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Golden West Homes

(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)

3100 N. Perris St.
Perris, CA 92571
Toll-Free: 800-628-4443
email: [email protected]

Golden West Homes Description:
(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)
"...Golden West is the most recognized name in the manufactured housing industry on the West Coast. From its very first home built in 1965, Golden West's reputation for quality, design and value is evident in the more than 70,000 homes built with the Golden West name..."

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Company Background

How Long in Business1965
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 1000 (mobile homes)
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsMHI (Manufactured Housing Institute)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 50 retailers
Location of FactoriesAlbany, OR; Perris, CA
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction steel base
Energy EfficiencyLow "e" windows, Fiberglass insulation, Energy Star option
Construction Timeframe3 to 5 weeks
Customization FlexibilityNo significant customization allowed
Amount of FloorplansOver 65 online home floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$55-$80
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsDistributor to provide
Site PreparationNot provided


Garage/Deck AvailabilityNot available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeNorthern California & Oregon
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsN/A
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewGolden West is a provider of manufactured mobile homes and not custom modular homes. Their mobile homes are good for mobile homes but do not compare with the quality and customization options of the modular homes. If your budget can't afford a custom modular home then Golden West could be a good option for you. They do provide better than average options for manufactured homes. We would recommend that you also look into their upgrade plans.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Golden West Homes

Jack from California
I would like to tell you that the Perris, CA builder under Clayton homes does right by the consumer, sadly, they do not. My mother purchased a Golden West manufactured home through Horizon homes in Hemet, CA in 2013. For the most part, everything seemed to go well through the build and purchase process. The actual delivery, set up and preparation of the home, did not. Leaks were found in some faucets, easily fixed. I happened to take the first shower after move in: first the shower head blew off into my head, followed by the connecting pipe. Further investigation found that all of the showers had similar installation issues, that had to be fixed, including the bath nozzle in two bathrooms. Fast forward 6.5 years, and suddenly a leak under the house gets identified, caused by a cheap t connection fitting. Repair costs just under $700, with the plumber recommending that all of the fittings like the one that failed be replaced. The leak ended up causing the water heater to fail, another $100 to repair, then came the electric and water bills for the connection failure, adding another $600 to the tab. To replace the fittings, would require tearing out the under house insulation, already water damaged, and the replacing and resealing after any needed repairs to water damaged flooring are fixed. Golden West, through Clayton homes response, "your warranty was for one year, your home is 7 years old, sorry we cant help you." Submitting to the home owners insurance will likely be found to be a manufacturers defect, leaving my mom and I to cover the costs of all repairs. The reputation of golden west and clayton, should be enough to cause them to go bankrupt.

Robert Ferrell from San Diego, Ca
We purchased our home from the Chino, Ca factory in 1989 and currently are still living in it. From the original purchase, we had many upgrades from ( doors, draperies, carpet, cabinets and a few other things ). Like all properties you need to do upgrades and do some repairs. We had our unit moved from Long Beach to San Diego after we had been living in it for 7 yrs. Now 22yrs later we are still very satisfied with our home. I think the key is to keep up on all maintenance. We have had family members telling us that we wasted money on our purchase because it will not last long but today when they visit they tell us that our place look like new. My church wish they can find a used unit as well as mine for facility use.

janice butsch from Oregon
This house has had problems with poor plumbing since we had it.Had HUD once whom we can`t seem toget answers.Thwhole south side has a wet problem and mold.It is not level anymore.It is i6 yrs old,but I woud think they last longer than that.We went to Salem housing authoritys.

dave tisserand from valley springs
my 96 home is made of sawdust and glue ....the subfloor , siding , roof ....floor gets wet gives way ...had to fix several times with plywood windows ...etc plumbing problems too brand on the parts ....all cheap materials used ....

Ron Brusseau from Canyonville, Oregon
We have been in our beautiful Golden West mfg home for nearly 13 years and have had no problems at all. We are planning tyo sell and move back to California to be nearer our family. We will be looking for another Golden West home.

Gay Howe from California
We bought our Golden West in 1991. There were a few problems in the beginning, mostly a leak at the laundry room door and a couple of small things. They were fixed. We have done some wonderful upgrades over the years (new cabinets and kitchen counters, flooring, that sort of thing) but we love our home. All of our boys were raised in it, and all are very fond of it as well. We are going to be selling and moving to Oregon soon, and I think we'll take the same route! (I do hope the county building department is easier to work with than our county was 24 years ago!)

Carl Virden from Riverside, Ca
These reviews are all so old that it makes me wonder if Golden West has stopped allowing them to be added. It is now 2015 and my wife and I are shopping for a Manufactured Home. We like one particular model, but we have asked for some design changes and we sat with a designer to address them. This was at Golden West Homes manufacturing plant in Perris, Ca. It has been two weeks, and no word from them, when originally we were told it would take less than a week. Is Golden West not interested in selling to us?

