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Colony Factory Crafted Homes

(Division of Commodore Homes)

PO Box 310
Shippenville, PA 16254
Phone: 814-226-9590
Website: Colony Factory Crafted Homes Website

Colony Factory Crafted Homes Description:
(Division of Commodore Homes)
"...Built for the discriminating home buyer, Colony Homes are well-known for their extensive eye appeal. A stable workforce and a commitment to quality are among the many strengths which allow Colony to provide a superior manufactured home. Colony offers single-section and multi-section manufactured and modular homes with vinyl and/or drywall interiors in a wide range of affordability..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1987
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsMHI (Manufactured Housing Institute)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkOver 70
Location of FactoriesShippenville, PA
How to Buy a HomeThrough their network of retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood home construction with steel base
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star Rated,
Construction Timeframe4-8 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited options
Amount of FloorplansOver 80 online home designs


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60-$85
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationSupplied


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are possible
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne year of coverage on workmanship. Ten years coverage on structural components.
Delivery RangeNortheast USA
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by warranty team
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewColony Homes is a great provider of manufactured mobile homes. They also have many modular home designs but these homes are more similar to mobile homes than traditional stick-built homes. This is a good option for the entry level home buyer. If you are looking for an upscale multi-story home you should probably look elsewhere. Their website includes a gallery of floorplans and photos.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Colony Factory Crafted Homes

ann rice from canton ohio /fohl village
we've had them out twice to fix things all they do is put nails in and in a few days the windows fell down again.Wish I could put pictures on this so you could see how bad the workman ship is

Maria Thiel from Butler county
Got a 2017 Colony, the work men ship fair. There was bad communication about my flooring, they forgot to put it in; who does that. My back door is thin and has writing between the layers, Lots of little things wrong with it; too much to list. I can't get a straight answer from them, all they say is "we'll take care of that". Our retirement home is over priced for the workmen ship. We were told we were getting the"turn key package" , not so. My dream retirement home has been a disappointment! We paid cash thinking we would get better service, Not so. I am Not happy with this company!!

Greg from Dillsburg Pa
We bought a 2014 single wide home. It is a piece of crap from the get go. The trim around the doors and windows is and has been coming off. The strips that hold the walls up are coming off. A wall section has come completely off. The facets are cheap and had to be replaced. No shut off were placed on the water lines going to the sinks. There is holes above the vents that are located under the kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Looks like they never finished the work. All the windows were not sealed. After one winter usage the furnace stopped working. The vinyl siding has waves in it and part of it came off last winter. Why waste your time calling someone about these problems. You never hear back. I will not recommend one of these homes to anyone.

Steve Rhoads from Boswell, Pa
All the faucets are junk. We just moved into our new modular home and the master bath tub is leaking into the basement along with the sink. The siding has waves in it. All the trim looks like a blind person installed it. For the money this place cost it sure is built really cheaply. Would never recommend a modular to anyone. One of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Jesse from Corinth,me
Very happy with the construction

lisa mongold from west virginia
I love my colony home we moved in 2005 would not live in any other home,I like to know if they are still building my kind of floor plan because we are thinking of expanding our kitchen would like to have some ideas on it.

wolf1 from buffalo ny
have a 98 colony the floor tub..floors in spot creaky..roof shingles blowing up in high winds..siding not great but ok..not to bad though..master is cold in winter..not perfect but what is?

Anita Biers from Washington, PA
When the older (and much loved) trailer I rented was hit by lightning and burned down my landlord replaced it with a single-wide Colony home in only a couple of months. It's been three years now and I've come to love this small single wide. My heat bills are so low and the crown molding, the detail in the ice cream bar that separates the kitchen from the living room and the large master bedroom are really great. The bathroom is more like a half bath but the tub is great and the sink trims of the kitchen and bathroom look very expensive. The sink fixtures are nice looking, but cheap but the plumbing so far is okay. Love the sky light in my tiny bathroom. We got to pick out the wall paper, etc. and it's very washable and stain resistant. Love the back door with all the glass panes. Well made for me and I am grateful.The ceiling fan is beautiful but broke the third summer. The linoleum and carpet are all still intact. The builders did a great job. I look at larger models which are beautiful but still love my small one. Hope I get this lucky with a larger one if I decide to buy one day.

