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Guildcrest Homes

(Division of Pro-Fab Homes)

P.O. Box 10
Morewood, ON, CANADA K0A 2R0
Phone: 613-448-2349
Toll-Free: 800-249-1432
Fax: 613-448-3464
Website: Guildcrest Homes Website

Guildcrest Homes Description:
(Division of Pro-Fab Homes)
"...At Guildcrest, we are convinced that high quality modular housing will become the standard demanded by new home buyers. Building indoors offers clear advantages in material protection, worker comfort and superior quality control, particularly in our northern climate. Factory building also permits more efficient material usage and better waste management practices - increasingly important issues for all of us..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:
Ontario and Western Quebec, Canada

Company Background

How Long in Business1991
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)200-300
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsCanadian Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI), Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA), Modular Building Systems Association (MBSA)
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkAbout 30 builders
Location of FactoriesMorewood, Ontario, Canada
How to Buy a HomeAvailable through builder network

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction, brick, vinyl, clapboard
Energy EfficiencyR-20 wall insulation, R-40 attic insulation, "High performance" windows c/w low E, Argon gas filled thermopanes
Construction Timeframe16 to 18 weeks
Customization FlexibilityFull customization of home design
Amount of FloorplansAbout 35 online home floorplans


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$75-$100
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarages and decks are possible
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
Guarantees10-year limited manufacturer's warranty
Delivery RangeEastern Canada
Number of Factory InspectionsUpon completion
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageProfessional and helpful website with a lot of information.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewGuildcrest is a good provider of modular homes. They are built to specification that are higher than some others modular builder and also provide for upgrades and customization. As much as we enjoy their quality and good reputation amongst builders we did notice one problem. Most of their standard floorplans are for less than 2000 square feet. We would like to see larger modular homes from them. Especially since their quality is good for any mid-range. We are not sure how many home buyers will want a home with less than 2000 square feet regardless of how well it is built and how good its energy efficiency is.
Mystery Shopper Rating

Personal Reviews of Guildcrest Homes

Judy from Stanleyville
My husband & I worked with Guildcrest when we were planning on selling our home. They worked with us on our house design but finally told us they would not be able to build it because of the size etc. Then they said - oh we will be able to build it for you but the price kept going higher & higher. Finally we were asked for a $500. deposit to ensure 2013 pricing, which we gave them. Our house sold in September 2014 and we decided not to go with Guildcrest because we wanted to hire local contractors because of the size & porch's / decks etc. We contacted Guildcrest on Nov. 14/14 to ask for our refund. It is now Feb.9/15 and there has been no refund or contact with us. Very disappointed in their handling of this matter....

Ken Laszlo from Smiths falls, Ontario
Initially everyone was very nice, but as soon as we gave them our cheque, time seemed to slow down. There was no promised delivery and explaination of the features of our home or 'welcome basket'. But that's no big deal, what is a big deal, is the CONSTANT water leaking in the basement. Just like everyone else in these reviews. Same thing. We had mold developing in a 1 year old home, and our little girl was only 2 at this time. After a long delay, they finally came to inspect the damage cause by the water. They realised the vapour barrier was on backwards, and the drainage system was install improperly. The workers seemed to do a good job, but next wet period outside, its leaking in the same spots again! Many cupboards are crooked and many small details are mis-aligned, and the floor in many places while creaks walking in the house. We have had constant damage and mold from the water. Leaking again.... Very disappointing considering all the money spent. After all is taken into consideration, this was a much more expensive way to build a house. Started off so well, but as soon as they get paid, it's a different ballgame.

Kristie from Newburgh
Things seemed really good in the beginning stages.. there were a few hiccups and we were given some false information before purchase.. which was really disappointing. Everything seemed to go downhill as soon as we gave Guildcrest their first 20% installment. The contractors that Guildcrest used to pour our foundation apparently can't read drawings very well, and poured the walls a foot too short... so they decided to add another foot on top. We are still waiting for a guarantee on this, as we don't want to be fixing it a few years down the road. When the house arrived on site, the roof wasn't sealed for nearly a week.. which caused significant water damage. When the roof was completed, it was a horrible job. We will likely have to replace the shingles again in a year or two.The house has been sitting on site for 5 weeks now and the crew has not yet touched the main level inside. The wet insulation and drywall is still sitting in the walls.. perfect breeding ground for mold! The studs in the basement are so noticeably out of level its ridiculous! Did I mention that we were told we would be in the house within 4-6 weeks? Next Wednesday is the 6 week mark... We haven't seen a worker on site since last Tuesday (a week ago!). This is extremely disappointing as we have put our hard earned money into this house. I don't want anyone to see anyone else experience the things we have... I hope Guildcrest can take all of these reviews and comments to change their company for the better.

Barry Young from Bristol , Quebec
We had a modified Trailhead with a screen porch put in in late 2012. The builder was R Peck Construction. It was a pleasure to deal with Randy and Stacey and the home we purchased has had very few issues and all of them have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our home came in on budget and on time. We are very satisfied.

