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Giles Industries

(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)

405 S. Broad Street
New Tazewell, TN 37825
Phone: 423-626-7243
Toll-Free: 800-844-4537
Fax: 423-626-6919
Website: Giles Industries Website

Giles Industries Description:
(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)
"...Since 1959, Giles Industries has been building manufactured homes (sometimes referred to as mobile homes, trailers, singlewides, doublewides, or HUD homes). Throughout our site, you will find information on Giles Industries and the 14, 16, 24, 28, and 32 single section and multi section models we build..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1959
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 500 (mobile homes)
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsMHI (Manufactured Housing Institute)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 100 retailers
Location of FactoriesNew Tazewell, TN
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction steel base
Energy EfficiencyInsulation 11-19-19
Construction Timeframe3 to 5 weeks
Customization FlexibilityNo significant customization allowed
Amount of FloorplansOver 50 online home floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$50-$70
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsDistributor to provide
Site PreparationNot provided


Garage/Deck AvailabilityNot available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsN/A
Information PackageInformation available on their website. Including complete online brochure.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewGiles Industries is a provider of manufactured mobile homes. This family owned company is building good quality mobile homes but if you have the money you should probably consider a modular home. These mobile homes might have trouble blending in a neighborhood of stick-built homes. Even though they do not provide customization they have raised the quality of their standard models which allows them to mass produce better quality mobile homes. They are one of the better producers of mobile homes and even have some models with over 2000 square feet. At the end of the day they still produce mobile homes and mobile homes in general seem to have many more complaints than modular homes.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Giles Industries

Lori from TN
Worst brand ever!!! Faulty vents causing roof leaks from day one. Company denies it. Every repair person that has been on that roof has said the same thing. You got a faulty vent. They refused to replace it and fix the problem. Never purchase a Giles!!!

Douglas Green from NC
I bought a wind zone 3 home and I live in a wind zone 1 area to protect my family. Little did I know just how lucky we had been. After living in the home I began some modifications of my own. New a c system showed not plywood walls not wrapped in tyveck improperly installed Windows water damage all the way around the home. Vynil siding put right over spray glued boards for siding. The windows have been leaking all inside the walls electrical lights all on one breaker wires crossed and a melectrlnic field created that is not only bad for your health but interferes with siginals inside the home. 24inch centers on all the interior walls. Carpets under the walls with ceilings beamed scabbed together. The flooring was a patchwork of pieces and had waves that were impossible to install my new floor without starting over. Water lines duck taped to the sewage lines. Never ,Never trust what you get from Giles to be what you paid for and asked for. Not walk away RUN anywhere else for your new home

Tammy Bishop from Dalton Ga
If I could I would give a 0. Everything leaked from the 1st day. And my front door has been replaced 2x and still not fixed. So now the one side of my trailer from the living room wall all they way down the hall and another (which will be door :3. Every window leaked but ive not know so the inside of my walls have molded n I have 2 gransddaughters with allergy n breathing issues. This put them at a big risk. I am a.single grandmither on fixed income. N I have to figure out how to redo my home cause I can't to fix and can't afford to go buy another home. N if I could it. Would not be a Giles

Donna Bachman from Summersville, WV
Do not purchase a Giles Mobile home!! We bought ours new in 2010 and have had multiple problems. Cabinets started peeling and doors wouldn't stay closed within weeks of purchase. Faucets leaking and had to be replaced, week spots in the floor and floors squeaking. The carpet had to be replaced and the windows were sweating so bad and causing mold and had to be replaced. Our roof started loosing shingles and leaking within a year, we replaced some shingles and patched the roof several times, had to replace the roof a year and a half ago at 8 years old. We will have to repair the ceilings and the wall where it leaked. The place we bought ours went out of business, so no service. So unhappy!! Please do not make the same mistake we made and purchase a Giles!!

