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Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania

(Division of Commodore Homes)

PO Box 349
Clarion, PA 16254
Phone: 814-226-9210

Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania Description:
(Division of Commodore Homes)
"...Commodore's commitment to the homeowner, the retailer, and their own employees ensures a high end quality product that makes every buyer proud to "Come home to Commodore." Commodore is one of the largest and oldest producers of homes serving the Northeast United States. Commodore Homes is a division of The Commodore Corporation, an industry leader in the manufactured housing and modular home business since 1952. .."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Contemporary modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1952
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsManufactured Housing Institute
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects available
Builder NetworkOver 60
Location of FactoriesClarion, PA
How to Buy a HomeThrough their network of retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood, steel
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star Qualified
Construction Timeframe3-5 weeks
Customization FlexibilityCertain plans can be fully customized
Amount of Floorplans68 standard modular floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60-$95
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by local builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne year limited warranty
Delivery RangeNortheast USA
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsDependent on final destination
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewThis division of Commodore Homes serves the Northeast. Their Colony Homes division also serves the Northeast. This is a good provider of modular homes for the average home buyer. It is good quality work, with nice appearance that will blend into any neighborhood of traditional stick-built homes. Commodore Homes also provides mobile homes which generally do not blend well in Northeastern neighborhoods.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania

Tony N from Mechanicsburg, PA
Commode Homes is more like it. Poorly built home, so many issues, waiting 8 months for them to honor their warranty and fix things, still haven't yet. A 40 year old house is in better shape than a brand new Commodore Home. Complete waste of money. Worst purchase of my entire life.

Albert Colwell from Espyville PA
I am a retired contractor and ordered a home in January 2021. After an extended period of time we meet to sign the contract, and I was told that there was a price increase from 2020 and I would be charged 2021 prices, even though we had agreed on a price and were waiting for the paperwork from Commodore Homes. The home was scheduled to be delivered mid-August, but has not yet been delivered at the end of October. I was informed that Commodore is charging a $7000.00 surcharge because of Covid 19, even though I have a signed contract and money has be given to start the project. After talking to my attorney I was told the contract could not be changed and my price could not be increased. I bought this house because it looks to be well built, but the delays and the attempt to charge a second price increase has left a feeling of mistrust and has taken the good feelings about this home away.

The registers and in the wrong places. Hot in the summer cold in the winter!! Had a doublewide went to a single thinking it would be better. Checked where registers were, They were all right , when we moved in the resisters were not where they were in the display one!

Jim from Lakes Region NH
We have been in our Commodore Home for 15 years! Yes, We did make improvements, but that was OUR choice! I have no clue where the negativity is coming from as we have had nothing but good luck with Our Commodore Home. As for communication, No Problems what so ever! Our advise is: When You are purchasing a manufactured home, (Mobile), what you ask for is what you get, so when You sit with the sales rep. Know What You Want !!! "If You buy a product & it doesn't fit Your Expectations ,, Don't complain afterwords !!!

Harold Tinker from Kingsville,Ohio
We have been very happy with our home.Commodore must have well insulated it as our gas bills are real affordable.Wish I could remember when we got it.It's a good one.

James Miller from
I purchased a commodore home it was used for seasonal home so basically it was new. The quality of work is so poor all the water lines and drains are run through a 5inch hole no insulation in any holes I'm thawing frozen lines . The quality of work in the molding and cabinet is so poor .I would never purchase or recommend it to anyone again quality is disgusting.

william from wv
if their was a 0 that is how i would rate this home ruff has leaked from the start carpet is junk this company cuts the doors off and uses that for a cold air return i had to get a lawyer to get them to fix back door. it came with the frame rusted was to paint that never did the only things good about this house the things that i up graded when i bought it from the dealer the only thing the dealer wanted to do was set my house and move on i would not buy from them again either if you are a young couple and wanted a home i would look some where else

Jamie from Vermont
The home is a good size and overall a decent floor plan. I expected the "price appropriate" fixtures and finishes. What I din't expect was the absolutely terrible assembly of these homes. Both the front door and rear/side door were installed such that the weather stripping did not seal. The toilets are 4 inches off the wall. Nail heads are sticking up all over the trim. The majority of the trim is loose because it was nailed hap hazardly with a brad gun or headless pinner. The cabinets in the Kitchen are not installed flat to each other resulting in a hump that holds the sink 3/16 of an inch off the counter. The tub was installed with drain parts that did not fit but were slathered with silicone sealant in an effort to make it work The Bathroom sink leaks around the faucet and sink if any water gets splashed up on the surface. Exterior siding runs pretty straight and then goes way out of level ast it approaches the corner.This home is only 3 months old and i don't feel like the warranty is worth much. Basically all the things that were extras and i paid additional money for are either the wrong item or installed wrong. So far the only aknowledgement from Commodore is a letter stating that they have my punch list and I will be hearing from a serviceman. We'll see, I guess, but so far not so good.

