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Deer Valley Homes

205 Carriage St
Guin, AL 35563
Phone: 205-468-8400
Fax: 205-468-0009
Website: Deer Valley Homes Website

Deer Valley Homes Description:
"...Deer Valley set out and continues to offer only energy efficient, "Heavy Built Homes," and will not compromise our extreme material strength. We understand the importance of providing the heaviest construction, value, and aesthetic appeal in manufactured housing. It is our privilege and honor to provide the American Dream for families just like ours and we are committed to our homeowners..."

Providing these building styles:

  • Manufactured mobile homes

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Company Background

How Long in Business2004
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)1200
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsManufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform, 15 Different State Associations
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
5 Draftspeople and Outside Professional Engineers
Builder Network101
Location of FactoriesGuin and Sulligent Alabama
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through distributor/builder

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood framing, limited steel
Energy Efficiency11-19-30 Zone 3 Insulation, Whole House Wrap, Capitol Thermo pane Windows
Construction Timeframe6 weeks
Customization FlexibilityCustomization is allowed
Amount of Floorplans30


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$75 to $105
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsDistributor to provide
Site PreparationNot provided


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages are not available, decks are limited built into the home.
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeYes
Guarantees1 year Homeowner's Warranty
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory InspectionsNTA examines all homes
Number of Building Site InspectionsVaries on location
Information PackageStandards, floorplans - provided through distributors.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewDeer Valley Homes has a strong background with manufactured homes and their homes have many good qualities but we feel that Deer Valley may not be the perfect home for everyone. If you are looking for a custom built mansion, you are likely going to be disappointed. If you are looking for a home that is energy efficient then you are going to be happy. Deer Valley tends to keep their floorplans tidy with minimal wasted space. By having less wasted space you don't need to heat or cool as much so you will save alot. If you want a big and wide open home and have the money not to worry about heating & cooling bills then Deer Valley is probably not a good match for you. If you are looking for a good value on a new home with solid construction specifications and energy savings then Deer Valley is probably a smart match for you. Their website has more information and floorplans of their manufactured homes.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Deer Valley Homes

Jon Blunk from United States
I've been in my Deer Valley single wide for almost 3yrs.The dealer Mitchell's Homes in Searcy Ar was top notch in sales,delivery and setup.My only compaint is the soft spots in the floors mainly in the living room and kitchen. The service crew has been out at least 3 times to correct problem by having to install more floor joists.Deer Valley needs to install thicker flooring on joist that are on 16" centers to correct this problem,after all this is a "heavy built " home. The problem still exists and this is a problem I see mentioned in other reviews.Come on Deer Valley don't skimp when it comes to floor construction

Lisa from Hayti, MO
I bought a Deer Valley home after my home burnt and I love it the people in Guin, AL are the best. The only difference in my home and my neighbors is I am bolted to the concrete. Very well built

Emily from Louisiana
Bought my home 3 years ago. I complained how the laminate floor was put down with gaps in between. Having trouble with the air now. Have cracks in the wall. The tiles are beautiful but there is a cut in one and they left glue all over them that I had to remove. Maybe they are heavy I do not know for sure but there is no real reason to spend the extra money because they are still made like the others. All trim and window sills are pressed cardboard. I love my house but am sick about the price I paid. I will say I have a certified energy efficient home and my highest elec bill was 180.00 and that was a overly hot august where it ran 24/7. If they only give you 30 days for repairs there is a problem. My vendor went out of business shortly after we purchased so I have no one but deer valley to deal with and they made it very clear they were done.

laurie Greany from Dover
Our Deer Valley modular home was bought 11/2010. Our dealer was wonderful and still is helpful to this day. For the most part I love my house. We are slowly changing the shotty parts and putting in quality products one room at a time. The paint was so thin it would rub off if you tried cleaning it. Mouldings throughout including window sills is not made of solid wood so any water deteriorates the mouldings. It seems that their is no straight or level vent, door moulding, light ect... in the house. You can see daylight through around my front door which extra tall and handyman could not fix. Try finding a screen door for that behemoth. Almost impossible unless you have it made. My biggest problem is the electrical, the roof, attic and crawl space. The outlets and switches are not even in the little boxes houses usual have them in and there is no slack in the wiring to change it out. My husband who is an electrician says he has to go into the crawl space remove the plastic barrier and pull new wire through the wall to put real outlets and switches in. He says its a pain in the you know what and nobody has time for that. The roof is already rotted under the shingles. Tommorrow Im getting an estimate and damage evaluation on the roof. Cant wait to see why you can put your finger through a 6 year old roof. The attic is insulated except in the porch area of the house. Unfortunately the porch part of the attic is open to the rest of the house so cold air or heat from outside flows throught the attic. The crawl space has the moisture barrier on the ground that is ripped up by rocks and old roots. And the plastic holding the blown in insulation is sagging and collecting the insulation in pockets. I just wish that the company would put better quality products and workmanship into their modular homes. We pay twice as much for them then if we would have bought a mobile home but still receive mobile home products. Modulars are a great idea but still need much improvement for what you pay. I dont regret buying the home I just regret no being knowlegable about mods and spending way too much for this product.