Sasha Latimer from Gananoque, Ontario
Where do we start. I for one cannot recommend Guildcrest to anyone and would tell everyone the same thing....Think long and hard before you go ahead with a guildcrest home. We have had nothing but problems from the day we signed out contract and put our deposit down, from the salesman to the contractor to even the higher up managers of the company. We were told we would be in our home within 6-8 weeks and we just recently moved in and it is 12 weeks past the 8 week mark. We still aren't satisfied with the work that was done in our home, we have drywall issues that haven't been fixed along with another long list of problems. Our yard was a dumping yard for all workers from cigarette buts to garbage to nails left all over the yard. We have had to do all the cleanup so it was somewhat safe for us to move in with our dogs. That being said I do thing the "shell" product of guildcrest is a good product but that doesn't make up for the many headaches and problems that we had. Double and Triple check every single thing that guildcrest does/says to you.

Leheup from Inverary
Let me start by saying I am satisfied with salesmen and work from factory that's it finishing crew was a nightmare poor workmanship and lack of knowledge by site foreman like he woke up one day and said i think i be a contractor today I had to go around and seal my own foundation as it was not done and going to be left by foreman when I asked him told me he was sorry and gave me $100 dollars for my time so if you have a home done in the last couple of years as we just done ares this DEC 2012 would start looking for holes if you find a cold spot in your house would assume from the guy doing around this area only long story short run would not take a free home from this company again feel bad for the next person

Pat from Kingtson
Our experience with Guildcrest echoes those of the last couple of posters here. Long delays, shoddy work, unfinshed items, lack of customer support, poor communications and a general "we'll get to you when it suits us" attitude. For us, delivery was gong show, when it finally did arrive, and then it took 8 weeks to get the rest fo their stuff done...and ours was not a turnkey!! Absolutely unforgivable. Guildcrest is only good at one thing...selling you a house. After that it is all downhill. I cannot recommend Guildcrest.

Kelly Rochon from Mallorytown
We first heard about Guildcrest after we lost everything in a house fire may 2011 from a family member who knew someone with a guildcrest house. Like other stories I have just read about they seem to be there for you right at the begining and never seen again when you need them. We also have alot of unfinished things left undone aswell as our siding falling off in more than one area. Our biggest problem is our foundation. We moved in our house late October after doing the last of the priming ourselves.We also were living in a camper with our 3 kids and october got really cold so we wanted to get in.That January our basement flodded from one end to the other.After that we ended up with large wet spots coming from underneath the wall onto the floor. We had people in from guildcrest to loook at it but the situation was never rectified.Later that spring we found 2 large cracks in the foundation that went from the top to the bottom.One crack is in front of the house and the other is at the back of the house adjacent to one another.They came in and filled the crack at the back and never touched the front. We ended up with moisture inbehind the vapour barrior all around the basement to the point we were developing mold in one spot. We had a very dry spring and summer so where is this moisture coming from? Guilcrest told us we needed a dehumidfyer to resolve this problem. The humidity in our basement has never gone over 53%. We just recently found out that the crack they had fixed started to crumble and now the crack seems wider and more exposed. I have called our sales rep 2 times with no response. I was in the beginning happy with the sevice but now I have changed my opinion of guild crest. I will never recimmend this company ever.

Brian Toth from Carleton Place Ontario
Our experience with Guildcrest can be neatly divided into two parts; pre delivery and post delivery.

The pre delivery phase was wonderful. We took advantage of the flexibility in changing floor plans to make a house that would fit our needs and our lot. We were told that it was essentially a turn key operation, with our responsibility being excavation for foundation, furnace, hot water and air conditioning, well and septic system. We first met with Guildcrest representative in July and had our choices and plan completed by early September

With various delays, environmental and township requirements, we attended our minor variance meeting on September 29th and then prepared to wait for 20 days for the necessary appeal period.

A Guildcrest representative attended our variance meeting at which time he told us that our house would be going on line that week, that the onsite construction would start immediately at the end of our appeal period, and that there should be no problem being in our home by Christmas. We lived in our motor home for the wait period.

To shorten this up I will just say that the footings and foundation were poured the second week of October. I followed up with an email on the 23rd and got a response about people going moose hunting. An email said our house would go on line on October 25th, but our house did not go on line until November 2nd and was set on the foundation on November 10th.

Wrapped in plastic, there it sat and sat. Other than keeping it wrapped in plastic, the house with carpet, cabinets and other finish item sat open until finally on December 1st, I told them that the situation had become unacceptable.

Their follow up and detail with all of the post delivery work continued at a slow pace with too many mistakes and foul ups to list here. We got into our house on January 5th. I am writing this on January 29th. We didn't get our HRV hooked up until last week, final details with carpet and floor installation didn't get completed until well after we moved in, we still have details that haven't been completed in some of the cabinetry, and after a bad week of rain, snow and ice we have evidence of a leak in our roof. I called about the leak (certainly an emergency situation) and it has been 2 days with nobody arriving to attend to it.

