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Clayton Homes

(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)

5000 Clayton Rd.
Maryville, TN 37804
Phone: 865-380-3000
Website: Clayton Homes Website
email: [email protected]

Clayton Homes Description:
(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)
"...Clayton has built homes since 1934 and was voted manufacturer of the year for a sixth consecutive year by peers in the industry, and won three prestigious Retail Sales Center of the Year awards..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1934
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 5000 (mobile homes & modular homes)
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsMHI (Manufactured Housing Institute)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkOver 500
Location of FactoriesCountrywide
How to Buy a HomeThrough their network of builders and retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood home construction with steel base
Energy EfficiencyUnable to Verify
Construction Timeframe2-5 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited options
Amount of FloorplansOver 100 online home designs


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70-$120
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by local builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityDepends on model selected
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeCountrywide
Number of Factory InspectionsVaries on final building location
Number of Building Site InspectionsDependent on final destination
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewClayton Homes is a very large provider of modular homes and manufactured mobile homes. They have a new design the i house. We like to see innovating designs like the i house but are wary that the i house may be more of a publicity stunt than a full shift in their focus. Their mobile homes are available throughout the country. They also build communities consisting entirely of manufactured housing. They do a good job with their communities but home buyers should be careful that they are not moving into a community that may have a stigma of "lower value" associated with it. Clayton does have a reputation for above average work but the public still can be resistant to communities of manufactured housing, especially since Clayton focuses on the entry level home market. Their website has alot of information to help you decide if they are a good match for you.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Clayton Homes

Jeff Courson from Ewing Mo
Nothing to be proud of.

MICHAEL KIRCHNER from missouri
the lebanon location sucks it has been the single worst decision I have evr made purchasing a home from the they lie don't do anything they say there going to do they forced me to sign a second loan after completely closing on the first one and then the first rep completely lied about information she gave to me then instead of covering some of the cost of their mistake bulldogged me in to the second signing and never gave me paper work from the first now its ben a year and my home is still not repaired and some of the repairs they made are not correct I would not recommend anyone bye anything from this company EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti from Portsmouth Oh
We bought a 2010 16x80 single wide from Clayton Homes of Chillicothe OH. The mobile home had to be ordered from Maryville TN. Our delivery date got pushed back due to a flood in Maryville. We actually saw news footage of mobile homes under water and the news anchor commenting about them not being delivered. Long story short, after it was delivered, a piece of siding had to be replaced on the end. When the repair guy came, he told me that he had to spray because the end was full of ants. After that I kept getting ants all along the ceiling, corners and floor. Now the roof is bowing on the other end. We can feel like a wire or something under the carpet in the living room, oth battubs rare cracked and leaking, I was told that it was not covered on my warranty because that is normal wear and tear. None of the doors shut right. I ordered a gas stove propane to be exact well no one could change it from natural to propane. I am very dissatisfied. I would really like to hear back from Clayton on this one!!!

Trish from McAlester Oklahoma
Clayton mobile homes in Muskogee are saying after I've already closed with Vanderbuilt that my old house that we are currently living in on the land where new mobile home is to be . House has to be torn down before trailer would be delivered. Hello... we have to live some where until we get trailer. Told them today redo my land title. Take the house and one acre of the other property because I'm not tearing down my house until I see fit to. Also 65,000 trailer turns into me paying 165,000 that is making 100,000 off me.

Crystal from Taylors sc
Just purchased double wide 4 bedroom and it has taken forever to get set up and now every room the carpet it stapled to the floor like someone would put down on some old used carpet that couldn't afford to pay to install and just stapled their self down..trim not on walk good throughout ,staples all in walls and I'm wanting to move in but if I do how is all this going to be repaired with my stuff in the way,very disappointed in this home after all the wait on it being built and brought out..

Mary suber from laurens sc29360
I purchased my 28x 72 mobile home in 2008 in Greenwood Scan it called for a 4 ton air unit. Every summer I have to get the unit repaired, I have never had heat n my master bedroom an come to find out they have me a 3ton unit an they knew it but I didn't. I'm looking for a lawyer

Linda from TN.
This home is only 4 years old the ceiling fell in the front bedroom closet and they don't want to fix it they say cause the roof wasn't sealed by us why do we have to seal a roof when it's less then 5 years old.. so the cost is on us. Now our home payment just went up again that is twice in 4 years. That's crazy, we were told it will go up again.. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.. our appliances were 2 years old with dents they refused to put new ones in..the carpet bunches up looks raggy.. guess it's the biggest mistake of our lives..