Mark & ReNee from Paducah, KY from Paducah, KY
We had an awesome dealer thru Kentucky Dream Homes. Our salesman, Charles was always there to answer questions for us, as was Chris. Our home was set in July 2016. We love everything about our home. It arrived with some cracking, some grout fell out, but this was all expected. Deer Valley sent out two trim out crews and they were awesome! Glen ( The Fixer)from Ky Dream Homes took care of most of our "Things to be addressed list". We have since built some additions on. We would definitely go with Deer Valley again. We get lots of compliments!

roland fontenot from basile la
we bought a home from American homes in Lafayette,problems from the get go,first the ac unit,all kinds of electrical problems,still having problems with the ac unit,the guy that put the unit in will not even return my call,i have spent a lot of money out of pocket on this unit,it is a very cheap unit,door knobs are breaking,cabnit knobs are breaking and the appliances are having to be replaced,i have been in the house for 3 years,would really like for someone to contact me..

Dana Fryman from Batesville AR
We honestly had no idea!!! Of course there were a few cracks, we figured from the house settling. But one afternoon, the facia board fell off on the corner of The house. The nails had nothing to adhere to because apparently rain had been getting behind the drip barrier. Not only are the boards rotten, the decking boards on the roof are rotted and their are "dips" in the roof. We found a leak around the exhaust fan in the spare bathroom also. We reported it to our insurance agent and apparently water damage due to rain is not covered!! There are also random soft spots in the flooring. We paid cash for this brand new home 6 years ago, due to a house fire. Now, where is the cash going to come from for a new roof?

Melissa from Louisiana
I am writing to let you know that I purchased my home about 5 years ago. I received my home and really loved it. I would also like to say that with loving my home after about a year I really realized just how cheap you build your homes. I thought I was getting a good quality home and in the long haul it is all built very cheap. After about a year I had to start replacing all the door knobs in my house because they were all breaking. I have then had to replace the storm doors. I really don't know what the thing is called on the water lines but one part is copper and the other part is plastic and the plastic piece has broken on them making my house flood. The first time I figured just what the luck but after the others did the same. I have come to believe that it is just another cheap way you build your homes. When my house flooded I found out that all the base boards and door frames are just compressed cardboard. I have had to replace most of them because as soon as the water touched them they all have swollen up. That had to be replaced. After it flooded the flooring tile did not stick anymore so then I am replacing the flooring. I have had to change out light fixtures due to them not working anymore and no I have an electrician changing all the light switches due to they do not work. I understand that there is regular maintenance on homes but this is ridicules. I have owned homes in the past and never had this many things happen in such a short time. I paid about 138000.00 for my home and this as supposed to be the home that I would spend the rest of my life in and I am so frustrated with this home that I was going to try and sell it but its built so cheap I can't get anything near what I paid for it so now I am stuck with a cheap house that is going to cost me just as much for repairs as I have paid for it. With that said, I want to know what am I supposed to do! I will be waiting for your response!

Melissa from Louisiana
Well where do I begin? We just purchased our $100,000 modular home from deer valley thinking this is a heavy built home. Don't get me wrong, the house is beautiful but the construction is crap. We had plumbing that wasn't ran from my jetted tub and water poured into my under pending and had to be replaced. Various other little easy to fix problems. But the biggie is our electric. Turned on my washer and the breaker box started frying! A service man is supposed to be coming to look at it. This is a fire hazard. I am scared to even stay in my own home. I DO NOT recommend this company!

Donna from Clarksburg, Tn
My son purchased his home because he was assured by the dealer that the quality of this home was equal to or better than the quality of a site built home. NOT true. The quality of the home just doesn't measure up. Customer service sucks from both Deer Valley and the dealer in Paris, TN that sold him the home. Don't waste your time and hard earned money on this product. The reviews on this website are so true. As one reviewer stated, a one star is too high of a rating for this company. I can only hope the word gets out and people are made aware of just how bad this company is. August 2015

Kirsten from central Oklahoma
We bought our deer valley home in March 2011 and have been in it almost 4 yrs. We simple love it! Yes, there are always problems as the house settles into its new home, but the repair crew came out quickly and did excellent repairs. I am always getting compliments on how nice my home is. My last home (magnum) had 1480 sq' and my deer valley has 2400 sq'--both are 2x6 exterior wall construction and yet it costs me only about 2/3's the amount to heat/cool my much larger deer valley home. The only reason I gave this home a 4* instead of 5* is that the window sills and baseboards are composition wood and will warp if wet for any length of time; otherwise I am very happy.

Harry Comeaux from Louisiana
This is a poorly manufactured product with sorry customer service. Roof rotting after only 5 years, leaked into my home and they are taking no responsibility. stay as far away from this company as possible.

