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Destiny Industries, LLC

P. O. Box 2947
Moultrie, GA 31776
Toll-Free: 866-782-6600
Fax: 229-873-6620
Website: Destiny Industries, LLC Website

Destiny Industries, LLC Description:
"...Destiny currently is 175 employees strong and growing, and at least two thirds of these employees bring with them the experience of working for the original Destiny Industries, Inc..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1978
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNot provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Five engineering employees
Builder NetworkN/A
Location of FactoriesMoultrie, GA
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction on steel base
Energy EfficiencyNot energy efficiency rated
Construction Timeframe3 to 5 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited options
Amount of Floorplans10 online floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70 to $100
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by local builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDecks are possible
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
Guarantees10-year, limited structural warranty through Home Buyers Warranty Corporation
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory InspectionsDetermined by local building code
Number of Building Site InspectionsDependent on final destination
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewDestiny Industries offers manufactured mobile homes and modular homes. Their floorplans seem to be smaller square footage than other builders. The exterior design and interiors that we were shown are very appealing. They also have experience working on very large multi-million dollar projects. Their website has helpful information but our mystery shopper had some initial trouble getting additional information from them. If you are in the Gulf Coast area you might want to consider Destiny Industries and see if their designs match your modular dream.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Destiny Industries, LLC

Ana Maria Carrera from Silverhill, Al
My building requirements were overlooked and the finishing qualities were poor. I have pictures to prove it. Very dissapointed

Steven LaBree from Florida
I was under the impression the Destiny built a fine home but found their homes to be poorly constructed. We bought a 2 story, 4 box unit and simply did not fit together. One part was 1.5 inches larger than the other. The wall are slanted, the door jams are poorly cut, the cabinets are a joke. Add to that, the joists are uneven, the floors are uneven, and the workers installed the staircase backwards. There is no quality control and zero following the engineered drawings. Destiny's response? There was NONE. My General Contractor took a $50,000 hit to repair Destiny's screwed up construction. The delay has cost me thousands of dollars in storage and rental fees that were not part of the budget and Destiny won't even acknowledge this. Poor company and should be dissolved.

Sarah Ellington from Ellabell,GA
I'm back on here again, two years later. None of the issues from our original punch list got properly fixed. No hot water in jaccuzi tub, front door never closed proper from day one and the more they messed with it the worse it got,cheap unscrubbable paint, trim falling off throughout home, carpet buckling and separating from the wall and thresholds, buckling walls, cuts in linoleum floor from day 1, oh and the tray ceiling over dining table keeps cracking badly. They did "fix" that 4 different times. Johnnie Lovett acted like they did us such a favor for that.. just most every other problem my fellow suckers on here have had too.. but the biggest problem is the roof leaking in the den. Started 3 months after we moved in. They sent people on 5 different occasions all saying nothing was wrong til we filed a complaint with the State fire marshal since GA has no physical HUD office. What a bunch of palm greasing crooks. These people all cover each others asses is the name of the game. Southern homes of Statesboro, their set up people, Destiny industries of Moultrie GA, State fire Marshal' s office, 10-60 home warranty company, so the way down to the hazard insurance company (tried that route due to one of the Destiny Service men saying the winds must have caused it to leak) It's really opened my eyes. They tell you there is a warranty when you are looking to buy but the warranty is so ridiculous it basically covers nothing you'd need it for. Finally had our own professional roofer get up there and hefinds that around the chimney was not cemented down proper when the p.o.s. was built. Filed bbb complaint, filed state complaint, lost my religion for a minute on the phone with Johnnie Lovett in Moultrie. And again on the phone with the "warranty" company. I'm at the end of my rope with it. They took my paid off land & old mobile home of 30 yrs for this thing. WHAT CAN WE DO AS A GROUP since alone it seems we can't get no satisfaction? I personally have no funds to be fixong a brand new home because of making the payments on this bitch.