Through the entire ordeal, I was forced to abandon the idea of a turn keyŁ operation and become my own on site supervisor I saw Guildcrests site supervisor once. All the while battling the cold and freezing plumbing in a motor home not made for winter occupancy. As of today we have never had an onsite inspection with the company and the house failed the first building inspection by the township.

Simply stated, I cannot in good conscience recommend Guildcrest to anyone

Denton/Moreland from Inverary, Ontario
Steer clear of this manufacture. Not only did our dealer's site employees not know what they were doing, they had no respect for our property. Cigarette butts, water bottles and garbage left everywhere. We were told one of them smoked inside the house ! The workmanship from the factory was unprofessional and shoddily done. Our floor plan for the house was not what we asked for. When we realized that the rooms were considerably smaller than the plan we submitted, we were told that was as big as it could be unless we went with more modules and of course more money. We should have walked away right then. We're still dealing with problems that occurred in September 2010 and it's now March 2011. If we could do it all over again...we definitely would NOT use Guildcrest.

Kevin from Sturgeon Falls
We built our dream home in 2008 with Bay Builders. We worked very closely with Nicole and her team. With their guidance we designed a home that is very unique to us and Northern Ontario. I was impressed with Nicoles experience and how she put it to work for us. She asked key questions about how we live and then made suggestions so that we could utilize/design every space for our needs. The end result is a place both my wife and I are happy to call home and are proud to share with countless others. The process was very quick and efficient. As with any building project we encountered some nail pops and cracks over time. But as Bay Builders had promised they came back one year later and repaired them in a very timely fashion. I/we highly recommend Bay Builders and Guildcrest.

Tracy Wondrasek from Ottawa, Ontario
I am very surprised at the comments from others. I built my custom R-2000 Guildcrest Home in 2002. I absolutely love my home! They were very attentive to me in the process and the workers were all great to work with. My home is everything I wanted and more. It is so energy efficient that last year I spent less than $700 heating my home. Thank you Guildcrest for all your hard work.

Donald L. Clark from Moira ,New York
We've had our ( Gruildcrest home for about 5 years now .Overal we like it .Because ,we had to go the extra mile to get it where its at .Location & alot of extra money ,to get it looking this good .But we did have alot of problems also,analot of passing the buck .Our floors were the worst .Being a new buyer we didn't have any knowledge of how the house was being built. Alot of corners were cut .All the materials in the floors were compost boards ,which is very cheap .You end up with squeeky & noisy floors . Not only that ,we had a contractor come in to put down a hard wood floor .Because of the cheap compost flooring ,wouldn't hold the nails .So it couldn'be done .The thing ,I regret is that you can get the home ,you hope that you have .But for the ( thousands ) you spend ,you do not get the quality ,that you paid for .I found ,that even spending alot of money for your new home .There service was really bad .Took along time to get repairs done .An most of the time ,the sales people & the top bosses werent really friendly .They made you feel ,that you souldn't be bothering them .Lots of time they wouldn't even take your calls .Guildcrest ,sold alot of homes in up state ,New York .But now for some reason ,they can't do business in New York any more .So your very expensive home has no more service .& they seemed very relieved of that . My wife & my self have called there ,& the sales represenatves ,there aren't very socialable either .If I owned the company & had that much money invested .I would wake & start paying attention to my customers & pay attention on how they're being treated buy the staff . An if you 're going to sell a house or houses for hundreds of thousands .Make sure that they don't cut corners on the materials .An the owner himself ,should follow up with each customer ,to make sure they're happy with there home .Yours ,Truly Mr. Donald L. Clark

Leighton Woods from Ingleside, Ontario
Built a Guildcrest home in August 2008 and since then there has been service issues that no one seems to want to fix. The company is all about getting you into your home and getting their money but when it comes to service after the fact. Two thumbs DOWN!!!!!

McCarthy, D. & V. from Westport Ontario
Our home was built in 2002 and we couldn't be happier. We had a total house fire in February and the Guildcrest team had us in our new home in June. If we built again it will be Guildcrest and sales Agent, Jurgen Volrath. We have have recommended Guildcrest to two other families and they are equally satisfied. As with all new homes we had a few concerns but all were taken care of efficiently. We will be taking a future Guildcrest customer to Moorewood in the next couple of weeks.

David Bunnell from Bracebridge, Ontario
We have had many issues with this company. The drywall is our main complaint. We have just put pine V-joint on the ceilings, and the drywall is so crooked, that when the trim was put on, it just ruined the whole look of our ceiling. There were many things left undone also on the final list. We asked many times for the items to be completed, and finally we gave up trying. Overall, we are not happy with the quality at all, and would not recommend these homes.

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