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Cappaert Manufactured Housing

PO Box 820567
Vicksburg, MS 39182-0567
Phone: 601-636-5401
Fax: 601-636-0070

Cappaert Manufactured Housing Description:
"...Homes are fully approved for FHA and VA mobile home financing. Homes are built to meet or exceed the Federal Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards, as set within the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards acts of 1974 (Title VI). As it was the time of manufacture a data plate is affixed to each home that indicates the structural loading and climactic zones for which the home is designed and constructed..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1987
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)N/A
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Builder NetworkOver 20 retailers
Location of FactoriesVicksburg, MS
How to Buy a HomeThrough network of retailers

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood, steel
Energy EfficiencyNot energy efficient
Construction TimeframeModels are already built and awaiting delivery.
Customization FlexibilityNo significant customization allowed
Amount of Floorplans51 mobile home models


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$75-$90
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationNot needed, home is attached to steel frame.


Garage/Deck AvailabilityNot available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNo
GuaranteesNot stated
Delivery RangeGulf Coast Area
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by mobile home retailer
Information PackageNot available

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewCappaert Homes does not focus on modular homes. They are a manufactured mobile home provider. They seem to focus on the entry level market with simple floorplans. They focus on affordability and do a good job providing a sound home at a good price. If you have limited finances this might be your way into a home. We are not confident that they can handle the finder details expected by upper scale home buyers.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Cappaert Manufactured Housing

nancy baumgardner from 146 road 1438
I've had 8 leaks in the same places in roof, all they do is patch it, it even leaked thru the ceiling light, put a bucket under it last time and it got half full. and they still want to patch the same spots. you turn light on and it either goes off or blows the bulb

DeAnt. Co from Louisiana
Say far away from these people and their homes

Latoya Taylor from Mississippi
I have had the most problems out of this was to be new home and still they have not fixed it yet I even called the company left 13 voice mail and I call the place where I purchased it my dishwasher ,stove,refigadator,and wall leak panel still have holes they lied about repairs and toilet and shower and tub in both bathe are leaking in the floor and walls the guy pull my appliances out moved my stove ,cabinet and all left a dang mess and last but not least feces and water and black mold has sat up here and I have been sick for about 3 month and I have cancer I went back to the place I got it and tell guy said with his untrained eye it look fine but my hand to God they will pay for the lies and how they treat me and I am sick I got the house was to be but that's not true due to the problems and I really think I deserve another house and they can get this junk as well if they don't do something by next Tuesday I will be calling the fire Marshall, health department, certified building exp.,and the news and will be a dressing our president who don't take no crap he is strictly by the book and that's what I will go by along with my attorney if this matter is not settle. I only had it 7 months and been waiting tired of the lies my bathe tub has fell thru the floor and the white foam and partial board is fell thru and my 13 got hurt when the floor clasped

Willie Hazelwood from Belzoni, ms.
I purchased a home In Grenada back in 2004.only thing I can say is I would buy another one, recommend anyone else to buy one, and plan on buying another one soon, I would like to know if I can buy factory direct.

Marisa Brents from Starkville
Their customer service and parts department are the bottom of the barrel. I have been trying to get 4 panels to replace ones we damaged for close to two months. Promises, promises, promises, is all we get. I am to the point of calling Al and Sean and the rest of the company LIARS which a a very strong word but when you are told it will be delivered to Columbus, MS for pick up and then hear one excuse after another what is one to believe. I can only hope if a customer needs parts they do not go through this. From this experience we will never purchase another home from Cappaert!

Scotty Jobe from Mississippi
Cappaert Housing . Is no different then other housing company. I had my problem at first but . I wait it on them they did everything .They said they was going to do. They did search a good job that my brother brought one. The house. I have a model # 9906 and that .The same one my brother have.

usmato from louisiana
I wanted to post my positive experience with Cappaert. i always see more negative reviews on websites because those with issues seem to seek out places to vent but those who had a positive experience don't take the time to comment. I agree some of the other positive reviewers. If you take the time to research the homes and find a good dealer it goes a long way. We had a few minor issues once we received but we expected that with a home like this. Once it place all were addressed and we are very happy with the final product..

G. McCartney from Wisner, La
I have an '04 Cappaert Mobile Home. Since I had a complete Roof Over done over the home as soon as I got it, I have had no roof issues. However, I agree with another poster about the outlets not being put next to studs instead of just into sheetrock. My dishwasher went out 2 years ago, don't know why. Just quit. My interior doors never close right.Now I am having issues with washer drain which isn't their fault, but I can't get a skematic of the plumbing so that I can trace the line. Since pipes are inside of the lining under home, I can't see anything without tearing up the lining. Can't get a copy from company.