Ronnie Daniels from United States
I agree with what Bryan in Oklahoma said. If you dont get a good responsible dealer to do a proper set up, no manufactured home will make you happy. Deer Valley homes are very heavy due to its construction, so it must have footers. We bought a Deer Valley from Corky's in Prattville, AL and we have been thrilled with their service as well as the overall quality of the Deer Valley home we purchased.Jan Davis at Corky's was very helpful and she really cares about making the customer happy. She chose to have Deer Valley do the trim out work and they did a wonderful job. Other than a floor tile needing additional glue, we have had zero problems! We are very happy!!

Kim from Carencro, Louisiana
The only reason I put one star is because it doesn't go any lower. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!! We ordered a custom home in late October of 2013, the home was delivered in late December 2013, and that's when the NIGHTMARE started. We ordered over a 3500 sq.ft. Home to start it came in late, had the wrong trim, ect... The house came in 3 sections the first 2 sections went together well but the last section ( the front of the house) did not!!! It ended up breaking when they got it together!!!! The ridge beam pulled away from the rafters through out the majority if the second section. Their fix was to screw pieces of 2x4 to the ridge beam then from the side of the headers screw into the 2x4. There was a large gap in between the 2 ridge beams of the 2nd and 3rd sections were the house was supposed to come together, they filed it in from the top with 2x6's and from the inside with 2x6's, I was told buy a contractor that all the extra weight would eventually make my ceilings sag because the house has maximum open spans and it wasn't engineered to hold all that extra weight. After all this happen we started walking around checking for damage and have found ( even in the section that didn't break) wavy unlevel floors, wavy unlevel ceilings, wavy walls, walks completely out of plumb (some over an inch), the whole front of the house is not level it leans forward, it had electrical shorts, it had mold growing at the top of the wall in 2 rooms, cracks in the walls and ceiling, the home has 2 a/c units but the thermostats that operate the units are in the rooms that the opposite a/c unit runs so you cannot control the temp. accurately one unit always runs more than the other, they used 26 5gal. buckets of mud in the home to repair / hide problems. This home has been a Nightmare for our family!!!! We were supposed to be in the home late December 2013, here we are late Sept. 2014 and we are still displaced with no home!!!!! It took 6 weeks to build the home and almost 2 months to repair it / make it look good!!!! We ordered the home through a local dealer American Homes and they are not standing by what they told us neither. Needless to say we have filed suit against the Manufacture DEER VALLEY HOME BUILDERS and the dealer AMERICAN HOMES. This is still ongoing currently so I will keep you all up dated.

David Sharp from Birmingham
My wife and I built a custom home in one of Birmingham's premier gated communities and paid over a million dollars for it. It was beautiful and we lived in it for five years. We had to have the contractor out several times to repair things, many repairs similar to what I see in these postings. With the downturn in the economy we needed to lower our costs and purchased a DV home. Our price per square foot is almost half of what we paid for in our previous home. The construction material in some cases is lower quality than our custom home ( e.g., trim, cabinets, flooring) however the purchase value of this "double wide" fars exceeds that of the custom built home and I must say the customer service after move in is better as well.

Darrel from Selma
We bought our home in 2008 from Daystar Homes in Clanton, Al.Very solid home, energy efficient, and well built. My only complaint is the inside trim. I would be willing to pay extra to have real wood. Other than that, I would recomend Deer Valley homes to anyone. As a matter of fact we are trading this home for another Deer Valley home and suprisingly the value of our current home is about 80% of what it was when we bought it new.

Josh Cooper from United States
First an foremost I want to say Brian an Don at Homes to go have been outstanding. The only problem we had with anything they had to do with was the porch which has leaked from day one an the contractor they used told us they don't guarantee their work. On to Deer Valley, we have been through three managers. The first one was awesome, the last two have been horrible. They have sent out a service guy at least three times and each time he hasn't had the materiels needed to do the job. We have a wall to wall/ceiling to floor crack on the marriage line that we have been trying to get them to fix for 9 months. We had a massive leak under our sink from them not having the connections tight, no plans from them to fix the water damaged area. Our shower was leaking from under the tub for almost 10 months. After our warranty expired they sent a good crew out to redo the tile an grout, but after ten months you can only imagine the water damage underneath the actual tub. So I look forward to replacing that in a few years if I dont fall through it first!! Lots of other little complaints, but mainly the lack of communication with deer valley. The new manager contacted my wife to tell her we were out of warranty and she couldn't believe we had things still undone, but after they come out again that is it for them. Bottom line it is what it is, a manufactured home. Thats what they will appraise it for and at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

jim from west georgia
I bought my home dec 2006. Toured the factory and was impressed with the construction. I have had a couple of issues with the home after delivery but, a phone call and the problem was resolved. I have enjoyed my home now for 7 years and have been highly satisfied with it and I would buy another one in the future. I had very few issues with the home itself but had to deal with low quality setup and outside contractors that installed A/C etc. I wish deer valley would take charge of this operation so the overall quality of this fine home would not be compromised. the home is very tight and well insulated. Been through several bad storms, strong winds in excess of 80 mph and never felt the home move. No water leaks whatsoever

