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Cavalier Homes

(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)

PO Box 300
Addison, AL 35540
Phone: 256-747-1575
Website: Cavalier Homes Website
email: jhaynes@cavhomesinc.com

Cavalier Homes Description:
(Part of Clayton Manufactured Homes/CMH)
"...Every Cavalier home passes a 12-point inspection before it ever leaves the factory, ensuring that it is weather tight, properly trimmed, and outfitted the way you want it. We check all mechanical and electrical systems, cabinets and doors, chimneys, vents, and flues..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Manufactured mobile homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1984
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)300-400
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNone provided
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
Draftsmen are available
Builder NetworkAbout 100
Location of FactoriesAddison, AL; Hamilton, AL; Nashville, NC
How to Buy a HomeThrough their network of builders

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood construction, steel base
Energy EfficiencyNot energy efficiency rated
Construction Timeframe2-4 weeks
Customization FlexibilityNo significant customization allowed
Amount of FloorplansOver 50 predesigned floorplans.


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$50-$70
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by local builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityNot available
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeNot offered
GuaranteesOne-year structural warranty
Delivery RangeSoutheast US
Number of Factory Inspections12-point inspection
Number of Building Site InspectionsHandled by builder
Information PackageVery little information on website

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewCavalier Homes mostly builds manufactured mobile homes. With seven factories they produce homes targeted towards the low to mid range market in the Southern states. It is part of a large home building corporation that includes Astro Homes, Bellcrest Homes, Brigadier Homes, Buccaneer Homes, Homestead Homes, Spirit Homes Riverchase Homes Mansion Homes and Town & Country Homes. We have concerns since they do tend to focus on the lower end of the market and produce many mobile homes. They are not the strongest modular producer in their region. Many of the floorplans we looked at appear to be glorified mobile homes that would not blend in very well in most communities. Our mystery shopper did not enjoy their website which is very simple to use since it has very little information.
Mystery Shopper Rating

Personal Reviews of Cavalier Homes

Myra from Montevallo, AL
We bought our 1995 Cavalier doublewide in 1998, it was a $72,000 special order that had been repossessed. Ours is very well made with 3/4" plywood floors, plywood (not particle board) behind the exterior siding, 2 x 6 floor and ceiling joists and roof joists. In the roof, between the 2 x 6's are 2 x 2's every 8-12". Shortly after purchase we got in on the plumbing recall and pvc plumbing was installed throughout at no cost to us at all. Before we ever moved in we replaced all the faucets with high grade lifetime warranty fixtures, and we replaced all of the light fixtures with high grade replacements. Our hot water heater lasted 10 years before we had to replace. The original heating and cooling system is still in it. We are looking into new but only for energy saving reasons. The only serious repair we had was the cheap vinyl tub in the 2nd bath leaked around the caulking and we had to replace walls and floors there. We rebuilt and replaced with a solid tub/shower unit and sliding doors. The roof is now 18 years old and we have developed a leak around the kitchen vent hood. Otherwise the roof would be good for another 2 yrs minimum according to two different roofers. Rather than patch we are replacing and eliminating the 5 turbines and having a ridge vent installed. This mobile home was not made for Alabama but for one of the more northern climates may account for it being heavier built, as well as it being special ordered may have had something to do with construction. You don't have to buy what is on the lot, you have the option of special ordering for better quality materials. My only real complaint is there is no attic access and I don't have a basement for tornado weather. Hence, eventually we will build a house and sell the Cavalier. As to the quality of ours we are very well pleased. My advice, buy 2 x 6 framing minimum and plywood floors, exterior walls behind vinyl, and for roof decking and make certain you have pvc pipes, it will last much longer.

cathy from maplesville, al
Well where to begin? My celings have cracks in them and the moulding is falling off too. Dont have a way to access my second bathroom when needing to fix or check things. I paid a lot for my trailer and it has problems since i got it.

curry from texas
Most of what I am reading are setup problems, dealer is responsible for, I worked on mfg. Homes for about 13 years and folks, improper setup is cause for most of the problems I see, and the dealer is responsible for sealing roofs, installing siding on ends and trimming the marriage line out. These people make a good home, don't let your dealer screw you, they try to lay it off on the mfg. ... Why do you think most dealers are out of business after a few years? If you are not happy call. For a state inspection, your home will get fixed if you are the first owner of it and it really is poor workmanship, call your state dept. Of housing and ask for the mfg. Home division.

jerrypannell from meade co KY
make that a -1 star bought my home new in 2010 it had been built in 2007 gave 100,000 for the home an from the time it was sat on my lot its been trouble had the roof check after seeing shingles on the ground they were not from my roof but the roof inspector said I had major damage to my roof so I called calvalier homes an they said sry about your luck 1 warranty on the roof of a 100,000 dollar home but i am lucky i got 6 yrs extended warranity with the home if it dont pay to fix it I will be taking cavalier homes to court along with the lot that sold me this junk never buy from cavalier they dont stand behind their homes at all.