Holly from Loreauville, Louisiana
My family brought a 2009 Clayton Colonial mobile home in 2008. We have never had any problems with this home. Thank you Clayton

Stacey from Oldfort, TN
I purchased our Clayton home in March 2008 and took the time to actually go over all the upgrades available. I made sure to pay for 30 year shingles, upgraded insulation, footers, vapor barrier and a permanent foundation. I Have had an issue here and there but nothing out of the ordinary for owning any kind of home. I have had 2 service issues with my ac unit but repair in a timely manner. my french door leaks however I was warned by my sales person that they can leak if a covered porch isn't put on. I ordered with french doors anyway so I do believe I walked into it knowing what could happen. I also ordered the upgraded carpet and the upgraded cabinets with hardware on inside of cabinet instead of visible on outside. I have gotten many many compliments on my home. My best advice is if you purchase one please sit down with your sales person and request all upgrades available trust me it pays off in the long run. I honestly think manufactured home or normal built any home can have its problems. I have build 3 concrete block homes and this clayton homes had FAR LESS issues than I have had in the past with new construction builders!!!

Tim from chillicothe,ohio
Pure junk. The people that give Clayton Homes five stars has to work for them, or has very bad taste. There business practices are not very good as well. They will feed you a line of bs to get you to buy one of these over the counter paper weight pieces of trash.

mary osborne from dandridge tn
I can't believe no one has said anything about the level of lint and fiber that the heating system puts into the air on a daily basis. I can dust daily and it is back the next day. This has to be a health hazzard..... . I have had heat pumps in my homes for years and believe me this is not normal....

Brian from Alabama
Got my 2003 Clayton home new 10 years old now looks like the day I bought it never had a problem one with it got it from Boshell home sells in jasper alabama paid it off last year love it 5 stars

Amber from Kentucky
I wouldnt even give one star, My Families home is 5 years old, they are raising two children, my parents have worked their lifes away to afford one of these NICE homes, only to find out, there not so nice, the trim has fallin off, the doors dont shut, including the back door, the glass door we had to remove bc it practically was falling off the hinges, the ceiling was leaking and caused mold in the kitchen, the man came out to fix it and admitted it was the companys fauly, only to mention there are mold throughout the home, they are coming out tomarrow to see what they can do about it.. the ceiling is leaking, and much much more, now.. anyone who has sence knows that mold is dangerouse, and by him admitting it WAS indeed the companys fault, we will not settle for anything else that another home of our choice to be brought in.. anyone else have this problem?? and have anyone else had this type of outcome??

April Campbell from Worthington, wv
I highly recommend you buy your home elsewhere. My home was purchased in 2001. I am 1 year from paying it off and my floors are falling in, my windows and doors are leaking, and my bath tub and toilet have leaked from day one. I notified Clayton homes about my problems and an inspector came out. He assured me this was standard in mobile homes and there was NOTHING he or Clayton homes could do. When the home was delivered they dropped it on the bridge they had to lift it over. My cabinet doors were rubbing the ceiling and there was a huge crack in the ceiling as well. I swore the frame or something had been broken, but again Clayton Homes assured me this was not the case. However, they can not explain the floors falling in down the center of my house. Nor can they explain why every window in this home is leaking. Now I am stuck with a house no one wants to but and problems so costly to fix it is not worth the trouble. My parents had a mobile home back in the 70's (Fleetwood) and when they sold it in '89 it still looked great. Their floors weren't falling in and their windows were not leaking. I was surprised that the inspector said this was normal. If this is normal, I hate to see poor! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CRAFTSMANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!

Marcella Whitehead from Knoxville,TN
Homes are a money pit. I have had to deal with almost every problem other homeowners complain about, from rodents getting in between my skirting, to roofing problems. Shame on Clayton. Shame. Shame. The one star is for spacious rooms.

