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Fairmont Homes

(Part of Cavco Industries)

502 South Oakland
Nappanee, IN 46550
Phone: 574-773-7941
Website: Fairmont Homes Website

Fairmont Homes Description:
(Part of Cavco Industries)
"...For over 35 years Fairmont Homes has provided thousands of families with the comfort, security and a general well being that only a quality-built home can offer. As a leader in innovation and superior construction techniques-Fairmont Homes continues to transform the factory built housing industry into the best value in American home ownership..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1971
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNot provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 100
Location of FactoriesNappanee, IN
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction
Energy EfficiencyLow E, energy efficient windows, R19 wall insulation
Construction Timeframe2 to 4 weeks
Customization FlexibilityIndividual products can be customized but most structural aspects can not be.
Amount of FloorplansOver 110 online home floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60 to $85
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsDistributor to provide
Site PreparationHandled by local builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityNot available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne year limited warranty
Delivery Range600 miles from factory
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewFairmont Homes is an average provider of modular homes. Their homes are nice and suitable for entry-level and mid-range home buyers. They produce their own trims and cabinets which helps reduce the home cost. We appreciate their clear commitment to energy efficiency. Their standard package will save home buyers energy costs over the long term. They do provide some customization. You can see with their innovative online home builder. This interactive tool lets home buyers make changes and see the home picture change immediately. They are a suitable company but we have questions if they can satisfy the upper-scale home buyer especially since they offer almost no two story homes. Their website does contain many floorplans and pictures so you can make up your own mind.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Fairmont Homes

Angelica from kansas
my house is 21 years and still looks new. taking care of a home is the key, finding the problem and fixed would make your home last as a traditional home.

Steven RLyon from Port Huron
Brand new home drywall allayment conduit furnace not hooked up attic looks like a wreck cold air return to not they're very displeased

j. norman from Linden, Mi.
This house was beautiful when we first bought it. Now it is a money pit I hate to say. New roof, windows don't work right. carpet was not put down correctly, leaky skylights, plumbing leaks, etc. Have never gotten any responds to any of my calls , emails. BEWARE stay away.

Connie Parker from Barnes city iowa
I have got to have the most shit home Fairmont has ever built!!! It is actually not livable at this point!!! I was disabled and this was supposed to be my last home. But I am still disabled and I just want to burn this piece of shit!!! Don't get a shit house from these people. You will be sorry!!! They sure robbed a disabled woman who lives by herself. Now I HAVE to look for another home and I can't hardly walk!!! DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY!!! YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING!!!!

Angela Barnes from Sprucedale Ontario Canada
Would never recommend a "house" (if that's what you call it). We have nothing but issues and complaints , which our calls, emails have went unanswered. To fix the drywall we got a quote of $6300. Our kitchen cupboards have scratches and no stain in places. We have had to have our furnace rewired. Our bathtub in the master bathroom is cracked. Door handles are broken. Windows don't shut poperly and door still missing in laundry room. That's just to name a few items. First I called the Sales representing every week for a year. They would send "someone" who had no contracting expierence just some random guy just to look. Had a offer to settle with $2000 (what a joke). Talked to and email Fairmont Homes. No response. Still no response. Been here two years and nothing has been resolved. Will not recommend to any Canadian. If anything we have given people a tour and strongly advised them to go with another builder.

SAMUEL JONES from Kentucky

Steve & Jennifer N. from Winchester, wi
If I could have chosen zero stars I would have! This entire process has been a disaster. First let me start by saying We paid cash for our home. Our house was supposed to be delivered at the end of May or beginning of June. It was delivered in July. I wish they never delivered it! We have had nothing but problems with the house and the company we now have an attorney involved. Just to name a few things that are wrong, and they refuse to fix: all of the drywall is bowed, there is water coming in somehow, and the plywood behind the drywall is wet, our carpet is wet and they installed the wrong carpet. We paid for upgraded sinks and faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen and got cheap plastic crap that is peeling, the floors slope, they didn't finish the putting up the trim, the cabinets are not finished... the list goes on and on. We have called them at least 10 - 15 times a day as well as sent emails and have gotten no response. The dealership we bought the home from basically said he talked to fairmont and they aren't finishing the work. This company is a joke, and their homes are garbage! Save yourself your hard earned money and go somewhere else! Avoid fairmont homes at all cost!!!