David Brewer from Oklahoma
I bought a new Town and Country home in 1999. It has a metal roof that leaks constantly. It appears to be a design flaw. The roof vents leak during heavy rains. I have not been able to find a way to fix it. I have replaced most of the vents, but they still leak. The ceiling of every room has stains, and several of them are falling down with large cracks. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against these clowns.

Elaine K Allen from Columbia, Mo
My carpet has bare spots already and just got it at the end of the year. I called the boss and I hope it will get replaced soon as was told it would take a while for someone to come out as they have to have several on the list to make a trip of all things. Someone put roofing nails in it when it was turned back in the living room and made holes in the carpet. The carpet is very cheap but thought it would last awhile as when I mentioned it to the Sales person he claimed his has lasted a few years. I also had some moulding fall off and see a few cracks in the bathroom. The service guy in October never installed the spring on the front door and should have checked i before he left. They do depend on the homeowner to take care of busines. The home seems ok other than what I mentioned and hope it continues as some of the reviews are interesting.

Jon from Baconton Ga.
For ANYONE looking at buying a Calalier home, Please check all specifications of what you are buying. 1" x 2" roof trusses will not last, thin press wood floors will not last, electrical fixtures and switches will not last, short cuts in plumbing, bad appliances, just about everything you can think of. To avoid any future problems you may have, Be sure to check all specifications on your home before buying. I could write a book on the problems that we have on this 8 year old home, but you get what you pay for. Oh by the way, Homeowners insurance deems it normal wear and tear. " BUILT TO LAST A YEAR A ONE DAY "

Christina Boswell from Philadelphia, MS
We bought our Cavalier Riverchase Home in December of 2002. In 2005 the roof had to be completely replaced. When they got up on the roof to replace it they found brown paper(like grocery bag paper)not tar paper and a roof stucture built of 1x2s which weren't even spaced closely. The windows (double paned energy savers) are rusting on the inside. The floors are solid (one of the few good features). The kitchen sink leaked so much that the cabinet bottom rotted out. We have rebuilt and reworked a lot. Very cheap carpet. The water heater leaked after 3 years. The appliances were horrible nd hade to be replaced. I personally think that this company buys second hand appliances, windows, and doors. Oh yeah oon our back door the outer coating is peeling terribly so that you can see the steel underneath.Our master bathroom is so cold that we have to heat it with an electric heater. Stones have fallen off the fireplace. You can feel cold air seeping in around the windows and in the corners on the outside walls. I am going to havee to caulk that. Their warranty is a joke--365 days. Really. On a 50,000 purchase. The bottom line--Don't buu a Cavalier home if youdon't want a lot of problems.

vj from oklahoma
If I could give 0 stars I would. My home was not cheap. I paid a lot for it. My bedroom has mould on the ceiling, the trim is falling off the back, the carping is comping apart at the seams, not level, windows don't shut right, glue stains on the floors that have come through the fake tiles, air conditioning unit had to be replaced, water heater had to be replaced, roof is moulding (decking). Anything I forgot to mention? My home can't be insured fror what I owe because it is junk.

Martha from louisiana
I have looked for my other review but it's not on here??? I have had my 2011 Cavalier mobile home for a year and 5 months. It's very nice and seems to be built well. We ordered it with lots of upgrades including the energy star package, floor joist on 16" centers and the smart panel siding. We have awesome electric bills for a mobile home and as it's on concrete runners it feels very solid. We've had our share of problems with two of the three vent pipes on the roof leaking. The one in th guest bath leaked and they had to tear out the bath and replace the carpet in the guest bedroom. Most of the repairs have been cosmetic like the faucet in the kitchen broke. They always send a service man but it takes time for them to come as they run routes and come out of Alabama so you have to wait till they are in your area unless its an emergency like the vent leaking water on the stove in the kitchen. They sent someone out quickly so it didn't ruin the cabinets or the ceiling. Overall it's been an ok mobile home. I was dissapointed to have these problems but at least they came and fixed them.

Martha from louisiana
We custom ordered our Cavalier mobile home in april of 2011 so we've had it for 1 year and 5 months. I did everything you could do to it that I thought would help it to be sturdy and energy efficient. I had the energy star pkg which upgrades the insulation and adds the 2x6 walls. Had the smart panels on the exterior, floor joist on 16" centers instead of 24". Upgraded faucets, carpet, you name it. I was so proud of it. It is very pretty and we've had lots of compliments. The first thing to go wrong was leaking around the stove pipe. They promptly sent out a service man and he said it was fixed. Next rain they sent out another an he did fix it. Next was the guest bath and bedroom had to be torn out and the carpet and walls replaced due to a leak around that exhaust pipe. We had several cracks in the ceiling from settling. The a/c had to have three service calls cause it had a leak in the line which caused it to freeze up. They contract out the a/c units so they aren't responsible for them. The faucet in the kitchen had to be replaced cause the handle fell off. Was suppose to be the upgraded faucet but... The outside faucet ended up having to be replaced. The faucet in tub doesn't have a long enough spout on it so it splashed water on the wooden trim around the tub. Now as if that weren't enough we are having electrical problems. We got the first one solved and fixed but not part of it is out again. My husband is working graveyard shift and we have no a/c cause the electric box has bad breakers even though they don't throw and you can't figure out which ones are bad. I use to brag on how nice our home was but now I'm not too happy with it. They have been good about sending service men out but after a while you start to get really annoyed. We should not have had this much trouble. We did everything we could to make sure it was set up right. It's on concrete. It's beautiful but it's got problems. I'm sure they will send out service guys but in the meantime I got a case of the reds.