Janna from FLORIDA
Do not buy a home from this company. You do so at your own peril. They are substandard and will not come and fix anything. They give great folksy lip service if you ever get to talk to a human being there but that is all. I want to cry every time I think of the money I spent on what was to be our dream home. It has shoddy paint job, roof leaks, doors that wont close among other atrocities. I bet none of them live in the homes they build.

Carla Dodson from Defuniak Springs fl
I purchased my Destiny home in 2014. I paid cash for home. There were several things wrong when I got it. Paint job had to be touched up a lot, later water leak in master shower in wall with mold. They have sent at least three different workers to fix it and the tile leaking in shower but still not fixed. I had French door put in back instead of sliding door. This was supposedly fixed but it is rotting now. The roof leaked around a vent which caused water damage in hall and extra bath. Several people have tried to fix it but finally had to get a real roofer to fix it. They did paint over water damage but now it is showing again. At first they sent men right away but later after having to return several times and warranty running out that stopped with nothing resolved. I am highly allergic to mold and am afraid I am breathing this every day. The paint was also flat and you cannot clean it. The refrigerator and dishwasher are horrible. Ice maker hasn't worked since I got it. Had it fixed but didn't work but a week. For a $120,000 less than 4years old there are way too many things wrong. I will not recommend Destiny to anyone and I am considering getting a lawyer. Love my house but not the problems that should of been fixed.

Terri solano from Elkton fl
Big mistake ever. We retired and bought a density mobile home. Nothing but problems. Too many problems to mention but main ones are floors buckling you can feel dips in plywood (supposes to be but not) feels like on rollercoaster. Moved in Jan 2017 still give you runaround about things nothing fixed about 30 wall missing, wrong shower, countertops. Half has taped and textured where mobile home comes together tile still has tape down middle still waiting to be fixed. We paid up front so we would not have a mortgage. It s now Sept nothing fixed. Getting a lawyer soon . I wished I seen the review s I could have saved me a lot of headaches.

Mary Higginbotham from Thomson ga
Bought mine from Rainbow homes in Augusta Ga 1st mistake then the one that delivered it was second mistake then Detinty finished it. The dining room light isn't centered neither is my bedroom light missing screens cracked counter defected ceiling and corner moldings they haven't showed up yet to fix anything it's bee two months not level right bent outsde microwave lots more . Not happy.

Cathie Youngblood from Pitts Ga. 31072
I purchased a Destiny home last year in May, and I'm still trying to get them to complete repairs. Halls manufacturer in Moultrie Ga. where I puschased the home blames & destin the builders blame Halls Manufacturers. For God sakes they both need to man up and do what's right, fix what needs to be fixed. Honest people's spend their hard earned money on a home, and the manufacturer make all these promises, but then renige on the promise. With that being said I wouldn't advise buying a home from Halls Manufacturers or anyone who sells Destiny homes. If they come and complete my home I will do an up date, and give them praise for doing the right thing, .

William Ballard from Labelle , florida
Bought a home from them in 2010, by 2013 roof leaks started, I contacted the dealer and Destiny and neither one did anything about it 2014 multiple leaks and still trying to get them to honor warranty but nothing, I contracted cancer in 2014 thru 2016 I was in a battle for my life when I was able I still tried to get help from Destiny but they continued to ignore me and still do even tho I have tried by phone and e-mail and regular mail to contact them, this company sucks and should have its business shut down and then made to pay for all the suffering it has cause everyone that has tried to get them to do the right thing, most dishonest company I have ever seen

Curtis L. Wolstenholm from Moultrie Georgia
Please do not purchase a home from this manufacture, take from a retired US Army disabled veteran. there service department is the worst I've had to deal with.They send people out to work on your home that don't know what they are doing, which causes more problems Plus their customer service is terrible. If I had it to do over I would not buy from them.