Joan Blanchard from Crossville Tn.
We purchased a Giles home in Cookville June of 2016. big mistake. nothing but trouble there workman don't know up from down . repairs are just as bad as the problem itself. The roof had to be e done, then it leaked in two places that was fixed. we had a utility bill of 470.00 because who ever hooked up the pipes underneath used duct tape. it fell and we heated the underneath made it comfortable for the mice that came in. Our home was not put together tight and between the seperation from the sides the carpet got sucked inside , the repair man came and instead of the carpet going in the gap it now has a mountain in the middle of our home nice. Our kitchen cabinets looked good they are paper covered thin piece of wood 1/8 in thick. oh yes . our windows have a problem the air pores through the sides. we have had to insulate them ourselves, Our toilet was broken upon delivery still no replacement, ( we did it ourselves) Upon entering our new home the Refrigerator was on the floor lying down, They never came to fix that. I could go on for another hour before telling the full story. but do not purchase one of Giles homes or In Cookville store Nice people that do not stand by there words. all out for the sale Do Not Purchase from this store.

David Scott from Rocky Mount,VA
In 2007 i bought a Clayton home that came out of the White Pines TN plant, was pleased with that home. I recently purchased a home that came out of the Giles plant, this has got to be the sorriest put together home i have ever seen with the Clayton name on it.Both entry doors are in such a bind that my wife can hardly open and close doors. There are numerous moldings that do not mate up, there are no three way light switches, which means you have to walk half way across house to turn on lights, no shelves in cabinets, it took three trips for repair people to get shower door to open right. It took Freedom Homes of Roanoke five months to get us in our home, that, s right, we live in a camper from the end of April to the first week of October. After we closed i found out that they did one of there turn key homes from start to finish during this time instead of working on getting us in our home. VERY DISSATISFIED!!!

Eric Cole from North Carolina
Me and wife purchased a giles home in August of 2018, this was our 3rd new home purchased from clayton homes, before moving in, the factory people had to come because of warped siding, carpet was not the same color where it was pieced, nails backing out and coming through linoleum, weak floors, bowed walls, doors were not hung right, which were seconds, and are still seconds, because you can see where they have been sanded, crown molding and chair rail, not cut properly, none of the corners match, and pieces are cut to short. Exterior doors have gaps in them, no receptacle in laundry room, no heat vent in pantry. Since moving in we still have weak floors, they tried knocking down nails under linoleum and it hasn't worked, and tried to cover nail holes in moulding and that didn't work. We replaced carpet because it still didn't match after factory tried to fix, we still have bowed walls, pretty much everything is still the same, after the factory "fixed" them. I have made calls to general manager of giles homes, and have not heard back. Needless to say, I would never purchase of recommend anyone purchase a home from them.

John & Joyce Chapman from Virginia
Love my floorplan and design. Thats about it. Been in the home 18 months. Toilet in master bath gets stuck and won't fill. Refrigerator is a pile of crap. Had to replace hot water heater 3 weeks after warranty expired. The place seems to have zero insulation because the house is always cold, and we have $200.00 a month electric bills! Shower doors don't close properly. I tried to purchase an independent ho e warranty, but they would not cover me because they said Giles uses, in their words, "garbage grade" appliances. They do insure homes by other manufacturers, just not Giles homes! WOW! I would never, EVER, recommend a Giles home to anyone. I would rather buy a shed from Lowes and live in it.

robert szabo from Elizabethton TN
I ordered this specially made , and there are so many bad workmanship in this home, that it looks like the boy scouts built it. From the floor to the roof, poorly made. I do not recommend to anyone .

Norma Shrum from 37066
David and Norma brought a 2019 mobile home from Meadows HOMES in LEBANON Tenn. it was a Giles. apiece of JUNK. first we was to do a Walk around when it came in. Did not Happen. more wrong with it than i can put on this page.Took over a month to get REPAIR Man out. STILL did not get every thing fixed. WOULD tell anyone not to deal with these two COMPANY. Good luck if you do. .You will need it.