Keri from Louisiana
My husband and I got a brand new 2003 Cavalier Home From Gulf South here in Louisiana we loved it at first so now i been haven it for about 9 years had nothing but trouble the hole time my ac broke three time my wall kept getting wet and soft thinking it was the windows what a joke it is from the roof when a called about it they made it like it was my fault i have a big hole under the tub in the master bath i called about this when it was under warrenty the denied saying we did not seal the windows when we do once a year sometimes twice a year i will never buy another cavalier home again i still think they should replace the walls and the roof

Pam Hymel from Iowa, Louisiana
Bought a Cavalier Powerhouse in 2002. Has been a wonderful home. Love all the extra amenities mostly in the kitchen. Went through hurrice Rita in 2005 with very little to no damage. Did have roof replaced. Only problems i have seen is floor buckling around tub in 2nd bathroom. My ceiling does pop alot but not sure if it's weather related but does kinda sound scarey. And, floors don't seam to be real solid when walked on. Very noisy. Did pull up carpet in den to replace and nice solid plywood floor so it must come from the joist or frame. That has been a big problems for my family. Very satified with mine. Especially after looking at new ones. mine is built of high quality materials and hopefully willget top dollar for it when we sell it.

Charles Martin from Weir, Mississippi
We purchased a 2000 cavalier home from an independent dealer in Starkville, Ms. 'WHEELESTATE'. We paid a lump sum amount of cash to the amount of $26,000. The mobile home was new and had never been inhabited. We did not have many problems and it has been a wonderful home until this year. We were told that this particular brand had a lifetime warranty on the roof. Earlier this year apparently the roof began to leak and it was not notice until the floor began to rot. We now have two places on the floor that are rotte throughout. Last year we removed all of the carpet and put a high grade linoleum throughout the mobile home. Now the linoleum is out of stock and will probably have to have new flooring once the floor is repaired. Also, I have not been able to contact anyone regarding the roof.

Rebecca Shamblen from Natalia, Texas
My home was a 2001 Powerhouse. Frame was bent upon arrival at my property. Home had to be reset 3 times in order to get it level. Had kitchen fire due to electrical bad in house. Cavalier installed fire alarms did not work to warn us of fire, instead breaker popped in den but the breaker in kitchen never popped or turned anything off. Air conditioner and heater went out several times with in first 3 years. Thermostat had to be replaced yearly due to going out. My electric bill ran 5 to 6 hundred dollars per month due to air conditioning or heating under house. This was just the start of the problems with the house, I don't have all day long to write out the rest of the problems. My home was made in Alabama. I suggest not buying a Cavalier Home if you don't want a lot of problems.

Rebecca Shamblen from Natalia, Texas
My home was a 2001 Powerhouse. Frame was bent upon arrival at my property. Home had to be reset 3 times in order to get it level. Had kitchen fire due to electrical bad in house. Cavalier installed fire alarms did not work to warn us of fire, instead breaker popped in den but the breaker in kitchen never popped or turned anything off. Air conditioner and heater went out several times with in first 3 years. Thermostat had to be replaced yearly due to going out. My electric bill ran 5 to 6 hundred dollars per month due to air conditioning or heating under house. This was just the start of the problems with the house, I don't have all day long to write out the rest of the problems. My home was made in Alabama. I suggest not buying a Cavalier Home if you don't want a lot of problems.

Sally Becker from Bowling Green, Ky
In 2006 I purchased a reposessed 1999 Cavalier, 28 x 68, 1800 sq ft. 4 bedroom. I have been extremly happy with my home. I chose to replace the kitchen, replaced the carpet and vinyls. Painted to my taste. This home has done me well now for 6 years. I love it and would recommend it to anyone. I guess from some of the reviews I have read I am lucky. I had a weatherization done on the house about four years ago. The fellow was very suprised at the amount of insulation it had the number of BTU's the furnice has and how tight the doors and windows were. I have had the roof replaced but only because of wind damage. As far as the floors are concerned they are much stronger than the floors of my previous stick built home which I bought new. You could have a hodown on these floors. The floors in my stick built home would bounce when walked across and everything in my curio cabnets would rattle. I really feel bad for what some people has gone thru but I'm sure that their are more people out there that are happy with the CAVALIER. I know I AM.

john palmer from crossville Tn
I own a 2004 and it is a lemon for sure. The moulding is put up with staples and there are about 25 in each piece doing nothing. I think they use used lumber I opened on inside wall and it looked like some won had taken a hammer claw and broke the wood off instead of sawing it off. The hall way the wall bulges out about 2 inches you would think they could do better than that. I don't see how they can get away with these things must not have any quality control. Or they just don't. care get the product out the door and forget about the person who buys. If there was a no star option I would use it .

