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Dutch Housing

PO Box 258
La Grange, IN 46761
Toll-Free: 800-777-6637

Dutch Housing Description:
"...Dutch Housing, the leader in quality and innovation since 1991. Dutch Housing is located in LaGrange, Indiana, and became a part of the Champion Enterprises family in 1994..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1991
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)100-200
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects on staff
Builder NetworkN/A
Location of FactoriesLa Grange, IN
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction on steel base
Energy EfficiencyR-19 Wall Insulation. R-33 Minimum Roof Insulation.
Construction Timeframe2 to 3 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited options
Amount of FloorplansOver 100 online floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70 to $95
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsDistributor to provide
Site PreparationNot provided


Garage/Deck AvailabilityNot available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesStandard one year limited warranty covering structural workmanship
Delivery RangeMidwest USA
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsN/A
Information PackageWebsite contains basic information

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewDutch Housing is a provider of manufactured homes and modular homes. These homes are average when compared with other homes. The limited customization options for new modular homes is unfortunate. Their floorplans are also a bit limited. Still it is an option to consider and it can be a good fit for consumers with smaller budgets looking for a good value and not as interested in extra perks.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Dutch Housing

Patrick Disney from Missouri
Wow, so this 1996 dutch home has particleboard flooring under carpet, linoleum everywhere. then a great big plastic sheet stapled under the floor joists, with virtually no protection anywhere to prevent animals from getting into the subfloor. ( I know this because I am currently remodeling a room where the Floors started to buckle and sag because the particle board absorbed the moisture that came in from below. after a racoon tore a hole in that plastic sheet and then proceeded to clear himself an entire apt sub level. basically that Racoon broke the staple plastic loose under this entire room and packed the insulation down so severely that that room wouldn't get warm in the winter.) It's also notable that there are no cross blocks in the flooring so the 16' studs they used ran away from the joist lines, there are more staples in the flooring than any construction I have ever seen. 1" x 3" interior wall studs with 1" x3" caps and base plates stapled into particle board or drywall. really Dutch homes? I used to do residential construction, the workmanship and quality Dutch seems to pride itself on would have gotten me fired,,, Not to mention, I would have been ashamed to have put my name on such substandard construction. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Helen Rogers from OH
We bought our Dutch Manufactured Home in 1999. We had minor issues mainly from placing it on our land. All were corrected. We never have had any window problems like others are saying. The only issue I can recall is the vents in the bathroom leaked at times when it rained. An easy fix for my husband. I raised three boys in this home and everything is still intact. Of course we had our own contractor prepare our site. Our shingles have held up well despite the fact that we live in the woods. Part of it is taking care of your home. I am sure it depends on many different issues and that was 17 years ago. Hopefully their quality hasn't become a nightmare.

Annette Mills from Esko Mn
Very disappointed. Have discovered most of the walls contain no insulation. Expensive to heat but cant afford to fix but it has stayed together. 1998. They should have replaced or fixed. Past letters never got a response from company. I gave up but still sick about it.

marcia l busse from indiana
Bought my Dutch Modular in 2008. All of the windows have gone bad with the spaces between the panes of glass , causing a white film on the pane, the vent pipe was not installed right for the master bathroom, causing water leakage under the roof and staining the ceiling and causing musty/moldy smell, Very displeased with the home and would not reccommend these homes to anyone else. very disappointed

Meadow from Indiana
Now happy about the purchase. Fans in bathroom stopped working, 3 broken windows, floor is buckling in 3 areas, carpet buckles, roof leaks in 2 places, mice keep getting into vents and house and no one seems to know how they are getting in, screen doors won't lock and no one ever returns your phone call.

Larry from Minnesota
Ordered and purchased our 1998 dutch home. Have seen issues with the windows filming between the panes. Cracks in the middle of the ceiling . which with a number of plaster overs it reappears like a bad penny. over the years we have had discovered leaks. some where easy fixed while others left us shaking our heads as to how to gain access to plumbing behind walls. no panels or secret passage. all in all it has been a nice home. like all homes, it did need some upgrading. (carpet, tile, new faucets, new hardware on kitchen cabinets. counter tops.) I love the 2 bedroom floor plan. huge master bedroom and living room. We ordered a large picture window for LR. love the look but, it is very drafty. Even with window film that remains on it year round. It was a great value at the time and very affordable for our income. It does sit on 10 acres of land and it is all paid for. the day will come when the house will be sold and removed. Land is more valuable w/o mobile home on it.