Lowery Maceina from Springfield ,Tn
WE bought our home in 2010. We really liked the looks of and the size. We bought our house from Clayton homes in Nashville who have since moved out of NASHVILLE, and we had to track them down to have some warranty work done. After about 3 years, we started to have soft spots in the floor starting in the kitchen and over the past couple years throughout the rest of the house. I have spent around 5,000 dollars just putting down new plywood and floors in just the kitchen, dining room,living room area because the floors are now breaking completely through in spots.
The roof is leaking in spots in one bedroom. Had a roof repair man come out to check and said the numerous shingles are standing up in the wind and are not the quality of shingles that are needed in our area. They are about a 60 mile an hour rating when they out to be around a 100. A new roof 7600 dollars.
The cupboards are falling apart and the coating on them is peeling off.
The trim is so cheaply attached, if rub up against wrong, in off and breaks loose.
This is a whole lot of maintenance on a house 8 years old. The salesman who sold us this home was bragging on the quality, but our house is turning into a money pit. Me and my wife are seniors. She is retired but I have have to keep working so I can pay for needed repairs. The old saying is true, you get what you pay for. Future buyer beware. I would not endorse your product.
Thank you.

evelyn pease from druden va
we purchased our giles mobile home from true value homes in Kingsport ten in 2016 we have had nothing but trouble since then water leaks carpet and linoleum coming up called true value only to findout the ones who sold us the home no longer work there ive called Gilesand never got an answer our doors stick and the framing is coming loose I wish I had read the reviews on this home before I ever purchased it giles wont return calls or make things right its a shame

Judy jackson from Ellenboro North Carolina
We got our home from luv homes in shelby and we got the Giles home it's not worth 500 bucks every thing in house is falling apart we got this crap in 2007 and after 10 years still owe 88600 what a rip off it's a money pit this piece of crap will not last 4 more years mold nails under floors toilets leak nobody fixes anything so give up on that they build crap homes and won't do anything about it every one needs to hire a lawyer and sue their butt and get our money back and then some my husband is disabled and can't fix everything that's wrong and the list is to to long to list they don't care about the people they just want money wow what a company they won't even make it right don't buy from them or Clayton you will have a piece of crap and they won't do anything they just want our money !!!!! Very very pissed off thinking of getting a lawyer and I need my money back and then some for suffering

Wesley Magee from Williamstown ky
First week in home windows leaked, clamps on plumbing had to be replaced or tightened. 1 yr later roof leaks. Doors in every room and closest hinges come loose etc home is poorly built . Regret ever getting it now stuck with it for 5 yrs now and poor built quality shows more every day.

Pamela Puckett Bufkin from United States
We Special Ordered our Giles manufactured home. They have sent "repair" men 3 times in the last 3 months. We have only been in this home 5 months and have had complaints from day one. I have spoken with the head man and I have sent him several letters (no less than 5 pages each). I have also sent lists of what needs to be fixed, what was never installed properlly, the fire codes they have broken, and over 90 pictures of what the problems/issues are. At this point Giles would be better off giving us another (properly built) manufactured home. I have even told them that I believe it would be in the company's best interest to give its employees (builders/installers) random alcohol and drug tests.

bruce a hovey from Holley NY
I think a giles home is very poorly built I had many problems with the home I bought after 7 months of phone calls finally got a response I would like to thank ANGIE CODY for getting things done I also would like to thank GEORGE BROWN and CALEB BURCH for their professional work and being very courteous to me as a park owner and the tenants in the home I feel if angie wouldn't have got this going nothing would have got done
roger wampler from BECKLEY WV
Reminds me of Skyline homes of 1970 cheep poorly built. Our double wide is 5 years old cost $70,000 was worth about $40,000.It is literally squeaking and peeling it's self apart. Elect. furnace is not the necessary BTU for the home, propane fire place plastic control knobs melted got it for back up heat can't find parts Hearth sense brand Veneer wall paper on the beautiful kitchen cabinet's starting to peel floors squeaking cold air radiates thru the glass I had to remove the sink drains they were rusted have not tackled the shower drains yet there're barely draining guessing to save money the used to small drain pipe or has no vent tired of working on this card board house .If there is a minimal built home by law this one I think just slides by and the electrical to me a fire hazard bucket lights go out and back on 15 amp breakers knock I think VOTEC students built this house no oversight no proper quality control only consumer fools like me who put there trust in the Manufacture and in Freedom Homes in Beaver WV .You get more warranty on a used vehicle than a new Home. I could go on and on but I'm tired of venting, I will say Rocky long time sales manager at Freedom and Oakwood slammed the office door behind me yesterday when I went by to find parts for the fire place and this guy deals with the consumer it's called anger issues representing a Corp. He told me to tighten the lag bolts on the floor to stop the squeaking the house was set up by code and it's pulling apart--really--after 5 years--no one in authority is reading this ,but I feel better already.