Bonnie Germain from Sublette, IL
I purchased my Fairmont home and have had mold and rotting since day one. They have come out every year to fix and repair something every year for the same mold and rotting problems we continue to have. They have never found the source of the problem and now that it is out of warranty they will not stand behind their product. I personally would never recommend this product to anyone and would hope that if you are considering purchasing a home from Fairmont that you get written warranty stating that they will continue to work on your problems until they are fix. We own a $46,000 home that we can't live in because of the mold and moisture problems. We also had (John) come out and said that our home had mold and that something should be done, yet the company is doing nothing.

Bonnie Germain from Sublette, IL
I wouldn't recommend a Fairmont home to anyone. We purchased our home in 2009 and within the first year we had windows leaking, doors leaking and the soffit above the door was installed improperly and all of the water from rain and snow rotted the wood. We have had Fairmont out every year with regards to the leaking problems and mold issues. Because it is now out of warranty they have washed their hands of it being their problem. It has been leaking for so long and in so many different places our floor is now rotted and they still will not stand behind there shitty piece of manufactured home.

BHall from Granger, IN
My 2000 model year has been nickel & diming me to death over the past 2 years. It's all little stuff, but there is a lot of it and it is constant.

rob from my house pa.
I wouldn't recommend one of these homes. I have hvac problems. They ran the same size duct work from one end of the house to the other. Well an hvac guy knows that as you push air through you need to drop size to keep pressure up. Well not them,they think you just run the same size from one end to the other. They also like to run water lines on the exterior walls which is bull crap. All common law of any plumber is you never run a water line on an exterior wall. My water line that feeds my bathroom burst. Thank god I was home when it happened. Actually, just tore the finished ceiling out today so I could fix it. My stair well going into my basement has a reveil of a half inch of drywall on one side and its flush on the other. I guess your gonna tell me its the people who set the house up hah. Well my interior wall in my dinning room that you built from factory has about a 1in bow in it. My dinning room vent was never cut through the floor. It hung under the house. My gas appliance lines were too short to pull the stove out to check it before using it. The furnace never had the conversion kit to change it to propane. The roof vents and plumbing are wrong. I had to pay a plumber to fix a bunch of things. I think your cabinet hardware is junk. All the doors are constantly coming loose. You guys took the time and put a very nice kitchen in my home but very crappy hardware. I don't know if you guys use construction adhesive on your drywall but you should. I got nail pops like a mother ------. It really sucks when they have the home tore down and they staple shit right to your linoleum floor and let staples behind. My door hinges are falling off. Door jams and casings are all loose. I guess if you think that air gun goes off its nailed. Well I got news for yah..Its not. Well my biggest issue is that they give you the prints of the home with the measurements of the width and lengh. I pulled a 10in. thick concrete wall all the way around the hole foundation and there house is not square. I dug the footers of this house and helped lay the walls out and our corners were even. You know as I type this im looking at a gfi receptacle that hanging on a piece of plywood under the house and not even cut through to the outside. I put this house on a concrete foundation and a steal beam down the middle so theres no columns. I could only imagine if someone put it on blocks and skirting. god bless them, because ive already spent anough as a consumer. The should be a lemon law on these things.All that's right there is,its called a warranty

Tina from Boyne City,Michigan
This is our third Fairmont home. Needless to say we love each of the homes we had and now this one we just purchased. The first home was a single wide which we sold when our daughter was born. We then got a large double wide and now that we have the empty nest we have sized down to a small 980 sq. foot home in a mobile home park by the lake. I guess I don't have to say more. Fairmont has served us well. We'd recommend one to family or friends.

Brent from Point pleasant West Virginia
I am a modular dealer and am with a Company that has been in the business for over 45 years. We carry Schult, Norris and several other lines of Clayton Homes as well as Fairmont. The Fairmont Cape we have on display is fantastic and is selling well for us. Actually better then any other brand we have stocked. Several customers stopped In to view the home and so far 50% of them have purchased one. We love it and quality is out of this world. The time put in to building the home is truly amazing and shows when you finally get them set up. Renee at Fairmont (our sales person) is not only a fantastic person that also happens to be extremely knowledgeable in her product and the modular concept as well. We already had a fantastic team but with Fairmont on our side and people like Renee behind us we are now truly the best. Thanks to all of you at Fairmont who put so much time and effort into your product and the help and literature you and Morty provide for us to help sell your product. I noticed there were some unhappy stories on the page but most seem to be from poor sales staff from where the customer had purchased their home and should not be held against the plant of Fairmont. Thank you for your time and God bless.