Lycrecia from Mobile, AL
I would not buy a home from Cavalier we have had repairs done are so they said but Cabinet draweras do not line up been out here a few times to fix it. A/c stoped working on 8/31/11. The master bathroom windows leakes and runs down the window causing the wall to be wet. The water in the toliet bowl leakes all the time. the kitchen sink needs to be replace. The master bath tub has never been used because the drain is rusted. The home is not even two years old called Clayton Homes in Mobile and they said it is not there problem because it is not under warranty. We got screw because we paid cash for it. Clayton Home in Mobile are real winners if you know what I mean.

Sue from Alabama
I have owned my Cavalier home since 1990 when I special ordered it from a local dealer. It was finished before the time they told me it would be and delivered exactly at the time I asked it to be delivered. The people who set it up were efficient, careful and tested everything before they left. They also were careful of my yard and made sure to clean up thoroughly before they left. The only problem I have ever had is the plumbing joints under the house. There were six of them . These are the types that were recalled by the government ten years later. The pipes are fine but the t connectors had to be replaced. They cost about $8 each. Other than that, the home has been an exceptional building, standing through 5 major storms(including tornadoes that uprooted my trees in the yard and destroyed both the brick and the cedar homes next door to me. When I had it re-financed a few years ago, the home inspector said the home was of exceptional quality and had withstood time and wear as well as any home(modular or not) that he had ever seen. Don't know about how they are but now but mine is now 21 years old and is as solid as a rock . The only part that shows its age is of course the carpet which I am now replacing.

SERENA from Wetumka, OK
August 2011. We just bought a 2003 cavalier repossessed home. Loved it at first sight but now I am terrified of all the reviews. It has taken us several weeks to get all the electric and such hooked up. Got the AC done today and yes, most of the vents barely blow except the one in the master bath and the one in the master bedroom closet. Nice and cool in here, pretty warm everywhere else. Because we bought the home from a "used" lot it was as is no warranty. After reading one of the other reviews I checked under the tub in the master bath and yes, a huge hole through the floor probably 12" across straight down to the insulation under the home. Also noticed on the roof there are a ton of silver things sticking out from a lot of the shingles, it looks like nail heads, I did not notice these at the dealer. I will have to get a ladder and check that out. Some of the windows are extremely hard to open and close, the house is level and we have oiled the metal rods on the sides to no avail. Also noticed a few of them between the panes look like they could have leaked inside the window. When we got the water hooked up and turned the water on to the toilets a couple of minutes later it sounded like the was a fire hydrant on. The metal pipes behind the toilet were busted. We paid off our first (much smaller) mobile home this year and wanted needed more room for our family of five. I know that a lot of times you will always hear the bad reviews before the good, there could be hundreds of satisfied for every one dissatisfied, but I just don't know. The dealer we bought the home from said they used to sale brand new cavalier mobile homes and they are good homes. Have I just purchased a money pit???

sandy sweigart from phillipsburg,mo.
I basically like our cavalier home except these windows made by Moss which are the thermopane, But in the winter you can feel the cold air blow up the tracks. Had to put insulate in them .Called Oakwood homes where we purchased the home in Springfield,mo. They said they didn't know what to do. That they never had any experience with this type of window. Also have a big problem with the back door. Which is a cottage door with no storm door on it because it opens out. When it rains it leaks in the home over the top. I have had Oakwood home out many times. They replaced the door once with no success, Now all they do is come and make a mess with their caulking gun. I told them they need to replace the door with a solid steel door that opens to the inside along with a storm door. But they said that this cannot be done.

April H from Chesnee S.C.
We bought this home back in 2002 and there are many problems. The air conditioning being the main one. It is always freezing in the master bedroom and bath room yet it is so hot in the living room and kitchen area. The toilet in the 2nd bathroom is not even the number of inches away from the wall that it should be and we have to keep 2 pieces of wood between the toilet and wall so that it doesn't get loose, don't even get me started about the studs and how far apart they are in this home, master shower got a hole in it and had a time getting them to fix it, very cheap wood in the 2nd bathroom we found out when we decided to take up the carpet and we had to replace all the wood around the tub area. These are just very cheaply made homes and I think it's terrible that they are taking advantage of people and would not recommend this brand of home to anyone.

bobby jackson from Sandersville, GA
bought powerhouse in 2002 love it when the people that set up house is key the team I had were great if you have time stay there inspect they will take care of problems do not close on house until things are taken care of you cannot buy a 2300 square home stick built for 70000 dollars good luck bobby