c Hennes from United States
I think some of the issues people have with their homes could be due to settling. That's normal. Other things like quality of materials is how these place keep prices down. Probably hiring unskilled labor is another way. Our patio door leaks in driving rain like one poster above mentioned. It was supposed to be on the porch side but I had it moved to a different location. I wish the representative would have mentioned this may be a bad idea. So far our other windows (house built 2010) are okay. The doors are a bit wonky, probably due to one side of the home settling. The interior wall paint is very poor quality, and I don't believe the drywall was primed before painting, because the paint flakes off easily. The crown molding at the top of the kitchen cabinets has a veneer like contac paper that is peeling, and the nails missed in some places so it's just kind of sitting up there. Some of the shelves in the lower cabinets were installed upside down with the rough side up. The poster above is correct that your window trim and will swell up if it gets wet. We had a couple of ceiling lights blow out because the wiring wasn't right. Most things we were unhappy with were corrected in a timely and friendly fashion as well as can be done with caulk and touch up paint. Sounds like we've been lucky compared to some other people.

Jimmy from Oakman, Alabama
We searched and found Deer Valley to be the best built home we could find. After finding the house we wanted we shopped several Deer Valley stores and found our best price in Tuscaloosa (Saved over $1,700.00) we bought our home in August 2013. The folks at Cumberland was very nice and professional. The set-up crew and factory finishing crew did a fantastic job. Arron and everyone at the factory has helped us with everything we have needed. We couldn't be happier.

Kirsten from Oklahoma
I bought my home 18 months ago in March 2012, and I would give this company 5 stars except for the inside trim--which looks like real wood, but it isn't--no problem for the ceiling trim, but window sills and floor boards will warp if allowed to get/stay wet. Otherwise this home looks beautiful, and I get many compliments on it. More importantly, it is much warmer/cooler than my old place and my electric bill has dropped significantly. I would have liked a little longer warranty time--one year is rather short by the industry standard; however, I feel the company rep who worked with us on the move in problems and the crews who did the actually repairs were quite good and my problems were handled in good time. Interestingly, the workers in these crews work for many different manufacturers, and all of them felt deer valley was the best quality available--several live in dv homes. I would also like to put in a good word for Don Eichler and his sons, especial Bryan. They were quite patient and informative during the buying process--we were never pushed or rushed and when we started the move in process they were professional and expeditious in accomplishing the preparation of the site and the move-in of our new home. Not an easy task since it required moving out the old home, grading the home site, pouring the foundation and only then moving the new home onto the same home site. (We bought a discontinued lot model and Don managed to accomplish this in only 5 weeks from date of purchase to moving into our new home!)

Ann from Charleston,wva.
I sell Manufactured homes as well as Mods built by Deervalley Homebuilders.The quality of the home is outstanding.We customise the homes to suit the needs of the customers and Eddie Wilson at DV. takes a lot of time with us perfecting the units to make surethat the customer gets every thing they requested,at a price affordable for my customers.Elvis at the service end works with us as a one on one to provide quality service in a timely fashion.You can Talk to Chet or other members of their team just like I am talking to you,they are so hands on.The workmanship is outstanding an should there be a service problem it is taken care of immediately.Owning a Deervalley is like owing a cadillac.I am proud to be a member of a team to represent the Deer Valley product.I have built them repeately and hope to do so for many years to come.God bless you Deer Valley for all you do.

Levin from Meridian, MS
I would just like to invite the Deer Valley dealers who speak so highly to visit my 2006 home and see for themselves what the above problems look like in person. My dealer has not returned a single call made in the first year, I gave up and just try to fix the issues myself. Right now the kitchen ceiling is cracked from the marriage wall to the outside wall and sagging so that you can see above the sheetrock, guess that's the next project. Already replaced most of the crown and window molding due to mold and mildew, insulated around the windows, etc.

Steve Corcoran from Florida Panhandle
Have had our Deer Valley home for almost 5 years now. Nothing but problems from the beginning. We purchased all the upgrades & were repeatedly assured that everything in the house could be bought at Lowes if replacements were needed. Come to find out that all of the upgrades are cheap 3rd rate garbage and we have been told at repeated Lowes stores, that the samples we bring them are not something they carry at their stores, they only sell them in bulk to trailer manufacturers. . . . . The high end plantation blinds are not real word & all the hardware is plastic. My wife loved them in the catalog, so we shelled out 7500 to have them installed on every window & to date, every one of them has sagged to the point that they will not close once you open them unless you lift them the 2.5-3 inches they droop when opened. The upgraded doors, crown moulding & trim package are pressed paper products that are the lowest quality sold in building stores.

During setup, the factory reps had to cut three of the walls loose on the inside & use come-alongs to straighten them because they were so out of plumb. The floor & ceiling heights of the two modules were different enough that there was no way the setup crew could get them to line up (even after adding an extra sheet of plywood to the entire floor on one side of the living room, so we get to live with a noticeable bump in the center of the living room floor now (in a home we paid 104,000.00 for). The set up crew wanted a cash tip to do much of the work that we had been told was part of the purchase price & when they departed, they left a huge pile of trash & empty beer cans in the middle of the front yard.