Robert Carter III from Toledo, Ohio
I bought my 1996 Fairmont Fairpoint used almost 3 years ago and I absolutely love the home. I've had some minor issues with faucet's & one window, but considering the age of the home I consider those types of things normal. The home is not drafty, still has it's original roof that does not leak, and the cost to heat & cool it has been reasonable. I previously had a 1992 Skyline Sabre Deluxe and at the same age as this home is now the Skyline had so many issues it was ready for a full gut out & rehab. I also get positive comments from visitors and neighbors about how good of shape the home is in for it's age compared to many other homes of it's age that are in the park I'm in. The original owner still lives in the park and only sold it because they needed more space. I hear from them all the time about how much they miss the home and are glad it's in the hands of someone who really enjoys it and takes care of it. You can tell my home was setup by a professional that knew what they were doing. As someone else mentioned the company setting up a home on site can make the difference between a dream & a nightmare.

ted vincent from fort gratiot mi.
we love our 2006 Lincoln estate model 7232.the only problems we have had is a couple of windows lost their seals and had to be replaced. they were Phillips brand. had other minor problems but they could be expected in any home built on site.

Phil Warnecke from Spring, TX
Before purchasing from Lake Village, IN retailer for Wabash, IN location I made a final inspection of display model 92700 @ retailer. Floor joist system of display model not anything like shown in Fairmont's national or state construction video. Actually 1/2" particle board between 2x3s, cut completely through to allow for duct work i.e. joists suspended from subfloor instead of supporting same. Retailer only said it had passed code. I also viewed another model just delivered on site and placed on foundation. Interior was full of cracks at corners and wall/ceiling junctures. Retailer advised this would be re-taped, floated and painted. Before giving retailer a deposit to "lock in" price, hire a building inspector. Money will be well spent. Fortunately I discovered joist problem before purchasing, but retailer would not return any part of $1000. deposit. Small price to pay to avoid buying junk.

Rich Hollahan from New York
We are in our second Fairmont Home, this one a cedar log home. We are very pleased with everything about this home.Only had minor problems that could be expected with any new home. We would purchase another if the need came.

Jane Norman from Linden Mi
I love my home the size is right, the layout, the size of the rooms. I did have a problem with plumbing fittings coming loose, the drawer tracts OH the shingles someone FORGOT to Remove the strip of paper on the tar strip, so when it rains and the wind is blowing I have LEAKS. The home is a 2004 I have email about this PROBLEM but NO one has answered. I now i'm going thru chemotheray, and REALLY don't that I should be fixing this ISSUE. The dealer tat we bought it from is gone University Homes in Wixom Mi. Thank you

Jon from Capac mi
Junk. This house is only 5 years old and I'm having all kinds of problems. If you want a home that will constantly need repairs this is for you. Everything from electrical fires, mold in the walls and windows falling out. Steer clear of this failure of a home. Thanks Huron Homes in port Huron for nothing.

Stan Whitley from Crossville IL
I bought a fairmont home in 2000 in one year all my seals broke on my windows I know have frosty windows,also the heating and air conditioning has cost me a fortune because according to my heating and air man the duct work is not big enough.I purchased s 3 ton air conditioner still won;t cool or heat.Big Mistake Stan Whitley

Kevin Cofell from sudbury ontario
I am a modular home dealer and have dealt with many home manufactures. When it came time to purchase our family home we chose a Fairmont. They are consistent and provide excellent value for your dollar. More important than the home you buy, is WHO you buy it from. If your dealer has no experience in setting a modular home and subcontracts everything out, run,run ,away! You new home is built right at the factory level but 1 inexperienced installer can make a mess of your home and if your dealer is not qualified, and most are not then you have problems. If your dealer does not invest in the proper equipment and staff , sells from catalogues or modular homes are not even their full time business,then don't be surprised when an issue pops up they don't know the answer. and the majority of issues I am reading about in this post have more to do with poor or incorrect installation. Any home manufacture can do their best in the factory, but once it leaves their doors its your DEALER who is going to be the one who makes it a dream home or a nightmare. Good luck and I am sure you will enjoy a Fairmont home purchased through a dealer who is in the business, does their own setups and values their reputation. That my friends is how to guarantee a "happily ever after" ending.

