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Fleetwood Enterprises

3125 Myers St.
Riverside, CA 92513
Phone: 909-351-3500
Website: Fleetwood Enterprises Website

Fleetwood Enterprises Description:
"...Since 1950 Fleetwood has been surprising families with how much home they can afford. And throughout the years, we have grown to become one of the nation's largest home builders by offering the quality, floor plans, and design options that you'd expect to find in a custom home. Families from all walks of life are drawn to Fleetwood..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1950
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 500 (mobile homes & modular homes)
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsManufactured Housing Association
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 200
Location of FactoriesCalifornia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction on steel base
Energy EfficiencyLEED certified
Construction Timeframe3 to 6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited options
Amount of FloorplansOver 100 online home floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60 to $90
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by local builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesYour entire home is covered for any defects in materials and workmanship for one year after purchase.
Delivery RangeCountrywide
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewFleetwood is one of the biggest manufactured home providers in the United States. They have a wide selection of designs and options. Their quality is above average for manufactured homes. It is best for entry level to mid range home buyers. We feel that their upper scale offerings are lacking. Maybe it is because they are so big that they have trouble with the upper scale homes that demand more attention to the fine detail. They recently have had significant financial issues and we do not feel comfortable with them until their financial situation stabilizes.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Fleetwood Enterprises

Et from Yuma az
Other than the setup crew,a year out it has been as advertised excellent.with the heat in Yuma az(around 115 for a couple days in July &aug )the unit is holding its own,no complaints.our electric bill very reasonable for Yuma..

Nicole shoemaker from Navarre
These home where built with an exterior wall made of foam sheets. There is no plywood under them or wrap, it is just the foam sheet then the siding. Over years the foam sheets shrink which will cause leaks and result in damage to the studs and wood in the home. I recommend asking any builder (even when purchasing a regular home) what is under the siding. If foam is then do not buy it. Builders can get away with this because it is accepted in building codes. I am currently having to do an insurance claim due to these wall and I am very disappointed to find these substandard walls on the exterior.

Jeffrey from Bakersfield, ca
Bought at valley manufactured homes on taft highway in bakersfield in 2003. It was a model they had since the one i ordered oast the 6 month marker and i was tired of waiting. As all comments mine ate the same. All cabinets exstremly cheap if i sneeze hard enough im sure they will fall apart. Floors in kitchen and bath cheap and they cluedbit down on the wood subpanneling so cant takebit out unless i take chunks out of subfloor. Caroet and padding cheap crunchy when stepped on and fell apart. I suppose to have upgrade wireing and all outlets do not have electrical boxes so when they stop working i put electrical boxes in. Not safe. Windows are not alligned at all when house is level and windows take a good amount of strenghth to open. They are two panned windows but wise well be one because the glass is paper then and the outside molding around the windows is a joke and it is not weatherized at all. I dont know how the person in flordia mento ed they couldnt hear a hurrican on one of thes comments on here but i hear a person fart accross the street so insulation i bet if i open walls i bet there is none, all lights cheap. So far had to replace pressure valve on water heater just a few years after buying it new, replaced all the floors and carpet and put floor molding on, replace a few outlets and pit in electrical boxes since never had any, replaced thermostat cuz looked like something from the 80s and plus it didnt work properly, roof shingles fly off. So plans are now replace entire kitchen and bathrooms, redesign master bathroom closet and office, replace windows and put insulation on the exteir of hone then stocko it and paint to save electricity and have privacy and oeace and quitefrom outside noise. Bought for just the house 70k ($70,000) and by the end of fixing all this cheap crap will be spending $120,000 and that for materials i do the labor. So if your looking for a house go to getto and buy cheap house at lest this way you know what you are getting instead of a straw house. Good thing im not a big becaise if the big bad wolf came blowing im sure mu house will be rubble. I do not reccomend buying fleetwood. Best words and sorry people but it just a piece of shit.

angela kelly from United States
My shingles have been crumbling and blowing off my house everytimr the wind blows even a little and I can not get any help. I was told the roof had a 25 year warranty on it however, when I called they said the warranty was with the original owner and did not apply since I bought house used. So I have a 1999 FLEETWOOD WITH A BAD ROOF ANF NO ONE WILLING TO HONOR WARRANTY.

Leonard and Judy Lee from Holbrook, AZ
Purchased 1998 Lakeview model new. After some repairs, it's provided us with a very comfortable and well insulated home.The biggest repair was the cheap linoleum floors in the bathrooms and kitchen due to slight water damage and cheap floor moldings. Although we're happy with our home, we will not purchase another manufactured home no matter how good they are. Our idea of a home for retirement is one that will be around for decades to pass down to kids or grandkids and save them the high costs of mortgages.