Sarah Lee Ellington from ELLABELL
One beautiful 4 month old piece of crap as of November 2016. Nothing but empty promises and passing the buck on which department is responsible for fixing the problems that seem to be NEVER ending with the workmanship. No final construction cleaning was done before we were told to "start moving in" and pieces of trim began falling down from day 1, the drywall and paint work looks like pre schoolers did the work, etc etc. And the issues they have been here to "fix" is sub par work as well. Have a busted support pier under the home they claim they fixed and 2 months later after they came we crawl underneath the home and NOTHING was done to it, now the masonry skirting is cracking from weight of the home being on it instead of the pier. When we call Southern homes of the 'boro they say call Destiny and when we call Destiny they say it's Southern homes needs to fix it so what the hell does one do? I put my Free and clear piece if land I have lived on for 30 years as down payment on this garbage.

Hugh Gay from Aiken, SC
Wish there was a no star rating, House looked great on the dealer lot so we took the plunge so we wouldn't have to do anything but live in a great home. I work construction 60 hours a week and don't have time to build or remodel an older home. Big mistake. We have had 9 service calls In less than an year with problems still not fixed. Outlets crooked, nail holes in walls, cabinets chipped, the list goes on. On top of that we ordered a fireplace which was not installed. Took 6 months to get them to come out and install one. Johnny insisted we didn't pay for one, our order form says we did. Johnny insisted we had to pay him to send a crew up to install the fireplace. Finally the dealer got through to him that we already paid for the fireplace and needed it install. Three of the service calls were to fix the fireplace doors that were not installed correctly. Took them 3 tries to bring the correct replacement doors. The big issue now is the master bathroom French doors. Took them 7 visits to bring the correct ones since the originals were damaged when the house was delivered. The "repair man" took 4 hours to install the doors and when he finished the wall is crooked and the carpet does not fit the door way. Dealer said "just put an extra trim piece around the door way to cover the hole in the carpet." Not acceptable solution since wall is still crooked. Next repair man sent out said "your trailer was not set up right so not our problem." Johnny Lovett won't take responsibility because his experts in the field says it's a set up problem. Right now dealing with SCLLC with an official complaint with the state on the poor workmanship with no satisfaction. We'll see what happens but really regret doing business with Destiny Homes.

John wilmouth from United States
Worst home i have ever bought home has no good gudder system so windows leak all the time and siding is falling apart wont ever buy agai

Jason Barrett Jeffcoat from United States
I wish I would have built instead of making the horrible mistake of buying from this non responsive very unprofessional so called HOME builder. Let's see what I haven't had problems with .......well nothing!!!!! I called about the flooring with gaps all the way around every edge of a square glue down vinal tile to where you can see subfloor and glue ,glue on top of floors. After calling till your blue in the face they sent someone out that I guess must have been a plumber, or an electrician or maybe an heavy equipment operator but they sure weren't a floor man.y floors still look the same as they did . Then I called about my roof sent pictures to them called and called and called and still have not received any response from them about addressing the problem .Just from having knowledge in framing I know that the plywood wasn't nailed down and my roof looks like hell and have had to fix multiple leaks myself because this company won't own up to their mistakes. Recently I've been having trouble with the electrical in the kitchen and master bedroom and master bath lights and receptacles sometimes tripping breakers and GFI receptacles and now recently none of the breakers or GFI receptacles tripping and light fixtures not working . The only problem with that is my HOME is a 2 story mod.and the wiring is between the upstairs floor and the downstairs ceiling so I either have to tear sheetrock walls and ceiling out to fix or sheetrock walls and upstairs carpet and subfloor does anyone have any suggestions for my problems. Should I even waste my time on calling Destiny already knowing they could give a SHI.... They've already gotten their money . Just out of respect for anyone who is looking for a HOME look anywhere else don't make the same mistake that I and many others have already made.Its hard to sleep in what I you call home and wonder if at anytime an electrical fire could happen. SO NO I DONT HAVE ALOT OF GOOD I CAN SAY ABOUT DESINY HOMES JUST DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID AND MANY OTHERS DID.THEY ARE IN IT ONLY FOR YOUR MONEY.