Tanner from Jackson KY
I purchased the Giles Santa Rosa home, upon arrival I noticed so much that was wrong with the home, over half the doors would even begin to shut, rooms were not painted how I ordered them, paint was on the carpet, lenolium and carpet had nails sticking up out of the floor in places and had no nails at all in other places, not the mention that one of the assembly employees took a crap in my toilet and taped it shut, the cabinets were split due to poor assembly, 2 sinks didn't work at all, the guest shower doesn't work, the other sink had a leak under it due to poor plumbing, before purchasing a home from Giles I would highly reconsider before you waste your money on trash....Very poorly assembled, I would imagine the workers there are very lazy and don't seem to care that they are robbing people, 46,000 dollars completely wasted on a piece of trash home. VERY HIGHLY UPSET, TERRIBLE QUALITY!!!!!

Michael Wycoff from Gaffney SC
I bought the King Air model moved in on feb 16,2015 we have been in the home for 6 months and have had leak after leak we now have mold in the home that we had set up on our own DO NOT LET THE MANUFACTURE tell you what it is they tried to tell us it was mildew, it was black mold . they will not call you back for work that needs to be done you have to constantly stay on top of or you would never get anything out of them my ADVISE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT THEY MAKE YOU WILL GO THROUGH HELL!

Floyd Fox from United States
I purchased the Arlington IV 4 BR 3 Bath 28'x76' home in October 2002 and have had nothing but problems in getting the company to honor the warranty on the roof. I've had a roof leak for 2 years now and have called, filled out a online complaint form at Giles website, left voice messages, and still have not even had the courtesy of a single reply! The construction of the home is shoddy with glue left all over interior walls, a light switch in the master bath that is put in at about a 45º angle from the way it is supposed to be, not enough staples used and inside trim coming loose all over the house, etc. I would not recommend anyone buy a home from a manufacturer who lets work this sloppy be shipped out or delivered to customers! I don't see how these people sleep at night selling homes like this! The model on the lot was superb, but the one delivered was God awful! If your thinking about purchasing a manufactured home don't buy one made by Giles of New Tazewell, TN or you'll live to regret it like me!

Lisa Cooper from Nancy,KY
I love my Giles home, I have had it for 17 years, and I am looking to buy another one if it has the plywood floors in it, We are needing a bigger one.

Angie Guenther from Verona ky
I like the floor plan purchased the 2014 Game changer. I know you get what you pay for but the materials they use for the cabinets and linoleum are beyond cheap and also the switch plates. Also the workmanship is awful I guess there is no pride in making things anymore even mobile homes. I am a little disappointed in my decision of this company should have done more research before purchasing

Ky. Col. Mark Brown from Russell Springs
The reason the rating is/was so low,they offered no negative numbers!I've owned a Giles Mobile Home (Bought new in 2006)I have but 1 piece of advice.If you have the money to pay for your home in full,DO NOT DO IT!Central Air went out within 4 months,Hole where a know was knocked out of plywood,they sent someone to address the problem (didn't even have tools!)(and he broke my phone jack!But,didn't say anything about it!)Weak floor joist in my front bedroom since day 1!Put lip stick n mascara on it to where it hopefully went out of warranty.It didn't hold that long and i made them aware of both problems.Dryer Vent leaked in the 1st six months and Giles said "That's a maintenance issue!"In 6 months time????Barely got 6 years out of a 10 yr warranty roof!Then come to find out some Dumb @&& at Giles had put channel locks to the plastic drain to tub.So,now i'm dealing with a Bathroom water issue DUE TO GILES NEGLIGENCE!!So,if you have the money to buy one of their homes.For Petes sake DON"T PAY FOR IT IN FULL!If i had it to do all over again,i would've financed the home and put the money in an interest bearing account and they would've had to come and got this piece of Sh!@!!So,either GILES Builds the absolute sorriest mobile home in the business or i got their Lemon!Sincerely Ky Col Mark Brown P.S. I don't see how Giles big wigs sleep at night!At not 1 point where or did they ever do the RIGHT thing.A lemon is a lemon and i could make a Sh&#Load of Lemonade for almost 28,000.00 Bucks!Caveat Emptor AKA Buyer Beware!!!You are fixing to buy the most over priced,underbuilt home you could ever buy!With stapled on Shingles & Ridge & Roof vents!Junk,junk,junk is all i can say!I hope i have informed a few as this is my mision to keep anyone else from getting taken as i did!Just remember Giles,You Reap what you sow!Oh!& love,love ,love my two dollar plastic bathroom sink!That really makes a good impression on a lot of people!

