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Jacobsen Homes

600 Packard Court
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Toll-Free: 800-843-1559
Website: Jacobsen Homes Website

Jacobsen Homes Description:
"...We have strived over the years to use only the finest products and materials. People say there is a uniqueness about a Jacobsen Home that no other builder has matched. The reason is, no other builder has so successfully merged state-of-the-art engineering with the all-important, human touch. Special attention is given to every detail in each home that we build, to bring you the very best home at an affordable price..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Contemporary modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1959
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)800-1200
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsFlorida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA), Tampa Bay Builders Assoc.
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
2 architects on staff
Builder NetworkOver 25 builders
Location of FactoriesSafety Harbor, Florida
How to Buy a HomeHome buyers need to go through a builder/developer

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood frames with concrete foundations
Energy Efficiency30-19-11 standard for all Jacobsen homes, with low-e windows standard, working on Florida Green Building Approval. Systems Built Standard not yet in place by FHBA.
Construction Timeframe10 days factory, permit to move in 45-60 days
Customization FlexibilityTotal customization is available
Amount of FloorplansOver 25 predesigned floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$60-80 square foot, FOB factory
Avg. Transportation Costs$800 to $15,000 depending on floors and distance
Avg. Placement Costs$7,500-$25,000 site dependent. Typical foundations and set $13,000.
Site PreparationBuilder and/or developer provides site preparation


Garage/Deck AvailabilityA few plans have factory garages, site garages done by dealer. Many plans offer porches.
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeYes, additions to existing structures can be done
Guarantees5 year warranty
Delivery RangeAll of Florida
Number of Factory InspectionsDCA (Florida Department of Community Affairs) does inspections
Number of Building Site InspectionsTypically 5-7 inspections depending on county, dealer typically inspects site for access and foundation for square foot.
Information PackageIt took one week to arrive but it was worth it. The free information included a magazine, floorplans, testimonials and much more.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewJacobsen is a great manufactured mobile home provider but they are not a good modular home provider. They modular homes are very similar to their high quality manufactured mobile homes. This is good if your main concern is quality and not design or appearance. These are not very similar to stick-built homes. This is not to take away from the long history of Jacobsen and their reputation for good customer service. Their website is a good resource and is easy to navigate which is helpful since they have alot of information online to assist home buyers.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of Jacobsen Homes

Judy Klopstad from Inverness Fl
We bought our manufactured home off lot of Taylor Made Home's lot. Home is great but cannot get project manager to have someone to fix 90 day report. Very aggravating. Keep calling and keep getting excuses not to come out.

Lisha from Homosassa,FL
All homes whether stick built or manufactured will have issues with the foundation or pad settling and causing cracks in the walls etc. Also, customers need to take responsibility of checking paperwork they sign and layout changes as well to ensure everyone is on the same page. Read, read and re-read if you have to ! Jacobsen Homes is one of 3 Manufacturers that receive a Home Owner's Discount on their Insurance due to their Quality Build and as hard as we all try to make things perfect, no company or private seller can guarantee 100 % satisfaction on anything because lets face it, some of us are never pleased with anything. It is unfortunate that things happen, however, if we all tried to work together and not against each other I know that things would run smoother. Customer service unfortunately is only based on each individual location and should never completely reflect on the Company as a whole. Good luck to you all and remember...... if you want quality, buy quality!

Sandy Kleiman from Pinellas Park FL
We bought a new Jacobsen Home eleven months ago. We closed on a Friday turned our punch list in on Monday. On Tuesday morning Jacobsen were at our home to make the minor repairs. Our service is prompt. Our home is beautiful. Our home is solid. We love our home. A great home to age in place.

David Hall from Punta Gorda
I bought a 1986 Jacobsen 24 X 36 in a Charlotte County gated 55+ mobile home park in 2016. This trailer survived Hurricane Charlie in 2004. It has a concrete footer and tie down straps. The roof and AC were replaced about 2010. I have a lanai, carport, shed and Florida room attached. It is a nice home.

Allan Goldarbit from FL
I purchased Jacobsen Chancellor Model built in 2000 three years ago. HUD home. I love living in it. Nothing has gone wrong structurally at all. I replaced the hot water heater (15 yrs old). No leaks, no plumbing problems, original roof is still in good condition. Can't say enough good things about house

Barbara D'Angelo from Seminole, FL
Very substandard interior work!! There are blotches of paint everywhere and some of it has run over into the trim, appliances that do not fit correctly into their space, delivered with a broken bathroom window, hole in the wall in the second bedroom, 5 foot long crack in the ceiling that they have "attempted" to fix twice and now we're waiting on the third crew to arrive and "fix" it, there are grease spots coming thru the drywall, the water heater needed 2 visits before it was fixed, kitchen linoleum has a crack in it and there is either some lousy painting in the laundry closet or there's a leak in the ceiling. The quality of my home falls far short from Jacobsen's hype. It's no wonder that they are not rated by the BBB. Our purchase was a 2016 double-wide manufactured home for over $86,000. That may not seem like a great deal of money as far as Jacobsen is concerned but it's our life! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!