Gary L. Calzia from United States
We have had our home for almost 10 years and remain totally sastisfied. We know three others in Las Paz County Arizona and bought through Golden west because of their satisfaction with the home. I have read the comments here and suggest ones complaints be addressed through their sales rep. We had minor issues too but had them all addressed timely and satisfactorily.

steve from olympia
I'm in an 81 kingston - the sideing is great, but who designed and then approved your cabinets and drawers? In order to save money, you made most of the drawers 3 inches too short, in that you waste a lot of dead air space. Then on top of that the drawer guides break because they are engineered as poorly as the drawer length is. Of course you succeeded in selling this home to a little old lady who did not know any better and I ended up inheriting her problems. What i need to know is wear to buy drawer guides that fit this model. Also thank you for being so exact with you wire and plumbing holes - most are over sized enough to allow easy rodent access to any room in the house - thank you for caring so much

Bee Woods from Cotati, CA
I bought my 2 bedroom/2 bath Golden West Home in 2002 and have loved it from day one! No problems and no complaints!

Cindy from Covina, CA 91724
My home is a manufacture defect! That stated, you cannot get help apparently through home owners insurance. Company in Ontario, CA that installed my home 1991, has been out of business for a very long time so I haven't been able to get help. Since I moved in 1998, I have had nothing but problems such as extensive dry rot, bowing and mold (inside and out), cracks in ceiling and walls, hidden plumbing leaks that cause floor to collapse. Home owners insurance American Bankers company has not fixed any problems since they say it is a "manufacture defect". Also on title it states this house is equipped with items that are not and have never been there. My funds have depleted $15,000 in repairs and still have a dangerous home to live in! I pray we do not have a large earthquake. I can't imagine what will happen to us when all comes down due to manufacture defected material. I have been begging for help.

Joe Maravigli from San Marcos, CA
We just moved from a 2004 manufactured because the location became untenable. We bought a 1973 Golden West home, in a great location, and were scared to death about its age. Well, it's a bit loose around the original windows but, it heats easily and we love it. Workmanship looks above average. This is our 6th manufactured/mobile and our last one. Better than 4 out of the last five.

Mark from East San Diego County
Our Golden West home ws installed a month ago. We paid extra for several things including having the lot leveled and raked ready for grass to be installed and fenced. The fence was started then abandoned and still incomplete, the yard is was started adn abandoned with piled of rocks and trash all over. The air conditioner is so loud when it is runningyou can not hear each other talking, we were told that is the only air conditioner made and there is no option or way to fix it and they will do nothing about it ..... REALLY??? WHAT KIND OF WARRANTY IS THAT?And when the A/C turns on all the lights in the house dim really low. They also didn't install an air vent in one of the rooms so when that door is closed the room has no ventalization. There are two valances missing and another two with paint smears on them. the kitchen island is 4' deep and forgot to put doors on both sides of the canenits so the back space is waisted. there are no outside hose bibs. They have been paid to build a storage shed and have it half finished and them abandonded that project as well. It seems the best thing Golden West is good at is doing a sub standard job and then walking away from the project because they have another job to start. They do not return phone calls and ignore the problems leaving the customer to end for themselves. Clayton homes should be embarresed of this division of their corporation. At least have the courtesy of honoring their warranty of their exsisting customers and seriously look at a major restructuring of Golden West. RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS!!!!

Lynne Holmes from Hood River, OR
Got home in 1989. Floors are now baggy in places, pieces of cabinets have simply cracked &/or fallen off over the years. The double-pane aluminum windows leaked and fogged over precisely after one year...when the warrantee had ended. The roof has held up well all this time, but we took the shingles off today. Neither the cold air return to the furnace nor the kitchen range vent had EVER been hooked up. In fact, the range vent had simply been shingled over! This kind of shoddy work is dangerous! Life-threatening! The home has been easy to heat, which has been nice. I guess we got what we paid for. Jeez.

Nancy from Los Gatos, CA
I recently purchased a home from the Chico, CA office and I'm still trying to move in after the house has been here for over 6 weeks! The customer service is non existent, not one promise made has been kept, phone calls not returned, options on materials very limited. The workmanship is shoddy, the fixtures are cheap, parts came in damaged or not at all. After 6 weeks, they are finally putting pergo in the guest room after not ordering enough and then ordering the wrong color and I still don't have any a/c because the blower doesn;t work in the furnace! My refrigerator is unusable because the door only opens part way due to a wall there and the locks don't work in the front door! No one at the Chico office or the factory in Oregon gives a damn and the fact that there is actually a "certificate of excellence" taped to the counter saying it was inspected at the factory is beyond laughable. Run in the other direction from this company or you will find yourself in the worst nitemare of your life!