Linda from Sacramento, CA
Bought my home brand new while it was being put together on the lot in 2004. The kitchen cabinets were cardboard. Could push in the doors and counter tops with my fingers! Not kidding! I have replaced everything in the kitchen. Cupboards, counter tops, sinks, all appliances. Tremendous cost. Now I see the master bathroom is pulling apart. Baseboards will not stay painted. WHY is that? Had walk-in closet customized as soon as I moved it and got rid of wire construction. Truly dislike the tub/shower combination in the master bath. Tub is so wide, it is impossible to get out of. Will replace the entire bathroom in next 3 years, I'm sure. Had Pergo floors put in when originally purchased, however all interior doors had been cut at the bottom to accommodate carpeting. They were NEVER replaced as requested. This is my retirement home. But it's really the Money Pit.

mark from pa. from smithfield
bought our home in 2005 nothing but trouble to start with a warped spot in roof the first repairman jumped up and down on it and then put 20 or 30 nails in it what a joke [on me ]there were so many nails in the trim it wasnt even funny the window are crap they fixed them twice and now there bad again .you have to be superman to lift some of them!half the staples they used to attach the drywall were just painted over no spackling to cover and best of all some of the joints in the water lines are starting to leak !! beware stay away from these homes!!!!!

trudy from Southern Ca.
1999 1600 sq ft.fireplace, island kitchen, etc. very nice things are starting to go. Fleetwood does not respond please help. The walkin clothes closet rack fell off the wall the chips had rotted, can't even find a 11 1/f foot metal rack to replace. Now kitchen water leak. Need to shim house (natural) just need someone there to call. Anyone have a number please help.

Lynda from California
There are too many problems with my new home to name. Fleetwood was still making repairs on reported issues after the warranty expired but now wil fix nothing else. Their repair man damaged stairs and cabinets raparing waves in the kitchedn floor and Fleetwood just said "we can't help you anymore". They caused the damage and they won't fix it.

Evone Dotson from 19 Dairy Road Phenix City Alabama
I bought my Fleetwood in 2006 and at first things seem to be fine but when the kitchen cabinet drawer kept falling off track I decided to look to find out what the problem was and to my surprise there was a piece of wood mounted to the back of the cabinet which held the tracks to the drawer that moved back and forth now the sheet rock has gaps where you can almost see the wall and the molding in the bathroom near the ceiling is leaving the wall as a matter of fact most of the molding around the upper and lower part of this home is seperating from the wall. There is a probem with the floor in the hallway(uneven).The nails or staples that holds the house together are too small not to mention where the two pieces are connected there are cracks. The shower walls has buckled and the closets has plastic clamps holding the rack where you hang clothes. Poorly structured home is all I can say for this and cheap or used material. This is my second Fleetwood home and I must admit this purchase was the biggest mistake ever. I should have purchased a home but since I had a good experience in the past I thought the the same would ring true on this purchase and boy was I wrong. I would not recommend anyone purchase a Fleetwood home and I would suggest that before the Fleetwood name is attached to a home that someone should make sure that quality material is used to build them if you plan to stay in business because customers are what keep you in business and customer satisfaction should come first but reading the other comment I would say that Fleetwood need to be restructured as well as the homes that they produce. When I tell you that I am not the only one with problems when it comes to Fleetwood substandard homes believe that.I bought my home from Best Deal Homes in Phenix City Alabama and this was not the best deal I could not have gotten strewed any harder if I tried. This home consist of one problem after another. I see why Fleetwood give a year warranty because they make sure that the problems are undectable until after the warranty and you better not call them because the first question is when did you purchase your home.

Our first issue was the Hot Water Heater did not meet 6-7000 feet requirements and the Fleetwood replaced it in 2010, in 2011 the center cap shingles were coming off. it took me weeks to find out who does this work, i did and pioneers contractor fixed the issue, now in 2011 i find out the Forced air unit and maybe the stove does not meet 6-7000 feet requirements? I call Fleetwood and they are looking into this. You would think if the unit you purchased required a snow load roof and no eve vents it would bring up the 6-7000 foot issue with the appliances in the home, I guess not?? This is a new unit delivered/finished in June of 2009 only two years old? We love the unit,

Nan Roberson from Greenville, Mississippi
My shingles have been crumbling and blowing off my house everytimr the wind blows even a little and I can not get any help. I was told the roof had a 25 year warranty on it however, when I called they said the warranty was with the original owner and did not apply since I bought house used. So I have a 1999 FLEETWOOD WITH A BAD ROOF ANF NO ONE WILLING TO HONOR WARRANTY.