Nell from Harrison Tn
We bought our home in 1996 we still live in this home it's been a grate home we've took good care of it we paid 60.000 for it and today it's worth 125.000 we owe 20.000 on it we would buy new one again , Take care of ur home

Leona from United States
I have heard all the negative comments on this page. I felt I needed to add my positive comments. We have owned our house since 1999. So far, the only problem is the leak in the windows. They put the crossbars inside the windows, which we didn't want but couldn't do anything after they delivered it. The molding that holds these bars inside the windows has given away, so they leak. Since we have extreme winters in Northern WI I still think they have held up pretty well, considering We are going to DIY and replace them ourselves this summer. Our furnace, appliances and water heater are just fine and perfectly adequate for our use, full size. We have had no cracking of walls either. We are very happy with the Dutch Manufactured Home! I hope that continues and I am sorry to hear others have had such a bad experience. Also, our home is a single wide, the last they made them and it is perfect for us. We opted for the upgrade which came with real oak around the windows and cabinets. I will say that was b.s. It is cheap thin and most of it is composite molding that is flaking. We only paid $32,000, so you get what you pay for. We will upgrade as we do some remodels. As long as our foundation is good we are able to build from that!

Linda Cioch from union mills, indiana
Sorry it's a 0 rating, I've had my home since 1998 and ALL of my windows I cannot see out of. I have called Dutch housing 6 years ago and the windows ( carefree) dutch housing said that they( where they got the windows from) went out of business. That all the complaints they had to send somewhere else. I got the number and of course was a recording. Said to write a letter and send it. Which i have. It's been 6 years and heard nothing. Does anyone know if there was a recall on these windows? Now i have mold growing in between the glass pain.

Cheryl from Michigan
If I could leave 0 stars I would. It is sad that manufactured homes are still available for sale in Michigan. It is by the grace of God that the roof hasn't collapsed. DON'T PURCHASE! SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR A REAL HOUSE!

Joe from Wisconsin
The quality of the work was substandard on the double wide we purchased from Dutch Housing. Their publicly listed number is disconnected but did manage to get a corporate number 800-777-6637 but it led to a answering machine. The wall boards were chipped cardboard and there was no sheeting between them and the siding, the 4x8's on the roof were misaligned terribly and were the cheapest I have ever seen, most of the glue is not there. There are missing supports around the window casings and they used cheap staples to hold it all together; we found that when we had to replace the windows because they were leaking.

patty caudill from nebraska
I would never recommend anyone to buy a home built by dutch manufactoring. We have had problems with our home from day 1. Where do i start. The wallboard had holes that were hidden by the curtains. The furnace is not big enough for the size of this home. We have had numerous water leaks, the windows don't function right. I have an extremely hard time closing them. Every doorknob has broken. We have no heat or air conditioning in one room. When replacing our shingles we realized there was no tar paper over the plywood. We have been trying ever since we bought the home why it was always cold in the house during the winter. There is absolutely no plywood on the outside of the house. There is the siding, insulation and then the wallboard. I have tried for years to notify these people and never got a response back. We have had our home for 15 yrs now and finally after 12 yrs of trying to contact them i gave up. Good luck to anyone that has or will purchase a home from them

Annette Aubol from Minnesota
I really don't want to give any stars. I tried to contact Dutch Housing as well during my warranty period. Phone disconnected no responses. I was a single mother and tried to provide the best for my family. I have not been able to take another loan out for a house and this one, now a 1990 is not worth anything and hasn't been for years. We discovered there is almost no insulation at all in the walls. I had a leak in the livingroom and when the sheetrock was removed there was only 1 column that had insulation, the rest of you actually see outside through the siding. During roof work, many of the 4'x8' sheets didn't even match up, several large gaps. Well we know where the leaks came from. Plus I paid a lot for extra insulation and the roof, also made of 2"x3". Stripped 2"x4"s actually only has 4" of a brown chopped chipboard like material. Drawers and cupboards had fallen apart, windows leak. I know it has been quite sometime that I have owned this home but since I haven't been able to pay to check and get repairs, we are still discovering bad things and still owe a lot of money for it. I paid $75,000 for it in 1990 and had to refinance a few years ago. I basically owe the same amount on something that fell apart right away. If anyone every found a way to get some compensation for this poor quality home, I would love to know. I will still work on making it look ok, but that's about it. I guess I have a roof over my head. Its just too bad it had to be the worst built one. I don't recommend doing business with this company, unless they help those that were affected so severly by previous actions. I have always worked hard for a living and am now married. I wish we could have a home to be proud of.

Eric Nelson from LaPorte Indiana
The Duch House we have has a lote of issues with the basic items in the home. The faucets are made of plastic and had to be replaces withen a year. I know have an issue with a window that has moisure between the glasses, it looks (like mold spores)and the drywall is cracking in many areas. I also had to put $200 into the airconditioner and replace the GFS swithes. The other thing I noticed is the light swithes make a sparing sound when I turn them on, so I replaced the once tat came with the house. The phone number to contact the Ducth Housing is out of service and LaPorte Housing that sold me the house will not help in any area of the Warranty.

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