Ashley from Loudon,tn
we have had many problems with our siding on our 2004 single wide,and as due to recent raining we started getting water up our kitchen and living room walls,which our trailer is 4 feet off the ground...the siding has came untacted from the top,which was just stuck on by some type of putty black glue junk,we've had many siding companies come out and to be told we just need to contact clayton home,for they are the reason for this,bc all have said they did a very crappy job at building this trailor,one comapny said if mr clayton was hard up like he was years ago they would be out that day the call was placed to fix it,but now they sell trailers left and right really making a living out of it now than before good luck,we caimed it on our home owners insurance and only got 1,500 to have siding fix and wall fixed,whatever else is out of our kinda like my cental air unit inside,it's not flush with the wall like it's suspose to be,i called and called about that when we got this place in 2005,nothing ever got done with it...good luck for those who are wanting to buy a pos

Tammy Hummel from Fremont, Oh
We bought our mobile home threw the Marion Oh office and we are very unhappy with them...We have molding coming down, the back door will not let us out, our toilets in the bathroom needs to be plunger-ed all the time, our appliances are 2years and instead of 2010 like the home is ....This company is a riff off...I wish i never ever dealt with them....Marion Oh office has unfriendly personnel there and it is like they dont care..

Heather from Bluffton, South Carolina
I too agree with many of the above reviews. Bought new single wide in 2006 after getting married. Home is less than 5 years old and conveniently, things started breaking as soon as the one year warranty was expired. Other issues from day one though. Dryer vent was in a completely odd place, they fixed that and didn't even bother to fill the original wrong hole...roof leaks in multiple places - hubby and dad have spent many afternoons fixing those. I am constantly retacking trim strips with finishing nails on walls, door trims, cabinets, all...Doors don't shut...every door knob here has broken in the exact same way. Light switch plates are all crooked, AC unit had to have freon charged into it the very first summer...they apparently never added any. AC unit has been worked on 3 or 4 times a summer...every summer. Cabinets and drawers randomly fall apart without any particular reason. Appliances are okay, GE fridge has had work done twice now. Fireplace is about the only thing that hasn't caused any grief....knock on wood. Don't remember much about the buying process now, but I think back and get a very distinct snake in the grass feeling about our sales people. Not a fan of Vanderbilt Mortgage either. We are trying very hard to find someone to assume our loan so that we can move closer to my husband’s new job. Nothing against mobile homes, I've lived in them most of my life, but I wouldn't do this over again with Clayton. I understand that you get what you pay for, but too many corners are cut and it becomes very obvious after a year or so in the home.

Joel from Mississippi
Hi Guys, I've been reading a lot of reviews on Clayton Homes and have been researching a new mobile home. I see the bad reviews and can tell everyone, my wife & I found a "brand new" 2009 (never sold) Clayton Home sitting on the lot with a leak in the roof!! The dealer was trying to sell it to us and knocked off about 8K on the price. I just happened to find the leak in the ceiling corner in the Master Bedroom and commented on it. He said he'd fix it and it would be covered under his warranty. He said the leak was coming from a roof vent, most likely and I can agree on that, but am GLAD we didn't by that singlewide Clayton!! We've had a very dry Fall season in MS and had only little rainfall...thank God we passed on this purchase!!

Chris W from Villa Ridge, MO
I wish they had no stars. Bought a 2006, and have already had a good portion of the roof redone by someone from the factory. Found out today that the roof is bad and had leaks in several places. This is in addition to all the other problems I have had like the carpets not being stretched properly, the cabinet doors are not wood so if they get scratched, you are hosed, and the kitchen faucet has fallen apart in my hand numerous times. All of the trim on the counters in the house is coming off. None of my doors will either stay open or latch properly. No screen for the front door and it's an odd size so I will have to get one custom-made, adhesive on the vinyl coating they put on the walls in nearly every room, and less than one inch of styrofoam insulation protecting me and my home from the outside elements. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I am going by the dealer where I bought my home tonight to tell them exactly what I think of their home. I may walk away and take the hit to my credit rating. The place isn't worth the payments.