Susan Wilson from Sopchoppy, Florida
We had a custom built doublewide home in July 2015 and paid $107,000. Looks good till you find all the issues. Patches in celling in master bath, wall in master closet. Husband sink pluming busted and flooded under sink. Have been unable to use for 5 months. All outlets on one wall didn't work and when we unplugged toaster the whole outlet came out of the wall. Outlets and light switches are crooked. You can see sheetrock screws going up the wall. We opted for no carpet just glue down flooring, there are gapes where it meets. While putting flooring down someone stepped into the shower getting glue in there and it's not coming off. There's is glue on the floors and scratches on the floor all over. When we asked to have the flooring replace Destiny filed a claim against to the flooring manufactory claiming it was defective, and it's not. The idiot who put it in did it wrong. We never received info on jazzcuie tub care & cleaning, on the whole house filter system. The service crew came and fixed the outlets and siding where it was loose. Tried to cover sheetrock screws and painted, but looks like crap. They were to come back 2 weeks later and that was in October haven't been back. When we call all we get is the run a round. This is our retirement home, we paid cash upfront so the we would not have a mortgage payment. And boy was that a mistake. But what really gets me is the lack of customer service from Destiny itself and the dealer Royal's in Lake City, Florida. When you call it's either they're not in or they'll call you back which is never going to happen.

Maria from Okeechobee, Fl
Some of the same problems as above, roof leaked already, windows have mold on them from water, panes of glass rattle in every room, floors creak, siding is raised in many places. Forget about the inside, dont even want to go there about all th cosmetic stuff that is horrible and they used flat paint, so if you splash wateron the wall anywhere it stays wet cant wipe it down it comes off! Very disappointed

john sipos from DeFuuiak Springs , Fl
My 4th call to get my repairs taken care of. My problem are All stated similar as above complaints. Bottom line is poor workmanship. I just want my issues fixed. How many times do I have to call. .My first home.

chris lambert from 7075 straight ave. homosassa fl.
Built in 2012, this house has had mold under the roll in shower. There is mold that keeps forming behind washer dryer. There is a sewer stench that despite my effort to solve still exists today. After three calls to Destine they finally returned my calls. "Mr Johnny" told me it was a bad Studer Vent in the wall under my kitchen sink. I replaced it but it didn't help and smell is still an issue today. When I use my air conditioner I get a musty, mildew smell from the return vent every time it cycles off. I can actually feel hot outside air rushing into the house from the return vent. What have I done so far to address these issues? Removed the roll in shower to remove the mold and sealed the lip so no more water could migrate under it. After having my air conditioner thoroughly cleaned 5 times, I replaced 30 ft of 14 in vent pipe from the return all the way to the air conditioner. Plummer after plummer has tried to figure out why this house smells so much. I pumped the septic system, just in case and when that didn't work I had the sewage system smoked looking for leaks in the system. That revealed nothing. I am a T6 paraplegic bound to a wheelchair so everything I've done had to be done by third parties. It has cost me an arm and a leg. Other issues are vinyl siding has warped on front of house. Windows are either way to tight for me to open or so loose that they just fall shut. Bathroom vents were dripping water so replaced metal vents with plastic ones which stopped the dripping problem. I even tried a mold specialist to track down the smells and he walked away scratching his head. I wish Destiny would come fix the smell before it does something serious to my health. Several of these third parties have told me I probably shouldn't even be living in my very first new home. I'm so depressed !

ROBERT DURBIN from Jacksonville Fl
home looks great until you start finding problems everywhere which the company does not want to fix. I bought a new home so I did not have to work on it. I bought one of the top of the line homes and have been working on it ever since due to poor workmanship. should have bought a fleetwood

Craig adams from Georgia
Destiny industries has been a great partner of ours here at ranch park homes in milledgeville,ga.for many...many...years.Now that being said they have flaws like anything else man-made,but over all they build a really good home and they are very flexible in providing custom building.Affordable housing at its best,keep up the good work guys and thanks for all your support over the years!!!Johnnie in service is on-point!!!