mary jo conley from princeton,wv 24739
purchased giles mh, some three yrs ago,upon moving into the home many health issues with myself began, mostly respiratory, saw onocologist to rule out lymphoma, whic that god was negative, however it was finally determined my health issues were coming from within our new home. finally we ripped up all the carpet, and if you could have seen the saw dust, and a fine granular like powder that was certainly someting no one should be inhaling, my suggestion to you is to observe the building of you homes closely for surely someone is going to sue the britches off you. we still sweep up this dusty looking sandy stuff, the just layed the carpet over all this mess and so what if someone gets sick, why didn't is submitt a complaint early on, because i am a softy, don't rock the boat person, but morally i feel you should know this happened, maybe it will prevent someone from going thru what i have. i now wish i had video this mess, so ya would not think of me as a kook. sales rep could not have been better, here to rectify all small problems, so my hat is off to them

Mike and Rose Studdard from Etowah Tn
Wish we had read the reviews before we purchased from this company. Terrible service if and when you get any, example: wind blew off shingles 2 months ago and a worker for the company comes today in the snow and rain with 33 degree f temperture and replaces them with tar caulking and makes the statemant that it is wrong but the company ordered it done. We have had many other issues in the first year of so called warranty. Their contract is a joke and was not honored by them, example: no inspection by them before moving in. Had to hire someone to clean it up. They could care less if you are happy or not. Their retail outlet that we purchased this house from no longer sells their homes. Too late for us. Definately would NOT recommend this company.

Julie from Ohio
I have had nothing but problems with this mobile home. We purchased a 16x80 in 2007 and had problems from the start. My back door leaked they came and fixed it three times and finally we just put a porch with a roof on because everything they tried didn't help. Now I find my roof as been leaking and water has been running down my walls and getting my carpet wet for who knows how long. Both the windows in my kitchen leak and my inside walls are ruined and crumbling beneath them. DO NOT BUY A GILES HOME!!!!!! Worst mistake I've ever made and sadly by the time I get it paid off it probably won't be fit to live in.

Tammy Winters from Midkiff, WV
As far as the layout of the home, I like the open space. It's a pretty home. But, I am having the same issue as many of the other people who have complained....something is leaking somewhere. I have a 2009 singlewide and one of the bedroom walls has mold on it. I really didn't think about it being under warranty for that and will have to contact Giles customer service to check on it. I'll cross my fingers, but I'm not feeling confident it will be fixed.

