any return calls from them. Regret purchasing the new home in 2014.

Mark hall from Illinois
Purchased home new , had lots of complaints when 1st built the rep from hart was complete a$$ , didn't listen to our concerns actually pointed out stuff we weren't concerned with . Floors were terrible, they had to fix about 35 joists that sagged and made awful noises when walking thru home . Home is about 11 years old now roof looks bad should have lasted a lot longer. Please do your research when you go to buy a modular home , there is a couple better builders out there , wouldn't deal with them again .

Melanie Skeldon from Scarbro, WV
We purchased our Hart Home new in 2003. The house is basically very solidly built, with great insulation. We opted for the total electric package and the heating is even and very economical. Our windows function fine, but some of the gas leaked and "frosted over." We will replace these two windows. The back screen door was very cheap and has been replaced; the front door is beautiful and well made! The only negative is those terrible roofing shingles from Canada. They were supposed to be architectural shingles. We are replacing them with real quality shingles. I am really sorry to hear others have had so many problems with their Hart home. We feel we got a bargain, despite the roof.

Gene Madron from Olney IL
Over all a good home but after 2 years all the windows are JUNK mechanisms broke they have to be propped up with a stake. Roof shingles curling up after 5 years we replaced it with tin roof. floor moves when you walk on it, Duct work fell off under house in winter blowing heat under house kept falling off, Wouldn't recommend buying one without making sure you upgrade everything.

Don from Richards Mo.
Purchased a Hart Manufactured home in Sept. 2013 that was 11 years old. Wish I had never seen the place. Most of the windows do not work as in will not stay open unless something is placed to hold them open. Heat and A/C does not work, pulled the insulation out and found that the duct work is not even connected and is made from what looks like flexible dryer vent that is made out of plastic. The main trunk for the heat and a/c is not made of metal it is something like cardboard with insulation on it, has holes all thru it with no airflow. The floor under the master bath and the master shower and the guest bath is mostly gone as in not there, holes big enough I could crawl thru, look right down to the insulation that is about 10 inches under the floor, had better airflow thru these holes than the heat a/c. Going to put new insulation in the floor after I replace duct work for the heat and a/c. Our first winter here got up one morning to find ice streaked into the house about 4 inches from the drafts around windows and doors, watched the curtains move from the airflow, pulled the trim work off and found gaps around windows and doors to be anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches, used about 20 cans of spray foam and finally got those sealed. There is no vapor barrier on the inside or the outside of the home. The house is set on a foundation, but it does not do much good when there is a 2 inch gap around the whole house between the foundation and the sill. Going to pull the siding off and check out the insulation, will not be surprised if there is little to no insulation or not installed correctly so will probably be fixing this also. Then there is the roof, it has already been replaced as the original shingles were organic and had been recalled. The water lines running to the kitchen sink are installed backwards. The main water line coming into the connection in the house is directly underneath the electrical panel, hope we don't spring a leak. This has to be the cheapest built home I have ever seen. Only reason I gave it one star is because I could not go any lower. I would not recommend Hart housing to anyone, If anyone were to ask me I would say run as fast as you can away.

Mike Bomyea from Toledo,Ohio
-1 reveiw. Bougt are hart home 2004 new. hadplaced on foundation. Home came with silly wrap on bottom holding insulation up,pulled down to ivestagate no heat/ac air flow in home. First cut a bucket of water came out most of the five inch duct hose was off or broken repaired after removing moister incasement under home still no air could put a tissue on vents and would stay.Called factory they sent some hillbillys to repair ,no good. Hired heating ac contractor to look at issue,was under house two minutes and already had solved issue.Ducts work off the heater WAS ALL UNDER SIZE main trunk feeding all ducts 4x12 inside witch can only flow 350 cfm max furnace puts out up to 1400 cfm,each vent inside rated at 100 cfm with 6 inch hose cut back to 5 and maybe 75cfm 17 in home. called factory talk with customer service who had there installer call me and i was told the system was correct ,clearly duct off heater to small. Repaired myself cost 1600.00 bucks works as should also installed return air this time included in cost.Windows frost up every winter. Roof needs replaced shingles curled up,air baffles on inside of roof that should pass air to vent heat are ALL CRUSHED from reinforcement installed by factory for tilt roof again i have to pey for replacement . Started remodel job pulled peice of dry wall down to see how well insulation was done lol,craft paper that helps as vapor barrier was not stapled down,not even folded out. pulled insulatoin out and was shock to find they cut wall joist (notched) on outside for electiacal in walls and install plates to prevent screws from drilling wires,to bad the next crew STAPLED the siding on (no wrap outside)missing wires just in this area by inchs at best(how many staples hit wires unknown)siding should be installed loose on fasteners to allow movement ,thats why i see sheeting in spots outside.When they adjusted my exterior doors they remove trim and i could outside my home from inside service guy says this is how homes are built.Same on loans can not refi,or get loans .Floors bounce and are uneven. Interior walls are cut down 2x4 0ne inch thinner no insulation between key rooms can hear talking between rooms .Walls most are not staight not even corners trim have large gapes dry wall nails pop though.Subfloor was stapled and glued some joist have staples missing the whole legth.Washer bouces out into room floor is so weak. Would not recomend at all .Factory has not repaired one thing .