LindaE Strzalkowski from Safety Harbor
We purchased our house in June 2015, Phil told us that it should be ready at the end of August, and September we called Phil and told him that we were planning on coming to Florida October 18, he said our place would be ready, when we got here there were no steps the cement work wasn't done, and The shed was not completed, Phil said they would be working on it any day, we have now been here three weeks and one day, and nothing has been done to the outside at all, we've been staying with whoever we can and now we have to get a hotel room, Phil has lied to us over and over again, we could be in Michigan with our family for Thanksgiving instead we're getting ready to get a hotel room and have no idea when we'll get into our home, he is lied to us repeatedly, and I can't trust a word he says, this is been a nightmare , And I would never buy Jacobson's home again or recommend it to anyone!

Loretta Baker from greenwood florida
I've been reading reviews from Jacobsen home owners and I'm shocked by it. We bought our Jacobsen in 2000, but it was a 1999 model. I must say that we have not any real issues with the home and after all these years, it still looks like a brand new house. Granted, we've made some upgrades to it, but that has nothing to do with the structural aspect of it. Yes, we have a few cracks but that comes with the settling of the house. We have sheetrock walls so they don't look cheap. We installed Low E, energy efficient windows with grilles that look beautiful, we change the floors out with wood (we don't like carpeting) and added a front deck and a screened in back porch. We are now selling our home because we have decided to move back North and our buyers really love this house.

Sal Ciulla from Pinellas Park Florida
Incredibly poor workman ship , finished floors painted , hole in the bathtub , short in the electrical , light switches that do nothing , they never used a chalk line when they put the roof on and it looks like crap , path jobs on the ceiling that don't match . There are so many more problems I can't list them all , I challenge any representative from Jacobsen to contact me or come band see there workman ship. As for Citrus Meadowood Homes were I purchased the home offered little to no help at all.

Ed from Jensen Beach FL
We bought a five year old Jacobsen modular home, and have lived in it for two years. The vinyl siding in several locations keeps separating from the adjoining piece...poor installation. Several of the thermopane windows have leaked...poor quality. An electrical outlet came out of the wall.

Jane Roscoe from Middleburg
I have viewed the beautiful models here on the local sales lot and was hoping for one similar to it. I called last Friday to speak to someone In Clearwater who could tell me why I am getting such a delay getting my architectural designs done so they can be sent off to Tallahassee. NOW I am being told it takes 45 to 50 days and the sales manager here in Middleburg specifically said 30 days for the permit FROM Tallahassee was what was going to take the longest time. My husband and I were told that the weather would play a role in the actual site completion and we understand that but 45 to 50 days??? For a floor plan slightly different from one on the lot? Only 2 designers for 800 to 1200? I found out there are 16 modular homes I guess in the same process we are I number 1? number 5, or 16? Does the 45 to 50 days INCLUDE weekends? I cant plan a moving timeframe at all at this point. Salespeople on the lots need to be upfront about costs - porches, gutters, etc on the sheet are not included in the price even though you ask "whats the price for that house right there (pointing to it)" BEWARE!

Edward Heinig from jensen beach
I wanted purchase a modular Jacobsen home, Hutchinson island. The only company that can install is 5 star in Stuart. No other company can is allowed to install a Jacobsen Modular. The company is a high price first class Jerk. I can purchase a real concrete home,for less money.

Gail Christensen from Largo
I actually love my home BUT Jacobson sells homes in their ads with a 5 year warranty that is NOT so.One year only.Our shower pan was installed with NO support under it so it cracked.We had to replace the entire shower stall.We have pictures to back us up.Everyone who seen the pictures say never seen that before.Next problem our dryer plug was installed upside down which could have caused a fire as the prongs were not all the way in the plug.We called Jacobson but was told they would do nothing then we wrote the president plus included pictures and he said NO.With quality control so poor I feel they are responsible for the shower pan and the plug to be so rude 1 year on a warranty By the way Mr.President feels hes above the consumer complaints but we give him his job.So buyer beware NO WARRANTY with JACOBSON

mary becker from interlachen,fla.
Very disappointing! It took over a year for the deal to close. We went through Ocala custom homes-another mistake. We went to safety harbor in Florida to the model center to have the home designed. We ended up with things not done which we ordered and things we didn't order done. Crown molding missions from three rooms,paint splattered on the floors,glass outer front door missing,screen door on sliding glass door missing. I tried to resolve these issues with sue Davis,design consultant;no luck. I called her again and she told me she would "research" my concerns and call me back.....that was 6 weeks ago and no phone call. Since she wrote up the designs, she made many errors .and will not admit to them. Would I ever recommend Jacobsen homes......never. they are dishonest. No one ever inspected the home before it was shipped to my property. Anyone have any ideas about how my problems and those of other dissatisfied customers? They are totally unprofessional with no idea or concern for customer service and satisfaction. Now I am out a lot of money like so many others.

