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Chariot Eagle

931 N. W. 37th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34475
Phone: 352-629-7007
Fax: 352-629-6920

Chariot Eagle Description:
"...Chariot Eagle is one of the top producers of holiday park homes in the USA and in North America. Starting in 1984, with just five employees, in a leased 10,000 square foot facility, the company has expanded on four different occasions ... Statistics show that Chariot has ranked 1st or 2nd in USA 12' wide park model sales since 1989..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1984
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)100-200
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsMHI (Manufactured Housing Institute)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
No architects available
Builder NetworkAbout 100 retailers
Location of FactoriesOcala, FL; Phoenix, AZ
How to Buy a HomeThrough their network of retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction, steel base
Energy EfficiencyR-22 fiberglass batt roof insulation, R-11 sidewall insulation, R-7 floor insulation
Construction Timeframe1-3 weeks
Customization FlexibilityLimited options
Amount of FloorplansOver 25 online home designs


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$70-$90
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by local retailer


Garage/Deck AvailabilityPorches are available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne year limited warranty
Delivery Range450 miles from factories
Number of Factory InspectionsVaries on final building location
Number of Building Site InspectionsDependent on final destination
Information PackageInformation available on their website.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewChariot Eagle builds manufactured mobile homes and economical modular housing. They are a good choice for vacation homes or seniors looking to downsize to a smaller retirement home. They provide decent quality work for the lower end modular market. If you are looking for a primary home to raise a family, then Chariot Eagle is probably not the best match for you. They are a good choice for people looking for economical living.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Chariot Eagle

gary WEST from Parker, AZ
They don't back up what they sell. So far no warranty help at all. Just arguments and bad attitude. There dealer in Yuma, (Blue Diamond are the worst. Beware!) especially the owner Dan somebody actually called and yelled, telling me never to call for any warranty service again. What a shock after just paying Blue Diamond over $50000.00 NEVER BUY FROM AGAIN AND WOULDN'T RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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