We have had to have all three exterior doors redone because they would not close correctly & you could see light around all three when the doors were shut with the deadbolts engaged. When the contractor went to redo them, we found that there was absolutely no insulation installed in any of the casing cavities & you could see daylight in numerous locations around each door with the trim removed. This explained a lot about why our electric bill was nearly double what we paid in the 60 year old house we lived in before buying out Deer Valley home. The company's claims of energy efficiency & the way they up-sell how each home is inspected thoroughly are a joke. Every single item we have had to fix would not pass a code inspection in our county (as per the pictures we have shown the building inspector here in SR county) As noted by several other reviewers, the beautiful tile we paid a premium to have installed in the master bathroom around the garden tub was held on with double sided tape & after a couple years of random pieces falling off & breaking on the floor for no apparent reason, we paid the 1500.00 to have a contractor come in & retile the tub surround the correct way. The kitchen island counter top pulled loose of the 2 drywall screws holding it in place the first time our 4 year-old nephew leaned on it while sitting at the island. The windows are really nice . . . . too bad the install was so poor. Thus far, we have had water leaks on 4 of the transom windows & three of the big windows. Since there was no insulation in the cavities around any of these when they were fixed, we had to open the cavities around every window in the house to properly seal and insulate them (how does that merit a 5-star energy rating that Deer Valley claims). The upgraded stainless appliances, that we were told were top of the line, turned out not to be (even though they cost us the same as top of the line units). When we went to the appliance stores, we were told again & again that the models we had were the bottom of the line units.

We upgraded to the "Hardy-board equivalent" siding for 4000.00 only to find out that the siding was nothing like actual Hardy-board. Instead, what we got was a low-end 1/4 thick knockoff that continues to come loose to this day. The Deer Valley "craftsmen's" idea of a proper installation of the trim was to side around all the windows & doors (leaving various gaps ranging from nothing to 3 inches and then simply nail pieces of the same thin siding board around the window without caulking anything. . . No wonder so many of our windows leaked. The main structure of the house, other than the folding roof (which, as noted by several other reviewers was not fully decked & was full of dips & bumps) seems sound enough & we might feel differently if we bought the bottom end house with no upgrades & then used the money to add the upgrades we wanted so that we would have actually gotten our money's worth. but as things stand, I would not wish a Deer Valley home on my worst enemy. To date, we have had to spend 46,000.00 in materials & labor costs to redo things in the house that were poorly constructed, or installed. The main reason we purchased a Deer Valley was to avoid the time & inconvenience of having to build again. Instead, we have spent the last 5 years trying to guess what the next thing we will have to rebuild will be & then trying to figure out how we are going to afford having it fixed, or rebuilt.

Karen from Athens, Alabama
Don't usually leave a review but want to recognize Deer Valley for their product and service. My husband and I bought our home 2 years ago from J and J homes in Cullman. Our home had a year's warranty from Deer Valley. They honored the warranty with professional repair personnel. With anything new and especially moved 50 miles and down a steep slope things can get moved around. Deer Valley made sure we were happy with every aspect of our mobile home for a year. We have had no issues with quality or anything else since our warranty ran out. The home is well insulated. Our utility bill usually runs around 100 dollars a month. Less than half of our stick home. We love it! Would not hesitate to buy another Deer Valley home.

Paula from Pocahontas
I love my Deer Valley, bought it in 2010, they have great Customer Service and the Dealer, Fairchild Homes, out of Batesville, AR was fabulous! The home is solid and everything that was wrong or needed attention has been repaired. One thing that you need to realize is that drywall doesn't like to be moved and it will crack a little during travel. They sent a crew out to place the home another to finish it and all did a fabulous job! I would definately recommend a Deer Valley built home, there construction is much much better than most manufactured homes as we looked at over 50!

Coleman from Alabama
Moved into my home built by Deer Valley in Guin, AL September 2009. Love the looks, plan, style of my home. Trim (crown molding, door trim, etc. not wood)is poor quality. Beginning 2010,had problem with carpet and was told by Deer Valley dealer that carpet needed to be stretched. Problem got increasingly worse. 2012,manufacturer refused to take care of problem,(ripples, rolls, etc. in every room, even extra bedrooms that are not used). They insisted that carpet only needed to be stretched. Carpet inspector insisted it was defected carpet and stretching would/did not correct problem. I had carpet removed and installed hardwood floors. At time of carpet removal, different carpet inspector stated that carpet could not be savaged. I needed to replace carpet or install another type of flooring.Owned four houses in the past. Had no problem with carpet in either of those homes.Lived in one of those homes for over twenty years and only replaced carpet because of water damage due to broken washer hose in laundry.. Couldn't get 3 years wear out of home built by Deer Valley!!!