Matt from oklahoma
As already stated, a O star rating should be added to the list of BS start off the shingles have blown off and had leaks in the roof when delivered. the result of complaining??? white caulking on a brown roof...oh yes im definitely the envy of the neighbors that drive slow pass the house to laugh..the floors are uneven and the shower wall is more than 1 1/2 unlevel..yes the house is level just not the framing..the floor creaks ( not a bad thing if the booger man ever enters your home, you will definitely hear him from the other end of the house with the tv on) there was damage to the walls and the ceiling sheetrock ( just put bigger trim over it to hide it from the customer) and the list goes on from there...lets not talk about the insulation that we paid for ( no doubt still on the roll in the warehouse) and the front door that had the door jamb split..their answer bring another one that was used and had three deadbolt holes already drilled (great if i lived in New York where you need at least three deadbolts) but lets be honest..the front door could be kicked in by my 7 year old son..the carpet warranty isnt worth wiping your bottom on as a bowl of oatmeal will ruin it (by the way the oatmeal on the floor is more padding that the carpet has). the bottom line is that this is no way to keep should be ashamed of yourselves for what you are doing..but i guess that the almighty green dollar is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CUSTOMERS...bottom line..if you live in Alaska build an igloo, if you live in a warm a wood storage shed and hang a hammock..u would be better much for the 5 bedroom 3 bathroom dream if you will excuse me i have to tear off the shingles (the ones that the wind hasnt blown away)and reinsulate the room and replace the shingles and the OSB sheeting that is bowed and looking like someone rode a bull on it.

Brianna Burton from Kansas City Missouri
The floors are nice, but ...

$512 stove is dented, scratched, bent, and has a red tag on it from the gas company

The first time I turned the furnace on, the whole place filled with smoke and I had to call the fire department to get someone to tell me how to turn off the smoke alarms

Floor under the stove is torn up so I can't slide stove out or back into place

Several lights are turning off and on at random. For example, in the second bedroom, there are 4 lights in the ceiling. One of the four turned off a few minutes ago and just came back on. It makes a clicking noise when it goes off and when it comes back on. I have been here all day today and I would guess that throughout the day I have noticed this phenomena around 4 times in the kitchen/living room area.

$750 steps are flimsy and unstable

Furnace door will not stay closed and cannot be removed or put back on without scratching up the walls

Lights dim and/or blink throughout when the air conditioner turns on

Most of the cabinet doors are loose and cannot be tightened because all of the screw holes are stripped out

$1099 porch cover is useless unless the wind is coming from the northwest. It sits too high over the door so wind coming from any other direction blows the rain under the cover. I did not have this problem with the $100 porch cover that sat just above the door at my old place

Two sets of cabinet doors are hung crooked

There are several cuts in floor which appear to have been made with box cutter type knife

There is no siding above the front door, just a piece of plywood with caulk around it.

The fan in the master bathroom is making the light bulb shake. I noticed the shaking when some loose glass fell from when the bulb burned up the other day.

I repeatedly requested regular-flow toilets and even provided a diagram with arrows pointing to the toilets and wording indicating what type of toilets to install - the low-flow toilets are repeatedly backing up

$235 ceiling fan is missing from the master bedroom

There is a hole in the shower, metal sticking up in the drain, and a gouge on the outer wall

The light in the master bathroom seemed to have burned out but then started working again - after changing the bulb, the light bulb made a crackling noise, turned bright white at the base and burned out - I suspect electrical problems

The windows in the master bedroom and living room do not open properly

The window in the master bedroom cannot be latched shut without bending the frame

There is a dent on the refrigerator

The kitchen cabinets are not hung at the same height - this is why that strip of wood behind the refrigerator overlaps the trim - the cabinet beside that one sits about an inch higher, throwing off the trim and cabinet edges

I need a repair kit for wall paper and the window/door trim

Various scuffs, scrapes, chips, scratches, and blobs of paint, tar, caulk, and spackling on walls, trim, cabinet doors, and countertops throughout

None of the cable jacks are functional or useable in any way - I have not looked into the phone jack yet

The window shade for the front door is ruined and the back door won't close properly - it closed correctly at first, but I think as the trailer settled, the door frame changed

Front and back doors, after being replaced, also need double key locks.

Because this place is so poorly made, I have no confidence whatsoever in this home. Since an electrician will have to come out and see what is going on with the lights, he can check the entire system and get it up to code, but I will also need someone to inspect all the plumbing to make sure nothing is leaking inside the walls and underneath, as well as someone to inspect all the ductwork to make sure there are no holes. I also need someone to verify that the $441 OSB wrap and the $375 R-30 ceiling insulation were installed.

Linda Beckham from Rock Hill, SC
Like others whose reviews are posted here, I would have rated zero stars if that had been an option in the drop-down box. Bought my single-wide home, previously a display unit at the sales site, because I fell in love with it.