Brian Mason from East Liverpool Ohio
I purchased what I thought was a 1995 Fairmont Fairpoint home, what I got was one big headache and lesson well learned. I can't say I wasn't prewarned and if the internet was like it is today I would have had the means to know better as it has been nothing but a nightmare since I stepped foot in it (that was 3 weeks after it was set up because they sent a guy with a trailer to replace all the things that was messed up, missing or broken). I had to contact the Attorney General before they came out also. Here is a list of repairs and replacements.repaired humps in floors,entry ways were crooked, 2 exterior doors replaced,sliding doors replaced,carpet replaced, siding falling off, outside lights, windows, drywall, moulding, the furnace looked like they threw it down a set of steps then installed it ,they replaced that as well,which is good because it does nothing but run from Nov to March as it never holds heat, you can actually feel wind through walls and windows.let's start in the kitchen,the cupboard doors have peeled of the fake wood look after a few years. The light fixtures spark and only one works now. The windows leak water. The bathroom faucets leak the tubs have cracked after two years. The duct in bedroom baths0 furnace didn't blow heat so we checked under house and the pipe wasn't even hooked up. I don't think I need to go on any further but only can share my misfourtune with others in the hope to save someone from making the mistake of their lives. Its a shame

cynthia hodson from shellsburg, iowa
Bought my home from Ferring Homes in 2004. It is a home from Fairmont Homes. Since we have purchased our home the company we bought it from has gone out of business do to poor business. He used bad contracters to finish the house. The floors are all uneven. The carpet is only appartment grade carpet. And will only last for about 2-3 years. The kitchen cabinet runners under neath are all breaking. Must be replaced. All sink faucets have been replaced. The plubming behind the showers have all been replaced with copper. All the inside door handle broke so they have all been replaced. The basement walls have leaked. So they have been water proofed by professionals. All of our kitchen appliances have been replace due to warehouse rebuilt appliances being put in at the factory. The appliances they use in these homes are rebuilt returns that are bought from a warrehouse in IN. The contractor told us that when he was finishing the house. The water heater and furnace have been repaired several times also. The kitchen floor is uneven. They sent repair people out several times but they did nothing to fix it. We have replaced all the door handles and sink faucets. The woodwork is peeling. Due to fake finishes. All the electrical outlets have been turn right side up or replaced. I would not wish this house on my worst enemy. I would not recommend buying these homes from anyone or any company!!!!!! They are mony pits!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANY MODULAR HOMES!!!!!

Bill Veldhuizen from Oskaloosa, Iowa
We purchased the Fairmont Homes #92027 Majestic Manor (now called the Auburn Hills Estate) from a local dealer in 2007. From the beginning, this project had problems. If you are doing research for a possible future purchase, steer clear of a Fairmont home from Indiana. (1)Project started by the house not being set correctly. Front (3rd section) installed with travel bracing not removed. Most was cut out but dealer would not remove the section and do it correctly. 3rd section still pops and cracks during temp changes. Dealer said this is normal. (2)Kitchen window leaks water. Dealer sent crew out to seal outside area and re-drywall inside. When asked about water that ran down behind kitched cabinets, dealer didnt think it would cause problems and left. (3) Kitchen countertops are not secured to the backsplash. The backsplash raises and lowers in seasonal temp changes. Gaps range from "tight" to 3/16". Have to put dish towels behind faucets so water does not run down back of cabinets. Dealer slid in a new strip gasket last year but some has come out due to backsplash movement. (4) Front door slab is warped. 1/4" to 3/8" gap around top of door. Can see daylight and winter temps make foyer a very cold place. Currently have to put rag over top of door in winter to keep some of the air from blowing in. Dealer tried to work on this but did not think it was serious enough to warrant a new slab. (5) Most of the light switches have been replaced. Some are still defective. (6) Factory tried to seam together flooring in dining room to save on using a full size piece. Flooring coming up/ will not stay attached. Flooring also coming up around base trim of cabinets. Not being secured around the edges caused it to shrink and it looks terrible. Looking at future upgrades to a higher quality material. (7) Roof needed replaced immediately after install. Staples were exposed all over roof. (could see them from the ground) Builder must have not had a chalk line to use. (8) Lazy susan in kitchen was not mounted correctly. Actually fixed by dealer technician. (9) Windows leak air in front of house even when locked. These are not facing north, by the way. Ready for upgrades here too. (10) Cabinet door hardware will not stay tight. Door get loose and sag. Even on small doors that are not high usage. (11) Dealer tech has worked on kitchen drawers multiple time. Rails will not stay tight in the mounts. Tech just smiled and said he will keep fixing them. (12) End balister of stairs leading to basement are secured to the floor with drywall screws. Pole wobbles around. Has not broke yet but local contractor will soon remove and install it through the floor and make it correct. Dealer not willing to fix (not a problem to him, I guess). (13)Water drips down conduit in basement from switch next to previously mentioned leaky kitchen window. Again, no help from dealer when asked about this. (14) Master bath ceiling shrikns in winter and pulls away from floor to ceiling storage unit. Dealer said this is normal. Never seen this in any other house I have owned. Kitchen faucets and both shower faucets all defective. will not stay tight and attached in place. No access panel for shower in 2nd bathroom so we are having to cut one in for plumber access. Again, dealer could not repair this. I would say this is a big enough list to be unsatisfied. Many other smaller problems that are being worked thru. Bought the highest price house that was available due to size we thought would work. Anyone thinking about buying one of these houses, buy used and get a full home inspection from a certified inspector. By the time we get everything repaired, this house will have been built twice. Should have went with a stick built house. The garage we had built is twice the quality. Will never look into a modular again. Email with questions. May save money and frustration with proper research. These homes are sold by dealers with various names so be careful. You may be buying a "Needs TLC" home with new labeling if your not careful. Thank you