Jan from Woodbury TN
We purchased our Giles Home 7/18/2012, it is now Sept.8, 2012. We have many small problems and MANY LARGE problems which started on the very first day in our home. We paid for this home outright as it (THANK GOODNESS IS JUST A STEPPING STONE UNTIL WE BUILT OUR DREAM HOME), which we positively will not be a Giles home and I must say the sales people at Meadows Homes in McMinneville TN really did a good snow job on us also about how great the Giles home is, "they are the number one manufacturer in TN and they will stand by their products". WRONG so far anyway. Both my husband and I are very upset with both the way this home has been built, the way they use the cheapest of materials in their homes. Like I read from other people here who have complaints, it really looks great, then you purchase it, but when you live in it for just a day you start finding things put together wrong, our second bathroom sink can not be used due to the faucet is broken upon delivery. Here we are going into our second month and our problems are still not fixed. I say our problems because since just living in our new home from Giles for a couple of months we see so many problems. We have a major leaking problem over the front door. When it rains as it has for the past few weeks, the water comes in the frame around the door and also through the door. The carpet is now getting runed due to the water damage, the door is not hung correctly, like so many other doors in the home, and we are now seeing what a very cheep home this is for our hard earned cash to buy what we thought would be a nice experience on our step to building our regular stick built home. Believe me, this has made my husband and I even more determined to get started on our project of building our dream home. As for Meadows Homes where we bought this thing from and also the Giles people who threw it together, we would not be able to recommend either one of them to ANYONE. We have kitchen problems, wall problems, floor problems, cabinet problems and trim problems. We even have a small master bedroom closet that opens and closes inward. That means we can not hang any clothes on the shelve that is closest to the door for almost 2 ft. as the door when opened hits all the hangers. My husband has since got tired of waiting for Giles or Meadow Homes to come out and fix the door of our closet, he took the door off himself and we are in the process of putting the door on so (as other closet doors are hung) open outward. Since we haven't heard as to if or when these people will come out to fix our problems, we have to go ahead and fix some by ourselves. After all, it is our "NEW" home and we did want it as nice as it can be for our children even WITH all the problems and cheep workmanship. I almost cut my fingers when shutting the laundry/pantry doors due to the nails sticking out the back of the door. If I wouldn't have thought real fast I could have had a very bad problem with deep cuts on my fingers. So, like all of the others I have read here about the Giles Homes, shame on them for their shoddy workmanship and then turning around and not fixing or taking care of their problems. As you can see, we will definetly not recommend these people to anyone of our friends, which we have many. People can't believe the shape this home is in. We would like our problems fixed so we don't have a home to resale. You would think since it is a 2012 home and we paid cash for it, we should be a really good customer. The Meadows Homes were trying to sell us on another Giles home, a Modular Home. NOT ON THIER LIFE! NOT after the experiences we are having with them and their cooperation of fixing these problems So, anyone who is reading this, PLEASE find someone else to build your single or double wide home. We are very upset and very very displeased with their products and their materials they use in their products.

Roger & Penny Griffith from georgetown ohio
We have made a list of things that need fixed and ByPass homes in Flemingsburge KY is slowly working on fixing them. There are a lot of little things that we have requested fixed and there are a couple MAJOR items ( The roof needs replaced and the back door leaks ) that we are waiting for them to fix. We are up in the air at this point as how to rate Giles and ByPass but so far they are communicating with us on the problems and fixing some of them. The major problems are our concern at this time of course. We feel that they will take care of them. If they FIX all of these items then we will be extremely happy with our purchase. If we have to fight to get things fixed BEFORE winter really hits then we will not be so happy. I hope to have more details on how things go but I hope it is all possitive. My wifes sister and her husband want to buy one and put it next to ours but they are waiting to see how we do in gettings everything taken care of satisfactory. More to come on our situation positive or negitive.

Sheila Hensley from Mt Sterling KY
The mobile home sales did not give us the home we bought it was also badly damaged and we are yet to get many of the repairs made to our home. Nothing seems to work in it and we even have a leak around our patio doors, the trailer sales will not come out and fix the problems nor will the manufacture.

Edward C. Hodges from Lexington, Kentucky
We purchased a Giles doublewide home for my in-laws about 6 years ago. My wife and I now live in the home after the in-laws passing. Recently while adding a porch rood to the front of the home I discovered that the house is very poorly constrcuted. There is no sheating on the exterior walls which is why the exterior vinyl siding has such a wavy appearance. I have had a leak in the rood which I recently undertook to repair. Whatever roof sheating is beneath the shingles is very poor quality and has already begun to disintegrate presumably due to the heat. The rafters are 2x4's 24 inches on center. I would be very afraid to get on the roof and can't imagine how we will be able to re-roof when necessary which will be soon. Overall, I would give Giles a failing grade.