Gregory Ray from Wildomar CA
House is poorly constructed. Gaps between rafters, cracks in ceiling running from ridge to outside wall, cheapest possible fixtures, floors are made from particle board. Worse yet, try to find someone who cares in their service department.

Darrell Charlesworth from Palisade CO
I have owned my home sense 1993 and have nothing bad to say about it I still have the original appliances that came with my house. I like my house so mush that when I sold my property in 2006 I took my hone with me and set it up in a different location. we added on to the home to make it allmost 2x as big but the floor plan is the same as when we first bought it

John from sacramento
I have bought a Golden West home after endless hours of shopping countless dealers. I found a retailer in Auburn (American Home Sales) that we just were taken by. We love our home. The price was awesome, the owner was more then willing to work with us and respect our budget. They were alot lower in price then comparable homes. I had a great experience thru out the whole thing and its the retailer that make the home, the trust and just knowing your covered. Awesome home, Awesome Price, Awesome people..

Bert H. Cook from Riverbank, CA
We purchased our Golden West Mobile Home in October of 2001 and moved into it on December 1st, 2001. We have loved our home. It is a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath double wide. We had its exterior done with Hardy Board and have had excellent service. The heating and A/C unit is Intertherm and the kitchen appliances are all GE and have had no problems. We have had some problems with the interior finish of the factory installed toilets(problems with severe, apparently unresolvable staining) and are currently, after 9 years, replacing both toilets. The front deck, installed by the sales companies installers, was cheap Outdoor carpeting glued to untreated marine plywood, rotted out and was replaced with a quality Redwood deck in 2007. We have otherwise had great pride in the quality over-all of our Golden West Mobile Home.

Amber Young from turlock california
If you are looking for good quality keep looking. We have been in our home for a total of 3 months & things are already breaking. The kitchen cabinets are awful if you have big dinner plates dont plan on putting them wherever you want because they wont fit. The quality of them on a scale from 1-10 i give them a 1. The day we moved in one of the shelves broke the trim was cracked the cabinets were scratched the counter tops crooked & uneven. The bathrooms were the same story. We are still waiting to have them repaired. The paint on the outside of the house has run marks on it. The trim is cheap & already coming off the outside. We researched alot of homes & thought we made a good choice, it has been a nightmare & disappointing. I would'nt recommend this home , it looks nice but the quality is not so great.

heidi jo minton from auburn
I am a golden west dealer and some of your information is incorrect.

Liz from Florence Oregon
I've been in a 1987 triple-wide that I bought shortly after it had been moved to a new wooded parcel in 1994.
The only issue was that the exterior covered entry area was covered with indoor-outdoor carpet over plywood, which eventually rotted thru. A friend replaced it with nice decking. That was at least 4 years ago. I think I'm still on the original dishwasher, to which I recently replaced a door spring.
I've had it leveled twice due to settling. It still has it's original roofing. The cabinets are fine. I think they were refaced once prior to my buying it. After 13 years of living in it we upgraded the counters to corian, ditched the original still functional electric cooktop for an induction cooktop, replaced the original vinyl kitchen floor and will shortly be replacing carpet with laminate. I ripped off the cheesy wallpaper in the kitchen and refinished the walls. I've loved the house since I first bought it even tho there were finishes I eventually wanted to upgrade. I love the textured wall finishes. The house seems to be well built. I've seen inside the walls when we did some upgrades and everything was nice and dry and well built. I bought this when I was in my mid 30s and will be happy if it's the only home I ever own. I've always liked the layout and as i got older, the lack of stairs. The only thing lacking is an entry closet.

Charles Edmunds from Coos Bay ,Oregon
I am appalled by these 3 bad reports ! I bought my home in 1994 (from the Albany Factory). Gee, my Dishwsher broke.

p.s. I am completly satisfied with my home,windows,furness,roof,foundation,and plumbing.I simply cannot understand that a GE dishwasher would wear out in 15 years, haha

debbie from tucson arizona

I bought my Golden West in 1990. I hate the aluminum windows. They did come out and fix some of the defects. However after about 2-3 years all my countertops and my cabinets started lifting and falling apart. The company refused to stand behind their product.Many of my neighbors had the same problems. Oh my roof leaked. I would never buy from them again. Their cabinetry construction was horrible.

Terri Eckles from Erhenberg, Arizona
I have nothing but problems with the quality of this home. First house was missing blinds and drawers in master bath. Screen door was non operational. Now Lenolium is cracking and winds are falling out. We have occupied this new home for less then 2 years.

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