I expected to have a punch list of things to fix. What I did NOT expect is for the service tech to tell me "you get what you pay for" & "what do you expect for the money?" I did not expect the sales rep to pass me off to a service department that makes and fails to keep appointments or to call someone at the factory who treats me like dirt under his feet.

As a customer, I did everything I should do. Made a complete punch list; made arrangements to be on site for appointments for repair; followed up time & time again. Clayton has let me down in a big way. I would not recommend Clayton to anyone.

Kim Skeens from Nicholasville KY
i am a 19 year old first time home owner. my house burned down in december 2009. with the insurance money i received i put a down payment of 5000 on a 2010 customized clayton home in Pound VA. my family and i were very excited about the new home we had bought. when the house came in we paid the rest of it off in CASH. a date was set on when the home was going to be delivered etc... to our surprise Marvin from clayton homes VA calls to tell us our home is being delivered to our property early. this was inconvenient for us bc we were told the house wouldnt be delivered until several weeks later. we werent packed nor prepared. we then had to drive from prestonsburg ky to nicholasville ky, which is about 175 miles apart to meet with Marvin and Jimmy Kinser (the salesman). my family and i moved within ONE night traveling back and forth from prestonsburg to nicholasville. it was just the three of us working from 9 am to 7 am the next morning. on top of the stress of having everything moved, when we get ready to lay down for bed we try to turn the water... it leaked... checked the breaker box... everything was hooked up backwards. the dryer was on the furnace breaker and the furnace was hooked on the dryer breaker. nail holes were everywhere staples in the floor. fake woodwork when we were promised real oak, our "customized" curtains had snags in them and threads hanging. also i walk in the bath room the sinks, toilets and faucets were plastic when they were supposed to be porcelain and also my toilet was leaking. i then had to start replacing things myself bc every time i called, Marvin was out of town or out of his office. my anchoring system was installed improperly and not enough anchors. the fire marshal came out and said they were at fault and if one good wind came through my house would be gone. he told clayton they then had 26 working business days to make changes, replace their defaults and send a check to me for replacing the cabinets and reimbursement i was owed for hiring people to fix my piping under the house. the check never came a phone call from clayton homes to me has never been made and promises have been broken. i thought being a first time homeowner was supposed to be a good experience but it has been a nightmare for me. since all this has happened, my family has dealt with nothing but distress and my house is now sinking bc it is not level due to the anchoring system and unfix problems. I WILL NEVER BUY A HOME FROM CLAYTON HOMES AGAIN!!!! please let this be a warning to you all. when they saw a family in need from a loss of a home and a young buyer they thought they could slip some money into their own pockets but thats not going to work with this 19 year old first time home buyer. i'm taking it to court and i encourage anyone who has had problems with clayton homes to do so as well.
thank you and hope this helps.

Mike from Columbia, SC
2009 Clayton 16 X 76... outstanding home, very affordable and comfortable. Could not ask for any better!!! Thanks Cayce, SC sales team...

Ingrid Rogers from Candler, NC
We purchased a Clayton modular home in 2002 and we are very dissatisfied. Today we found out that scrap shingles were used in the area of the exhaust vents and that we had a slow leak since we purchased the home. Now there is mold growing in the bathroom. After seven years the house creaks and moans like it is falling apart. The plumbing under the kitchen sink was not done properly, the carpeting is buckling and coming away from the walls, besides being of the cheapest quality. The water heater was not installed correctly. It blew up in October and the water leaked all over because the drain was not done right. The tape and float was done by an amateur and looks terrible. During the walk through, I got splinters in my hands because the underside of the kitchen counters was so rough it was dangerous to touch it. I could go on and on, but reading all the other complaints, it would be useless. Just don't buy a Clayton home.


Stacy Galva from Hobbs, NM
Everything about this house is as cheap as it gets! Just about all the paneling has fallen off. The french doors leak when it rains, even after the service guy came out and "fixed" it. NONE of the holes where the pipes come up into the house were sealed off, making this house extra mice friendly! After sealing off all the holes and killing all the mice and disinfecting everything myself, the bathrooms started to reek of mice urine again and we ended up having to rip up our bathtubs AND sinks to find they were entering the house through a hole 3 times bigger than it needed to be for the water pipes! And the skirting was so cheap that the one or two times it hailed lightly in 3 years punctured right through it, then the wind blew off some of the skirting, allowing other animals to take up housing!! Also allowing the field mice to get under our house, crawl in our walls and die, leaving us smelling decaying flesh! And now they are in our A/C ducts! All the knobs in the house are too cheap and dont work right either. The back door knob and the french door knob dont lock, we have to use only the dead bolt and the one on the back door is almost impossible to do. You have to pull the door REALLY tight to get it to lock. There is 1-1/2 inch gap (some have bigger) under all the doors in the house and some are unlevel and wont stay open, but because of the enormous gap, I cant use a door stop. The carpet is cheap. The shingles fly off our roof as if they weren't even attached. We practically live in a cardboard house. Just a shove busted open our front door. I can keep going, but I'm getting very angry so I'll end it right here. You all get my point.