LeAnn from Big Stone Gap, VA
I purchased a giles sectional home three years ago and I am delighted. I love my home. The features and energy efficiency of this home makes it a joy to live in. I have never had any complaints.

Jane Gibbs from Corryton, TN
Love,love,love my new Giles home. Great floor plan. Best investment I ever made.

Mae Simpson from middlesboro kentucky
I thought i had found my dream home. It ws sopposed to have been built new but when it arrived i cried and am now sick dailey because i have to live with this messede up home. from what i have been told everyhome to almost all homes sold are messed up and have to be majorly repaired and this takes months maybe longer and still dont get satisfaction. my ceilings are messed up, my walls are a disaster being patched up, the cabinets is a piece of junk falling apart. my house was filthy upon arrival,walls and floors also doors and walls have to be replaced. the siding is all messed up, Endless to say i would never ever recommend a Giles home to anyone they are cheaply made and you dont get a good looking wuality home for what you pay. Watch the dealers too.

Douglas Fitch from Concord, Va
I love my home, the floorplan is exactly what I wanted in a home. I have been having alot of trouble with the floors in the home, tubs, commodes cracking. The floors are giving away from under your feet. I have a place in my floor in the living room that if you step in that one spot you will fall completely through. I have contacted Giles several times regarding these issues, but have yet to receive a call back from them. My home was a special order in 2007.

samona parks from west virgina
I bought my 16x80 tralior from quality homes in summersville,Giles is who built it though i lived in my house 8 months got my first leak my roof and also water would run down 2 windows in my living room it sucked i would call a the did was give me the run around,well they fixed my windows they dont leak anymore but my roof still does when it rains i have lived in my house for only 3 years,i love my house i would just like to have a new roof put on and be done with it i think i have been done dirty my daughter has bad allergies and i think i might mold in my walls i am a single mother it hard at times i cant afford to put a new roof on i just would like them to do the right thing....

Michael Lease from United States
I bought my Giles mobile for a summer house at Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. When I recently replaced the factory windows with double insulated vinyl, I found there was no vapor barrier. It has the metal siding, pink insulation and then wall board!! I cannot get the engineer at Giles to call me back. The dealer said I did not need a vapor barrier? In colder weather with the furnace on moisture will show up on the walls in the master bedroom closet.

Mary Michael from S.W Virginia
First off let me say ,Jerry's homes at Atkins,Virgina is a great place to buy a home from.They are always with you if you need them.Now ,the homes they carry are lovely and very well constructed.My daughter and I looked for a home like the one we brought from Jerry and Kelly for over eight years and now we are so happy in our new Giles Home.

Ashley from NC
If you are thinking of buying from Giles Industries, PLEASE RETHINK YOUR DECISION. Our home arrived March 2006 and thus began the problems. Several things were fixed including roof shingles, a roof leak, plumbing work on the shower and hot tub of master bathroom, and NOW a slow water leak (in the 2nd bathroom, that we never use) that has rotted out the bottom of a the connecting wallboard. From the looks of the mold, this slow leak has been occuring SINCE March 2006. Their plumber needs an education on how to tighten things properly, as the slow leak could have easily been remedied by ensuring things were properly tightened.

Chuck Style from Deep Gap NC
First off I would give them a - 5 star rating. I WAS very happy with my Giles home I purchased in March of 2007 until...... WATER LEAKS. I had a roof leak that was "FIXED" in July of 07 and numerous plumbing leaks. Heck the first night I spent there I had to use my secound shower. Turns out they hadnt even hooked the hot water line up going to my master shower! Then I finally had to get my lawyer to write a letter to Giles to get my "UNDER WARRANTY" leaks fixed. Now January 09 I find out that my roof leak that was "FIXED" has now ruined nearly a whole bedroom. If you are going to purchase a manufactured home and expect a good "FINISHED PRODUCT" not just something that looks ok on the outside..... I wouldnt recommend a Giles manufactured home.

leroy muse from rose hill virginia
me and my wife are enjoying our new home but we have a problem with the shingles. they are leaking and i cant get them to stop and i am afraid they are going to rot out the back wall

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