Shirley Guy from Harpursville, New York
I bought my home in 2006 and have worked on every since. The kitchen cabinet doors fell off after a year, door knobs broke just by everyday use, front storm door fell off, master bathroom is 6 degree colder then the rest of the house, tile is coming off the kitchen walls, there are yellow streekes down the walls, the laminate if coming off the moldings around the door ways, there is water under the shingles. I could go on and on. The workmanship of this home if terrible. Then there is no on who will work on them. You are told to maintain your home, how when you can't find anyone to help. I lived in three single wides and raise three children, never, never had any trouble. Now after seven years I am looking at a new roof, new siding, and walls because they are cracked. This company does not care!!!!!!! Do not expect any help from them. They only know how to say your one year warrenty is up.

brenda domer from wv
we purchased this frontier made by commodore homes and so far it has been great. we changed windows to double hung and changed the doors to solid core steel doors. yanked up the carpet and put hardwood all the way thru. took the wall out between two bedrooms and made two master bedrooms. have had only two bad things and one the small bathroom got mold and the roof just started leaking this year. working on remodeling the kitchen in about a year. this is 14x 72 mobile home and i have tried to make it as wheel chair accessable as i could for my mom to occupy it also this home has been sitting in the same spot as when we 1st brought it.

Don Eisenhuth from Carlisle Pa
I had our mobile home built in 1996 in Clarion Pa SER# 30960 and delivered to sight on Oct 11, 1996 actually on my birthday. We also went to the factory and many updates added before manufactured. Now as of today Oct 5 2013 we are the original owners after 17 years. I really don't have any complaints (other than wish it had better cupboards) I put anew roof on in 2009 which it was not really bad but was very close to replacement. We keep the maintenance up and keep the vinyl siding cleaned every 2 years and I replace all the faucets to Delta's best. It is very economical in winter using 1 tank of oil to heat an 14x80 home. Basically it still look's like when it was first delivered in OCT. 1996 Commodore make great homes it's up to the owners to take care of them!

Pollyanna Feazel from United States
COMMODORE HOME ARE NOT WORTH BUYING This is the worst thing to have to say it I hate my home. Crappy windows you can feel the breese through the windows. I have to keep my heat at 80 and I also have heaters in every bedroom just to keep warm. This is the coldest place ever. I do not and will not recommend this builder or home to anyone. I have had nothing but problems within the 5 years I have owned it. Sad to say the 86 thousand dollars I paid for this home I just threw away. DONT BUY THIS TYPE OF HOME IT IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE FROM THE GET GO. I HATE THAT I PURCHASED THIS HOME.

Bob Pulcini from Rochester, NY
Customer service at this company is very poor. Can't connect with anyone on the phone. It's one transfer and another and not one person will pick up the phone. I have a simple warranty question and can't get someone to speak to! Can't imagine if I had a real problem what I would need to deal with!

Michael Berry from Lumberport West Virginia
We bought our home and had it installed in 2005.Very pleased with our Home We have a little trouble with the siding pulling apart,but other than that,we are very pleased .Thank You for giving us a Good built manufactured home.

shirley guy from Harpursville, New York
Very disappointed not only does the company not stand behind their work I can't find anyone to work on my home. My home is now six years old. My problems started after I had been in the home for a year. Warrenty up!!! Now I am looking at putting on a new roof. I contacted the company and the dealer to only hear it is up to me to maintain my home. I think it's up to them to build a home that does not come apart in a year after buying. Things wrong - laminate coming off the molding, glue on 13 panels, storm door dropped down on the front door that we don't even use, master bath very cold, nice in range hood, door knobs fell off, siding fell off, window bowed out, roof leaking, and the list goes on. This is my experience.

Paulie Caron fr NH from NH
Poorly built..feels like it was just thrown together. For sure they don't know what a handicap bathroom is. Then they built it backwards front door in back and back door in front. All in all very disapointed. Trying to get these ptoblems fixed.