Tee from Pa
Reading some of the problems people are having with getting service work done on there homes falls back on the Retailer you bought your home from. All retailers should explain that warranty is for 1yr and has to be turned in by them and not the customer. I know there is warranty packages in the homes also. My brother has a colony sectional and loves it. Service has been fine. Yes the home had a few problems just as a stick built would but most stick builders don't come back to fix the problems were Colony & the retailer did. I say the fact that they can travel 60+ mile down the road and only have a few problem is great. My sister has owned a Colony Modular for 4 yrs now and also loves it. Sad others are having problems but looks like most falls back on the retailer whom sold it to you.

Paul Labrecque from Rhode Island
I bought my home in 1994 and still living in it, Have some wear and tear but nothing major. I'm buying again this year price is good and the qaulity is also good the best deal for the money.

Mary Yoho from New Martinsville, WV
I purchased a Commadore last summer and I am not pleased. Most of the stripping around the ceiling and baseboard had to be reattached {turn down your nail guns} the floors creak and pop especially over the heat vents {probably no floor boards under the vinyl}, there is glue on the vinyl several places that I've never been able to get off, the bathroom light switch is behind the bathroom door {what dork thought that up?}, the back door pops open when you shut the front door or walk down the hall and a few other annoying and in some cases dangerous flaws. I wish I had just put the $32,000. I paid for this hunk of junk into my old trailer and fixed it up. And AAA Homes where I bought this thing, and unfortunately where lI also live, aren't any help either, I've heard more lies and excuses from them than I care to list.I wonder if I should talk to a lawyer about both of you. There has to be a law about selling such poor quality products.There are lemon laws on cars, why not mobile homes? You can bet I'll not be giving either of you any repeat business and I will be telling everyone I know just what I think of both your product and their attitude toward their clients. Shame on you for cheating people.

Susie from Albion, PA
We bought our home last year and have had issue after issue with it. The quality of the faucets are poor, they're plastic. There is a pipe run directly under where the dryer is supposed to vent, so we cannot vent to the outside. The refregirator is too small for the space. The dishwasher doesn't get the dishes clean at all! One interior door has been fixed twice and still does not close. The quality of materials used throughout the home are of the lowest quality and we are planning to replace everything from all countertops, cabinets, all interior and exterior doors, molding,etc. The windows are not high quality, there are NO storm windows. There aren't any jacks for cable or telephone lines. And none of the cealings are painted so I have to keep cleaning up pieces of them that continually fall off onto the floors, etc. I like the layout of the home, but we hadn't planned on having to do such major renovation on a brand new home. My advice, Do Not purchase a Colony home unless you are a handyman...truly a handyman special. Not a satisfied customer at all.

Paul Gochnour from Roaring Spring, PA
We bought our home new in 2000. We've had it for over 12 years and we love it. We had 3 good size oak trees fall on it some years ago. All 3 landed between the two sky lights in the kitchen and they did $17,000 worth of damage. Someone told us that day that if it was a cheap home the trees would have cut in half. They did some damage in the kitchen but never went into the kitchen. I've also noticed that the insulation is very good because in the winter the snow doesn't melt off very quick. We are very pleased with our home. We would recommend Colony homes to anyone. Paul & Marilyn Gochnour

Robin Acquard from United States
We started having problems with the furnace and found out that the chimney was rusting out and water was leaking into the heat exchanger and that in turn was rusting out to. Chimney and heat exchanger have to be replaced. Warranty 1 year for their CRAPPY quality chimney that also ruined the furnace. Whats up with that. I called about this to NORDYNE and a person in India told me about the one year warranty. What a joke home built in 2004 and in 2011 we need a new chimney and furnace.The people that installed the furnace are incompetent. NORDYNE I'm on Facebook!