Susan Thacker from Alabama
If I had it to do all over again, I would not even look at a Cavalier Home. I bought one 3 years ago. They still cannot get this thing right. Kitchen counter tops, they scratched them in the beginning. To try to fix that they used sand paper. Did not work. I told them they ruined them. They came back and used furniture polish on them to try to just hide the problem. They were out today (after 3 years) they buffed them, sanded them and buffed again. Now there is no shine on them, they look horrible. I told them 2 years ago that they were ruined. They just send someone different to try the same thing. I paid $90,000.oo for this cavalier home. I am not asking too much for them to make their mistakes right. The craftsmanship is terrible. The only reason I gave one star is because I could not give ZERO. This one was built at the Addison plant. I wish I had never bought it

Wayne from Panama, OK
We purchased our Cavalier home six years ago. The home was manufactured in Sept of 2004 in Alabama. We had a time getting it set up due to weather and location but we have been very happy with the home. We have had to replace the fan on our outside air unit but all appliances and all structure have held up so far. The floors, roof, and wall all appear to be in good shape. So far my experience with a Cavalier home has been positive.

Leland from Chatham, Virginia
I own a cavalier cambridge doublewide built in 2003. I like the home a lot. It is layed out great and has a great kitchen. I have read through all of these reviews and have some of the same concerns. I have had some plumbing issues with leaking pipes. I also have a hard time heating the master bathroom. I looked under the garden tub and there was no insulation but a big hole that led to the ground beneath. I fixed that and no problems since. I think that was an oversight. The light switches and sockets sizzle and stuff when you turn them on and off and plug things in these things all had to be replaced. Our breaker box is wired all crazy there is too many sockets on one breaker and hardly nothing on another. Not too sure what to do about that but try not to overload the sockets so there is no fire. I also noticed about a year ago that my cabinets looked like they were about to fall off of the walls. I had someone take one down and noticed they were held to the walls with big staples. No nails were holding them up there on the studs like I thought they should have been. We decided to remove all of them and the microwave/range light. They all were the very same way. Made crappy and barely hanging on. I was shocked. I had heard such great things by the guy who sold it but was amazed at the poor quality. Everyone beware if you haven't noticed please don't let your cabinets fall off the wall. I have not had any roof issues knock on wood. I have had no floor issues either. I wonder if where your home is built if that is the problems. Some employees take pride in their work and others don't. I live in a town where manufactured homes are built so I hear all kinds of stuff. I do have one wall in the kitchen area between the den and kitchen that is bowed. All in all I have enjoyed my home and everything has problems. I am sorry that everyone has had so many issues. I think the company should come and correct these issues before they are out of business. Good Luck everyone. Also, to someone who is considering a purchase just be very ware of what is there have a home inspection done. I love my house but there are some things that should have been done better.

tammy from marianna fl
I bought a new mobile home and I have had nothing but problems-this was my first home suppose to be happy but I have cried so many tears it is unreal. I have a hole in my bedroom floor that no one is in any hurry to repair. Has to have the kitchen bar replaced and a cabinet, holes in walls covered with tape- I'm so sad and I'm considering suing the company-do not buy a cavalier

Eric Fabel from South Carolina
Everybody knows that "manufactured homes" are built to a specific price point, and hence are inferior to real houses. But the level of shoddy workmanship is appalling.
If my home had half as many staples, actually holding it together, as it has poking holes in things, it would be the strongest structure ever.
The roof has leaked since day one. I just replaced my entire roof, including most of the decking and some of the "stringers". At this price point, I was expecting a weak roof, but who makes roof structures out of 1x2s? 7/16 osb decking? No tarpaper?
It turns out, some of the soft spots weren't rot, they were places the decking wasn't even supported by the stringers. (More than half of the decking was rotten or moldy, though).
Over $5000 in materials (I did all the labor.) Now all I need are new floors, replace the moldy walls, loose siding and I can start replacing the broken tubs (3 out of 3 are cracked), bad fixtures and rewire all the outlets that are rated higher amperage than the wiring or breakers. (I am afraid to examine my duct work under my house yet. Probably as bad as everyone else's. I did replace the A/C unit that came with the house, at my expense, 3 months out of warranty.) Happy times!
Then I get to try to add enough insulation to bring it up to the spec, which it, allegedly, is supposed to meet. (Good luck getting any help from HUD, no matter how many blatant violations you find.)
Anyone who reads this page and still buys a Cavalier home, cannot be accurately described without violating the terms of the agreement to post here. Please note that the couple of good reviews on here are people who just purchased their home. I liked mine too, for a couple of weeks. They'll figure it out soon.

Jason P. from Princeton, Me.
In my honest opinion if you bought a good cavalier home you got damn lucky. I purchased a cavalier home and have had nothing but problems. To start with the frame is bent and the whole trailer is unsquare. The walls are falling apart and buckling. The floors are all lifting, the ceiling leaks, the gaps around the doors and windows exceed over a 1/2 inch in spots. Terrible built homes, no customer support just total b.s. and delays to get you passed the year warranty. I would have carpeltunnel if I wrote all that is wrong.

