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Customized Structures, Inc.


272 River Road
Claremont, NH 03743
Phone: 603-543-5315
Toll-Free: 800-523-2033
Fax: 603-543-5396

Customized Structures, Inc. Description:
Established in 1984, Customized Structures, Inc. continues to be a leader in the design and manufacture of factory built customized modular homes for residential, multi-family and commercial use throughout New England. Customized Structures is very active in the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of New Hampshire, the National Association of Home Builders, and the Building Systems Council among others. For more information about Customized Structures, Inc., call 1.800.523.2033

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Contemporary modular homes
  • Multi-Family modular homes
  • Commercial modular buildings

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1984
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)100-200
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNAHB
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkOver 30 builders
Location of FactoriesClaremont, NH
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builder network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood factory construction, other materials available through local builder
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star Approved, Insulated Windows, R-38 Ceiling Insulation
Construction Timeframe1-2 weeks
Customization FlexibilityFull custom options
Amount of FloorplansOver 300 predesigned floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70-$100
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by local builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are possible
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne year limited warranty
Delivery Range300 miles from factory
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageLarge amount of well organized information available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewCustomized Structures is currently closed due to financial issues. It is probably best to avoid them until they have proven their stability again. If there is one thing one golden rule about modular home construction it is to not lock in your life savings with a construction company that is going bankrupt.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Customized Structures, Inc.

mark tufts from marblehead
they should be out of business the windows leak on the house NEVER installed right that POS from Peabody and his button up crew if i can find them I' will sue them

David Trout from Salem, NH
Our home was built in 1993, and as third owners we've gone through every room and found no real glaring issues. Roof was fine when we redid it 5 years ago. One issue we did have was leaking into our garage (after we had insulated and finished it). The roofer couldn't find the issue until he pealed back some of the siding and exclaimed, "Your home doesn't have ANY house-wrapping on it!" There was no problem with the roof he just did for us - water was running down the siding and seeping inside because there was no barrier preventing it from doing so. This issue was confirmed just last week, when our neighbor across the street put on a new garage addition, and with the siding on the entire right side of the house removed, all you saw was particle board - and the Customized Structures information plate. Neighbor up the street just did all his windows and found that the framing around the windows had rotted away - so he had to reframe the windows before putting new ones in. Beware of what you may find when it comes time to do new doors, windows, and siding. More than likely it will be fall-aparticle board that has sustained some damage. We'll see for ourselves in a few years when we do windows and siding.

Jim M from Weymouth, MA
House built in 2005, have had moisture issues in the attic scince day 1. Found out, the roof shingles seperated from the roof in transit, tar paper folded back on itself, nails fell out, allowing for the moisture. Now they are out of buisness and I need a new roof!

Karie from Norwich
Unfortunately, this doesn't have a "0 star" rating. Our home has everything wrong with it since the day it was put together! This company was recommended to us...we would never recommend this company to anyone! Shop around!

Scott R. Grimard from Abington Ma.
I love this house. A ranch built in 1999 it is still in perfect shape. One problem I'm having is the screen door on the slider in the kitchen. I can't find a replacement screen door anywhere. They are all too big. The dimension top to bottom is 77.5 inches and all replacement screens seem to start at 77 3/4 inches. Any help would be appreciated. Other than that the house is great. Thank you

Tyrone Burke from VT
I bought one of their colonial designs about 2 years ago, I am currently thinking of ordering another one. After a tour of their factory in 2005 I was convinced of their high quality materials and construction. I highly recommend.

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