Beverly Davis from Pungoteague, Virginia
My husband did what we thought was great research and felt that Colony/Commodore was the best manufactured house...WRONG! Weak floors especially in marriage walls, contact Colony and they don't even answer you. Horrible. I like my house and its layout but we have problems. They should give you a better warranty for something thousands of dollars are paid for...RIGHT!!

Greg Yankovich from Port Crane, NY
Purchased my 1996 Colony home in 1996, siding cracked and faded after 3 years, roof crumbled after the 4th, numerous plumbing leaks over the years, none due to freezing, just shoddy work from the factory. Particle board floors, very cheap materials. Nearly electrocuted because no gfi installed on outlet 12 inches from sink even though the cover plate is labeled gfi equipped. If you buy one of these homes may God have pity on you. 1 star is too high a rating but there were no negative choices.

Robert Van Horn from Lost Creek WV
i purchased a 1997 colony manchester in may 1998...the shingles are falling apart and the roof is leaking..the windows in the front of the house are jammed..30 year warranty on the shingles..but the shingle company is jumping labor

marianne butler from ny
I purchased my home in 2002 and at first i loved it. Then as time went on I noticed small things, like my fireplace molding was upside down, which they wouldn't fix because they would have to tear it apart. I let that wasn't really noticeable. However through the years i have noticed a lot of air leaking around my windows
i attributed this to shifting because it is set on a pad. Just this past week i decided to take the molding off the window and to my complete shock there is NO insulation between the window and the wall!!! I sent them an e-mail 2 days ago from the sound of it i may never hear from them. I assumed because i lived in the northeast this home would have at least been say the least i am extremely disappointed.

I let that go

Bob Stewart from Bradford, PA
We ordered our Colony Modular in the summer of 2009. Then I happened upon this site and was "concerned" about what I read. Here is my assessment after living in the home for 10 Months.
1.) The home is superbly constructed, very strong and much better than stick built.
2.) The home is very well insulated and no heating problems at all - and we live in the coldest area of Pennsylvania.
3.) Any problems we have had, and they were all minor except one - were taken care of by the factory with excellent workmanship, timely, and no problems at all with the repairs.
4.) Everyone who has seen the home has been impressed with the quality and the styling.

I would recommend Colony modular homes to anyone interested - no complaints at all and we love our home.

Margaret Plante from Littleton, NH
I purchased my 1997 Colony home in 1997. It already needs a new roof, shingles are bad. Sat around a long time before being put on the mobile home. Not covered by Colony due to being over 10 yrs now. What a rip off!!!!

Ashlee from Allegany, NY
I moved in with my fiance in 2006, into a 2003 Colony Doublewide home, I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this home! it is very spacious and easy to heat, I dont know much about these homes but I can say this house is very comfortable and my fiance said he has never had any issues with Colony at all and Owl Homes Of Allegany has been awesome to deal with starting with Sam his salesman and the whole service Crew that has come to make small repairs.
I can say we are very happy with our Colony home and would recommend Colony to anyone looking for a new home.

Marie Matarazzi from Jonestown, PA.
I purchased my double wide new in 2000 I had a few minor problems but they were taken care of. The only headache I have is when it is very windy my shingles blow off from the first year that I bought it ,I have had shingles replaced numerous times, so far I went through two packs of shingles that they gave me when I purchased it. To go through the company that manufactures the shingles was too much of a headache, they wanted pictures plus to send them a sample of the shingle, and then you were not guaranteed they would take care of it and as many times as I had to replace them I would have to go through the same process. A carpenter told me they stapled the singles on instead of nailing them on. I figure I’ll end up with a new roof eventually. Now my skylights are deteriorating from the weather and have a crack in each one, they also have to be replaced. Other than those two problems I love my home.