George Rolands from wagener, SC
I give our Destiny home two stars because we LOVE the floor plan and most finishes. We always get wonderful compliments on our home until you walk through and hear the floors snapping and popping with most every step, you can see some cracks and uplifted areas in sheetrock above windows especially, the worst thing and the reason I would rather give NO stars is the complete and total lack of customer service from both Homemax in Lexington, SC and Destiny itself.our home was set up in Dec. 2013. The factory has.been out once to fix floors that had glue and scratches all over. However they did not get edges down well and on one piece used a piece with different finish. Phone call after phone call, if thnswered or called back, got empty proand NO follow through. No one else has been here or returned calls. Calls to Destiny result in a "he is not in right no,

Sara Plummer from South Carolina
My parents home burnt down December 26, 2012. They looked around and decided to go with a Destiny mobile home. It took about 3 months longer than they were told, for it to be move on ready. Once they were allowed in, there were and are so many things wrong! The ceilings in two rooms had horrible cracks, hardly any of the doors close or lock, faceplates on switches and outlets are crooked, the floors in the laundry room are bulging up and now starting in kitchen, there were nicks and gauges in baseboards and trim. Now there is mold growing in the master bedroom. These are just a few of the problems. This house was placed on their property not quite a year ago, and this is horrible for them to be going through this especially with why they had to purchase a new home. Y'all got paid in full and this is what kind of service they recieved. I just found out about the mold this weekend, and will be consulting a lawyer this week. I feel sorry for anyone else who buys from y'all, and I hope they don't make the mistake of providing all the money upfront!

Scott Trulock from Whigham GA
DO NOT BUY FROM DESTINY! I bought my home in 2008 and have had nothing but problems since. The quality of the house is truly pathetic. Floors that sag, drywall with only enough screws in it to keep it from falling off of the wall. Leftover construction material thrown inside the wall and underneath the masterbath tub, pipes in the walls not glued together, warped walls, walls that arent square or straight. Caulk is just smeared everywhere, no attempt made to make it look good. It looks to me that they threw this house together just as fast and cheaply as possible. Under the master bathtub there are HUGE holes cut for pipes to connect, no attempt was made do it correctly, scrap lumber was jammed into place to brace the bottom of the tub. The price was right, but for the amount of money and time Ive spent fixing a brande new home, it was bad bad bad decision on my part to buy from them.

Big John from North Florida
I purchased a used 1998 2k sq ft Destiny Mobile home about a year ago. The home was decently maintained and not "used hard". To my delight, I would like to report the following. Floors are still in perfect shape, no plumbing leaks and still using original plumbing fixtures, there was a roof leak which was caused by a cracked vent boot which was easily repaired with no subsequent leakage. No leakage from ANY windows. ALL appliances are original and all are functioning properly. The house is very "tight" and holds heat and cooling very well. Never hear outside wind/ weather and house feels as solid as my northeast stuck built home. Trim work is all still in perfect shape. All ceiling fans still work perfect. Electricity works everywhere. Water heater is original and works fine although I do plan to replace it BEFORE it leaks. Bottom line, a 15 yr old mobile home that is still in fantastic shape. I feel like I hit a grand slam because if you could see how terrific this house has held up, you would be astonished. I got no chips in this game and am just giving you my experience. I am truly amazed at my Destiny mobile home's workmanship, durability and reliability.

