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Fuqua Homes (MO)

CLOSED (Part of Fuqua Inc.)

P O Box 394
Boonville, MO 65233

Fuqua Homes (MO) Description:
CLOSED (Part of Fuqua Inc.)
"...At Fuqua we pay attention to the quality of our materials and the quality of our workmanship. We believe that when you see the facts--and see the difference--you'll choose Fuqua over manufactured, modular, or site built homes of lesser quality..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Multi-Family modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1966
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkOver 50 builders
Location of FactoriesBoonville, MO
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builder network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction on steel base
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star Rated
Construction Timeframe2 to 6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited customization options
Amount of FloorplansAbout 20 online home designs


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60-$90
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are possible
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne Year and Five Year Warranty plans covering structural items, electrical, plumbing, roofing and cosmetic parts.
Delivery RangeMidwest USA
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageInformation available on their website. Additional brochures and a 15 minute DVD were sent by mail.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewFuqua Homes Missouri is currently closed. They provided average modular homes and manufactured homes for the Midwest. These homes seemed to target the entry level to mid range home buyer. They are limiteded with the customization but their standard building specification is acceptable for many home buyers. They claimed to even build three story homes in their modular home factory. Cost conscience modular home buyers should be happy with this modular provider. We think home buyers near this factory will also be happy.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Fuqua Homes (MO)

Jim& Jan Roberts from MO
We bought our Fuqua,28×60' in 1984,we did have all steel siding put on ,10 yrs later,new windows but no different than normal maintenance, we love and have always over our cozy Fuqua,full basement,reroooged twice in 38rs,have ALWAYS been content with our choice and we could have stick regrets!!

Anita from Independence, MO
My modular had been ordered, purchased, and set on a basement foundation in 2004. It had been broken in to while the home was vacant prior to a purchaser. I found and purchased the home in 2005. All of the cabinetry and bath fixtures had been stolen, but replaced before I purchased the home. The exterior siding is a nightmare... it rotted at the seams and warped in the center of the panels. I have in process of putting on vinyl siding. There are a few cracks from settling, but is expected in stick built homes. Overall, I am satisfied with the product, but don't think I would ever replace this home with another modular. I will be stick building the next one!

Ronald Carlton from United States
We purchased our Modular home in 2003. After sending a deposit Fuqua homes in Booneville built our home 6 months before we even had a been approved by the city. The home was bowed abs warped when delivered they said it would Be alright when set on the basement. NOT they used winches to pull it down and put in over 100 hold down all around the underside of the home.the siding on the back of the house was installed crooked and they blamed it on the foundation bit they brought out siding 5 times left it and left it cost us an Aditional 1500 dollars to have it replaced.The hot water tank was missing when the home was delivered and FUQUA accused us of stealing it and wouldn't get us another one. Cracker in the walls cheap wood products,elongated holes in the cabnets to clear druan pipes running at angles thru the walls. Walls not plum or straight, linoleum flooring rolling up from the walls, siding installed wrong under Windows and was caulk ed to fill in the gaps, outlets coming lose from the walls,light switches out over the basement steps by two steps or over a foot from the door to the bedrooms,creeking and popping noises from the floors. These are faults from the manufacturer of the home not the suppliers of material supplier nor the sub contractors. At the time of our purchase and thru months of calling and complaining these problems were caused from poor management and manufacturing We would never recommend any product from Fuqua homes !!!!!!!!!

Lois FAhl from Nixa,Mo
My mom and Dad bought their Fuqua in 1991 has been an excellent home for them. Put a new roof on this summer after 26 years.

Logan from BFEMO
only have a question , I have a 93 and no problems at all, other than having the siding redone as it was not to be used, other than that nothing wrong still same Hot water Heater , my Question is can the floors hold a 88 Key Piano it's a 1956 model , I have no floor issues at all , just wondering if the ones who has a 1998 Model and under has put a Piano in there home, It's very heavy , this is a 16X80 2 bed 2 3/4 bath, the under skirting is still in place and no holes or rips in it ,

Kevin Yates from United States
I bought a Fuqua 1250 sf used home. When I purchased the home I got a home inspection and found a few minor problems but nothing that would not be expected to find on any home built in 1986. The only poor workmanship problem I found was the fault of the installer not the manufacturer (drain pipe under kitchen in crawl space had come loose). I have been here 2 years now and nothing except normal maintenance. The previous owner had replaced the roof after 23 years and the heat pump after 27 years. I have upgraded floors to wood and changed paneling to drywall but there was nothing wrong with what I changed even the sub floor was fine. I just wanted to up date the place. I do only have 150 amp service but this was the choice of the owner. It is very well insulated. My all electric home averages about $115 a month and do not know much about this brand but I would buy this 1986 again.