Shirley Guy from Harpursville
Very disappointed. My home is now six years old and I have be expressing my opion about the home for five years. Only to be told that it is up to me to maintain my home. I have always maintained my home. But glue on the walls, door knobs just falling off, siding comming off, roof leaking, kitchen cabinet doors falling off, laminate comming off the molding if not regular maintance of a home it is terrible workmanship and low quality produces used in the home. I could go on there is more. The factures willness just to take no responsiblity for their work it what really gets me.

John Kudera from Hellertown, PA
New modular pinecrest model, delivered June 28,I was able to occupy the home just last week, September 8! that is a 10 week finishing job. Sales company has one employee, with a part time helper, they worked an average 2 half days a week. Commodore customer service is terrible, I have been waiting for service 6 weeks, with no results. I also agree, there needs to be a lot of improvement in workmanship, bad trim fit, home very dirty from drywall dust and debris, insulation, and sawdust.

Shirley Guy from Harpursville, New York
So very dissappointed in the quality of the home. The firt year was fine then it started comming appart. I have has to have the kitchen cabinet doors put back on the just fell off. There are only two of us in this home. There is glue on 13 panels, door knobs have fallen off, siding came off and had to be put back on, roof is leaking, laminate is peeling off the molding, picture window has slipped down, water is comming under the siding and roited out the front door frame, master path is six degree colder the the rest of the home. This home is not even six years old. Very disappointed in the manufactures lack of concern that this is such an infarer product. The floors feel weak. Would not recommend, on my experience. We smell septic, so I had the tank pumped every three years, but we still smell it.

BIG JIM from Southern kentuckiana

jennifer from beaver county
If there was negative # of stars that would'nt be enough. Our house is 2 years old and the cabinet doors are falling off, the trim all around the house is nailed to nothing. The back door is useless, won't stay shut has to be dead bolted. The electric was not wired correctly, only 1/2 of the house had elec. Roof leaked in laundry room. The drywall is a joke, all scratched and has chunks coming out of it. The whole construction of this house absolutely sucks. I would never recommend Commodore or any other manufactured home. My kids could have built this house better than the morons that built this one. Commodore should pay me for all the extra work and parts we had to put into this house. And the GE appliances that we had to pay extra for suck also!

Shirley Guy from Harpursville, New York
Very Disappointed. After the one year warranty if off they forget you!! My home is five years old. Very Cold, you can feel the breeze when the wind blows. Kitchen cabinet doors have fallen off, door knobs have broke, glue all over the wall panels, front door is moding and the screen door is falling off (we do not use this door), siding falling off, kitchen faucet had to be replaced because it cracked. laminate on the door molding is peeling off. I am so frustrated. I retired and wanted something new that I would not have to fix and put my retirement money in. Their attitude is sorry your warranty is up. They do not stand behind their work a all. The 10 year warranty is only on load baring walls. This is my experience.

Yvonne from Macungie, PA
I will qualify my opinion by prefacing that I have been in manufactured homes, modular homes, and stick-built homes. The quality is average to above average, and it is far superior to investing in a very old home with much repair and violations to remedy.

Before complaining, make sure your complaints actually refer to the manufacturer, as opposed to the dealer or site management. My neighbors and I have all had positive experiences with Commodore (the manufacturer). Most of us had negative experiences with the home dealer. I happen to like the community.

The plastic trim with covering on it is not limited to these homes - and it makes the home lighter to move. You could technically upgrade them, when your home is completed at site.

I did not like the "fragile" shower/tub setup in mine, and I ultimately replaced the stall with FRP panels (as tile and marble are too heavy).

Remember, plumbing and utilities are NOT completed by Commodore. ALL homes require maintenance. Make sure that the dealer and lender acknowledge that your home is a MODULAR though. It affords you more "rights" as things currently stand.

mike sawicki from hankins ny
I am back for my 2nd home from commodore, I purchased One in 2002, I dont think I have ever been more satisfied with anything in my life. In 10 years I have never found anything wrong with my home it has been a pleasure I am now building one closer to my son in washingtonville.