Barbara Smith from Mississippi
I got mine for the deer camp. You get what you pay for, you have to understand when you pay 36,000. the home has got to be junk, hey I'm just another sucker and deserve what I got....junk! One star is to high! stay clear of these guys!

terrell from louisiana
I bought a home from C and w homes and I truly regret it I have had issue after issue where do I start my bedroom doors were not on track,locks were inside out,dishwasher went out quickly and bad roofing and when you call them to have someone come out they are forever sending them very unfriendly I will never buy again from them nor will I encourage anyone to go to c and w homes I wish I knew what I know now then this review I hope will help anyone that is thinking about going there think twice and for you who are in my shoes I truly know the feeling

Bobby Runions from Texas
My home came from Shreveport, LA called Skylar mobile homes and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Any issues I've had have been minor and promptly taken care of by the dealership.

curtis & gerda stewart from saucier,ms
we bought this doublewide brannew in 2007. it is a 2006 model. shortly after moving in we found holes in the duct work t where it wasnt supposed to be stains in the shower walls that would not come out glue every where. some things have been fixed. now the roof is leaking in two rooms. i called my insurance company and they sent an adjuster out twice.he checked the roof and told me that it was a manufacturers defect. there was no damage to the roof from any kind of storm. so i called the manufacterer i have yet to here from them as to when someone will be out to see the damage the leaks has caused.

Toni Griffin from Foxworth Mississippi
I have been trying since July 16th 2010 when the house rolled onto our place to get the thing fixed. We also have bowed walls inside and out glue, grease, and things under the floors even a screw up through the floor some things have been taken care of but some of the things are poor craftsmanship and a hurry up get it done mess the 1 star doesn't even belong there. And I still can't get anyone to call me back.

Lynn Rollins & Howard Wallace from McCreek Creek, MS
We purchased our 5 BR 3 BA Doublewide home in May 2010, our home looks wonderful, until you take a second look. Our floors or bowed, the floor tile has trash under it and is bubbled up in several places and has cuts as well, along with sways in several locations. We paid an extra $75 per room to have the floors prepped for the floor tile to be placed. We had walls with holes that were covered with wallpaper, the paper is peeled off on several walls, the ceiling needs several panels replaced, and the back door is cut to wide for the door frame so therefore the door does not sealed correctly. In ordered for Cappaert to come out to fix our floors they would have to cut up the existing floor in sections and away from the wall, this would leave us having a strip to connect the floor tile and would result in our new home looking like crap!!! We paid to have one strip of tile with no cuts, no strips, no nothing!!! To settle for a cash settlement is a rip off within itself. Once you pay for and receive your home Cappaert Homes could care less how your home looks. They are only out for their self and care only about the money they can make and save!! We will NEVER purchase another home from them or C&W Homes nor will we recommend them to anyone.

Corey from Gloster, MS
It is now Aug.2010. My FLOORS have still not been fixed! This should have been taken care! I have a soft spot in floor wear water leaked and got under floor because of the cuts in it from factory. Would never tell anyone to buy from them again!

Dale from Arkansas
I find some of these reviews troubling. I know, and sympathize w/ people w/ true problems, which surely occur. But, we went to great lengths selecting our home and are very satisfied w/ Cappaert...when you look at reviews in similar class homes, Cappaert shines in comparison. You may have done more research in selecting your "dealer"...I purchased from Hawks and they apparently have a strong relationship w/ the company. The minor repairs I have requested have been handled in a most satisfactory manner and I would recommend both the brand and dealer to anyone.

Corey Rollins from Gloster, MS
Feb. 2010, C & W have came out and fixed most of the problems. They still have not called or sent anyone to look at my floors and siding. Floors are bowed and bubble everywhere. Nails and showing in places too. Still waiting. Have called and asked but have not heard back.

Henri from denham springs

Charles Jewell from Winnsboro
Feb 19 2010 they showed up & worked on doors all thru the house, fixed about 9 holes they tore in the flooring from last trip. Still got to come back and fix the wall behind the stove & the cabinets over the stove, Later.

Corey Rollins from Gloster, Ms
I bought my first home from C & W Homes at the end of Dec. Have only been in it a month. I have had leaks in wall and bathrooms. I have a hole in one wall. My floors all bow. My master bath tub and vanity is separated from wall. No one has called about coming and fixing my new home. I think they should have inspected it a lot better instead of being in such a hurry to deliver it to me. Will update as work gets done.

Charles Jewell from Winnsboro
It's Feb.8,2010 and we're still waiting on someone to come out to fix our trailer. There's been some bad weather but there have been a lot of good days too... Later with the Date they show up.

Paul & Kim from Opelousas, la.
I Hate my home. I sure hope that the people that built this one are not still doing that for a living. I need to sell it but who is going to by this piece of junk. The roof is destroyed and the home has some mold in it.

Charles Jewell from Winnsboro
They delivered our home on Sept. 2 2009. Moved in just in time for Thanksgiving due to sorry workmanship. I've never seen anything like it. If I had done a job that sad I'd got fired that day. I'd list the problems but that would take too long. Today's Jan.19,2010 sent in my 30 day list and still waiting. It Would have been a Nice Home, We would have really enjoyed it-But we got our bubble busted . I'll check back later with an update on how we get treated and how long it takes them to TREAT...ME !