Dawna from new Baden IL
Our double wide was built in 1989 I love it but the problem is And if any one knows how to fix this please reply. Half of my vents don't work. So in the summer rooms on that side of the house are hot and In The winter cold. The other side of the vents work great. No body can figure it the problem and I don't know who else to contact. Help! "

Lorena Vocca from California
Worst workmanship I've ever seen. Didn't even use real wood in many places but rather, fake paneling made like cardboard, and particle board on areas of outside trim. Very, very cheaply made

Lisa from northern AZ.
I own a 1989 double wide Fuqua that I bought in 2010. For the most part I am VERY happy with it. I have even pulled the wallboard strips off and mudded and textured some walls and it's gorgeous. I will say, however, there has always been a squeak underneath when the floor is walked across. It only has a crawlspace and no stem wall so perhaps it gets too moist? I love the floor plan, too.

Pete Featherly from Z-hill, FL
I'm stating my opinion only for those who may be buying an older model. Mine was built in 1987 & was placed in Colony Hills, a 55+, deed restricted community. This is definitely old construction, but I do not mean bad construction. The bldging. matl's used are, in many ways, superior to what is used today (e.g. real wood used to construct book cases, doors, hardware). I owned a new Skyline in upstate NY. The quality of this new home was far and away less than the Fuqua. Oh, the Skyline looked much prettier, but believe me, it was all "surface pretty". I also looked at "near new" homes by Jacobson and others in a newer park. Same thing - they look pretty, but the quality of materials sucks. I'm pretty happy with my old Fuqua, and I'm writing this to inform potential buyers, older Fuqua homes are built well.

Mel Rosema from Coquille, OR
We purchased our Fuqua home in 2004. We have often commented on it's energy efficiency and comfort. We have been very pleased with the home and thankful to have avoided the problems mentioned above (which seem to be contractor related).

Morgan from Kansas
We bought our home in 2005 and are very dissappointed in the quality. In less than 5 years we had to replace severeal of our appliances that came with the home. Now in 2013, we have replaced our washer, dryer, dishwasher, and stove. The microwave still seems to work, and we brought our fridge from our previous home. All our grout has had to be replaced around our sinks, cracks are forming in the ceilings and walls, our ceiling has leaked ,our doors to our laundry room broke off within the first couple of months, the door to the basement when open, blocks the entry way to a bedroom,Wall texture is sprayed all over the bottoms of our kitchen cabinets. Our large cabinet came with no shelving, and our island top is loose. These are all just SOME of the problems we've experienced with this house. If we could do this again, Fuqua wouldn't even be an option. Very disappointed, and as I can see, many of Fuqua's stores have been closed. I absolutely do NOT recommend this company.

Carol Allman-Davis from Hedrick, IA
I bought a Fuqua home through this company in 1999 and it was not put together correctly from day one. I was even told that I would be getting some new materials and never heard from them again. I regret buying this home every day as it has been nothing but trouble and a hazard for as long as I have lived here.

Dan Millam from Kansas City, KS
It appears I bought my Fuqua at the right time, in 2001. I have had nothing but compliments on the construction and windows by other contractors coming in to tint and re-roof. By re-roof I mean a complete re-roofing after a hail storm in 2008 which wreaked havoc on the house and vehicles. I have only had to replace water heater(electric) and garbage disposer in the last 11 years. I think, at the time, Fuqua had a superior product and I have one.

linda from pacific junction
we have a2006 ugggh wish i knew then what i know now, first of all they didnt put enough braces under the house, so my floors are all starting to bow... the sheet rock has all cracked and the windows dont aline right what a waste of alot of money buying this home

W. Paal from midwest
I have a 1995 model and I remain very pleased with the home. It has some wear after 17 years, but it is still a well built, pleasing to look at, energy efficient home.

Gale from Columbia, MO
We have a Fuqua home purchased in 2004. It looks and performs great. We want to sell it as the land will be used for another purpose. It is three bedrooms, two bath and is really like new. We would buy another. It is an easy way and relative fast way to get a home.