Teresa Shehee from Senoia, GA
Purchased our Destiny Manufactured Home in Feb.1997 from Dealer Galaxy Homes in Jonesboro,GA....we were in a bind and needed a home asap so we made mistake of buying straight off lot of "show homes". Back in 1997 we paid $68,500 for our 3br/2ba w/fireplace. Don't know if it was moving home to our land or set-up ppl but we have had roof leak problems and mold problems since the first yr in our home(which we still live in as of April 2012). After several attempts to work with Dealer & Destiny Homes for repairs needed to roof & windows and flooring(after almost a year)...we just did it ourselves. Thank God we are knowledgable "handyman" kinda folks!We have had to reseal roof, replace poor grade carpet & padding in several rooms, seal "drafty" windows,treat ceilings in several areas with 'KILZ'due to roof leaks causing mold/mildew & discoloration...WE recommended and friends of ours had a house "built" for them and no problems...maybe if we'd waited for 6wks or more for a home built "especially for us" instead of a "show home"off the lot it'd been BETTER BUILT knowing it was going to a homeowner. Shouldn't ALL Destiny Homes be built the same quality whether going to "show lot" or to a specific owner???

Christina from Lafayette, La
I looked for 6 months at all brands of homes and decided to get a destiny from local builder "Delta Home Center". this is one of the best built homes I have seen. We have had very few problems and when we did have an issue it was resolved with in few days. The large variety and custom options, along with above grade construction is why we chose this brand and will continue to refer them to all our friends. Every one that has seen our home loves it as well as my 2 children. My neighbor is even getting a Modular Home from them now and I couldn't belive the options avaliable to her. Thanks Delta and Destiny for your excellent service and products.
Christina - Lafayette, La.

cg guynn from Matietta GA
I have known this company since thsir inception. The Edwards Brothers are top notch in every way. They build a saleable home. and have very few service calls.

Steven Powell from Starke, Florida
Horrible workmanship. Terribly slow response on warranty work and the people they sent were clearly not qualified to cross the street. Cabinets coming off the walls, water leaks, outlets missing. No excuse for the poor quality. Stay away from Destiny.....FAR AWAY!!

Dana McKinney from St George Island,Fl
This is the WORST company to buy a house from!!I have had nothing but problems and now am having to pay for ALL of my windows to be installed properly. There was no window tape or wrap put around the windows at the time of construction and now water is pouring down the window sills and I have mold growing in five of the rooms in my house. When my contractor pulled the first window out he found that Destiny had used cardboard and "trailer" sheet rock for the walls. The window sills are made from press board that is warped and disintegrating from the moisture. I am looking at a $10,000 repair for the windows and various other problems. I would like to have contact with the other people who are writing to this blog. Thanks Dana

Rosamary Duncan from Smithville,GA

J.J. from Fl
If i could rank lower I would.I bought in april of 08 had problems with the doors,floors.And in sept 08 let them know about mold in the hall closet.Still know in aug 09 still dealing with it NO help with Destiny at all shows how they stand by their product.I have a disabled child with breathing problems and they still do nothing to remeede the problem.I am filing a state complaint to try and get the problem resolved and will be getting the(ADA) involved.Also in FL.the DMV is where you can file a state complaint the # is(813)-612-7140 X 1225 or 1226 they will also foward it to anouther state if needed if any one needs hlep with service issues.I'm sure other states DMVs will have the proper ph. numbers to get you in touch with the right people. Thank You JJ FL

Bob Watson from Jasper Fl
A few problems at first but service department was very efficient. Bought in 05. Home is doing well.

Trinity Housing & Development from Tifton ga.
We have purchased many system built homes from several modular manufacturers & Destiny Industries is by far one of the best. Their engineering staff & service dept. are exceptional. Lonnie, serv. dept manager, has responded imediately on all housing problems( which have been few)and goes beyound his duties to insure that the home owner( our customer)is well satisfied. Destiny uses quality materials to produce a good house at awesome prices.Destiny,s performance record ,with our customers, has made them one of our top producers of residential & multi- family housing. Thanks and keep up the good work, Trinity.

Eugene VanGiller from pembroke ga
Guess what approx. 4 mounths ago I called Mr. Lonnie at Destiny to complain about water still dripping from A.C. vents in ceiling. He suggested I remove the cover and he would call back the following Monday (3 days) to check on what I don't know. But I do know I have received no phone call, and the vents still leak. Also the kitchen floor which has been patched 4 times or better is now like a roller coaster. So what do I do (better business bureau ) maybe.

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