Stella Bandy from Austin,Ar
In 1999 I bought a Cavalier Mobile home. I discovered we had a leak in the roof so we called our insurance company. They came out got on the roof and said it was because of the vents. My husband then got up there to tar the vents and discovered that no tar paper had been layed down under the shingles and the shingles were not overlapped. We now have a hole in one of the bedrooms. Mold in that room also in the living room. I would not ever buy another Cavalier home. We were told they were the best. Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennie from Alabama
We bought our home in March 2007 from a local dealer and we are happy with our home, although we have had a few issues, but with all homes you will have some issues. It was set up properly and finished well, the men who did it were very professional, looks great. I hate to see such bad reviews and am sorry for you guys, but we are happy with our home and plan on being here for a while.

Patricia Miller from Saint Stephen, SC
Cavalier is a joke, they are selling Lemons to everyone and the problems people are having with them don't show up until the warranties are out. If you can't see a leak, by the time you notice problems the warranty is out. They know this and they are giving everyone the run around. Seems to me the warranty should be for at least 5 years. The insulation that runs under my house is full of water, we did not notice this until the spare bathroom floor bubbled up so bad the door would not move away from the 4". We have lived in it for 3 + years and we are sure that the water has been gathering in the insulation under the house for as long. We tried to let the company fix the problem but all we get is that his man is baffled and can't figure out where all the water coming from. We got one story from him the first time he was out and another one after he talked to cavalier about fixing it. My husband does duct work for a living and says the duct work should be insulated to keep it from condensating. The duct work is not insulated so it's condensating and the water is gathering in the insulation. You can smell mold throughout the house now so that means that water has been there for a while. We have had the company that we bought the house from to say yes there is a leak in the duct work, which is where they say the condensation is coming from and cavalier say there is no leaks because their man went under the house with a lighter and it didn't blow it out. (What a joke that was, very professional don't you think!) DON'T BUY A CAVALIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Millwe from Saint Stephen, South Carolina
Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cavalier is trying to screw everyone over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We bought a brand new Cavalier double wide 3 years ago. Last year the floor in the spare bathroom bubbled up about 1 1/2 inches. We figured maybe it was a bad board because it was the only one that did it and at the time it didn't get any worse so we weren't going to make a big deal out of it. Then this year when it got so hot and the AC unit ran almost constantly it started bubbling up more, within a few days we could not shut the door. Then we thought maybe there was a leak under that floor so my husband went under the house to see what was going on, this was on Saturday July 3, 2010 . When he cut the belly board he got flooded by water and it turns out he couldn't find a leak but that it was condensation from the duct work and there was water on the ground from one end of the trailer to the other and that the belly board under the trailer was full of water. We knew then it was most likely caused by the condensation from the duct work. I had also been smelling a weird odor when I would open the cabinet under that bathroom sink. When he found all of the water in the belly board I knew that what I had been smelling was mold.

I called Sangaree Mobile Homes where we bought the trailer and they said, it would be a manufacturing default and that I would have to call Cavalier, so they gave me the number and I called Cavalier I spoke with a Mr. Ken Brinson and told him what was going on and he said he would send a repair man to inspect the trailer and see what was going on with it. It then took several phone calls to him before the man finally came out. By then I could smell the mold when I opened the cabinet under my kitchen sink.

When he got here on Monday July 12, 2010 he came in and took pictures of the floor in the bathroom and picked up the vent and looked inside, he then went outside and I thought he was going to go under the house and inspect under the floor of that bathroom but he never got any further than the door of the underpinning, he stuck his head in the door and took pictures from there, he was probably about 20 to 30 feet away from that piece of the floor that needed to be inspected. I asked him where all the water was coming from and he said it was just condensation on the outside of the belly board, I put my hand on the belly board and pushed it up, I said that it shouldn't be that heavy and that it was full of water, he said no it isn't that it was pulled tight and just felt that way. He told me that because it had been 3 years since we bought the trailer that my insurance would have to fix it and he left.

I called Cavalier the next day to see what they thought of this and the man that I had been talking to, Ken Brinson, was not available but James the man that answers the phones for Cavalier told me that he had heard Mr. Brinson had made a few phone calls on my behalf and that they were working on it. I told James that the man did not even go under the house to inspect the problem, he said he would let Mr. Brinson know this. I then waited for a reply from Cavalier, I called back a few days later (after they did not call me and let me know what was going on) and Mr. Brinson was still not available. I then called Sangaree back and told them that the guy did not go under the house to inspect and what the guy had told me. They called me a few days later and told me that they would send one of their repair men out to inspect the problem.

They came out while no one was home, my husband and I were both at work. This was on Friday July 16,2010. (Saturday my husband went back under the house and patched where he had cut the insulation/belly board because we were told by Mr. Allen at Sangaree that it would make the problem worse if the insulation was open.) I called on Monday July 19, 2010 and spoke With Mr. Allen and Mr. Les at Sangaree and Mr. Les told me that his man found a small leak in the duct work under that bathroom and that the duct work was condensating. He also told me that he had spoken to Cavalier and that they were going to send another repair man out but that he did not know when it would be.