Helen Isom from New York near adirondacks
I live in a 1981 'Happy House' by Fairmont. It has a radius sheet metal roof, vertically oriented ribbed metal siding, is 14 x 60 and has 2 bedrooms,1 bath. It has been painted 4 different colors. We have installed some updated finishes, like a tiled bathroom and closet system, high efficiency kitchen appliances with new cupboards and soon a bamboo floor (which will serve as a shear panel). We like it very much, just enough space with a convenient layout for two people and seemingly very well insulated. We would have liked it better if the drip edge did their job better, we suggest overhangs for future models as water infiltration has been the main problem, allowing mold and structural degeneration.

Stephen Dunafin from Galien Mi
We bought this home 2nd handed, moved from our home in Indiana,whitch built my self &lived in for 35 years. We find this home very comfortable. we have had some very harsh storms winter/summer and find the house very efficent (all electric),the Phillips windows are very tight,no wind bleed,and the exterior door work well for inexpensive doors, interior trim is as one should expect for the less expensive type of home . inerior trim wont withstand hard use as hard wood will ,but you get what pay for! satisfied! it will last us thu retirment.

Mary Stoll from Wautoma WI
I just purchased a Fairmont home, as I liked the layout plan - it was just what I was looking for. Wow, I wish I hadn't, that I had researched further. (1)It was late on delivery. (2) All the electrical light switches are backwards. 3 the windows weren't tacked in and almost fell out, 4 outside spigot hooked to hot water from main bath 5 front door crooked and won't close 6 bathroom wall not straight, but curved, 7 - front closet, basement door crooked and won't close correctly 8 diswasher spring broken and door snaps loudly when opening and closing 9 - trim on island not connected and falling off --- anyway, I have spent over and above making repairs. Who did Fairmont hire to put this house together? Shame on you!!!!

M Williams from Lansing, MI
I own a Fairmont, and would never buy another. Roof has been fixed twice, furnace had to be repaired three times before we found out that the vents from the roof were leaking on the electrical unit. Both sky lights leak, all plumbing has had to be replaced, marriage line doesn't line up along the entire seam, construction glue on walls won't come off (even though we were assured it would wipe right off)... I could go on all day. This house was a horrible investment. Fairmont appeals to people on a budget, but the home requires so much upkeep that it is robbing us blind. Just to add icing on the cake, our specs sheet when we bought the house was inaccurate. We decided to move the money pit to our land, but before we could, we had to have it inspected. The inspector informed us that the dimensions were wrong and the roof pitch was off. How do you mess something that important up? Run away, run away -- you do not want the headaches of a Fairmont Home.