Kim Spraker from Naples, FL
I think that they have really gone downhill. We have been in our home for almost 2 years and the quality of the carpeting, cabinets etc is horrible. When we moved in we had a sliding glass door in our home that looked like it had been used, it was a mess. We finally had it taken out but did not get any money back for the door which cost me 375.00. And they even admitted that it looked bad. We have a crack in our ceiling in our veranda room that has been fixed numerous times and it is cracking again. And Lee Corp who we bought the home from is certainly no help at all. We bought hurricane shutters from them and luckily it was only two pair because they charged me over 3,000.00 when I went to another company and got the same shutters for the whole rest of the windows for 3,000.00. The carpet in our home is horrible it looks like it has been down for ages, it is the cheapest crap you can find and supposedly it was supposed to be an upgrade but the salesperson that we had at Lee Corp didnt put that in so we got the cheapest that they had. We are very disappointed in our home. We have friends that decided not to go with Jacobsen because of everything that they heard about them and they went with Palm Harbour and it is absolutely gorgeous and alot cheaper in price. We will never buy or tell anyone to buy from Jacobsen

wayne vitatoe from clearwater, fl
A folding door fell off the washer/dryer enclosure not long after the home was finished. This was in Oct. 2008. In 2011 the door falls off AGAIN. Inasmuch as this door was NEVER used (never closed) I thought Jacobsen should replace the door. A service man did come out but said I would have to replace the door at my own expense. The customer service person I first talked to will not return my calls. Until this issue developed, Jacobsen had been very helpful.

Jerry Johnson from Dade City Fl
I have lived in my Jacobsen Imperial for almost three months and I can't begin to tell how pleased I am with the home I have purchased. I sent in my 30 day check list with some minor items and they came out within four days and fixed everything on the list. I don't know if it is policy or not but I even had a visit from a Jacobsen Sales Rep, a Mr Sirio Ramirez, to make sure everything was okay. Lastly, I have shown my new home to many of the other residents and they just couldn't believe the quality of the construction, all of the cupboard space and the quality of the name brand appliances. I feel as if I am living in a well-built house instead of a manufactured home.

Augustines from Clermont, Fl.
Love our home, however, almost every doorknob in the house has broken. Cannot get any service. Also, called both Jacobsen & their dealer, Ronnie's complaining about a large ceiling/wall crack where the seam is in living room. They both blame the others' contractor. Have called both companies numerous times without results. Meanwhile the crack is getting worse.

Daniel Powell from Anceint Oaks Fl.
Jacobsen needs a inspection person before the home is shipped,cabinets a mess,countertops poorly finished,electrical cords use to level cobinets left under them,not knowing if powered or not. Sales co. Modern Homes of Florida terrible on installation. Was to be ready Sept.14,Oct.15,Nov.1..still not complete.

Shannon Dewey from Dade City Fl.
I love my Jaccobson home however I am very upset with Jon Frutell in Zephyrhills that we bought our home from! He has failed to do the things that he said he would do. First there is still builder debris in the back yard, He told us not to fill out the check list in the drawer for at least three months to say what we found wrong with our home. After moving in and fianlly having time to look at the check off list that he referred to I found that it should have been done within 30 days. Also there is a check off list in that drawer that Jon was supposed to fill out when he did his walk through. He never did a walk through! Speaking with friends, we were told that there is supposed to be a 30 , 60 and 90 day check off list. Only the 30 day could be found. Jon fails to return phone calls and avoids us because he knows that we are not happy. Last and most important...Jon told us when we bought our home that he would put a hand rail on our front steps. He didn't and we have recieved a letter from our insurance co. stating that if there is no rail by Oct. 22, 2010 our insurance will be canclled. Today is 10/17/10 and we have told Jon about this several times and he just says that he is on it. I have reported this to the bank and now you, hoping that my home can be brought up to standard. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Shannon Dewey

Kyra Burch from Wewahitchka, Florida
I love the home, but the people you have selling them make the name you have built for you very bad. They have people that come to fix repairs that cant do anything but put a coat of caulk up on it and not really fix the problem. I have had my home for a little over a year, and have been trying to get stuff fixed and can not get CCs Modular Homes of Panama City to do anything. The people they hired to put the home together have made this home look like a cheap trailor.

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