Lorie Dorr from Standish, ME
If there was a zero, I would rate this home more honestly, the quality of anything supposed to be wood, cupboards falling off, trim work a mess, laminate floors that have discolored, 28 X 68 almost $1,200.00 a year in propane plus we have a pellet stove. Many people in the park have taken off the crappy molding around windows and insulated themselves. Our windows are barely 60 degrees and that is with special heat saving blinds. The kitchen counters are a joke, all coming apart and look like they are 20 years old and home only 4 years old. I spent my life savings on this place and am SO disappointed and angry with myself for buying this dump. If this doesn't make you rethink buying a Commodore, I have many other people that will attest to these claims. Even the state of Maine told them to do X amount of things to be up to code, three years ago, still waiting.....

Sally from Western NY
I purchased my home from Leslie at Owl homes of Fredonia. She is one of the most honest people I have ever met in my life. I read reviews of this site before buying my home and Leslie set me up with a factory tour so I could see quality control in action. We put our home on a precast basement. We were in our home in a very timely manner. Reading some of the reviews above makes me wonder if people buying homes can handle being a homeowner. I don't care if you pay $25,000 or $250,000 for a home you still will have to do maintenance on it. if you buy a lot model ask for new carpets or for them to be professionally cleaned. I would recommend commodore to every homebuyer. If you buy an existing house or have one site built ask them about their service warranty, There isn't one.

Odonnela from NH
I'm overall very happy with my home. I have some cracked ceilings but that was the parks responsibility to repair and they did not. I've had a few loose moldings here and there I have repaired. My disappointment is that there is not more pride of workmanship. Finish nails show on the moldings, the interior walls were quite dirty upon receipt... there are a few other things. Overall I think it’s a good quality product but they need to realize this is someones home not a travel trailer. Why not put the same pride into it that you would your own home?

brenda j. nolan from utica, ohio
dan space,service manager, i absolutely love my modular. it's just perfect for me. however, i have an issue with the front door frame. it's totally crooked and it seems since installation. my warranty is over with "midwest homes", which is where i bought it, so i was told to contact your company. i just need someone to come and see it and possibly agree that it will need to be repaired or replaced. i would be so grateful. please contact me to set up a date for viewing. thank you!

patty from NH
my son has a singlewide / he has had a few issues but nothing serious. He has saved a lot of money on fuel the home is very cozy and warm in the winter and we live in NH / my husband and i just ordered one we did add a lot of options .

Jim and Carole Weiland from Beaver County PA
We purchased our home over ten years ago. It was placed on a full basement, so we have lots of room. We toured the factory before the purchase and found that helped us to decide on what type of home to buy. Our home is 28FT by 78FT. We had one service call and that was handled in a timely manner. We have had the normal home maintenance issues, but overall we are pleased with our home.

Don from upstate, NY
I purchased a new Commodore Genesis 14 x 80, 3 bedroom, 2 bath single wide back in 1998. Other than normal small repairs that come with any home that you buy I don't really have any complaints. The only problem I had was a faulty toilet right after I purchased the home & the retailer that I bought it from replaced it for free, honoring the warranty & it was done right away. I have lived in my home for 12 years now & had no major problems with my home. I would have to say that I've been rather pleased with it. Reading the other complaints on this site it seems to me that most of the problems stem partly from the "over the road haulers" & the retailers where the homes were purchased. Most generally the retailers deliver & set up the home & if they've done it poorly, then they are the ones to blame.

Lance from Frewsburg, NY
I had bought a lot model from Owl homes of Allegheny NY. This model was on the lot for quite a while because the carpet where was rolled back in the lot at the seam down the middle was completely sun bleached out and carpet had to be replaced throughout the home. This WAS completed by Owl homes. My issues since then have been numerous, In less than 2 yrs. I had to replace the roof as well as the sheeting on 1/2 of the home because of MAJOR leaks around skylights. This was bad enough but I was going to remove the cheap sheeting used in the underlayment. I found this to be impossible because it is glued and stapled with a glue that's impossible to remove.... Then it was discovered that the actual roof trusses were made of 2x2's.... Needless to say this is why my roof is sagging in between EVERY load wall in the home. I'm in need of a roof replacement in the front of home this year and really not sure how to take care of this. The added weight of the new sheeting cannot be good for the sagging trusses. I’m just upset that although this home is an older home, the way this home was assembled and type of cheap engineering that goes into it is very weak! I'm not sure how some of those people can sleep at night just knowing that this is happening in the field.

Jeannie Hoover from Milroy, PA
We bought our 1997 Commodore Atrium 16x80 mobile home as a repossessed home through a bank, over the internet. Price was $6000. Any problems we had we knew about from the first, except a pipe break after we moved in, and that problem took a $97 item to repair the pipes. (Only complaint I have is the kind of pipes are not the same as a house.)