I called Cavalier on Tuesday morning July 20,2010 to ask what they were going to do and again MR. Brinson was out of the office, I called Tuesday afternoon and by this time I'm getting the feeling that Mr. Brinson is avoiding my phone calls, this time he was on the phone, James asked each time did I want his voice mail I told him Tuesday afternoon that I did not want to talk to a voice mail that I wanted to talk to someone in person and that I would call again tomorrow morning and if he was still unavailable that I would have to call DHEC and or a lawyer because the longer they let this problem go on the worse the problem is getting and we cannot live in a house that is full of mold. I called the following morning and guess what, he is still not in, James asked if I would like his voice mail, again I told him no I did not want to talk to a voice mail and that it was funny that when this first started happening Mr. Brinson was taking my calls and now all of a sudden he's either not there or on the phone and that I would just call DHEC. I then went online (This is now July 21) and found the number for DHEC, I called but they were out of the office until Monday so I emailed them this letter (plus what I have added since then). They emailed me this back:

Mon, Jul 26, 2010 3:04 pm
Dear Ms. Miller,

Nancy Whittle asked that I respond to your email below. Unfortunately, DHEC does not regulate indoor air issues such as mold and mildew. However, because both our agency and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) receive so many request each year, the EPA has developed a website to provide additional information about mold and mildew. The website is www.epa.gov/iag. They also have an Indoor Air Quality Hotline that you can call at 1-800-438-4318. They can provide you with information about the mold and/or mildew; I am not sure they can address and/or advise you about your situation with Cavalier or Sangaree Mobile Homes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either me or Ms. Whittle again.

Karen Sprayberry

Now Cavalier is not only not answering my phone calls but now Sangaree is calling to let me know that Cavalier is sending a man to check the house. On Sunday July 25 the man comes out and puts a hole about the size of a man's fist, in the belly of the insulation/belly board under the house right inside the door of the underpinning, water pours out on him, he tells us that the whole thing is full of water and that the whole floor in the house will most likely have to be replaced, and that he will call Cavalier on Monday and talk to them about it. He tells us that if this is one of the houses that were built in a Georgia Plant they have been having a lot of problems with them. That they have had to replace the floors in a lot of those houses. I told him I wasn't sure where it was built but I would find out. He says the insulation under the house is suppose to be double layed with one section laying one way and the other section laying a different direction than the first and that there is only one layer under our house.

I wait until Tuesday and I call Les at Sangaree and talk to him to let him know what the man said and he confirms that they are having a lot of problems with the trailers and that yes this is one of them that they bought out of that Georgia Plant and that the plant had been shut down because of all the bad trailers that were coming out of that plant and that Cavalier is trying to say that Sangaree is the cause of a lot of the problems. I ask him if I should get a lawyer and he tells me I should wait to see what Cavalier is going to do about it. I told him I had already written DHEC. He also gives me another number to someone else at Cavalier and says maybe he can help me. I call him and tell him what is going on and he tells me that he will look into it and give me a call back later. He calls me that evening and tells me he is sending the man that came on Sunday to check and see if he can find the problem.

The man comes on Thursday July 29, he spends about an hour under the house when he comes out he says that he cannot find any problems that the insulation is dry and that the only time he got wet was when the belly board touched his back, and then a few sentences later he says that there is about 3000 gallons of water in the belly board of the house and that the vapor barrier may be the problem the water has nowhere to go. He suggest my husband go under there and pull about 40 feet out to see what it will do. He says that out of all the houses he's been under, all the ones with the plastic have been wet and the ones without have all been dry. So now he is contradicting himself and I know he is trying to pull one over on me, he come in the house a couple of times and checks the inside of some of the vents, out of four that he checked there was water inside one. He said he had never seen one with the water on the inside of the vent and that he was baffled. I asked him how he checked to see if there was a leak in the duct work and he said with his lighter, he would cut a small slit in the belly board and if it didn't blow out the flame then there wasn't a leak and that the flame only moved a little bit one time.(Well I must be stupid if I fall for that one.) (That doesn't sound very professional to me). I asked him why it was cool under the house then and he says that the air comes through the floor and that under his house is ice cold. Now I don't know too much about all this but I don't think I'm suppose to be ACing the yard because that's with all the vents on the under pinning wide open seems to me it should hot as heck under there. And then again if the belly board is put in correctly shouldn't it hold the cold in the house. He said he would get back with Cavalier and see what they say and that someone would get in touch with me.

Larry from Lancaster,SC
We bought a 2004 model in 2005 and have had a few problems. When we first moved in we had to have a plumber come out and fix a leak under the guest bathroom, then the warranty work was done as requested by the contractor from the home office in GA. They fixed a ceiling and fireplace cracks and master bath shower cracks. About 4 years into the home the back bedroom breaker started tripping, so we moved everything out of the room and discovered the shower was leaking into the wall. We got that fixed by a plumber and then discovered the leak burnt out the plug under the house which almost caught on fire. We love the house and the space it gives us for a 3br 2ba. Now after reading the reviews I am worried about my roof leaking. Just remember when you buy a mobile home or a house they all eventually have problems.