Charles Jewell from Winnsboro
I'm not going to lie, Ours is a nice home. I just don't believe they inspect their trailers & they're not really good about coming out to fix what's wrong. We made a list 5 pages long a month later they sent someone out. They rushed them so much they messed up other stuff. We still have our 30 day list stuff they have to come back & fix. They sent out a man to work on the wiring to the plug behind the stove, He had to run another wire to get it to work, someone had left out a wire. Not real surprising by the way the rest of it looked. Look Hard Before Buying !!!!

Roxane from Star City, Arkansas
I hate my Cappaert home. Where do I start. I'm in the process of fixing the roof, I replaced the tub in the master bath and when I did OMG! They didn't seal around the tub and all the water was rotting the floor and the wall. I have yellowish smears on some of the walls(I have no idea where that came from). 2 of the walls in the kitchen bowed out and they had to be replaced. The smell from the venting under the sinks. The trim is awful! The company ought to be ashamed of their work. DO NOT BUY A CAPPAERT HOME!

james meche from opelousas LA
I put one star because they don't have lower!!! I have had my home for two months, and have never been able to live in it!! I can' even start to name all, and I mean all that is wrong with it! I was mad at myself at first, but now I blame the company, and the government for letting them sell something like this. We got a zone 3 so it would be stronger for the winds, but I already have two pieces. From the outside that is falling off!! The only thing I can say to help other people is to look at every inch of everything, and then turn around, and run fast!!!!

Rita Menard from Texas
Actually, it would be zero stars!!! We have had nothing but trouble with this mobile home since we purchased it. The trim is horrible, the outlets SHOULD be mounted to wall studs, but they are only stuck to the sheetrock, and so two outlets have caved in and are a fire hazard now. The dishwasher is impossible to remove so we can't replace it with a new one. In my opinion, John Smith from Texas is completely fictitious, because anyone who owns a Cappaert home is robbed of their money.

Dawn & Norman from Louisiana
My father and I bought a Cappaert home in 2004 and we have been terribly unhappy with the home. The roof is horrible it leaks through the vents in the bathrooms we had to have them repaired. The people who set the home up ripped the carpet and the dealer would not replace it, The floors are rising through the home, the plumbing is horrible it smells like sewer due to the vents being vented under sink instead of roof, (pretty embarrassing and smelly for guest or us). We recently had plumbing problems and had to tear out bathroom walls and we were in shock as to how the home was put together. The walls did not go all the way to ceiling and boards were torn and were covered up with trim strips. The trim is horrible and falling off throughout home and has smears all over it and walls. We were told this is normal for the home. We have staples sticking out all through home we had to sink in. Our side by side refrigerator is already gone we called service numerous times on it and they could not find the problem as it would be fine when they arrived. Same goes for dishwasher. We keep wondering what is next with the home. We will never buy another home from the company. If it was not for us using family property as down payment and losing it we would sell this home. It will not last the 30 years. These homes are trash. Spend the extra to get a good home. We wish we did.

Vicki from Arkansas
we have not as of yet purchased a mobile home but can tell you that we were treated with the upmost kindness and helpfulness at the cappaert dealer in Eldorado, AR. Would recommend them to friends who are also looking to buy a manufactured home. They have some lovely models and look to be built as well as any other brands that we have looked at. We really loved the exterior appearance of their homes more than most!

Doug from Lafayette, La
I was looking for a 2 br/1 bath that was true plywood and not presswood construction. Also was looking in the $20k-$21k range which I found with my Cappaert home. Have had one roof issue with the bathroom vent which my brother and I fixed myself roof caulk and have had no other issues. Otherwise, for the price I paid, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would buy another one.

Paul from Louisiana
I bought my home 3 years ago and it is terrible. The roof is horrible. Will never own another one I am trying to sell now.

Floyd from Louisiana
I bought my new home and wish that I would have spent the extra money on a more presentable product. The walls inside my mobile home look as though putty was smeared throughout. My molding does not meet in some places. My shower doors have never closed properly nor have any of my interior doors. My floors are bowed in several places. My mobile home has so many cosmetic issues it is unreal. The service department is one of the most poorest I have ever encountered. The company only has one person to do service on mobile homes in my area and the service that was done, was done poorly. I received more damages to my home by allowing the service man do the work he did. Capparet did not hold to their factory warranty. Do the right thing and spend the extra thousands and get a better built home.

Elizabeth from Louisiana
My husband and I bought a Cappaert home and have nothing but trouble with it (especially the roof). The service department does not provide good service at all (they never wanted to come and do their job). I actually would give it zero stars if possible. Spend your hard earned money on better quality!!!!

john smith from texas
cappaert, by my findings is to be one of the industry's most leading manufactured homes judging by its appearance, durability, and solid construction built of nothing less than quality name brand products. The solidness and structurally sound appearance and feeling is something me and my family have already came to enjoy and appreciate..Thank you cappaert homes for your second to none service and our wonderful home..

marygilboy from natchez,ms 39120
unable to get service on roof in front since purchasing the 2004 platinum model, it is wavy like the joists are warped. Also unable to get specs for roof pitch to add a porch to the rear. numerous calls to the seller and service department have largely been ignored.

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