The previous owners had very large dogs that did damage. Someone had stolen the garden tub from it and the previous owners had a new patio door box under the home but the door was never replaced and was missing. We put laminated floors down but will be changing them in a year or so to hardwood. We put a large shower unit in where the garden tub had been and painted or papered all the rooms. Our kitchen has 6 atrium windows that are 18' long and 84" high. The windows are wonderful. They let in the sun which warms up the island and woods, and I don't use any heat there except the unit under the sink. This home only used $400 last year to heat, electric heat.

We will be putting a new Ondora roof on this year and getting a new patio door next year. The home had a 39' front porch on it and a small 10x14 on the back. The man who moved our home was a dealer and said it was the heaviest home he ever moved. He checked the home out and said it is made as well as a stick home. The book we got from Commodore to set up has a wonderful set up system but we didn't put a foundation under it, we rent this lot. New codes though make you have certain ways to set up and Commodore met those codes.

We paid $6000 for a specialty home and have never regretted it. Thank you Commodore for this wonderful product!!

Rudy from Warren, PA
My wife and I retired and purchased a Commodore modular house, through a local dealer. I would never ever recommend Commodore or the local dealers in the area for anyone who would want to purchase a modular home. The workmanship is poor. Response to issues which should have been identified at the factory are ignored. I have sent letters and e-mails to numerous people, but most do not respond back. I am still waiting for a response which I wrote in May of this year.

I would like to have someone to come out and look at the workmanship and the quality. The things we were promised we never got. Our well was to have been inspected before we bought the property but it never was until it was too late. The house was set down too far and vent openings in the foundation in some cases are below the ground.

Concrete patio was to slope so water would run from the building, but that is not the case.

Our cabinets were loose, nails stuck out above the cabinet molding. Kitchen hood is so low that when I work in the kitchen I bump my head, and at times very hard.

These people care nothing about the product, the client or the quality issues. They take the money and seem to think it is fine.

Tammy Caswell from Indiana
I purchased a commodore home just 3 years ago. I would never refer anyone to purchase one of these homes. I am very dissatisfied with the retailer. The entire time I owned my home he has been very uncooperative in any help that I have needed on repairs that were needed on my home. Here is a small list of just some examples of poor craftsmanship in the work done on the home at only 3 years old. Cracked walls, faulty shower faucets (a 2002 part was installed in my 2006 home) Long story short, the shower stopped working just 6 months after I owned the home. The foundation did not pass inspection, and of course, the faulty shower did not pass inspection. The electricity was not hooked up properly so I had to hire an electrician (at $100/hr) to fix the electricity. The electric box failed inspection also. The carpet is sagging so I have to hire someone to re-stretch the carpet (at $50/hr) Just these items added up to $1,000 in repairs. I am so dissatisfied that I would NEVER NEVER advise anyone to purchase a commodore home.

Jeanne Tackette from The Pines, New Ringgold PA
I was so excited to buy my home. It's supposed to be my retirement home but I don't think it's going to last that long. Right now it's falling apart around us. The ceiling leaked over the stove which ruined the oven. Both bathrooms have totally fallen apart. Right now we don't even have a working toilet. The living room carpet is coming apart where they put the house together. Makes me wonder if one day I'll go home and the house will have split apart. I've never paid $60,000 for a big pile of garbage before and I really wished I hadn't this time. It's the biggest mistake I've ever made and I'm 60 years old so I've made a few. None as bad as buying this house. The house isn't even five years old and it's literally falling apart. I'm not a rich women and I don't have the money to fix everything that is wrong. I wish someone would just burn it to the ground. It's not fit for human living. From all the other complaints, I can tell I probably won't get any kind of satisfaction. I don't have a choice. I have nowhere else to live. It's pretty bad when you pay $60,000 for a house and you don't even have a functioning bathroom. I wish I had seen all of these reports before I bought the home. What an idiot I am!

CAROL E ATHERTON from United States
i have had my home only 4 years. it is so cold that we had to install a pellet stove to vent out the fireplace. we just installed new windows one week ago. this is terrible you pay this much for a brand new home that you have to put more into it to be comfortable. i love the layout thats why we ordered it. when the people came out to do repairs some of them where useless, they wouldn't do what they were supposed to do and yea i signed their work order because i was tired of dealing with the ones that didn't want to fix things. oh yea they were suppose to take out all the windows and rechaulk them because we felt air. they only did ONE and when the old ones came out NONE OF THE WINDOWS WERE CHAULKED.