Sheila Brady from Shreveport, LA
We ordered our Deer Valley home in 2006. We paid additonal for over thirty different upgrades to the home. What we received was a home that the interior doors wouldn't stay open or wouldn't latch to stay closed. Walls that had cracks in the drywall from ceiling to floor. One end of the home was built so far out of level that toy cars can freely roll into the next room. Ceramic tiles that were so poorly hot glued around the tub (No grout used underneath them)that they would randomly fall to the floor and break. The hot water heater was supposed to have dual elements but came with only one. When the workers brought the second element neither one of them knew how to install it. So my husband who is a lisenced electrician showed them how to install it. We ordered our home with a steeper pitch roof. What we got was a roof that looked wavey like a roller coaster. When we called their attention to this we were initally told the there was nothing wrong with the roof and it was our imagination. Then the rains came. We developed wet spots in several places on our ceilings. Again we called. This time we were told they couldn't possibly come and look at the problem for at least three weeks. One week later I had buckets on my dining room table trying to catch the water. Again we called and the dealer sent workers out in the night and storms to tarp our roof until they could have someone look at the problem. This was on a friday night. Three days later on Monday (on my lunch hour) I met one of the workers from the dealer who was going to look at the ceiling and try to figure out where the water was coming from. When we walked in what we found is that the dining room ceiling had colapsed. There was drywall, insulation and water in my dining room, living room and kitchen. At this point they decided to send a roofing company to look at the construction that we had been telling them for months was not right. What they found were rafters that had been used for two different pitches the entire length of the home (90ft). There was no decking at the hinge part of the roof only paper under the shingles. They had to do a complete tear off, rebuild the rafters, redeck and reshingle the entire roof. I will say that the roofing company (outside contractor) did an out standing job. On the inside we had to clean for mold prevention re-build the ceiling and re-insulate. We have also had to tape, mud, float and repaint every single wall due to the drywall tape pulling away from every joint in the entire house. The microwave vent was built with no screen put in the opening so we had to remove 5 wasp villages that had built in there and replace the microwave they were able to crawl in and destroy. You can't turn anything on in the kitchen when you want to vacccume the family room because it will trip the breaker. Too much load on one circut. One of the many things on our list that they could't fix. It's just ashame that the quality of the work and the materials are not better. (Especially when you are assured over and over that it is skilled workers building your home and doing the set up). The Floor plans are so good and the home would have been absolutely wonderful if only Deer Valley would have taken the time to build it correctly. It would probably save a considerable amount of money being spent to pay the traveling repair people if the home didn't need so many repairs once it is built and delivered. Sorry Deer Valley, the ideas are good but the skill and quality need to be much improved.

Kellie Duncan from Missouri
We actually purchased a 2009 deer valley used. It was a repo that had a beautiful floor plan loaded with the transoms, 3 sliding doors and was a 32 x 90. The previous owners supposedly paid 150 thousand for it and when it was repo'ed it was left apart for several months allowing rain to damage it. We bought it for 60 thousand and have had to gut a moldy laundry room and alot of drywall repair. We have noticed some of the other complaints such as no insulation or shims around the door jams and just covered by pressed paper trim. We also noticed that once we turned the water on, several of the plumbing fixtures under the sink needed to be re-glued and were leaking. The sliding glass doors all leak when it rains heavy. Its a gorgeous home but I am glad we didnt pay full price for it because I dont think I would have been satisfied, but for the price we got it, it has been worth the hassle

Bryan from oklahoma
I actually sell deer valley homes in oklahoma and have for 7 years or more.I have sold many many brands of homes and still do. NONE and I repeat NONE of the other brands that I sell take care of their customers like Deer Valley does. When showing the homes to customers that is one of the first things we tell the customers when deciding between the brands is that the best service and quality is far and away with the deer valley brand. Out of 7 plus years of selling them I can tell you we had only one complaint in all our sales and when the state inspector saw what that guy was complaining about he imediatly droped any further investigation and told the customer it was possibly the nicest home he had ever seen. If you buy your home from Deer Valley and a reputable dealer that makes sure things are done right or fixes something if it was wrong there is no dought in my mind you as a customer will be very happy. Most of the complaints sound like they are dealer related not factory. You have to make sure you get your facts straight before you post against something that you dont understand. If you are unhappy in any way you can bypass the dealer and call the factory direct for any service related issue. Some dealers choose to do their own trimouts and service because it is much cheeper (trust me cheeper) than paying the people that actuallly built the house to do it right.To find that out you can always call Deer Valley at 205-468-8400 and ask for your service rep. Since we dont have many service calls you can also call me at my off. and even though I did not sell anyone on this web site a home (except the happy one from OK) I would be more than happy to offer my advice on how to help you get your questions answered. thanks for listening, Bryan.

Frank Calvert from Hamilton,AL
I have worked in this plant that builds these homes. and I have to say they are some of the best people you will ever deal with. I don't work for them anymore. I'm retired but if I was going back into the business this company would be the place for me. cause they try to do everything they can to make the home owner happy.and I have done many job's inside this plant and the people take pride in the work that they do and thats a fact. now sometimes something might slip bye but I know that they do have the vary best service the business cause I have worked for other modular home and they do not care about the service like Deer Valley.I'm thinking about buying a DV right now. so I would go with them cause of the fine house they build and the good people behind it.

Scott from Alabama
We purchased our Deer Valley home in 2009 and have been very pleased. We went with Ken at Wheel Estate in Tupelo, Ms they were very helpful with everything throughout the purchase and afterward. We love our home and would highly recommend Deer Valley to anyone.