J Cook from Peach Bottom, PA
I bought a 2008 model and absolutely love it - I have had no problems, except for the skirting blowing out of its tract due to high winds. But that's about it. It's easy to care for - heating bills and A/C are low. Great home!

Deborah Walker from Laurel, DE
I bought my 1996 home because I like the floor plan and could change some of the inside design. I too, have had problems of molding falling off, interior doors not level, middle ceiling octagon cabinet not attached to studs and started to pull away from the ceiling and fall, rugs not stretch, since they have ridge high lines of carpet you trip over. Sinks that had to be replaced because of cracked and leaking. I tried to replace my kitchen light with another upgraded light fixture and it couldn't be done, because no studs to hold the new light. I'm just hoping the one there now, won't fall. Outside of the home is falling apart. The vinyl siding & vent has cracks, plus the siding keeps coming apart and you have to snap the strips back together. The foundation vents are hard to open and close and my roofing contractor says the ridge vent is not long enough to be effective and I'm having early failure to my shingles. My insurance adjuster & 2 roofing Companies have never seen anything like it all their years. They claimed the shingles probably sat in a warehouse for a long time in hot and cold. My home is a little over 10 years, but I had problems from Day 1, even before the 10 years of warranty. IKO shingle Company has agreed to pay, but will only pro rate, which means I get 30% of the price of shingles, no labor and no extra supplies I need. This means I get $569.00 on a $7,000.00 Job. Colony refuses to talk to me, saying the Home warranty has expired. Apparently the roofing problem is a ongoing problem with this home and this Company refuses to do anything.

Thomas Johnson from Jacobs Creek, PA
Well still no word from Colony as to what they are going to do about the poor manufacturing of my home. My roof isn't leaking but the shingles are totally shot. floor in master bath is weak, rear door held on by 1 hinge. I need some help here from the manufacturer. This house is a piece of crap and I will never purchase another Commodore or Colony again...

Lost all hope
Thomas Johnson

JAMIE SUMMERS from Six Mile Run Pa
my husband and I bought a brand new colony home a year ago, so far we have had so many problems with this house and to get someone out here to do the repairs is just impossible.. We went with Colony because it was the best manufactured home out there, boy were we wrong. Our roof has a big bow in it, our kitchen cabinets was uneven. our wall in our kitchen was cracked, trim was busted,1/2 of our doors throughout would not latch. our home was 2inches apart due to faulty put together...between the retailer and colony we have had nothing but a major headache...if i had a do over i would not purchase a colony home....

Thomas M Gusher from 1080 mary street, buttonwood, hanover township, pa. 18706
I love this home. I purchased it in 1995. The only issue I have had since i moved in is my roofing shingles are falling apart and must be replaced now. Most roofing shingles have a minimum 20 year warranty. I saved one wrapper from the time the home was installed. The roofing was made by Atlas Roofing Corp. my home SN: ST06565ABC How Do I Contact the roofing material mfg. to take advantage of the time remaining on the shingle warranty?

anthony geeding from cincinnati ohio river veiw crossing
I bought a home from river view crossing 1997 serial#09976a model lt301 make colony well now in aug. of2008 I had to replace my ROOF BECAUSE YOUR FAVCTORY DID NOT PUT IN ROOF VENTS.



Thomas Johnson from Jacobs Creek, PA
I purchased a used 1994 Colony Sectional in 2004. The shingles are curling, the rear door is falling off the hinges (only one hinge is holding the door on). No vents in the bathrooms, floor in master bath is weak. Wiring issues with dryer and caused a fire. Frames for the window screens are flimsy. I would not purchase again, I would by a Pine Grove. I am not so worried about any other problems but the roof shingles are shot. No let's see if Colony will fix the problem.

Unsatisfied so far

Thomas Johnson

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