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Alouette Homes

Part of Bonneville Homes

200 Rue Des Alouettes
St-Alphonse-de-Granby, Québec, Canada J0E 2A0
Phone: 450-539-3100
Fax: 450-539-0335

Alouette Homes Description:
Part of Bonneville Homes
"...The construction of an Alouette home in an ideal factory setting allows the company to offer a product of exceptional quality. Customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of their new home, as well as with the friendly and reliable service they receive from the Alouette Team..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Contemporary modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1971
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)500-700
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsISO 9001 Certified, Canadian Standards Association, Building Systems Councils (BSC), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkLess than 20
Location of FactoriesQuebec, Canada
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through its affiliates

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood home construction
Energy EfficiencyHouse wrap, energy efficient fiberglass batt insulation
Construction Timeframe2-4 weeks
Customization FlexibilityCertain items can be customized
Amount of FloorplansClose to one hundred homes


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$80-$110
Pricing homes by the square foot is like pricing a truck by the pound. It’s not the best measurement. Your home price is based on many customized building specifications, finishes and customizatons.
Avg. Transportation CostsIncluded in cost of home
Avg. Placement CostsIncluded in cost of home
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne year construction warranty
Delivery RangeNew Hampshire/Vermont area
Number of Factory InspectionsSeveral inspections
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageOur mystery shopper tried to request information but after completing the online form, a French message appeared. Then our mystery shopper tried to download the recommended online brochure but then received an error message saying the file no longer existed.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewAlouette Homes is part of Bonneville Homes a Canadian company that is an award winning modular home provider. The last seven years they have been a finalist or the winner for their regional title. They offer true modular homes and have several two story models that would look good in any neighborhood. Most of their floorplans are available online after you fill out a short form. They also have a photo gallery of completed homes. This family owned and operated company is a good option for entry-level to middle range home buyers. They also provide panelized homes but do not provide mobile homes. Their focus is on true modular homes and not repurposed mobile homes.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Alouette Homes

Stephen Linder from Huntington, VT
We purchased and had our home delivered and set up in 2001. We are very pleased with the overall construction of the home. As I have been reading, I am seeing numerous complaints about the shingles! I agree, we had a 25 year warranty and had to replace our shingles two years ago, a far cry from 25 years?? I did contact Allouette and never had any response. To bad they did not return the call or make an effort to help with the cost. Makes for a bad business decision. They make a quality home, unfortunately their lack of response gives them the bad review.

David from Hawksbury
I purchased a home in the 90s and it was great. I wanted to build again but I found out it was sold to Bonneville. I went to the factory and it wasn't open. I asked a local resident and they said it never was reopened? I called and I got another Bonnevilles office somewhere else?

DONNA CORBETT from 02347
Roof is a mess after 18 years. Pieces are decenergrating and finding them on my deck.

Michael McGregor from Montreal
I visited an allouette prefab Home built in Knowlton(Brome Lake) Quebec on Capell street it is around 13 years old and the shingles require replacement although they have been gauranteed for 25 years the quotes to do this are between 11k and 22k also about 90% of the Vacum sealed windows in the house are defective and seals are broken requiring they be changed. This is most definately a poor quality of products applied to this home . Windows of this kind should last at least 30 to 40 years and not just 13 years. Poor Quality and overall poor workmanship in the products applied to this prefab house I do not recommend anyone purchae a bonneville or Allouette prefab home as a result of this poor workmanship.

Pauline from Boscawen, NH
My home is 12 years old and the shingles were starting to curl up a year ago. I took pictures yesterday and plan to write to the company. I hope I get a better answer then the rest! Why can't we go after the shingle company?

Jerome Loring from Belmont, NH
Our experience with Alouette homes was unpleasant. We were generally pleased with the quality of the construction. We purchased our home in 2001. The roof was supposed to be rated for 30-yrs, but after 10 years, it started to deteriorate. We are now in the process of trying to sell the home and the roof is scaring people away. I called the company that purchased Alouette and was given the run around. They simply said that they were not Alouette homes. I finally asked them if they had purchased Alouette, and they finally admitted that they had, but assumed no responsibility for prior warranties.

Deanna from New Hampshire
As with the others, my Alouette home is just over 10 years old and the "25 year" shingles are a mess. They definitely used sub-par roof shingles, and I now need an entire new roof. I am wondering if it is in fact an Alouette issue or if has to do with the shingle company they chose. Either way, such a disappointment... and an investment I didn't think I'd need to make for another 15 years. :(

Luigi DeCicco from Melrose ,Ma
My roof is 13 years old and it is in rough shape and I have multiple leak throughout the house. I know these should be a 25 year shingle ,but they didn't make it and I want to know what this manufacturer will do to make things right.

david parkin from Rigaud, Quebec
I have been studying Alouette Homes for a few years. I designed my own house and plan to have them build it on my 2-acre property in Rigaud in 2014, two years from now. It will be 2-storey, 2-bedrooms, 2-baths , 2-car garage. Each storey is 990ft.2 or 30x33 ft. I have been designing custom homes for over twenty years and am confident Alouette Homes is the right choice to build my next home. To be continued...

ken fagnant from new hampshire
My house is less than 13 years old and my roof needs to be replaced. I believe sub standard shinglrs were used. "Out of sight, out of mind". The contract calls for a 25 year shingle. Let's see if Alouette will step up and make this right.

J. Fischer from North Hatley, QC
We have owned our Alouette Home for 5 years. The entire process was splendid. Because we live far from the building site, Alouette Homes was able to coordinate all of the building, utility and foundation requirements and secure all the permits for the construction of our home. All of the personnel were courteous and sensitive to our needs. In the 5 years we have owned our Alouette there have been no issues that were not dealt with speedily by the service department. This was a fast and efficient way to have a house in a hurry. Had we waited to have a house stick- built on site, we would still be waiting as the area builders are very busy. The materials used are top notch and there are many choices for the discriminating buyer. I have recommended Alouette to neighbors and friends in the area.

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