Pam from Mulvane, Ks
Is there anyway to find out the sq. ft. of a model #1505 that was built in 1996? By the way our home is still in great condition, very insulated from outside noise and weather conditions. Pam

Bree & Adam from Lees Summit Missouri
September 29, 2011- I wish we had found these reviews before we put down $28,000 in April 2011. We were scheduled to have our home by mid June but when the time came they said they were a few weeks behind. We kept hearing two more weeks, two more weeks till mid August when we found out that they had not been in operation since early May and that they had used our deposit along with many others to pay bills. Our home had never even been started. We have since found a new modular company, Rochester homes in Indiana, and they are building our house although we had to give up some things to make it work without our deposit that Fuqua took. The dealer we are working with also helped out as much as he could to get us going with Rochester. As far as we knew Fuqua was a great company but as of recently they took people's hard earned money to take care of themselves and there are several people out of a house and out of the money they need to build one. They have really messed up some lives. We feel lucky we only had a deposit with them and not the full amount. Also, they appear to STILL be taking peoples deposits knowing they may be going under. Bad Fuqua!

meg and floyd coyle from robertsville, mo.
We bought our home in 2007, we had had some problems with it, cracks, return air duct problems, carpet wrinkeling, shower leaking, and squeeking in floor. I called Fuqua in boonville mo. and brett at benton homes and Bob came out and fixed everything. We were very happy that they fixed everything,even after some warranties had expired. We would recommend them, especially Bob, the jack of all trades and master of them too.

D Perry from Holden, mo
Have been talking to a dealer here locally for over a month and a half. We provided him with our floor plan to have a custom build. He advised only a few days and we would begin to get pricing. Well its been 6 weeks, he doesnt return calls, or even come in from mowing the property 100' away when you show up to inquire. Sound like the run around to you? Not thinking that buying through them would be a good idea.

j b vance from casper,wy
We are a modular home dealer,and took on fuqua homes as one of our home lines.Fuqua said they would pay our floor plan for 24 mos. if we took two homes from a dealer that was terminating their relationship with Fuqua,they also said they would give us a gaurenteed buy back on these two homes if they didnt sell.On top of thatthey would pay to ship the homes to our sales facility,set them up for display.Fuqua has reneged on paying the floor plan intrestand the repurchase of the two homes.This has caused us a great deal of financial hardship in these tough economic times.Sellers and customers beware,if they will lie to me they will lie to you .By the way we have this in writing also

Angela White from Orient, IA
Forgot to mention that when they built our house, you would figure that they would build to state specifications. Our floor trusses are spaced anywhere from 16" to 27". One wall pulled away from ceiling and had to be braced. Also found out why shingles kept blowing off because they were not properly installed.

Jeanne Standefer from St. Charles MO 63304
Fuqua Homes in Booneville has owed our company over $3,000.00 for material since June of 2008. Considering that you want your buyers to pay your company for their homes you build - Fuqua should pay those that they owe as well.

jeff lewey from Booneville Mo.
We purchase our Modular in 2004. Our home was built and delivered on time. They were very professional in the set up. We had to wait a few days for them to do the finish work, but not long. Every thing we asked them to do, they did it without any problems. They even rearranged our our kitchen cabinets when our fridge would not fit. Plus they extended the wall out so the fridge would not be seen from the other side. Our windows in the front were defective and they had the manufacturer replace them all. We were very disappointed with the quality of most kit/bath fixtures including the faucets and garden tub and shower. The painter did a poor job but that was our fault for not looking closer. This house is but like a Toyota Tundra. Every one that has seen it is amazed at the quality. Bob Myers was very nice and had plenty of Apple liquorish to help us to make design decisions. All in all we are happy with our home. We are thinking about selling it and buying another if the prices haven't gone up to high. Our home appraised Very Well before the economy went in the toilet.

Dwayne Prins from Canon City, Colorado
This company hires people to do their work and then does not pay them. They can not pay their own bills when this happens. Subcontractors be advised !!!!!!

Edward Barlund from United States
The home we bought in 1993 inside is lasting very well. The outside siding started to fall a part after 4 years. It was painted 2 yrs. after we bought it. That fiber board or what it is is awful now our floor is splitting away from the outside walls. going to cast us a mint to fix. Watch out for wood siding.

Aaron Roebkes from Mound City Mo
My wife and I Love our 2000 Fuqua Home, it is very energy efficiant and we could ask for anything better, we would also like to recommend Roger Kruger from Countryside Home Sales in Atchison Kansas, Roger took care of us from start to finish, he stand by you! Thanks Roger!!

barbara harden from la plata,mo
I purchased a 1994 model Fuqua home in 2005. Recently as I was cleaning the gutters I noticed there was rotten wood under the shingles, I contacted a carpenter to repair the problem wood. He noticed the shingles were not attached properly. Someone at the factory had not put them on correctly. I called Fuqua and they advised me that it was not their problem since I was not the original owner. I guess they can just slap it together any old way and not have to be responsible. Sorry don't care for their customer service...