James and Krista from Florida
We bought our 2000 Sunburst in 2001. It was a show house at the dealership. So our home had sat on the lot of the dealer for a yr. We moved in and Fleetwood was awesome. There were a few minor repairs that needed to be touched up and yes the door knobs had to be replaced but really would you rather have to replace door knobs or something more expensive. We have lived in our home for 9 yrs. We have a fireplace. We live in the central part of FL and in 2004 we rode out 4 hurricanes in a row. I would not have left our house for anything. We could not even hear the hurricanes because our home is insulated so well. We had NO damage to our home or roof from all these hurricanes. I feel really bad for the people above but we absolutely love our home!

Kim from Tucson
Thank goodness Fleetwood went BANKRUPT. No one should have to go through all these troubles. I have owned my Brookfield for 3 years now and have had nothing but problem after problem. I am ready to sell this hunk of junk and buy a real home.

Don from Florida
I bought a 2006 1764 sq ft Entertainer 3 bedroom and have had it for 3 years. The local dealer was where I considered buying. He had one that was a repo and wanted $72000 and it had creased ceiling where each hanger was. Complete ripoff. You got to be careful about dealer selection. I went up north and ordered one without tv,fireplace,fridge,microwave,dishwasher,AC and ordered with dishwasher connection($50) and white kitchen cabinets ($200). All for about $50,500 dropped off at my site. I payed $5600 for a good setup crew. I have not had any major problems but the following.
A warped 2x4 joist hanger. Crew removed roof shingles,paper,sawed out section on top, removed offending warped hanger, put strait hanger in place and finished off roof. No problems since then. Had squeaky kitchen floors and they tightened floor screws but always came back. Fixed door hanging and small problems. After warranty, found leaky roof near master bed vent hole. Found leak in roof near dining window about 1.5 ft out. Traced leak to shingle nail left on roof and stepped on by factory crew causing nail hole. Bathroom leak caused by vent flashing not sealed. fixed with white patch. The nail roof leak would leak on the roof and down the window. Plumbing water supply valves some leaked, some bad. You better look very hard at roof and fixtures for leaks. Use little water on floor as it is not a boat and water could rot floor. I use 409 and pool brush for stains follow by damp mop. I quickly replaced most light fixtures with upgrades. Just about all mobile homes need an eye on any problems especially when it rains. And I do not attach anything to the place. It is just something strong winds can rip off like a sail. So I am generally satisfied. If I did not have a heart attack several years before I would have built one myself like I did in the past.

sherri.navarre from beaufort,s.c
My husband and I bought our home 8years ago and just recently had to replace the roof. We found the leaks in our home were caused by BAD construction due to the lack of felt paper! There was no felt paper at all under the shingles.The roof was very rotted and we had several leaks throughout the house. Now that fleetwood ent. has gone bankrupt I dont know where to turn but I am looking into it!

Aimee from Riverview Florida
I purchased a Fleetwood home in December 2003. Six months later the molding strips started popping off the wall. The door frames on two of the bedrooms have literally fallin apart. The sliding glass door leaks at the floor which has now caused major damage and flooring will have to be replaced. This leak is unseen from the eye.Roof has started to leak at stove vent and in master bathroom (the light fixture filled with rain during last storm).The so called window seals fell off. All door handles have had to be replaced they too fell apart.Oh the roof is suppose to have a warranty on it from fleetwood and now all of a sudden they are saying there is no such thing. If buying a Fleetwood you want to inspect it with a fine tooth comb and start a separate savings so in 5 years you will have the funds to do all the major repairs.

Francine from California from Moreno Valley, CA
I give 0 stars as I have had nothing but problems with this home. I bought this home from Santiago Sales. I can't any help with all the problems, just nasty attitudes, now I am told the problems are mine soley because Fleetwood is banckrupt!! Time to get an Attorney!

Rebecca from Indiana
I actually would prefer to give 0 stars. I bought my home from Baird's. They don't want to help me fix the problems in the home that was made in Tennessee. The walls are crooked. The ceilings look horrible. The factory used scrap materials and chopped up pieces all through the house. You don't have to worry about me recommending Fleetwood or Baird's to anyone.

David & Susan Logan from Tennessee
We were introduced to homes at Newmans Mobile homes in Sweetwater Tenn. Kathy Lankford, our sales lady, put no pressure on us & was very helpfun as was Gary Newman. It was a pleasure doing business with them. We bought Sandlewood Model 3403N. We had found a few things that needed to be fixed after delivery & our Fleetwood Rep Alain Berube was very friendly & helpful. He worked with us and when we were in Tenn. saw to it the service men were there. The first trip was Mike & his helper and they fixed what was needed except for a part that had to be ordered. After getting the part and our next trip there Alain had Doug & helper come and they finished up. They did their jobs & we are very pleased with their work. Alain called each time and made sure we were happy.

We just wanted you to know all the above deserve a good pat on the back. We will recomend Fleetwood homes and send people to Newman's. Hat's off to you both! Thanks.

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