Ashley Fouch from Piketon Ohio
Just wanted to warn anyone who is thinking of buying a Fairmont home. We purchased our home in August 2006. We have the largest home available. When we purchased the home they promised to fix an area of uneven flooring in the living room. Well 4 years later the flooring is humped up in so many areas. And then sinking is so many areas. I have absolutly had it with this company! They have sent 3 people out here to fix the problem and none of them have done it and we continue to pay a 1100.00 house payment on a piece of junk! The roof is falling apart, shingles fall off weekly and we have had several water leaks on ceilings. I know i always read reviews before i buy something and that is why i am writing this because i honestly wouldnt wish this house on my worst enemy. My husband and I had just got married in our twenties and baught a new home because we wanted a place where we could raise a family and live there the rest of our lives. This house has caused our family nothing but stress and I dont want anyone else to have to deal with this.

D. Amiel from Niles, Mi
I recently wrote a note to you but do not see it. Just wanted you to know we visited Fairmont Homes in Nappanee and was very impressed. Presently we live in a manufactured home and from what we saw, compared to our present home, Fairmont stood out and above our present home. I am so looking forward to being able to live in a Fairmont Home. Exterior looks I'd say are about the same but the interior floorings, cabinets, window dressing and appliances are by far much nicer than that of our present home. The manager of the subdivision that we plan to move into has been delightful to talk with. I feel he is honest and doesn't "sugar-coat" anything to make us wonder if he is being truthful just to make the sale. The gal we talked with at Nappanee was very nice and understood me in some ways better than myself!!! So far it has been a pleasure dealing with these 2 people.

Dee Amiel from Niles Mi
Today we visited the homes on Fairmont Site in Nappanee and pleasantly surprised. We presently live in a modular home built by another company and was so surprised at the materials used in the Fairmont compared to home we now have. Everything was of much better quality in the Fairmont compared to our present home. I am looking forward to making the move to a Fairmont Home.

Keri Rautenkranz from Worth IL
I've bought a nice, solid and cozy 1997 14x55 Fairmont Happy House in 2005. I've been here 5 years and the house has been a pleasant experience. The previous owners were rough on the place but it held up nicely. Keep in mind that these are not luxury houses. The wood trim is "phony" as previously stated, the bathroom dark and uninviting, the linoleum floors difficult to clean. New lights, a medicine cabinet with a pretty mirror and better flooring made all the difference. The house is energy efficient, stylish, comfortable and a bargain. I only wish that it were a bit bigger, like maybe 70', then it'd be perfect.

joy from Walkerton, IN
We bought our Crown Regis 1400 sq. ft. home in 1999. After 11 yrs, we are putting in new hardwood flooring. When the old carpet was ripped up, the only bad spot of flooring was the corner by the sliding doors. A section rotted out alittle. Small fix. Fairmont put the carpeting under the stone fireplace, so that was a B*&^%^ to tear out, but was done. Otherwise, floor was in great shape. Windows are needing replaced soon as we have noticed discoloration in between double panes. No roof leaks, or cracks. No electrical problems. Water pipes should have been brass fitted, not pvc. We had a water damage in our basement due to a line braking. Brass fittings would have been better. My only complain on the walls, is after a few years, you can tell where some glue was splattered on the walls by the yellowing areas. That is unattractive. The moulding is cheaper, but we haven't had much problems in that area. Our Cabinets are great, except that better drawer rails need to be used. We have had 3 drawers that have had problems with the sliders. All in all, not bad. We had a shower leak that Fairmont came out and fixed even after the yr. warranty, with no cost to us. We have had a good experience. I think a lot has to do with who you buy your home from, and who the contractors are. Ours all did a great job. I really do believe that the contractors, who if paid and treated well, will do a better job putting your house together, and finishing the jobs. We bought ours from MOHR & MOHR in Mishawaka, In. They treated us great. I think the house itself could have been made a little better, but all in all, it was a good choice for us. After 11 yrs, we are just now doing some remodeling. Oh, and I agree with the need to use "normal size doors, in and out." We want to put in french doors, to replace the sliding door, but need to special order one for twice the cost since the size is odd. That is one thing that I am mad about.

fred meinzer from ontario canada
just thinking about purchasing a modular home built by fairmont.we did a walk thru on a new model and it seemed fine. the attraction is the price but after reading some of the comments i am starting to wonder why there so cheap.any more comments?

l. murray from indiana
We brought our home in 1996 at a Fairmont show. We got a lot of upgrades to our home. BUT, it still now perfect.The cabinet door color which are acutal wood doesmatch colorwise with cabinets and cabinets are particle board. We paid for "oak package" trim, whick is pine stained to look oak. All interior doors are not standard size, must custome order each one. Including exterior. We have replaced all windows with energy star.We would definitely think twice about this home. We have to much money invested now. Can't move!!!!! Would not recommend this home to anyone. Also had roof replaced.