Robert Wyche from Angier NC
I am in my second home built by Cavalier in Nashville NC.It is the best mobile home on the market in my opinion, I ordered it with osb floors and osb sheathing on the outside at more cost but well worth the money. Many of these complaints here should be directed to the local dealers and their transporters and setup men. Cavalier makes as fine a factory built home as anyone including Palm Harbor.

Laura Quinn from kingston springs, tn
I have a cavalier home in a neighborhood developed by a now out of business mobile home seller in Dickson, TN. We ordered it new in 1998, it was delivered and set up in October.
Every house in this neighborhood was sold by this company.
Everyone I know in this neighborhood where I have lived for 11 years has experienced the woes of cavaliers defective, shoddy workmanship. Most painfully in the leaky plumbing that rots the cheap particleboard floor in hidden places that you don't discover until there is a crater. And your insurance company will not cover slow leak damage, only huge leak damage.
We have had 5 'secret' plumbing leaks due to defective pipes and exterior water leaking in from outside due to bad workmanship in the placement of doors and windows. When we first got our house the 2 sides did not line up! We have 2 doors that are very small because of this manufacturing defect.

a plumbing fixture exploded, it was then that we discovered it was PLASTIC painted with Chrome!. A shower pipe rattled loosely and had to be secured. Another shower pipe leaked in the wall causing an enormous crater under the tub. Fortunately no one fell through before we found it. The roof trusses are 1" x 1". the walls which were supposed to be 2 x 4 are crappy 1 x 3 reject studs. We have replaces 3 walls, 4 sections of floor.

Kids this is what we call a drag away.

ps. when we moved in the 2 sides of the house were not connected and electric only worked on one side, the steps were not proper height.

R A Felder from columbia sc
I was looking to buy a mobile home and I found a floor plan that I like very much. I was on web sites all day and I found your website. All the opinions on cavalier homes are BAD leaking roofs, cheat drains, wore walls, leaking pipes. Now I'm not sure about buying a cavalier home. Please help me make up my mind.

James Hutton from Sinton, Texas
Buyer beware!!! I just replaced a portion of the roof by the front door that had rotted away. Some idiot in the factory thought it would be ok to leave staples exposed to the elements on top of the shingles. I don't think it would take a high school graduate to figure out that if you put a staple thru a roof shingle you are creating a water leak. I can't believe that after only seven years my roof is bad. Everywhere I look there are staples sticking up out of the shingles. I don't even want to think about the cost of a new roof so soon after buying this place. When I contacted this company about the issue I was told "that's why you have homeowners insurance". Unbelievable. What kind of customer service is that? I will never ever give this company a good review, and I would hope that anyone out there would run away and find something better to spend money on.

Patrice McGraw from Vincent,AL
My home was build at Cavalier Homes of Alabama in Addison, AL. We have had our home for a little over 3 years we have a leaking roof, the outside walls are warped with a wave pattern, the floor boards are loose and we cannot uses some of our outlets because when you plug any up the light flicker..We even went so far as to get an outside repair person to take a look at the problems and he informed us that these problems were the result of the way the home was built. I have contacted cavalier and requested that they send someone out to at least look at the house so that they can see what is going. The only thing I get from them is that the house only house a one year warranty and which means that they do not stand be-HIND THERE PRODUCTS. When a company WILL NOT STAND BEHIND their work then they cannot be trusted. I am one of those people that from the beginning I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt because all I wanted was my house to be repaired. I GIVE THEM O- STARS BECAUSE THEY DO CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. All I can say is buyers beware of companies like this if they did it to me then it could happen to you..

Lynn from Middleburg, Fl
Our Cavalier home was purchased in 2004 and we have developed leaks in the roof. We're getting a roofing inspector out to see what needs to be done. A roof should last more than 5 years.

Doug O. from Cleveland,al
I have owned my home since 2005 and was happy with it until the warranty ran out. I started noticing water running from up under the wall toward the front door not too long ago. My wife contacted them and it is no longer covered under any kind of warranty. So I am going to have to tear the walls out in two rooms to find the leak/s before my floor rots out. The water is coming from inside somewhere, and I'm going to find the problem and go from there on my actions with Cavalier Homes.

James Copeland from Hayden, Al
I like my home, Power House I think. It has a popping in the roof as temp changes that concerns me. I may see if their service man will look at it.

Mary Ward from Quincy, Florida
I just moved into a 4 bedroom modular home on frame, and I am very disappointed with US Mobile Home Services. My landscaping is just terrible, parking pad is awful. Setup from the start to the ending was terrible. They destroy my property. I don't have my keys to my home yet. Cannot use back door cause don't have the keys. Look like hurricane Fay came through. I will never purchase a home from US Mobile Home again nor recommend them to no one. Bad services. I love the home but the painting is awful.

Elaine Segers from Grand Ridge, Florida
We just moved into a beautiful ranch modular home by Cavalier built at the Addison plant. Everything is sheetrock with beautiful crown molding. This home appears to be built better than many of the site built homes we looked at prior to deciding on a modular. Everyone who handled our home from financing to move in was wonderful to deal with. Thank you US Homes, Marianna, Florida and Cavalier!!

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