Bob from Otsego, MI
I bought my home in 2006. My first issue was with the silly names for the colors of siding. Instead of saying gray or tan, they had some made up names. My house showed up the wrong color because the dealer picked the wrong chip and I didn't catch it because of the stupid name picked out for that color. Otherwise, the house is very nicely put together. The quality of this house is much better than the Rochester I bought years ago. The light fixtures have stayed working, the faucets are awesome, the sinks are a joke though. Plastic sinks...., the rounded drywall corners are nice, the house heats for about $800 a year in Michigan, the siding and roof are good quality. The water heater initially was over heating, but changed a thermostat, the furnace is still working fine, although I was hearing some noises the past couple years at start-up. My house was small, so with the added stairwell, it made the kitchen small. The overall quality of this house is pretty good for the price paid. The pex plumbing made it easy to add a utility room in the basement. I like the home and would buy another, but make changes now that I have knowledge of what to do better next time.

Janet from Indiana
We moved into one 10 years ago. We have had to replace the windows already. The skylight we had had to be taken out because it leaked. Had to replace the roof already also. It is cheaply made and we need to do more stuff but can't get a loan because it has the word manufactured in front of it. So I would not recommend this place to no one. We paid all this money and now we are told you can't refi on it. Try selling and buy something else. Whose gonna be able to get a loan on it if we can't. So we are screwed. I would give it zero stars if I could!!!!!!

Bruce knikelbine from Fennville mi
Our shingle started crumbling the first 5 years and half of them are stapled below the shingle and leaks around them. All the windows are now broken also, they do not stay up. I will advise you NOT to purchase a home built by hart.

Mary Gail Stack from Watersmeet, MI.
We purchased a model unit 2014 in 2010 from the original owner who had purchased this unit which was manufactured 05/28/2004. Had a problem with the furnace. Interthem Furnace manufactured the part we needed. It has been good on propane gas to heat and cool in the summer. We have use the fireplace a couple of times a year. I keep the gas budget at $190 a month. I would have liked a sink in the utility/laundry room. We have added two large oak pantries for more storage and a shelf with and coat rack on the wall across from the door. I have also added a storage closet inside each bedroom closet. I do not know when the deck was added on but we are replacing it this year and adding railings. The previous owner took down all the gutters due to ice build up on the roof. Also adding three more outdoor electric outlets to the outside walls of the house. The windows and doors have no issues. But we will add a storm door to the ulility room enterance door this fall. Would appreciate any information on this model unit, floor plans, underside, etc...

Patsy from Woodbury, TN
We moved into our 1999 Model 2012 in October '98 and have been rather pleased with it's quality except for the windows. Four of them are too big and have messed up. We just recently replaced our washing machine. Not bad for 12 years old. The glue bled through in the kitchen linoleum. We had it replaced several years ago at our own expense of course. We have replaced all the four big windows and the two over the kitchen sink. We have felt this is not bad as all housing is going to go wrong in one way or the other at times.

Megan from St. Louis, MO
Bought our home in 1998. Overall, I love my home and the fact that many of it's features are not "mobile-home-like". For this reason, I would be happy to retire in this home. With that said however, I am surprised to find myself in agreement with previous posters, as there is obviously a pattern of a couple issues. #1, yes, several of the tilt-in window latches broke, within only months. Hart did send replacement latches however, so I cannot complain there. #2(and most notable to me), is that we too found our roof shingles to be crumbling/curling within only five years. I was appalled to find Hart advertising a 30yr warranted shingle, with no apparent intention of honoring that claim. Within only 6 years, we had the $4200 expense of replacing our roof, and the subsequent damage then caused by resulting leak around one of our skylights. Again, most of my home's features, I am very happy with. Many "standard" features are often "upgrades" with other manufacturers. I would just caution the potential buyer to either opt to build-in a subcontractor for your roof, OR, ensure warranty/contact info with the shingle supplier before purchase.

shelly from northern michigan
We've had our home since 98. Should have listened to my family saying "no don't do it !" The duct work has fallen off under the house several times, naturally in the dead of winter, the "better quality windows" are junk, they leak & the springs break causing them to fall down. The shingles have crumbled & curled up. Apparently there is no insulation in the walls as there is ice on the inside of the closets & bedroom walls! I can only hope this company goes out of business & all of their executives suffer absolute financial ruin & freeze their butts off during such suffering. Do Not Give This Company Your Business.

Eva McClain from Burnettsville,In 47926
I am pleased with my home, have lived in it since 2001. Model #2039. The windows fell apart before a year was up and I can not reach the manufacture, they changed phone numbers. The seller went out of business. The shingles are crumbling, other than that it is a good home.

v lowhorn from TN
I agree that the windows are crappy. We've been in ours since 2001, model 2012. I've been trying for years to get new windows. Within a year the spring mechanisms broke and near crushed my sons hand. All the windows have done this. We had to revert to holding them up with stakes. Hart is no help. I've tried to get info on them but nothing. Also our ceilings started crumbling within a year too. The mud just crumbled and fell, it's done this in every room. I am not a happy camper! My next step is the BBB. I'm tired of getting the run around. Hart needs to give us the answers we need and fix our problems.

Jim Rooks from Scranton, KS. 66537
Heve been in our model #4014 since 1999. We are pretty well pleased with our home, just some minor issues. Have weathered some pretty severe storms and came out fine. We set it on walk out basement and have finished the basement and at this time are pleased with everything. Our utility bills average about $150/mo. with the cold winters and hot summers we have here in KS. The only real issue I have is with the windows. The springs have gone bad and the supplier does not exist anymore and I haven't been abel to get through to Hart for an explanation. I could really use some help with this. The rest of the house is fine and I would purchase a hart again, just not from the dealer I went through. Thanks, Jim Rooks

Gabriella McFall from Exeter Mo
We love our home. Have lived in it since 2001. Model 2023. Very easy to heat.The only thing I can see I would have liked to have would be a larger utility room. Minor thing. Last year we had a very large ice storm. We were able to heat home for 3 days with wood in the fire place as the only heat source. We were comfortable.Can not say enough good things. Thanks for the great home... Gabriella McFall

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