Dave Huddleston from Mahomet, IL
I am a builder of Fairmont Homes, Even though they do not build a "Perfect Home", in my opinion they build one of the best values in homes today. After I get done with the home, I do not have any additional problems. Fairmont has ALWAYS stood behind any problem that I have had that was unusual. I, the builder, fixed all of the others. The name of my business is Wonderful World of Homes, please check on the internet, there are no complaints on my homes tha I am aware about. I am the largest buildr of Fairmont Homes in Illinois and I am a proud builder of Fairmont Homes.

caroline farrant from 17266 utah street hebron, IN
Well, we also thought we bought the best at the time. (1999, 1700 square foot, foxwood ranch, paid 126,000 for home,lot,and garage).Have had trouble with the furnace, the joists,the ceilings, uneven flooring, electrical problems in the kitchen,poor woodwork, poor insulation, (even though we thought we paid for upgraded insulation), poor windows (need to have ALL of them replaced including the sliding doors) and glass face cabinets in the kitchen are poorly placed and many have broken. Had to have new roof put on due to poor roofing assembly. Also, we were missing vents in the bathroom, which made our first few months of living in our new house very unpleasant. Part of our problem was dishonest sales associates who sold us our home and promised us we would have this and that, and we got nothing that we paid for. Fairmont was unsympathetic when we called and complained about sales practices of their salesman.(Thank God the salesman and his associates are out of business now.) We also had very poor installation of the home, which caused even more problems. All around it was a poor decision on our part to get this manufactured home at the time. We have been fixing our house slowly and constantly since we have moved in. Poor product for the money we spent.
On a positive note, for the past few years,we have been emailing Kris regarding parts needed to fix our house, and she has been patient and knowledgable. Unfortunately for Fairmont, we decided to use local hardware stores for our fix-it projects, due to their better warranties. Please get better products/service/warranties, and maybe more people would choose you. Thanks

Grentzer from 720 E 6TH St
I Had A doubleWide It was A Damn piece of junk The Doors Fell Apart 25 Mile per Hour win blew Shigles off The Floor Bucked Up The wallpaper looed Vry junky With Strips the Are an eye Soure I Sold it For Bottem Dollor & buyed An old Fixer upper For $6900 It is So Much Better

John Hughes from Gaylord, MI
We are currently building our second Fairmont home. The first was a 27x40 that we used as a summer cottage. After 3 years we decided to retire in Northern Michigan and needed a larger home. Naturally, Fairmont was the choice. While neither home is the "up-scale" luxury home we are leaving in Louisiana, the cottage was a solid, energy efficient home that never seemed cold, even in the dead of winter. We have great expectations from our new home and so far, the quality, the economy and the setup have been as expected. Will report after completion about "service after the sale" but with the first home, 3 years into it, the dealer is still a friend and we bought the second home from Bob's Modern Homes knowing our treatment will be the same friendly, reliable service we've had all along. Thanks Fairmont for making retirement a bit easier :)

rosie from NY state
In 1988 bought a new 14x70 3 bedroom fairmont, had a problem with screen falling out of front door. Other wise this has been my good solid home for over twenty years and I thank God for it. Only cost 14,900, and is still in excellent shape because it has been taken care of and is a very good home.

Rick Taylor from Michigan City, In.
I bought the best, at the time, 24x64 30 years ago. Lack of insulation in the attic has caused roof dams and ceiling leaks since new, fittings not tight sprayed water on the floors from under the house! Bathtub has dropped 6 inches! Floors all patched, etc. If the health dept came out they would condemn the place, I'm retired and can't afford to move! Just simply poor construction, Alumimum wire, 2x4 roof beams etc. Big mistake when I purchased it!

Ronald White from Otter Lake, Michigan
Had some of your reps. from Fairmont homes come to my new home to do a 5 star energy effiency test they(John)said he would mail me the results from the test.Also I'm having problems with my flex water lines and the elbow fitting or connections.Please get back to me reguarding these two issues.THANK YOU RON W.

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