Glenn and Verna Shroads from Nash, Oklahoma
We bought a Deer Valley home from Don Eichler and have absolutely no complaints. The finish work was beautiful and everyone who sees our home is surprised it's not stick built. Don provides excellent service, our home is solid and comfortable. This is our retirement home and we love it!!

Pat Webb from Winfield, Al 35594
I bought my home Thanksgiving and I love it. We got in the second week in Jan. and the service rep has already checked up on us. We love the house and we are enjoying fixing us the yard so it wil show off the house. We couldn't be happier..

Chris Young from Salem,IL
Had to have trim crew back out to fix a leaking water line in the wall of the master bath shower. They had to remove a large section of drywall to fix it then replace, mud, sand and repaint. The majority of this could have been avoided it they would have used the other side of the shower wall for the plumbing. This wall is shared with the walk in closet, could of put an access panel in the closet and it would have never been seen. I also discovered that they did not caulk around the living room deck door. I had to seal the entire door myself. I dont mind doing some things myself but for the price of the home it should not have these type of issues. I also finally have a new shower door coming that will be installed correctly. Now that winter has set in I am finding some of the bed rooms to be quite cold even when temp is set at 72.

john from ga
i agree on several counts,the home itself is great large rooms very well laid out and nice,,,its the asembly of the home that suck,,such as pipe fittings trim vents with too much flex duct attached or in some cases not attached at all to the output vents,,,if deer valley wood work on customer service and the assembly of their homes i think they would be excelant

doug maxwell from crossett, arkansas
We have been in our deer valley home for 2 1/2 years, and i have found where the edge of the roof right behind the facia is rottening.there are several spots around the house that is doing this and on place is so bad you can insert your whole hand under the shingles touch the vinly enclosure under the eve. has anyone else had these types of problems?

Chris Young from Salem, IL
Now three weeks after my discovery of the leaking toilet and water damage the trim crew is back to replace the drywall, baseboard and toilet. They did it right by cutting out the first foot of drywall from the floor up. I actually purchased the replacement toilet so the crew would not have to try and get one. I was told I would be reimbursed for the toilet by my DV customer service rep.
Well see how it looks when I get home. One thing I did discover when the cut the drywall out was that the exterior wall does not have a vapor barrier. There is only insulation w/ kraft back then drywall. I dont know if the kraft is a vapor barrier or not. The manufacture is knauf. It is classified as mold resistant.

Chris Young from Salem, IL
I have just been in our new DV home for a week now.
Did a lot of research before going with DV but they looked like the best of the manufactured home market.
First issues with construction:
They could use a latex paint. The paint they use is a flat finish that is gets dirty easily.
Baseboard/trim needs to be real wood, not the pressed paper.
Kitchen cabinets are kind of cheap, dont know if there was an option to upgrade cabinets other than color and door style.
Overall construction pride:
I found my bathroom sinks don't have any caulking between the sink and counter and two of the three sinks are crooked.
My masterbath shower door is installed backwards so the door opens out the same direction the showerhead sprays.
Lots of mitered corners that don't meet correctly/evenly or large gaps filled with caulking instead of fixing the corner correctly.
The guy from my trimout crew just called me as I am writing this review. The trimout crew I had/have is very good and have pride in their work. It's not their fault the construction at the factory is lacking. I kind of feel bad for them because they get stuck with the problem of fixing all the issues. Customer service seems to be another thing lacking at DV. Has taken a week to just get a call back about getting my toilet replaced. It has a crack down the back water tank part that has leaked and caused water damage to the room.
The home is well insulated, I added the extra insulation in the attic. The windows are only energy efficient in a few southern states. I would think they would use windows that meet the code for what ever state the home was going to.
I will post again in a few weeks.

Mark McClanahan from Hope, Arkansas
Our family lost our house to a fire October 09. We lived in a custom built home. I did much research on manufactured housing compared to custom homes. Also reviewed and seen several top manufacturers and models in the market.
Our home was ordered with a $20,000 upgrade with all the bells and whistles. 5-12 pitch roof, 9' ceilings and much more. No one in the industry came close to standard features, detail, and extras offered that Deer Valley offers. Some say they do, but when compared they couldn't. We bought the Legacy Anniversary Model. I read reviews about problems people have with all types of manufacturers. It starts with your sales office. Livingston Homes in Hot Springs, AR is where we purchased ours thru. Pam and Adrian Livingston and their family and staff were by far the best we could have asked for. For Deer Valley the best is all we can say and thank you. David and Shelia Smith were asigned to us for service work from Deer Valley. They work for Deer Valley not subcontracted out like most builders due. Hands down the best service crew. They did extra work on our trim to add to our floor upgrade. Very trusting folks. My family are very proud to have found Deer Valley and Livingston Homes to build and sell us our dream home. We have had building contractors come to our home and were amazed at out home and concrete work for the slab and tie-downs to secure our home. our home is 1980 sq ft our highest utility bill this summer was $165 that says alot there. With the A/C set at 77 degrees. Our home is very efficient have the brick ledge done and brick instead of skirting. It will payoff on utilities and value of your home.