Kalvin & Lynda from St. Joseph MO
All of the issues I have read in these complaints are not Fuqua related problems. Fuqua doesn't hire basement contractors. Fuqua builds the house in six to eight weeks, so if there is a delay it's almost always site related. There were a few problems with our site getting done on time, but it was winter and we were patient. Everything still took much less time than a site built home and since our construction loan was open much less time we saved $$ ! These problems are all related to the Sales Centers that you buy the home from, Fuqua doesn't sell retail, even the people you talk to at the factory are from a sales center. If you want to save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches talk to Kurt at Double D Homes, he is the most knowledgable and courteous sales person we ever dealt with, and we went to other places who handled Fuqua homes. He went out of the way to answer our questions, and if he didn't know the answer he found it out in a timely fashion. We love our home!

AL TOCCI from Inola Oklahoma
we We bought our house last year,we used Home Mart in Tulsa,OK,they suck,they are clueless,they should stick to trailer houses.So we went to Fuqua direct in Boonville,MO.They were on time,bent over backwards to answer questions.If we called with a question,they answered it,or would call back that day.I even had a question late on a Firday,they called back on Saturday morning,to answer my question.After the house was done,I had a water leak,called Fuqua at 10am,that afternoon they had a service guy at my house to fix the problem.

Kay Crowder from Brumley, MO
We have a Fuqua home purchased in the '70's that has held up very well and still has the original carpeting throughout...a product that has lasted !!!!

Mike Brown from Sagle ID
I purchased 4 of their Canadian CSA built houses to sell on spec in British Columbia. Their cost was approximately $50,000 less per house than comparable homes sold in Canada and they were better built. The home buyers who purchased them were ecstatic. These homes have performed better than the new site built homes being sold in Canada. The few minor service issues were handled in a very efficient and professional manner. Build time to delivery was 3 weeks! These homes came from the Fuqua factory in Oregon state. I highly recommend their Canadian CSA products. It was a very enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

David Nelson from Aurora NE
EVIL BEWARE !!! Their Representitive Kevin Lutz Prarrie Home Builders took $101,000 from my 87 year old Dad over 1 year ago, and he still does not have anything but the basement we installed at our additional costs BAD People REALLY BAD people ypu we are suing but my dad will probably never see the results BAD FUQUA BAD PRARRIE HOMES BAD !

alice from oklahoma
this is a nice house/ it took longer to finish work than expected and had a horrible time communicating with seller i had to go through the state office that handles complaints regarding manufactured homes to finally get a response from them. we bought in 1999 last year we began to have problems with the roof leaking in spots, i called my ins adjustor and they stated they wont cover because when the house was assembled on our property they didnt install the rolled roofing fiber paper that is STANDARD for ALL roofs. i called fuqua and it took 3 weeks before they finally called back, and did inform me that they only cover over the 5 year warranty and sorry, they couldnt help me even though it was thier error that the roof was leaking because of lack of committment on the installer. yuk!

angie halsey from boonville
liked everything about them

Jim Davis from Lake Ozark, MO
GREAT HOME! My wife and I bought a new Fuqua Home in 1996. We have found our home to be well built and very energy efficient. We have only had a couple service issues and they were handled immediately by our sales center and Fuqua Homes. We looked at several other brands before purcasing our first home but didn't find a home as well built as the Fuqua for the money. Fuqua Homes provided us with a well built home that has saved us thousands in energy bills. We are totally electric and our utility bill is on average around $90 a month. I would recommend Fuqua Homes to anybody looking for a new home.

Tiffany Meyer from Faucett, MO
BUYER BEWARE!! This Company prides itself in Poor Customer Service, or lack of it! Plan on a house from them taking MONTHS Longer than a custom built house, unlike what the info on their website says! We purchased a house in Oct of 2007, and as of now the middle of May 2008, it is still not finished, and may be another month(s) before it is ready! Plan on being given the run around, lied to, not called back, and generally talked down upon if you buy from this company. Our house is costing us over $200 thousand from them too, so its not that we bought a small cheap house from them to be treated like this, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS! Do yourself a favor, just go have a stick house built, or if you must buy a modular or manufactured home, PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM FUQUA! YOU WILL SAVE YOURSELF MANY HEADACHES AND TEARS!!

Angela White from Orient, IA
We wished we hadn't gone through Fuqua. We have had a lot of problems with our home. When it was delivered, a tire blew on the trailer, causing floor/truss damage which makes the floor in the kitchen uneven and pops all the time. The contractor who done our basement, Fuqua hired, (per another contractor) said that our basement was not poured thick enough, and we have cracks in the floor and walls of our basement.

We've had plumbing issues with leaking pipes, bath fixtures breaking and we can't find replacement parts through other retailers (shower handle). There is uneven heating in the house which you get cold areas and smaller bedrooms which get too warm. When we ordered the home, we told them we wanted Tyvek paper, but we never got it.

I would not recommend this builder to anyone.

Roger Shaw from white oaks crossing
please pull there license to build homes.I bought one 2005.I have nothing but problems I have had 8 service calls on furnace.less i yr.

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