Patty Smith from PA
This is what happens when a person goes with the cheapest company to build their home! If a customer did a little checking (beyond the bottom line) they would find out that they are buying junk.

John Hoegemann from Wilton, NY
I moved to NY in early 1991, and to get adequate housing I looked at manufactured housing. A quiet park was available and I had several dealers to choose from in my area. I purchased a lot model in fall of 1991. After weighing the costs and amenities, the Commodore was a lot more, but looked somewhat better on the lot. It took several months to get delivery to our lot. It went unskirted for almost a year. As a "model" we never got the carpets cleaned or any other cosmetic services performed. Within 3 months of delivery, my home started to literally crack in half. I called many times to the dealer and was always put on the back burner. I needed a shopping list of repairs, and could never get anyone to even look at my problems. I had contacted the BBB dozens of times. I also tried to get my bank to do something, but after everyone got their money, they disappeared.

Now after 16 years it should be condemned. Shingled roof leaks. Skylights leak. Whirlpool tub hasn't worked for 14 years. Furnace quit after 6 months. They had installed a used gun. Windows are horrible, and nothing is remotely square or plumb after numerous levelings. I am looking to vacate soon, as repairs are more than my original cost to purchase. Would I recommend Commodore? Absolutely not!

dave perry from pa
i just purchased a home from commodore homes thru a dealer named gas light company in newcastle pa. the home was put together pretty bad. very poor craftsmanship. cabinets were all scratched or nicked up pretty bad, sliding door was racked pretty bad, among other issues. they came to fix the problems. just seems they slap these places together with no regards to how its done or looks. i asked the dealer if he was going to unwrap the appliances to check for dents or scratches and he said he doesnt like to do it, and told me to do it myself. all he's interested in is getting his money and not doing a good job.

Ruth Hallenbeck from Cleveland, New York
We have lived in a Commodore home 22 years. We purchased it from a dealer in Richfield Springs, NY. It took them forever to get it in and then they had it sitting on their lot for several more months. Finally after many lawyer trips, calls, etc. it was delivered and set up for us. It wasn't put together correctly. There is a ridge down the middle where the two sections come together. We have completely redone our kitchen and both bathrooms and are now in the process of redoing the living room. As of late we seem to have a leak in the drainage system which seems to come from the washing machine as we have checked all showers, toilets, dishwasher, and sinks in both baths and kitchen. When we do a laundry we have water flooding all over our garage. We are on a slab and it is impossible to find where it is leaking as everything is up under the house and covered with plastic and insulation. We have just requested a drainage plan so we can hopefully find where the leak is. My husband has been under the house several times checking things out but without much crawl space and not seeing any leaks we are at a loss as to what to do next. We feel when anyone buys a home such as this a floor plan of both electricity and drainage should be supplied at the time of purchase. A few years ago we had an electrical problem which never could be solved so my husband had to completely rewire one whole side of the home. Hopefully, the workmanship on these homes has been improved since we bought ours. Sincerely, Ruth Hallenbeck

dave perry from pa
i also purchased a modular home from commodore homes. their pinecrest model. i think there is very poor craftsmanship coming out of the building facility. most all cabinets are scratched, items under the laminate flooring, sliding glass door not plum and level, trim all scratched up, center island in the kitchen put together very bad and veneer peeling from bottom of it. just a few examples. i understand that someone will be out to fix problems. but when a new home buyer walks through the home and sees so much poor quality work coming right out of the factory it makes you wonder the quality of work put into the rest of the home that you cant see. makes you wonder if you've made the right choice on builders. you would think that they would have an inspector check the place for defects before it was sent out. just shows me that they have poor quality builders that don't care about what they're putting together. you know the first impression is the most important. and the one i got was that they dont care about their craftsmanship at all. they were sent a list of the things that were wrong and a week later they called and came out to the home. most things could be fixed that day but other things need replaced. this could take weeks. very inconvenient to a person.

Robert Mahaffey from new castle Pa
Ordered my home sight unseen from Florida. Beat the moving truck here by 2 days. My home was completely set up and operating when I got here. The only complaint I have is the ceiling fans they install are the noisiest, worst i have ever heard. Other than that I have not had any problems at all. My home is a 28 x 76 doublewide.

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