Rob morgan from B'ham AL.
My wife And I Bought our Deer Valley from the Home Place in Adamsville Al. Joey our salesman was great and has done everything promised as well as deervalley. Based on My expirence I would recommend both the Home Place and Deervalley.

Lucy Mitchell from Pearlington, MS
After Hurricane Katrina hit all of my family was homeless. Things were moving so slowly and you could not find good contractors to build homes right away. My father, mother-in-law and father-in-law were in their mid 70s and just could not stay in a FEMA camper any longer. My son, wife and two children were also at wits end and was looking for a quick fix. I begin searching and researching for the best manufactured homes. I finally narrowed it down to Deer Valley. We really did love the three homes (all double wides). My father's came with a cracked shower. I had trouble getting them on the phone and then had trouble coming to an agreement. We bought the home new and I wanted a new, unbroken shower. They refused to replace it. They sent someone to repair it. Since then my sons tub has cracked and my mother-in-laws shower has cracked. They did fix all of the wall cracks after set up in my sons and fathers. However, my mother-in-law finally had someone come and fix hers cracks in the sheetrock. All three homes were bought after Hurricane Katrina. Recently my son's roof begin leaking through a vent or so he thought. The single job was horrible so he decided to put a new tin roof on. Along the valley on the front over the front door they found rotten spots in the plywood. I guess it was a good thing that he started putting a new roof on after what 4 years. My mother-in-law also recently had a front porch put on so my handicapped father-in-law can be wheeled out to sit on the porch. Guess what? Half of the front half of the roof had to be replaced because of rotten boards. Who did they have put these singles on? The only roof that has not been checked is my father's. With 2 strikes, I'm almost willing to bet his roof is bad also. I hope not because we are on limited incomes having to put new roofs on 4 year old homes that are not paid for. I am very unhappy about the situation because I feel like it is my fault. I talked them all into buying Deer Valley. Be warned! They may look good, but are they really well made?

Brian Wiley from Louisiana
I bought a Deer valley home last year and have had absolutely no problems at all. After reading some of these comments, I have to believe that you just can't make everybody happy. The service crews were great, and the home is every bit as good as what they say. I decided to post this because I'm sure that the ones who are upset are most of the ones posting these. There are good ones on here as well,, but when you look at how many homes Deer Valley sells per year, there would seem to be a lot more happy people than unhappy people. Keep up the good work Deer Valley !!!!

Lee & Thelma from North Florida
We have had our DeerValley Home over 5 yrs and have been extremely satisfied. The quality of Deer Vally Homes is head and shoulder above all the other Manufactured Homes that had been reviewed or looked at. There were cosmetic repairs which Aaron handed effectively.Family and friends complements our home all the time. When I first walk into my DeerVally home it was identical to the floor plan I had with me, to sat the least I was total surprise. In other words I would buy another home from DeerVally Home. KEEP BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because I have land in Georgia, if I move I will again buy from you, Thank you

robert & sherry odom from east texas
Hey folks i need to eat a little crow.I made my prior statement without getting my facts together.My anger clouded my judgement.I was ticked at the dealer and took it out on deer valley.Truth be known Aaron and servicemen that i dealt with where outstanding.We really liked the service and the guys went out there way to take care of our service issues.Thanks Aaron yaw keep up the good work

robert &sherry odom from spurger texas
Well folks i wished i would have read this first.We down here in texas an things or no better.Cracks cracks &more cracks.One thing is still the same LOUSY SERVICE. The dealer and manufacture are giving us the same old story. aviod these unless you lies,waiting,more lies followed by a good runaround avoid this home an company like the plague

Frank & Pam Belcher from Georgia
We purchased a Deer Valley Home in October of 2007. The quality is unbelievable. We actually faxed them a floorplan we liked from another dealer and they built it for us. What a beautiful home they created for us. Nothing but minor fixes that the crew took care of immediately (small cracks in sheetrock & moulding). Their customer service was excellent. We couldn't be happier!! Thanks Jason from Columbus, GA and Aron @ Deer Valley in Alabama!

Amber from Sapulpa,OK
The home itself is very nice. Problems began when the house was set. Cracks in the walls, ceiling etc. Cabinet door feel off and was not fixed. Foundation problems are causing the exterior walls to buckle causing more cracks in the sheetrock. Several calls have been made to the manufacturer with no response or promises to come and fix with no results. Our bathtub has had a crack for 9 months and we have been told many times someone would come as soon as possible to replace it. No one has shown up yet. Our 30 day inspection was completed after 4 months and at 9 months we are still awaiting our 90 day inspection. We have multiple drywall cracks, cracked tiles falling off of the tub surround and many tiles in the floor coming up. We shopped for mobile homes for months before deciding to purchase a Deer Valley. We knew the price was several thousand over other manufactures but believed the construction to be superior. We were wrong in this assumption. This home is the definition of a TRAILER!!!! Avoid this company at all costs!

Stacy from Arkansas
We bought our home in December of 2006 and have loved it. We never had to call anyone to have repairs made. the vendor we bought from was excellent and to

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