Tracy Wells from Crestview, Fl
I wish that there was NO STAR!!!! I went through Clayton to purchase a home that was built by Southern Homes. The home itself has had its problems don't get me wrong I think they RUSHED it WAY too much to get the sale. But never the less CLAYTON is who I am to deal with and EVERYTHING about them SUCKS!!! I purchased a new model in March 2008... moved in Memorial Day Weekend - May of 2008. But I couldn't live there because of no A/C. I finally lived there the 2nd weekend of June 2008. My first payment was Aug. 1st. There was my FREE 3 Months they were advertising I would get if I purchased from them... For the past year and almost a half now it has been TOTAL STRESS... Without giving a lot of really detailed stuff in this box, lets just say that the Florida State of Motor Vehicles and Transportation got involved to try and get things they promised in the contract fixed and to finish the stuff that was to be fixed BEFORE I even moved in. I went from contacting Clayton Homes of Crestview Florida, to contacting Terry Starkey at the Corp. office and even the Office Manager at the dealership and GOT NO WHERE!!!! When things started to look a little fishy to me ... I called the Okaloosa County Board of Coding and Building to have them inspect some brick work I had done around the house and quickly found out that Clayton Home didn't pull a permit to do the brick work I had paid for through the Silver Key package I got when I purchased the home. The brick steps have 4 different valilations and are not up to code. The brick skirting was built on the ground with NO FOOTERS or BRICK SPACING TIES.... HEY DID I MENTION I LIVE IN FLORIDA!!!! SAND, not soil here... can anyone at Clayton's say - SINK... Well the state found 5 valilations inside the home that had to deal with safety or construction. A second state inspector found 9 valilations under the house... from all the electrical hanging and touching the ground to not having enough support beams under the house... the design calls for 4 pillars to be placed under the house for support. We have 2.... Oh, I did mention I lived in FLORIDA right.... Hurricane ally... thanks for giving me the correct support.... needless to say... word of mouth goes further than any AD's you may run. And if someone EVER asks me about my home, I'll tell them... I'll tell them everything.... BUYER BEWARE!!!! Beware not only for these reasons, but also they have breeched our contract for the Silver Key package... I was to also get $750 worth of landscaping... I got $100!!!! I gave them $5000.00 down plus a $1000.00 voucher from Clayton homes... throughout the whole contract, it only says $4500.00 was given... plus ALOT more "number" mess ups!!! Vanderbilt and Clayton are ONE.... that's why they are owned by the same company... they scratch each others back... But whose scratching mine??? My lawyer... that's who.... I really wish I could find a way to talk to this "Kevin Clayton"... Number of years in business don't mean crap when the service, fraud and mis-information, breaching contracts, trying to cut corners to save money and the customer gets it in the end... If thats how you run things... thats the ONLY reason you have been in business this long.... You have taken MANY to the cleaners and people like me and the other 1 stars are keeping you afloat.... THATS SAD.

Shari from Ash Fork, AZ
THE BEST home buying experience I have ever had. Courteous, caring sales people, knowledgeable contractors, easy financing. I actually bought my home from a Clayton Store...NOT just a dealer that sells Claytons. They handled everything from permits to hiring contractors. I didn't have to do anything! Customer Service has always been quick and efficient. ANY problems I have had, have been resolved in a timely manner. I would definitely buy from Clayton again.

Tonya from Middleburg, FL
The Luv Homes in Jacksonville FL is one of the best! They offer landscaping, gutters, and stucco foundations among other things that make their homes beautiful after the sale!

Jeff from Knoxville, TN
Excellent product, excellent customer service!

Gary Hunt from LAFAYETE.LA
Best experience to date. A wonderful company. All of my family has a Clayton home and we All love them. Thank you Clayton!!!

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